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Full Version: Before The Blossoms Bloomed
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Tears of hope
-I'm aware I have some spelling mistakes but i'd just like some people to take the time to read this, if you like it i'll post the next half once i'm done. (Which is very soon,) Please comment thanks!^^-

The loud sound of a train whistle woke the blonde haired boy from his sleep, he lifted his head up enough to see the suite of armor sitting across from him in a cushined train seat standing up and picking up one of the two leather suit cases above them. He rubbed his head before warily standing beside his brother and slinging his own suitcase over his shoulder as they walked off the train.

“Ugggh, I hate falling asleep on those damn train seats, they always bend your back in the most painful of postions.” The shorter figure complained as he streched out infront of the Resembool train station. The armored figure beside him shook his head and looked through the town streets smiling to himself in his mind, “It’s been a long time since we’ve been her brother.”

“I guess so,” The braided boy said, he wore a red cloack with the crest of a snake through a cross on his back and underneath was his black shirt and leather pants. No one passing a glance at the seemingly young boy would guess it, but he was really Edward Elric, the ‘Full metal alchemist’ and soldior of the state.

“It will be good to see Granny Pinako and Winry again, I wonder how they’re doing.” The suit of armor said as they walked down the streets, and again no one would have guessed the large and slightly frighting armored figure was actually Alphonse Elric, the younger brother and a soft hearted fourteen year old. Well no one besides the two women the brothers we’re going to visit, “Yeah.” Edward mumbled his golden orbs somewhere else as he looked up at the sky. It was so clear…


The two brothers walked up to the blue two-story house up on a lush green hill, the wind whistled through the grass as they walked towards the door. It was obviously an old structure with a few spaces on the outside walls having paint peeling off. But it gave off a warm feeling and a small smile couldn’t help but creep up Edward’s lips before a throbbing pain in the back of his head distracted his thoughts from anything remotly peaceful.

“What the-“ Before either brother could murmer a word, the famileir figure of a teenage girl waved a hand from the first floor window right near where Ed was standing. A blonde haired girl peaked her head out, a bright smile illumated her face as one of her hands held onto an oven and the other grasped a metal wrench. The exact one that Ed had misfurtantly been beaten over the head with.

“What the hell did you do that for Winry?!” Edward yelled waving his arms around like a crazed monkey. “You almost knocked this over, that’s what.” Winry said pointing to a cake sitting on the windowsill right infront of Edward’s face. “You could have just told me, you idiot!” He yelled again, as Alphonse just shook his head.

“You wouldn’t have listened if I did, it would be to late and your face would be in cake right this secend.” Winry chuckled, “You always responded better to force then words.” she winked. “If everyone thought that then trials wouldn’t be needed, because everyone would be criminals!” Ed fumed, obviously not going to let this argument go.

“Oh come now, you know I never meant to hurt you I was just looking out for the cake.” She waved her hand back and forth before turning to the door, which was opened for them by the owner of the shop and long time friend to the boys, Pinako Rockbell, their dog Den at her heels.

“Hello Granny!” Al waved to the old woman who smiled in return, “Automail bothering you sprout?” She said turning to Edward her pipe puffing out circular smoke shapes. “Well right now your grand daughter is- Hey did you just call me sprout?!”


Eventually the three had gotten Ed to calm down and they now sat down around the kitchen table, Winry fondling Edward’s right arm. “Hmm, it’s fairly old and it’s pretty rusty.” She observed, Ed just sighed mumbbling something along the lines of ‘Worried more about auto-mail then me…’ under his breath.

“If you want I could adjust it so it will be easier on your shoulder, but you’ll have to stay over night since it’s already getting late and I have to go out to get the proper equipment.” Winry said, as Al nodded. “Why not brother? We need a rest and it won’t take long.” He said knowing his brother wasn’t one for taking it easy.

Edward frowned as Winry got up and went over to the windowsill taking the cake off and setting it on the oven. “Besides if you stay long enough I may even let you have some of this.” She smiled.

