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Full Version: Treachery, Part 1, 2, 3, And 4
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WARNING: If you haven't seen the full anime yet, I suggest you do not read this fanfic, as it will spoil a lot for you!

Here is my shot at a Fullmetal Alchemist fanfic. There were a lot of loose ends from the series, and I decided to write a short story that not only entertains, but addresses some of those loose ends. I haven't seen the movie yet, so forgive me if the story I have wrote is inconsistent with the actual story! This is Part 1 of... well, I don't know how many parts there are going to be. Enjoy!

-----------------Treachery, Part 1------------------------

Lumbering around in the back alleys, a huge brown beast stomped along, unknown to the passerby that walked the streets nearby. It would have resembled an upright bear, but for what appeared to be two human arms that appeared to me melded along either side of its spinal cord. And it had a human face, though it was upside down.

In its bear-like arms it held a small child; a girl that was clothed in simple rags. Her dirty brown hair ran down its back, and her eyes were empty.

“We’ve been here for a long time, haven’t we, my dear Nina?” came the chimera’s raspy voice, only a whisper even at its loudest. “Al said he’d meet us here, but I’m getting tired of waiting. Perhaps we should go back home.”

The child didn’t reply, its soulless eyes staring out at the wall.

Tucker looked around uncertainly, as if something was not right here. The only time Al had actively sought him out was when he wanted to learn how to use the Philosopher’s Stone. And at that time, Tucker took advantage of him, using the stone to bring his precious daughter back. So he couldn’t understand why--after that encounter--Al would seek him out again...

“Hello, Tucker,” came a female voice from behind him, and the chimera slowly turned to face the voice. Before him stood a tall and beautiful woman with dark, straight hair. Or she would have been beautiful, but for the rot that had encompassed most of her body.

“You,” Tucker rasped, backing away. He noticed that a large chunk of her arm was missing, as if bitten off. “What are you doing here?”

“You know why I’m here, Sewing-Life Alchemist,” said the woman, inching forward. “Obviously, it wasn’t Alphonse who sent you that letter; it was me. I may have lost the stone for now, but there’s still a chance of my continued existence.”

Tucker pulled Nina closer in his arm, and turned to run. But Dante was quicker. She slapped one of her hands against the alley wall, and instantly a huge stone barrier sprouted up from the ground, blocking Tucker’s escape.

“You can’t,” hissed Tucker, backing up against the barrier. “I won’t let you.”

But Dante leapt forward, and as tight as Tucker tried to hold her, he found Nina snatched from his arms. The woman sprung away as quick as lightning, holding the oblivious child cradled in her arms.

Tucker grimaced and stepped forward, willing to fight for his daughter.

“Don’t kid yourself,” Dante chuckled. “She’s not your daughter. She just looks like her.”

Dante put her down, and she reflexively stood on her own. Then the woman knelt down and lifted up Nina’s hair, looking at the back of her neck. She grinned.

“I know what you plan to do,” said Tucker. “You won’t get away with it.”

“And who’s going to stop me?” jeered Dante. “The Fullmetal brat is gone, and I doubt you have the strength to stand against me.”

Dante slapped a hand onto the back of Nina’s neck, and there was a sudden red flash from the girl. Nina gasped, and a dull light suddenly appeared in her eyes. She seemed to recognize her “father” for the first time, wearing a look of confusion. Then she looked up at Dante, who was smiling warmly down at her.

“My dear girl, could you do a favor for me? This man is our enemy; could you take care of him for me?”

When Nina turned her attention back to Tucker, her expression was savage and determined. And as she stood there, she seemed to grow taller, as if aging amazingly fast. Suddenly, she was fourteen years old.

“There we go,” said Dante. “The older, the more powerful.”

Tucker took a step backward.

Nina suddenly started running, faster than any human could possibly move. Tucker didn’t have near enough time to get out of the way, before a flurry of fists and feet slammed into him one after the other. And he didn’t even have enough time to fall down before Nina did a forward flip, driving a heel right into Tucker’s upside-down nose, driving it deep through his forehead and into his brain.

Nina landed sparely on her feet, and as her “father” fell lifeless to the ground, she seemed to shrink again, regressing 5 years back to her younger self.

“Now come,” said Dante, “we haven’t much time.”

She turned to exit the alleyway, pulling a cloak around her to cover up the rot, and Nina obediently followed.

Al looked up from the desk to see a thin beam of light stretch across the wall in front of him. He stopped drawing the circles on the parchment before him. The simple circle before him was an assignment given to him by his teacher; it was supposed to stimulate decomposition or something.... He was told some alchemists used variants of the circle to age wine, or even used it in the process of cheese making.

He turned to see that the door was slightly open, and a tall woman with braided hair was leaning in. Her face looked stern and grave, but then again, when did it not?

“Alphonse,” said Izumi, Al’s teacher. “Come here for a moment.”

“What is it, teacher?” asked Al politely, but Izumi just gave him another stern look before disappearing through the doorway.

