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Full Version: My Colorings...
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Full Metal Elf
I had fun coloring these...took a while..but...enjoy!...happy.gif
Oh!! I have been wondering how you got your colored siggie pic!!
(Yap, I have uncolored version of that, and I love it!!)
You did awsome job on coloring those!!
Very very nice!!!! happy.gif

Oh, yeah, is it ok if I post the first one on Hawkeye/Roy thread??
(I will definitely tell them it's from your art thread, and color-work done by you.)
Please, pretty pueeze!??!! happy.gif
Full Metal Elf
Certianly....I loved that picture....and thought it would look awesome, I colored it..hehehe....but as long as I get the credit for the color work that's fine...happy.gif
Thank you!!!
And, I also love the Scar one!! That one came out so dramatic!!
You really enhanced those pics with your coloring skills, IMO!!! happy.gif
Full Metal Elf
Thank you!! happy.gif..I'm glad you like it...I loved it and again....thought it would look awesome in color...happy.gif. Scar rocks...hehehe

And thanks for the ads on the Roy/Riza thread!! happy.gif
Ed-Al-Win Fan
Those are really nice! I love them! smile.gif
I am the Only sister Elric
QUOTE(Ed-Al-Win Fan @ Mar 17 2006, 01:59 AM) [snapback]364463[/snapback]

Those are really nice! I love them! smile.gif

zid have to agree... your pics are very beautiful^^
I think I remember seeing the second one here before the whole layout change. Was that your work? :3

Anyway, I really like the first one the best. I could have sworn I thought it was a scene from the anime.
Full Metal Elf
Aww..thanks guys! you're awesome!...I'm working on the next one I'm'll take a while, but i'll post it when I'm done..wink.gif (another Mustang one, wink.gif)
Ooo!! ohmy.gif I LOVE the colours!! You're really great!! biggrin.gif I wish I could color just like you do.. sad.gif But I'm only able to draw black and white.. rolleyes.gif So, you should be praise for the outstanding mixture of colours that you've made!! happy.gif Great job!! And more than that, it was AWESOME!! Two thumbs up and two toes up for you! Heh! laugh.gifI REALLY can't wait to see the other pic you're working on! Hope to see it soon!! happy.gif
Aleesha Elric
Oh I love them, they look so good!
Full Metal Elf
happy.gif....thanks again..I'm working on that other'll take a while...lots of coloring, lol. But it's fun...wink.gif
It's okay! I can always wait! smile.gif
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