“Yeah right, the only thing your good at is mechanics. I doubt it’s eatable.” Ed smirked which lead to another good beating over the head. And so it was decided the Elric brothers would stay in Resembool for the day. (Although Ed was good for anything as long as he got an ice pack quickly enough.)


Winry, Edward and Alphonse walked down the town streets as they made their way to the small mechanical parts shop in the small but unusally crowded market streets.

The two brothers looked about as they saw a long line infront at a small sweet stand which along with many other shops was decorated with paper hearts and flowers. Ed raised an eyebrow as Alphonse asked the question, which had also been bothering the young state alchemist.

“Why are the streets so crowded today Winry, is their a festival?” Al asked as Winry stopped infront of the mechanic shop. “What do you mean? Don’t you know its Valentines day?” Winry said to the two brothers, who she was now looking at with an equally amused and incredules expression.

“Oh… Oh!” Alphonse laughed as he nodded his head in embaressment. Edward looked up from the ground and sighed, “That stupid holiday still exists? Really I don’t get why people make such a fuss over it-“ and again before he had time to finish his sentence, Ed was down on the ground with the bitter taste of metal in his mouth.

Winry crossed her arms and put her wrench back in her jacket pocket, a sorror look on her face. “Hmmph, it looks like your sense of spirit hasn’t changed! But then again you were never into this kind of stuff were you?…” Winry frowned, as she said the last part of the sentence with a quiter tone. Her face hardened again and with that she stompped into the mechanic shop, closing the door rather loudly behind her.

And after all that work…

Edward and Alphonse stood dumbly in the streets for a few secends before getting their wits about them, “What’s with that stupid Mechanic freak, she nearly broke my jaw bone!” Edward complained as he held his clenched fist out toward the door of the mechanic shop.

Alphonse sighed, “Don’t make a scene brother,” he said trying to calm down his already rampaging family member. Sometimes I can’t believe we’re related. “It’s only natural Winry would be upset, you know girls.” Al said, though of course he didn’t know the exact reason for Winry’s sudden outburst, but he had to think of something to stop Ed from bringing down the whole mechanic shop.

“Hmmph, I just don’t get her… or this holiday!” Edward sighed, sitting down on a bench near the shop,

”I know you don’t like holidays brother, but don’t you think you could be just abit more opttimistic?” Al asked sitting beside his brother. “No way, Valentines just doesn’t make any sense! It’s a waste of effort!” Ed exclaimed before Al put a hand over his mouth, “Please brother could you please just be abit more senitive to your surrondings!” he whispered as passerbys stared at the two of them equsetily.

Ed heaved a sigh as the two brothers sat beside each other, he looked up at the sky his hands behind his head. Meanwhile Alphonse was also thinking,

Has brother always hated Valentines day like this?… He never did like holidays, thought them unsensible but… I never remmebered him being like this. Then a thought struck him, at first it was just a memory, merely something from the time they were young yet, yet it ebbed at the back of Al’s mind like a broken record.

Could something like that affect brother so much? …. Well it is possible he is pretty hard headed, but if I ask… He knew full well what it meant to ask his brother, it would be like bathing in blood infront of a pack of wild dingos. Well alright, maybe an exagerastine but… that was Ed for you.

“Hey brother remember our first Valentines day?” Yes there it was, that famileir twitch of uncomfort Ed so often gave off. But this time it wasn’t followed by an outburst just silence, awkward silence. “Yeah… why?” He said simply, offically not wanting to go anywhere with this conversation.

“I was just rembering something,” “….” Alphonse had now ofically entered the battlefeild, but it seemed like Edward just wanted to get this over with, not fight it out today. Strange…

Alphonse waited, nothing came from Edward, just more silence. It looked like it was time, time to finish what he had started. “That was when… when we first started having feelings for Winry.” Another twitch, more so this time.


Of course Al shouldn’t have said ‘we’, his feelings for Winry had steadily become just friendship. She was like a sister to him, and she treated him equally like a brother. But Ed was different…

Alphonse couldn’t say he knew all about his brother’s feelings, the two of them had always been so different. But he had noticed things, small things, a strayword glance, a fumbled word. Although those things enough could tell him, Edward still held on to some emotion for Winry, some other emotion then Alphonse had for her.