Al rose out of his chair, folding up the parchment he had been scribbling on. When he exited the study into the dining room, he saw a peculiar sight. Teacher was seated at the far end of the table, her hands folded under her chin, and studying Al closely. A small glass bottle was set next to her.

“What is it, teacher?” Al asked again.

In response, Izumi picked up the bottle in one of her hands, and held it up high for Al to see. Then to his surprise, she smashed it down on the table, shattering it. As Al watched in confusion, she scooped the pieces up in her hands and dumped them into the center of the table.

“I want you to fix this bottle,” she said, rising out of her seat and standing beside the table.

Al didn’t quite understand. A reparation was one of the easiest transmutations to perform; he had mastered that before he was even 10 years old! He stared at his teacher for a minute, but she remained unmoving, staring him down.

He shrugged, and took a piece of chalk out of his pocket. He set it down by the shards of glass to begin scribing a circle, but the chalk was slapped out of his hand by his teacher.

Fix the bottle,” she said again, glaring down at her student. Al stared up at her for a long time in confusion, then he finally understood. He shifted his gaze downward to the broken bottle, where only a small chalk mark had been made, and no true transmutation circle.

He clapped his hands together, concentrating wholly on the broken bottle. As he held his hands together, he envisioned the proper transmutation circle in his mind, and imagining that his connected arms formed the circle itself. He pulled his hands apart, and slowly set them down onto the table on either side of the pile of shards.

The reaction began. Energy sprouted from Alphonse’s hands, and crackled around the shards, and he watched with amazement as the shards glowed a bright sky-blue, and melded together. He pulled his hands away, and the bottle was repaired.

He stepped back, breathless. “I—I can... I can...”

“You can perform alchemy without a transmutation circle,” said Izumi. “It’s because you saw the gate.”

“That’s what I’ve been told,” said Alphonse. “But I don’t remember anything before... before...”

“Before you came back.”

Al looked up into his teacher’s face. “I’ll bring him back.”

“To do that,” said Izumi, “you’ll need to practice more. Now, come, we need more materials.”

Alphonse’s gaze was low as they walked through the city, toward the markets. All they needed were some base materials: a little sulfur, some arsenic, and a little bit of mercury as well.

But he wasn’t thinking of that. His teacher, Winry, and Rose had told him the whole story of what had happened since his and his brother’s attempted transmutation of their mother. And during the last part of the tale, of the encounter in the mansion under Central, he had to ask several times about the details.

It was clear now: his brother Edward had completed a perfect human transmutation. His body--the Philosopher’s Stone--had been sacrificed for returning Ed to health when he was skewered by Envy.

He had been very dead.

But somehow, Edward had used a Grand Arcanum transmutation circle to resurrect him. He hadn’t been reborn as a homunculus; he was a full-fledged human, minus the memories lost. And though his own brother was lost in the process, a life to trade for a life had never been enough.

But apparently it was possible. Al was the result of the first known perfect transmutation, and it proved to him that it could be done. And once he discovered the way, he could bring his brother back as well.

He stumbled suddenly, almost tripping over a deep crack in the ground. He almost paid it no attention, but then he suddenly stopped, following the crack with his eyes. It was almost perfectly straight; as he followed it, it bent steadily to the left, and into a house. It was subtle, but the crack seemed to run up the house, and follow a circular path onward. No other people seemed to notice the odd line.

“What is it, Alphonse?” Izumi was looking back at him, but she saw where he was looking, and followed his gaze. This crack wasn’t the only one across the streets. From the left, other straight lines, reached up to the curve, and seemed to rebound back the way it came, forming what seemed to be an intricate design. It looked suspiciously like...

“Quick,” Izumi said suddenly, setting off at a run. Alphonse started, then ran after her. Teacher followed the curving line as best as she could, with Al racing after her. They had to make several detours, as the curve intersected large buildings and walls. But when they finally followed the curve back to the original point, there could be no doubt.

“It’s a transmutation circle,” said Al, and Izumi’s face looked somehow even more grim than usual.

“A complex one,” said Izumi, grimacing. “Not a Grand Arcanum, but one of the higher. I have a bad feeling about this.”

“Teacher!” shouted Al suddenly, remembering part of the story he had heard. “Wasn’t there a Grand Arcanum carved into the ground in Liore? What if it’s the same thing here?”

“You mean... someone might be trying to create another Stone?”

“It’s possible,” said Al. He wasn’t sure what to think. Obviously, that transmutation in Liore had killed over seven thousand soldiers; seven thousand men that never went home to their families. But if it weren’t for his becoming the Philosopher’s Stone, he wouldn’t have been able to heal his brother...

Al shook the thoughts out of his head. He couldn’t afford to think this way. Not even his brother was worth the termination of thousands of lives.

“Where’s the center of the circle?” asked Al. In response, Izumi started running again, and Al had to run after her again, already almost out of breath. They wound through the streets, dodging between confused-looking passerby and running down abandoned alleyways, running toward the center of the massive transmutation circle.

Then she stopped. Izumi had come out of the last alley to see where the center of the circle was, and she was frowning. A large gray building sat there, surrounded by an imposing concrete wall and heavy iron gate.

