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Full Version: What Are You Waitin For? Movies In 2012/2013!
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I would be looking forward to The Day the Earth Stood Still.....but I'm a bit eeeeeh about the casting.
Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince in '09! I just saw the new trailer and it looks awesome! I'm all excited and geeking-out, but it doesn't come to cinemas til June/July. Meh! *angst*!

What else? Transformers 2, Fanboys, Ponyo on the Cliff, Jennifer's Body (woot! more Diablo Cody!).
-Twilight!! (Anyone knows the official day it is launched?? T-T)
Nothing so far has really grabbed me as something I must see, Harry Potter of course but otherwise they're all "maybe's" so far.
the movie 9
halo film
gits live action film
evangelion film
dragon ball film
thats it
There was a couple of movies I wanted to see. But I can't remember. Half of them are already on DVD.

New Harry Potter. @_@
Two thousand and nine has passed, but here are some movies that got my attention
:New Moon

: Shake Rattle and Roll TEn (presented in the philippines.)
Oh I forgot the others . . . .
Les Miserables: movie.

General release in U.S. on Christmas Day.

I dreamed a dream

I dreamed a dream in time gone by

When hope was high

And life worth living

I dreamed that love would never die

I dreamed that God would be forgiving

All the songs were sang in live-action. No lip-synching.
Anne Hathaway did great job.

Can't wait!! smile.gif

A Pierrot's Aria
The 14th Dragon Ball Z Movie. (Battle of Gods).

It's not 2012 anymore, but hey, I'm looking froward to it. xD
This year I wanna see:

Iron Man 3
Man of Steel
Star Trek: Into Darkness
Pacific Rim
Kick-arse 2
Sin City 2
Ender's Game
Thor 2
Anchorman 2

Gonna be a good year!
Movies I wanna see in 2013

Oz: The great and powerful

shoot my memory doesn't seem to be working today. that's all I could think of. mellow.gif
I'm waiting for Star Trek: Into Darkness.
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