“I remember…” The voice of his brother had startled Alphonse, he wasn’t expecting him to say anything.

“I remember, we were still in first grade then weren’t we?” The blonde haired boy said, his eyes cast downward so Al couldn’t see them. “Yeah we were.”

And so both brothers were recalling the same time, all those many years ago.


“Hey brother, look what I found!” A much younger Alphonse ran through the small schoolyard over to his older brother Edward, the young blonde was croutched down with a piece of chalk and was drawing what seemed to be a transmutation circle.

Ed looked up as his younger brother came into veiw holding a flowerpot that held a wilted flower, “It didn’t get enough water so it’s almost dead now, do you think we can help it?” The brown haired boy’s face was glazed over with worry for the small plant and Ed couldn’t help but smile.

“Maybe, here set it down.” The two brothers sat beside each other as each fixed up the transmutation circle, “I remember reading about plant alchemy before, here I think this will help.” Ed said as he drew another design on the circle. “Alright, lets try it!” Al said as the two boys put their hands on the alchemic array.

A flash of green light blinded their eyes for a moment and when they reopened them the flower stood upright in its pot. “We did it! We did it!” Al cryed out with joy as the two brothers clapped their hands in celebration.

“Now all we need is to give it some more nutrients like water, and it should be fine.” Ed said a large smile on his face. “Yeah, hey let’s go show Winry!” Al said as he got up, Ed following with the flowerpot in hand. “I bet she’ll be really happy to!”


On the other side of the schoolyard a young Winry stood next to another boy in her class as they excitidly chatted about something. “Thanks you so much, if it weren’t for you and your grandma Dad would be dead!” The boy said his eyes holding a deep admiration for the girl beside him, “It was nothing, your Dad’s wound from the tractor accident wasn’t so bad but I’m glad we could help him out!” Winry answered, obviously pleased she could help someone out in their time of need.

“N-no really, I was so scared! Thank you so much!” He said stepping closer,

“Hey Ed look their she is!” “Yeah!” The two boys ran as fast as they could over to their childhood friend but as they did a strange feeling knotted in the pit of their stomachs.

“Thank you!” The boy was now hugging Winry, a surprised look on her face. “Oh I’m sorry I was just…” “I-it’s okay,” The two children stood there for a while without speaking, a crimson hue on their faces. Winry looked over to see Ed and Al and she emdeatly smiled, “Ed Al!” She waved.

The two brothers blinked, Ed had nearly dropped the pot in his surprise at his classmate’s sudden action, and Al had almost tripped. But they were both thinking the same thing, for whatever reason they wanted to get Winry away from him, and fast.


“Wow that’s awesome, i’m so glad you were able to cure it!” The three friends were all looking at the flower, which was now sitting on its table where it belonged. “Yeah, from now on we should take better care of it.” Al said as he sprinkled water on it with the classroom watering can. Ed was silent though, obviously lost in his own thought.

He felt better now that Winry was away from him, and with them, where she belonged. But he just couldn’t shake off this sick feeling in the pit of his stomach. What was it?

“Ed?” A voice broke through his thoughts, as Winry looked over at him a worried look on her face, “What’s wrong?” Ed instantly beamed, worry for him, she had said his name and his alone. “Nothing I’m fine, now lets go play we don’t have much time left!” “Okay!”


After that incident even more strange feelings sprouted in the Elric brothers hearts, Winry’s voice, her touch, her scent, all of these things made their hearts beat faster and their faces grow hotter.

The two boys still didn’t know the reason behind these feelings though, for their whole life they had studied the world of sciance and alchemy. But these emotions were more then just black and white, more then just formulas. And the smile she gave them was so much more then a simple gesture,

They tried not to let it bother them, but sometimes things happen and you can’t do anything about it. That was what it felt like that day.
“And did you hear? Their having a big chocolate sale just down the street in honor of Valentines day, lets go get some!” “Bu-but then we’d have to…” “Come on, we all know you like John.” “Ah, how did you?!”