Al trotted up behind her, panting heavily, and he bent over in exhaustion when he finally caught up to her. When he looked up, he too paused for a long moment.

“Isn’t that--”

“Yes,” said Teacher. “It’s the Fifth Laboratory.”


I'll get to work on Part 2 as soon as I can, I hope you enjoyed this!
---------Treacher, Part 2---------

Izumi clapped her hands and placed them on the gate, and in a flash of light, it burst asunder.

“Be careful, Alphonse,” said Teacher. “I don’t know what we can expect here, but I’ve told you what happened last time you were at the Fifth Lab.”

Al nodded apprehensively, not knowing what the connection could be between this place, and the transmutation circle carved around it. He didn’t notice Izumi spit out a glob of blood onto the ground.

Behind them, a small dark figure stood in the shadows of the alleyway, watching them. As they disappeared into the gate, he stepped out, two of his limbs gleaming in the sunlight.

They wandered through the building for a long time, working their way downward. Luckily, most of the traps that had been in place before had not been reset since Edward’s incursion into the compound. They passed unhindered through the empty hallways, hearing no sound but their own slow footsteps.

“Stop,” whispered Izumi, as they approached a heavy steel door that was slightly ajar. Through the space around the door, a bright red glow shone out in flat beams. There were no sounds coming from inside.

“Alphonse,” said Al’s teacher. “Be ready for anything. Whatever’s going on in there, it can’t be anything good.”

Al nodded again, clenching his hands. They inched up to the door, and in a quick motion, shoved the door open and barged into the room.

But they stopped. Izumi had said to be ready for anything, but they certainly weren’t ready for this. They had entered the same room that Ed and Al had been inside on their first “visit.” For walls, great glass tanks enclosed the space, filled with a bright red fluid. On the floor and ceiling, intricate transmutation circles were drawn, much different than the one outside. Each circle had the shape of a heptagon inlaid, and covered with a complex black design that resembled a bird-shape.

“These circles,” said Izumi, breathless. “These are Grand Arcana.”

Then they noticed the figure in the center of the room, with their back to them. It was a young girl, obviously, with straight brown hair and wearing tight black clothes. She looked several years younger than Al.

“Little girl,” said Al. “Who are you? What are you doing here?”

When the girl turned around, Izumi gasped. “It can’t be. That’s Shou Tucker’s daughter!”

“Tucker?” asked Al, recognizing the surname. “You mean this is Nina?”

The girl continued to stare at them blankly and innocently.

“Yes,” said Izumi. “The daughter that Tucker transmuted into a chimera, and was killed. The daughter that Tucker attempted to resurrect with the Philosopher’s Stone inside you. This is the same.”

Nina smiled. At the same time, they heard metal groan behind them, and they turned to late to see the steel door close. The transmutation circle that had been drawn--half on the door, half on the doorframe--was united, and the spaces around the door glowed as the steel melted together. They were trapped.

When they looked back at Nina, they saw a taller figure standing behind her. Izumi rocked backward, because it didn’t take her long to associate the face of her own teacher’s servant Lyra, and the rot covering the woman’s body.


Nina suddenly leapt forward, and Izumi was in no state to defend herself. Al moved to intercept the amazingly fast girl, but he too was caught off-guard to see that the girl running toward him was suddenly much older. Al caught a roundhouse kick in the face and was spun to the floor, and Nina moved on to Izumi. Al’s teacher absentmindedly raised her hands to defend, but the girl was too quick. Nina delivered a flurry of powerful punches and kicks to Izumi’s midsection, bending her over as she coughed up a pool of blood. And as Izumi went down to her knees, the young girl did an amazing flip up and over her head, landing behind her and gripping Izumi in a strong headlock, and holding one of the woman’s arms tight with her spare hand.

Al quickly got up and rushed toward Izumi, but a yell from Dante stopped him.

“If you get to close, I’ll have her snap your dear teacher’s neck.”

Izumi’s eyes were closed tight in pain, and blood was dribbling out of the corner of her mouth.

Al looked back at Dante in fury, but the woman only smiled mysteriously, and circled the young alchemist, moving toward Nina and Izumi. Al’s hands were itching, and he wanted desperately to blast the woman away. But Nina was obviously stronger than she looked, and he didn’t doubt that his teacher would be in trouble if he did anything desperate.

“What’s going on?” growled Alphonse. “Why is Nina acting like this?”

Dante smiled as she moved over to the other two. Izumi still wasn’t resisting, and Nina simply stared down at her with an evil smile on her face.

“Dear student,” Danti said to Izumi. “I’m surprised that both you and Alphonse failed to figure it out. I’m rather disappointed. You know that Shou Tucker attempted a human transmutation with the Stone to bring his daughter back. You also know that he had not the strength of will to attach a soul to the creature he created. Piece it together, young Alphonse.”

As Dante approached, Nina turned her head away, and the woman lifted her hair up, revealing a red Ouroboros tattoo on the back of her neck. Alphonse gasped and rocked backward, knowing what the mark meant.

“But even though Tucker created the homunculus, it lacked guidance and a strong mind. I gave her both; I call her Treachery.”

