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Full Version: Whisper To Me
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Hey!!! It's me again, folks!!! This story I really have no summary for..... oh well... READ IT OR DIE!!!! (Just kidding!!!) No offense to Alphonse Elric, but he is a janitor in this fic. I just came up with it out of nowhere, really ^^;;;;

Hope you enjoy! *heart* BTW, I wrote this with a pomeranian sleeping in my lap at the computer desk : P

Chapter 1

The thing was going to be euthanized, to begin with. Kept in a laboratory unseen by the eyes of the public, a dog-parrot chimaera sat locked up in a steel-barred kennel barely big enough for it to stand or lie down in. Several electrodes implanted in its brain further produced an image of a sad and trapped creature. The poor animal had shackles around its scaly ankles and feather-maned neck. It had no name, sadly, because to the scientists, the chimaera was nothing more than Experiment No. 713; hell, they didn’t even see that the creature even had a gender.

Angel, as she would later be called, sat in misery as a couple of scientists experimented on her. Now, if you are asking, the whole get-up in that particular lab was to try to get a “custom-made” chimera to try to speak the human language. However (more often than not), “custom-made” test subjects were not a very pretty sight. Take this creature for example: an extremely clever wolf hybrid, she ended up being fused with a bird that could imitate speech, say a scarlet macaw. Needless to say, some of her limbs and other body parts were malformed during the fusion. Therefore, the creator took what he needed from “healthy donors” and sutured whatever onto her body after amputating or removing the bad ones. If you’ve ever seen the Frankenstein’s monster, you’d probably get a clear picture of what her body looked like after the procedures.

As for Angel’s overall appearance, she was lucky that she wasn’t one of the ugliest ones. Beady red eyes peered from behind feathery “bangs”, all outlined against jet-black fur covering her whole body. Down her back all the way to the end of her tail ran a mane of bright-colored, red, yellow, and green feathers (not to mention a pair of huge wings); on her legs from the joint down, fur turned to scales and talons replaced paws. Also, if you looked inside of her mouth where the soft palate should be you’d see a beak, much like the mouth of a squid. Angel was horribly underweight, seeing as you could see her ribs and count every bone in her body. The poor thing was on the verge of death, and the thought of being terminated only made things harder on her. The chimaera was lonely and bitter, feeling like she had no friend in the world; but all that would change at the arrival of a new janitor.

A single tear of hatred feel unseen down the creature’s muzzle as they began the experimental tests.
Le Monkey
oooh, I quite like it, ^^
Whens more?

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