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Full Version: Plscks' Poorly Colorized Manga Scan(s - Eventually)
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I know my coloring in bites, but I'm using MS Paint. anyway, what color is the stripe on Scar's pants supposed to be? I'd appreciate some constructive critisism please, thank you

IPB Image
I'd appreciate some constructive critisism please, thank you
No way, that was NOT poorly colored!! It's very nicely done, IMO!!
I like it very much!! smile.gif

I don't have any criticiism, constructive or otherwise. biggrin.gif
But I can tell you.... that you can probably ask Mods to change your ID name to properly spelled name, if you want. smile.gif
You can post here and ask (I know couple of people who got their IDs changed,) if you like. smile.gif
ETA: Ok, that's good then. happy.gif
I think I'm going to leave my the name alone, I sort of got attached to my disclaimer at the bottom of my posts. And thanks for the input on the coloring, It's just that I've seen some exceptionally amazing ones, and one day, I hope to be able to do one of those, or at least use something other than MS Paint.
Alchemic Boom
Wow, that's great! My friend saw this when I was looking on the boards and thought for a while that the manga was actually being colorized. Awesome job.

I find it amazing how people can use MSPaint and make things look so great. Even though it's all I have I can't stand it.
Thank you, I'm quite flattered actually. And also I think I will have my nickname changed over to the correct spelling, or at least try to, I'm still keeping my PSA but I'm gonna alter it a little. Back on topic, I'm still not very happy with the color of the wall in the back, it's so bland. I think I'll try and do another panel, A smaller one though.
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