Suddenly, everyone jumped--except Izumi--when a clang emanated from the metal door. Then there was another one.... Someone was outside pounding on the door. Dante frowned at the door, then quickly jumped toward Al, grabbing hold of his arm and throwing him to the floor.

“You know the drill!” shouted Dante, sounding impatient and pretending that she didn’t hear the pounding from outside the door. “You know what kind of transmutation circle this is.”

“A Grand Arcanum,” grumbled Alphonse. “You want to make another Philosopher’s Stone, using everyone within the circle above as a sacrifice. Why don’t you do it yourself?”

“Because the transmutation claims the alchemist’s life. Your dear father learned that the hard way the first time he used the Grand Arcanum. And the Philosopher’s Stone is of no use to me if I’m dead. So activate the circle, or your precious teacher will be dead.”

Al looked backward, where Izumi was staring at him blearily, blood still trickling out of her mouth. Her eyes were barely open, but he knew the look that he was getting.

Don’t do it, Alphonse.

This was just like the first time in Fifth Lab. Last time it was him that was at the mercy of a homunculus, and it was Edward who knelt before the circle. Al was still a suit of armor back then, and Lust had her claws right on Al’s blood seal. If the seal had been destroyed, Al would have died.

Al saw that his hands were hovering just above the floor, where he knelt just above the Grand Arcanum. He heard Izumi sputter behind him, followed by a groan as Treachery’s headlock tightened.

What could he do? Last time, they had been saved by a stroke of luck, but he didn’t think he would be as lucky this time. He still heard the pounding on the door outside, but the door was still closed fast.

He wished his brother was here.

“Alphonse,” came Izumi’s weak voice, and he looked back. “Alphonse, you will be in big trouble if you do it.” But then Treachery tightened her hold, and Izumi groaned again, a fresh stream of blood coming out of her mouth.

“If you don’t,” reminded Dante. “You will be short a teacher. ‘Nina’ here will kill her where she... kneels.”

Al looked down at the edge of the circle, sweat forming on his brow. His hands edged closer.

“That... won’t be necessary.”

Both Al and Dante looked over at Izumi. Blood was flowing freely out of her mouth, and her eyes were fogging over. Her skin was growing paler.

“Your homunculus was a little too rough on me,” Izumi chuckled. “Do you remember the price I paid for transmuting my son?”

Dante grimaced. Of course... Izumi had paid the price by sacrificing many of her internal organs. She had been in poor shape ever since, and now the beating from Treachery had overdone it.

Izumi coughed and sprayed blood all over the floor, and she slumped down. The homunculus let go in surprise, and backed away. Izumi fell onto her back in front of the door, her body trembling.

“Teacher!” shouted Al, rising to his feet, but Dante held tight onto one of his arms. The young alchemist tried to struggle, but Dante was much stronger than him.

“What are you going to do now, Dante?” chuckled Izumi from the floor, blood flowing from her mouth. “The status quo is no longer in your favor. Especially now that an old friend has showed up.”

With the last of her strength, Izumi clapped her hands together. Treachery started and leapt forward, but was far too late. Izumi reached out with her hand and set it to the steel door, and it promptly burst open in a blast of flame and smoke.

Izumi shook violently, turned her head and threw up blood, then she became still.

“Teacher!” screamed Al, tears running down his face. Dante’s face was grave, staring at her student’s body on the ground, and at the shocked homunculus standing over her. And her eyes widened even more when the smoke began to clear.

A figure stood on the other side of the doorway, glaring through the smoke. The red glow of the Stone material glinted off the figure’s right arm and left leg. Al’s eyes widened as well. He recognized those limbs... they were made of auto-mail. Winry’s auto-mail.


The figure stepped through the smoke; it wasn’t Edward at all. The figure had long, spiky black hair, and serpent-like pupils in his purple eyes. This was not even a human; it was another homunculus. He was the result of Izumi’s transmutation on her son.

“Wrath,” said Dante.

Stay tuned for part 3!!!!
It's a nice fanfic... not a pairing, as far too many of them are. Though the idea of an eight homunculus is extraordinarily un-canon, the use of 'Treachery' is especially appropriate (accidentally or purposefully?) Dante, though the sseven deadly sins were the other homunculi, thought that the worst sin of all was 'Treachery to those whom you are bound to by special ties.' The treacherous are placed in the ninth pit of hell. If there was to be any eighth homunculus, treachery is definitely the most Dantean.
I like that you have good grammar, too. tongue.gif
QUOTE(MonsterEnvy @ Mar 30 2006, 04:30 PM) [snapback]371611[/snapback]

It's a nice fanfic... not a pairing, as far too many of them are. Though the idea of an eight homunculus is extraordinarily un-canon, the use of 'Treachery' is especially appropriate (accidentally or purposefully?) Dante, though the sseven deadly sins were the other homunculi, thought that the worst sin of all was 'Treachery to those whom you are bound to by special ties.' The treacherous are placed in the ninth pit of hell. If there was to be any eighth homunculus, treachery is definitely the most Dantean.
I like that you have good grammar, too. tongue.gif

Thanks! It was hard to think of an "eighth" deadly sin, because technically Treachery is a part of Wrath, but seeing as how Treachery is the deepest circle of hell, it seemed appropriate. After all, during the series, I was thinking, "What about Nina? She has no soul, doesn't that make her the eighth homunculus?" So I started writing this to make my own explanation. ^.^ Anyways, stay tuned to see how this all turns out now that dear old Wrath has shown up. ^.^ Rawr.