The gentle teasing of their classmates vibrated in the two brother’s ears as they looked down at their math books. It was recess and not only that but Febuary 1’st, Valentines day.

Holidays were usually something they looked forward to, stories, speicial candies, snow, all of these things marked holidays for the boys but this one was different, or it was now.

Everyone knew Valentines day was the day girl’s gave chocolate to the boys they liked. Ed and Al had gotten the sweet tasting candy before from girls in their class and they had even gotten some from Winry. But it was never because they liked them in that way, it was always just because they were friends. Friends…

Up until today the two boys were both proud to be Winry’s friend, she was a bright kind person and almost everyone in their class liked her. But now that was the problem… the question kept on ebbing in the back of their minds, who would Winry give chocolate to? And why?

The school bell rang that meant class was dismissed for the day. Ed breathed a sigh of relief glad he could get away from the teasing girls and their… uncomfortable conversation. Al walked over to the door and older boy followed, he’d be glad to be out in the fresh air.

“Umm, Ed lets not go home right away l-lets play in the field over there okay?” Al said nevously, pointing to the open field across from the school which was a popular playing place. In it a swing hung from a large tree, which a carpenter put in for his son and friends, it had gradually become all of the school kids playing place and a river ran near it adding for extra fun.

Edward turned to his younger brother, he knew what he was thinking. He wants to find out who Winry will give chocolate to. He thought knowing his brother also liked Winry. He shook his head his face growing red, like… like they were friends that was it right? As soon as Ed denied it he kenw he was wrong.

“Sure,” Ed said and Al smiled shyly the two of them walked over to the swing taking turns pushing each other as they waited. The thing was neither brother wanted to admit they had fallen for their childhood friend, the change in heart had been so fast and yet so slowly.

Prehaps it started earleir and they just didn’t know, both boys hated change unless it had something to do with getting a present. And this was most certainly change, but wouldn’t they have noticed these feelings before? Though both brothers had such deifferent personalities they were both thinking the same thing. Human hearts were so complicated.

A familier voice broke them out of their thoughts as they saw Winry emerge from the school talking happily to another girl. Their hearts beat faster as she took notice or them and waved, running over to where they were.

“Ed, Al I was looking for you, know what day it is!” Winry beamed as she stood infront of the two boys who looked at each other excitedly yet slowly. “Hehe, of course you do. Here!” Winry held out two boxes of chocolate neatly wrapped and packaged. It smelled sweet as they both took hold of their gifts and looked back at Winry. “Th-thanks.” Ed mumbled as Al looked down at his present. “D-did you make this?” He asked looking up and blushing slightly. “Yeah, granny helped me but I mostly did it myself,” she answered happily offically proud of her creations, “Go on try some!”

Ed and Al nodded, as they smiled widly. They couldn’t help the overwhelming feeling of happiness they both felt now, Winry had given a boy chocolate, two boys and that was them!

They lightly unpackaged the candy, even Ed who usually tore through his presents like no tomorrow slowly unwrapped his. Two identical heart shaped chocolates were unwrapped and the two boys lightly popped some of it into their mouth. They could almost taste the kichen Winry had baked them in and it seemed to make it even sweeter.

“Well?” Winry asked expectently, putting her head to one side. “It’s really good!” Both boys said semitainesly to which Winry laughed. “I’m glad, I didn’t have enough time to make chocolate for everyone so I’m happy I was able to complete yours!” She said smiling, “You were going to make some for the other kids to?” Ed asked a strange tone in his voice.

“Yeah, why?” Winry asked obviously confused, “No reason,” Ed said and looked at the ground, she only gave it to him because they were friends… still though he couldn’t help feeling happy. “Winry you wanna play with us?” Al asked and Winry turned to look up at the sky.

“Granny will yell at me if I get home late, tomorrow though!” She laughed and then ran off before looking behind her. “You should get home to, your mom’s waiting. Remember we’ll meet here tomorrow!” She said and waved one last time before heading off in the direction of her house.