EDIT: Don't you guys worry. Uber-fight scene on the way.
I like it so far. But if I may give you a little critisim. It all seems a little ...scripted, it makes the characters seem alittle ...flat and it took me a whille to get the desire to read more. Try to hook the readers more. And with Al....does he know everything from his and Ed's adventure? He just seems to know alot, and he has some of those emotional ties, which I think would take longer to build. Keep writing, I want to read more.
----------Treachery, Part 3----------

The young homunculus looked over at Treachery with disgust.

“You roped another one in, huh?” he said. “She’s just my size. A perfect match.” Wrath clenched his fists, then looked down at the floor. He saw the still body of Izumi, who had once been his mother, and his pupils narrowed. He stared down for a long time in horror, and the image came back to him. He saw himself cradled in a woman’s arms.

He was the baby. Such a very small child, his newborn eyes looked up into his mother’s face. At first, he saw a woman with long, flowing brown hair. Was that his mother? She was of course familiar. She had taken care of him for a long time, until that Fullmetal bastard had converted her body into ethanol.

But the face he saw morphed. The face became more taut, and the hair grew tighter, and wrapped into tight braids. He knew that face as well. It was the last face he saw before he was taken into the Gate. It was his real mother.

Wrath looked up at Dante, anger etched into every part of his face. Dante, however, looked too calm. She shrugged, and gave a simple command.

“Treachery, dispose of this nuisance.”

The young homunculus girl leaped forward, spinning into the air, and extending a heel toward Wrath’s face. Wrath blocked the kick quickly with his metal arm, and threw Treachery away, who landed squarely on her feet. Wrath came on right away, beginning to spin as well, and throwing an expert tornado kick. Treachery easily ducked the kick, and came up with a flurry of punches. Wrath kept up with her, blocking and dodging, and putting in a few well placed punches, many making contact.

It was amazing to watch. Treachery was quite faster than Wrath, but he was stronger with his auto-mail limbs, even though he couldn’t perform alchemy any longer. The boy jumped into the air and came in with a drop kick, but the girl flipped backward, slipping just past his descending foot and driving the ball of her foot right into Wrath’s chin, sending him flying.

Al had his chance, now that Dante was distracted. He wrenched away as quickly as he could, clapping his hands and slamming them to a part of the floor not etched with the Grand Arcanum. He raised his hands, and the stone followed, stretching into a long stone pole. He snapped it up, and threw it hard toward Dante.

Dante had had all the time in the world to anticipate Al’s attack, and had already prepared her counter-transmutation ready. She held up her hand, and the oncoming javelin shattered to pieces. Al sucked in his breath as the stone shards hit one of the glass walls that held the red fluid, and small cracks appeared.

“You have to be careful, Alphonse,” said Dante calmly. “You wouldn’t want these tanks to shatter.”

Al hesitated, and Dante quickly clapped her hands and sent a bolt of lightning shrieking across the room. He ducked just in time, and the bolt hit the floor frighteningly close to one of the tank walls. While he was down, Alphonse smacked the floor, and sent two large blocks of stone out of the floor on either side of Dante, both aiming to crush her.

With a nimble flip, Dante jumped up into the air as the two blocks collided, and she slid a sash out of her dress in midair. She landed on top of the stones and whipped the sash forward, and it transmuted into a long thin rope, wrapping around Alphonse’s neck.

She jerked hard, and Al fell to his knees. He tugged on the rope with all of his might, but it was wrapped tight; his vision began to blur, and he couldn’t breath at all. He managed to keep only enough wits about him to clap his hands together and grasp the rope; it unraveled into a web of threads, and Dante was caught in her own trap. The threads wrapped around Dante’s body, trapping her like a fly in a spider’s web.

Alphonse started forward, but stopped when he saw Wrath’s body go flipping past. He hesitated too long. Treachery’s foot hit him hard in the temple as she pursued her nemesis, and she used Al’s head as a springboard toward the boy. He went down like a rock.

Al shook his head trying to right the world that was swaying around him like a boat in a tempest. He looked up to see a bleary image of Dante tugging off the rest of the web and clapping her hands.

But instead of attacking Al, the bolts of energy from her hands went straight down into the Grand Arcanum, and Al was caught by surprise.

She can’t activate the circle now! It would kill her!

But he soon discovered that she wasn’t activating the circle; she was changing it. The pattern morphed, and she seemed to be overlaying a completely different circle on top of the original one, though Al couldn’t recognize it.

To Al’s look of confusion, Dante said, “I promised Treachery I would make her human.”

Dante raised her hands again, but Al leapt forward. He was still dizzy, but made his way toward Dante as straight as he could, clapping his hands. He reached a hand forward, not sure what to do, but it didn’t matter; Dante snapped a hand onto his extended wrist and hurled him to the ground.

Wrath and Treachery were exchanging fierce blows, both covered with heavy bruises. Treachery was raining fists down on him, but he spun around in a circle, blocking each and every one. He raised his auto-mail leg and hit Treachery hard in the ribcage, and she leapt away.

“What do you hope to gain from serving Dante?” Wrath dared to ask, and Treachery frowned at him. “What are you planning to get out of it?”

“Master will reward me with a soul when the Philosopher’s Stone is complete,” she recited. “She will make me human.”

“Is that so?” jeered the boy. “You want to know what she’ll really do? The first thing she did in transferring to her current body was to kill one of our own, a homunculus called Greed.”

Treachery seemed confused, so Wrath grinned wickedly and continued.

“And as for me... well, you see these metal limbs? I had a real arm and leg once. Dante used the gate to tear them from my body. I’ve never known such pain.”

Treachery gasped, then contorted her face in anger. “You lie! Master would never do such a thing! I will be rewarded for my efforts!”

The girl jumped forward, spinning both legs in a helicopter-like motion. Wrath held up both his arms to block the kicks, then reached out to grab one of the legs and hurl her to the ground. From the ground, Treachery quickly kicked out with her other leg and push Wrath away, and she climbed back to her feet.

Wrath was already back upon her, kicking out with his metal leg, but Treachery spun past each kick and punched out into Wrath’s face. He just shrugged off the hit, and delivered a powerful uppercut right into Treachery’s stomach.

Al spun away from the rock spear and clapped his hands again, but looked down for a bare place to activate his alchemy.

Dante laughed, holding out a hand and raising another spear of stone from the floor. “Be careful. You never know what could happen if you activate this circle.” She threw her spear, but Al had just found a bare spot on the ground, and he raised a protective barrier in front of him, which blocked the spear easily.

The barrier crackled and broke apart, and Alphonse found Dante right in front of him, and he didn’t have time to dodge the fist. Dante’s punch caught him square in the nose, which shattered under the impact, and he flew backward to the ground.

He heard Dante laugh, and he looked up with bleary and angry eyes at his attacker.

“You’ll never get me to make the Stone,” he said. “You have nothing to threaten me with, and you’ll never have anyone to transmute for you if you kill me.”

“Foolish boy,” she replied. “I think your late teacher made that perfectly clear with her dying words. There’s nothing I can do right now to make the Stone, which is why I just synthesized two circles together.”

Al didn’t understand. If Dante couldn’t create the Stone anymore, what was her plan now? What was the purpose of this new double transmutation circle?

He tried to sit up, but Dante ran forward and kicked him in the chest, shoving him back to the ground.

“So I might as well kill you right now.”

Alphonse slapped both hands onto Dante’s shin, and lighting shot through her leg. With a cry of pain, she leaped backwards--clear across the room in a single bound--and held her leg in pain. Al rolled over and transmuted the floor once more, drawing out another stone javelin. He stumbled to his feet, despite his heavily bleeding nose and brandished the spear.

“Go ahead,” sneered Dante, “give it your best shot, you little brat.”

Al hurled the spear as hard as he could, and only when it left his fingertips did he realize his deadly mistake. He wished he could just reach out and snatch it from the air, but it was far too late for that. The javelin seemed to soar through the air in slow motion as Dante rolled nimbly out of the way. Al clearly saw the smile on Dante’s face even as she rolled.

The javelin burst through the glass wall without slowing, and a gush of red Stone material flooded right out and over the floor. Al leapt away as it stretched across the floor to the other side of the room, separating Al and Dante from Wrath and Treachery.

The transmutation circle on the floor began to glow brightly on contact with the huge amount of Stone material running over it, and Dante smiled wickedly.

“I think this should pretty much do it,” said Dante.


One more part left!!!!!!!!!!
ummm, out of curiosity, gluttony seemed to use dante for a bit of a snack. Any explanation on what happened there?
Or, perhaps it's just uncanon. Either way...
The action is really well described. Will look forward to part 4!
QUOTE(MonsterEnvy @ Mar 30 2006, 09:02 PM) [snapback]371815[/snapback]

ummm, out of curiosity, gluttony seemed to use dante for a bit of a snack. Any explanation on what happened there?
Or, perhaps it's just uncanon. Either way...
The action is really well described. Will look forward to part 4!

If you're referring to Gluttony's attack on Dante at the end of ep 51, refer to the line at the beginning of part 1: "'You,' Tucker rasped, backing away. He noticed that a large chunk of her arm was missing, as if bitten off." It's only a passing comment, not mentioned again, but I just wanted to make it appear as if there was a small scuffle between them, but Dante eventually escaped. That scene was really weird though... By the way what does uncanon mean?
Here it is! The final part of "Treachery!" Hope you enjoy the climatic clash!

----------Treachery, Part 4----------

Dante clapped her hands and another bolt of lightning shot across the room toward Al, and he had to jump to the ground as it whizzed over his head.