Ed and Al stood still for a while before they realized how dark the sky was getting. “We’ll be late for dinner if we don’t get home soon brother.” Al said though he wished he could stay here and cherish his gift forever. “You’re right, hey race you there!” Ed said putting the chocolate in his pocket and running off. “No fair you got a head start!”

Trisha had noticed how unusally quiet her boys were tonight at dinner, usually they would talk excitedly about what they did at school that day, but tonight they were just eating quietly they’re eyes held a far off look in them.

“Are you two feeling alright? You seem sick.” She said worriedly as she put a hand on Ed’s forhead, “Your abit hot maybe I should keep you two home from school tomorrow.” “No!” The two brothers had both shouted out a pleading expression on their faces, “I’m fine mom, I’ll be okay please don’t keep us home.” Ed said looking up at her with puppy like eyes.

Trisha blinked, usually the two boys would’eve loved to stay home from school and study alchemy in their father’s study. She sighed, and took their finished dishes to the sink. “Alright but get to bed early tonight, and if you feel unwell tell me.” “Thanks mom, but please don’t worry.”

The elric brothers were now both in bed, their room was dark but still gave off that same warm feeling their mother always did. Usually Ed and Al would talk about their day or alchemy before drifting off into sleep’s gentle arms. But tonight both brothers were silent lost in their own thoughts.

Ed turned over on his side, he felt so confused. The image of Winry appeared in his mind, he tried to shake it away but only more came. He grew tense as that same wonderful yet unnerving feeling crept into the pit of his stomach.

“Ed!” “Ed?” “Oh Ed!” The girl’s voice rang in his ears until he could almost reach out and grab her. He knew he couldn’t deny it anymore, Winry was speacial, she wasn’t like other girls or even Al. He didn’t want anyone else to feel this way about her, he wanted her and this feeling to be his and his alone.

At that moment he also knew he had to tell her, he couldn’t go on like this he needed to know how she felt about him. What was he to her? Some part of him already knew the answer.

Then another thought came into his already bursting head; Al likes her to… but how much? Yet another tense feeling crept into him and he sat up, peering over to where his little brother lay.
Al lay on his back as he stared up at the dark ceiling, his mind was also whirling with thoughts. He put a hand under his bed as he felt the cool texture of the gift box Winry had given him, he smiled lightly and went back to looking up at the ceiling.

He closed his eyes and tried to remember her scent, it was warm and sweet like the chocolate she had gjven them. Al bit his lip, this feeling was… strange. For some reason Al didn’t like the thought of Ed also receiving chocolate he wanted his gift to be special a gift from Winry that was just for him.

Al sighed and then turned when he heard the voice of his brother, “Al…” “What is it brother?” the brown haired boy asked as he turned on his side to look at his older brother. “Do you- do you like Winry?” The question came so suddenly from Edward’s mouth that Al almost fell onto the floor; Ed sat up staring over at his brother with golden eyes.

‘Why do you ask?…” Al fumbled for words as he met Ed’s eyes, “I just want to know! Do you like her or not?” Ed looked at the ground before glaring back at his brother with an intense gaze. Alphonse’s eyes widened,

“I… I…” The younger Elric’s eyes softened as he thought of his childhood friend, the same thought that was filling Ed’s mind suddenly came into his head and he nodded. “I… I like her. What about you brother?” He had to know, what was Winry to his brother? As Al asked the question he already knew the answer.

“I like her.” Ed said, confidence growing in his voice. “But she can only like one of us.”

Al nodded, knowing what his brother meant. “Tomorrow, tomorrow we’ll find out.” The two boys nodded and turned on their other side staring at the walls. Tomorrow they would fight, for what each thought was theirs.

The Elric brothers barely heard the bell ring as they stared down into their science books, of course what they were really thinking about was the fight. They knew they had to, the two boys fought over everything and Winry’s love was no different.

“Hey Ed Al, hellooooo can you hear me?” Winry stood over the boy’s desk as she tapped her foot on the ground impatiantly, “Wake up!”