Wrath and Treachery were worn out, and their attacks were slowing. They waded around at the edge of the red water--within the transmutation circle on the floor--but not being human, the liquid did not have any affect them.

Finally, Wrath kicked out, and Treachery grabbed his foot with one hand and pulled him in. Then she punched Wrath right in the throat. He screamed and fell to the ground. Treachery jumped on top of him, straddling him and clutching his throat hard. Wrath struggled, but the girl’s grip was too strong.

Dante smirked down at Al, then looked over at Treachery. “I promised her I’d give her a soul. I’m going to keep that promise.”

She set the tip of her foot in the red water, and a magnificent white light shot up from the liquid and wrapped around her body. Her eyes went wide as the energy shot through her, and her smile was wider than Al had ever seen. She held out her hands, and the stone floor below reached up and transmuted into two large steel halberds. She threw them one after the other, and Al managed to dodge the first one.

But the second cut right through his side, and he howled in anguish and toppled to the floor as the blade clattered away.

Dante turned away and started to sprint across the floor, splashing in the Stone material that continued to pump energy into her rotting body. As Al looked up at her, and saw that she ran fast toward Treachery, it finally all came together.

Her original plan was to sacrifice everyone within the above-ground circle to create a Stone, and use the Stone to transfer her soul again. But with that option gone, she synthesized circles and was cutting out the medium. She was going to sacrifice all those people to transfer her soul into Treachery.

Treachery looked up at her master in terror, seeing a tall figure wreathed in terrible light as it splashed through the raw Stone material, a mad look in the woman’s eyes.

Al reached out a hand toward Dante, but he felt so helpless. As his hope faded, one of his hands slipped toward the red liquid, the end of his middle finger making contact. Suddenly a transmutation circle he had never even seen popped into his head, and he felt like--no, he KNEW--he had the power to use it.

A powerful lightning bolt shot out from his hand and caught Dante in the shoulder, spinning her to the ground.

Another circle came into Al’s head, and he reacted instinctively, putting his hand to his side, where the deep cut was. In a flash of white light, it healed instantly. Al quickly stood up and walked into the Stone material. His muscles tightened as the energy seared through his body, and raw energy crackled from his fingertips.

Dante stood up, and for the first time, she looked extremely worried. Al advanced, though with difficulty, for his muscles were taut. He jerked across the pool of water toward the woman, who desperately held out her hand again.

The steel halberd leapt out of the floor, and Dante threw it as hard as she could at Alphonse’s chest.

Something seemed to snap in Al’s muscles and he suddenly started moving like the wind. He ran straight at the flying blade and held up his hand toward it. Instead of cutting through his hand, the blade went into it, transmuting together with his Al’s own hand and coating it with a layer of strong steel.

Dante was frozen in shock, just long enough for Al to leap up and drive his steel-coated fist deep into her stomach, and she doubled over.

Then another circle formed in Al’s mind, and this was one he recognized. It was the same circle he had been studying only that morning. Al slapped his other hand onto Dante’s back as she bent over, and a green energy leapt from his hand and crackled all over her body.

Dante reached up as quick as she could and put a hand to Al’s chest. The resulting blast of lightning knocked both off their feet and out of the pool of red water. In mid-flight, the steel around Al’s fist shattered, and the light disappeared that had consumed both of them.

Al hit the ground hard, and it knocked the wind right out of him. He doubled over, grasping his stomach and gasping for air. His vision was dizzy, but he tried to focus on the other side of the room as his breath came back.

Dante stood up, only feet from Treachery, who was still straddling Wrath--though she was frozen in shock and confusion. Dante smiled wickedly and reached out toward the homunculus girl, ready to take her body.

And her hand fell off.

Dante shrieked with horror as she watched the moldy hand hit the ground in an unrecognizable heap. She watched as the rot spread over her body rapidly, consuming her completely.

Al turned his head away in disgust as the decomposition of her body accelerated exponentially, and soon even Dante’s screams became garbled and unearthly. Her legs melted under her, and she went down hard to the floor, where she finally grew silent, and the last of her movements melted away with the rot of her body. All that was left was Dante’s dress tangled in the heap.

Al turned over and retched on the floor, his stomach turning. And as he bent over he heard another girl scream.

Treachery had been watching the scene in utter horror, and had paused just long enough for Wrath to regain some strength and punch her hard in the face. Treachery reeled away, stepping into the pile that had once been Dante. She screamed again in terror as she wrenched her foot away and tried to shake the filth off.

Wrath backed away, smiling in fierce triumph, watching Treachery reeling around in terror, staring at the pile of rot and trying to shake her leg clean of the disgusting stuff. She was completely losing her mind.

“You there!” screamed Wrath to Al, who looked up in confusion. “Use a Sealing Circle on her! It’s the only way to kill her!”

Al knew he had seen such a circle in one of Teacher’s books, but he couldn’t recall the exact design, and the book was far away. So one last time, Al set the tips of his toes in the red fluid, and as the energy surged through him, the exact design of the circle jumped into his head.

Treachery was reeling around in the corner of the room, still shrieking madly, when she saw the lightning bolts fly at her from across the room. They surrounded her in a cage, carving deep into the floor in an intricate design around her. When the lightning stopped, she looked down just in time to see the Homunculus Sealing Circle carved around her light up.

Treachery bent over and Al and Wrath looked on as she coughed and sputtered, the Red Stones fed to her by Dante coming up and spilling onto the floor in a small pile. She looked down at the pile of stones and reached down toward them, her arm shaking weakly.

Al clapped his hands and drew a steel halberd out of the ground, like Dante had done, and gripped it tightly. But he didn’t attack. The girl before him was once human, was once the daughter of Shou Tucker, that he and Brother had once played with when they were younger. He couldn’t remember any of those times, but the emotions were still there. He felt as if he could picture Nina as a human still, playing in the fresh snow.

He was snapped out of his trance as Wrath tore the halberd from his hands. The young boy sprinted across the pool in the center of the room toward the frozen Treachery, brandishing it fiercely.

“Wrath, NO!” shouted Al without thinking. The blade tore through the girl’s body, and she screamed out in agony. Al cringed, and he felt his stomach turn again. But he couldn’t turn his eyes away as he watched Wrath cut through her body twice more, and she fell to the ground quickly, quite dead. The body of Nina twitched there for a moment, and Wrath stood over her body silently as it liquefied into red ooze and melted into the ground.

Wrath dropped the halberd, and without speaking to or looking at Al, walked across the room to Izumi’s corpse and dropped to his knees. Al couldn’t see his face, but he saw a few tears drop down onto her white shirt.

“Wrath?” said Al warily. Wrath cried out and leapt over her body and out of the room. Al didn’t even try to go after him. Instead he turned toward the pool of red water sitting in the middle of the room.

He clapped his hands and slammed them to the ground, and he watched as the center of the floor crumbled and fell away, ruining the transmutation circle and swallowing up Dante’s remains. The hole he created stretched all the way down into the underground city, and the red water drained down the hole out of the room. Out of sight, and out of mind.

He turned to the door, where his teacher’s corpse still lay prostrate on the ground. He walked slowly toward her, only minutely aware of the pool of blood still by her mouth.

He broke down quickly, collapsing on top of Izumi’s body and howling with despair. It seemed as if the whole world had come crashing down on him all at once. The fact that he had finally defeated Dante meant nothing to him now. His teacher was dead!

And it fell upon him too that without her guidance, reaching his brother was now likely impossible. Without her to teach him and lead him, how could he ever bring him back?

He cried for a long time, and the last of the red water trickled down the hole into the great cavern below. The pool of red liquid that had been Treachery’s body--Nina’s body--also oozed out of the Sealing Circle and trickled down into the darkness.

Alphonse sniffed and wiped his nose on his shirt, and came back up to his knees. He knew he should go back above ground to clean up the streets--to erase the circle carved up there.

But he needed to pay his respects. To Izumi... and to Nina.


Please tell me what you thought of it!!! XD
That was a really nice fanfic! I liked how you actually used the red water as a plot device. In the anime, they're like, w00t, ed's glowy, let's hug him and forget about it. It ended nicely with wrath, but treachery could have been a bit better developed as a character. You can't really feel upset at her death. it's the same, in a way, for izumi... she's developed in the anime, but without anything in the fanfic, it makes it a bit harder.

It was still really good, though! (i'm always too critical...)
Thanks very much!
QUOTE(MonsterEnvy @ Apr 4 2006, 09:22 PM) [snapback]374705[/snapback]
In the anime, they're like, w00t, ed's glowy, let's hug him and forget about it.

ROFL! Well his arm did spontaneously transmute into a huge freakin blade when he touched the water, but you have a point, it didn't really go anywhere...

Also, just got an inspiration for this...


The enormous cavern was silent but for a dull stomping. The ruined underground city had been silent ever since its inhabitants had been sacrificed long ago for a Philosopher's Stone. But still one last creature traversed among the buildings.

Gluttony's tongue hung out leaving a trail of drool behind him as he searched for a meal. After months of eating nothing but stone and wood, the homonculus longed for a better meal. He had no soul, and his mind had been all but destroyed by Dante. Now all that remained was the hunger. Dante had paid for her mistake when Gluttony had taken a sizable bite from her arm; that is, just before the woman blasted him from the elevator.

Gluttony looked up suddenly, hearing a sound. The first sound--other than his stomping feet--that he had heard for a long time. It sounded like a crackling of energy and grinding of stone. At the very top of the cavern, a small hole opened up in the ceiling.

Gluttony smiled greedily when he saw something coming down. It looked bright, and it reminded Gluttony of red Stones. Dante had fed them to him often to sustain him, and they had tasted very very good.

A flood of red water came pouring out of the hole right above Gluttony, and the homonculus opened his mouth wide as the flood came down at him. He knew it would taste good; or at least, tasted better than wood and stone. And he didn't even care what the consumption of so much Stone material would do to his body.

See what I'm trying to forebode here? biggrin.gif Eh, eh?
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