The two boys looked up and imdeatly blushed, standing up as quickly as they could. “So-sorry Winry we were-“ Ed began as Al finished the sentence, “We were just struyding really hard.” It wasn’t uncommon for Ed and Al to help each other out with words or sentences but today it was different, it was as if the two were competing to talk.

“You guys need to relax sometimes,” Winry laughed as she grabbed their hands, “Now lets go, first one to the field swings first!” Winry ran off dragging the boys with her, as she looked straight ahead, she didn’t notice the sour glares the two boys were giving each other.

“Ready set go!” Winry called out as she took off, Ed and Al followed both brothers trying to out run the other, “I’m not gonna lose this time, this time the fight’s mine!” Ed said as he ran ahead of his younger brother. “You haven’t won a fight yet brother, and today’s no different!” Al replied catching up. “Urggh, just you wait!”

It was true, Alphonse had won the fight for the last cookie, and who would get to play with their new toy first, and which color the bed sheets should be. (Actually neither one of them cared, but it was something to fight over.) But today was different, today Ed was determined to win. This wasn’t just a piece of candy or who drew in whose math book, this was for Winry and he would never lose!
The two brothers had ended up tying, Ed had used up all his energy trying to get ahead of Al, and Al in turn had trouble catching up. In anycase they both fell to the ground right infront of the tree the swing hung from.

“Woow! Your guys were really into it, but I can’t tell who won.” Winry said bending down to look at her two exhausted friends. She giggled abit, they always tried so hard and faught over everything and yet they were the best of friends. It sometimes made her wish she had a sibling.

“I’m… not done yet..” Ed said between pants as he sat up, Al doing the same. “We should just ask her brother, then we’ll know!” “No way we fight then ask!” Ed and Al faced each other both glaring like angry vipers.

“What are you guys talking about now?” Winry sighed, confused and tired from the running, “Winry we have something to ask you!” Al said before getting tackled by Ed, which quickly turned into a wrestling match.

Winry watched the brothers tussle now incredibly confused. “What’s going on!” She finally called out running over to them a small tear rolling down her face. “You guys never tell me anything, so please atleast tell me what you’re fighting about!”

The elric brothers stood up, seeing that they had made the person who they cared for most in the world break into tears. “Look what you did now brother!” Alphonse said going over to Winry taking her hand, “It’s okay, if brother didn’t insist on fighting I would have told you right away.”

Edward could feel anger rising up in him as he stomped over to where his younger brother and Winry were, “I’m sorry,” he mumbled before pulling Alphonse away from Winry who was now wiping her eyes. The two boys looked at each other and kneeled down as they both said the word they had wanted to say all day. “I want to marry you!”

Winry blinked, had they said what she thought they had? Ed and Al seemed to be waiting for something as they continued to stare at her intently, was it her answer? Winry looked them in the eyes, she could tell the two boys were incredibly serious… but why did they choose her? The three of them had been friends for as long as she could remember they were always together but… she just couldn’t see them as husbands.

Winry breathed in as she said, “I’m sorry, but… I can’t except either of you. Al you and I are about the same size but Ed is a lot shorter then me. I want a husband who is taller then me, just like mom and dad.” She said smiling obviously not knowing the strength of the words she had just said. “Besides were friends, remember we said we’ll be best friend forever!”

Ed and Al looked ahead, this was nothing like the two of them had imagined! Ed jumped up, trying not to show how much the pain in his chest hurt. “What type of answer is that?! Hight, hight! What does that have to do with anything!” “Well that’s what I’ve always thought, mom and dad were the perfect couple and I wan to be just like them!” Winry said meeting Ed’s gaze, was it just her or did he seem hurt?

“You’re a demon that’s what!” Ed said as he dashed off running in the direction of his house. Al got up rubbing the back of his head, he felt as if all of his day had just turned upside down. “Bye Winry,” he said quietly before running after Edward, both boys were thinking the same thing. They would have rather been sick then have this breaking pain in they’re chests.
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