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Full Version: Favorite Non-military Alchemsit
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I think it's time the non-dog alchemists got some recognition.

Scar kicks ass and in the anime made a tough sacrifice and Izumi is awesome.

Why ain't little Wrath up here?He can do alchemy.
Al and Dante.
I said Russel/Izumi
Alphonse and Izumi
Alphonse and Izumi for sure
ed's teacher and ed's brother
theres no better two
Full Metal Elf
I'm going with Manga Al....because he's AWESOME!

And Izumi....umm..yea...kicks butt...happy.gif
psiren kick ass
The WroughtIron Alchemist
Scar cuz its fun to watch him blow stuff up
and izumi cuz in the manga she seems serious but usually ends up makin me laugh
Definitely Al and Izumi. <3
Scar and Izumi
Alphonse and Winry! Why isn't Winry with the poll? Well, I'll vote Izumi then.
Al and Izumi
Sin Of Envy
Izumi! But none from guys...
I gave my vote for Alphonse anyway...
QUOTE(Galorfilinde Posted Today @ 03:27 AM)
Why isn't Winry with the poll?

'Cause Winry is not an alchemist...
Al and Izumi!!
QUOTE(FullMetalFan#1 @ Mar 28 2006, 08:51 PM) [snapback]370794[/snapback]

Al and Izumi!!

I love your avi!!!
Dark Fate
Hohenheim and Izumi.

I would have picked Dante, but her transmutations are just too flashy for my taste.
Aleesha Elric
Aru and sensei all the way!!!

and fletcher is a cute li'l guy and is environmentally...happy.... and if i were an alchemist i would be environmentally...happy....
Yes, Izumi! She is frikin amazing!! Whoot! I love her so much... she's my 2nd place heroine... and prolly my third favorite character...
russel trigam and izumi r my favorite
Izumi Curtis tops that list, followed by Alphonse.
Hohenheim and Izumi. I would have voted Psiren, but there was just never enough of her in the series.
Emerald Alchemist
I went Scar (He basically IS the blood, and gore, of Full Metal Alchemist; Apart from Envy of course.)
And Psiren (She uses alchemy with cards, you cant get more original then that)
Alphonse and Izumi! yeah! XD
Sword Alchemist
For males, Hohenheim

For females, Izumi
IZUMI smile.gif All the way! I'm so glad more then one person agrees! wink.gif *wags finger* Sorry noone else can beat her... wink.gif OH! And you can't forget Fletcher wink.gif lol! He's alphonse if he got to keep his body! *cries* He's so freaking cute! smile.gif But he's sadly still secound to Al sad.gif OH well lol! wink.gif
Izumy! (of course)

and riza's father (he said he knew the most powerful alchemi and like izumy he is agains the military)
Scar and Izumi because they kick bum
NO RIZA! But Izumi is awesome with her strict, loving, motherly ways. And she still manages to Kick ass!

I KNEW that without the existence of Ed or Roy in the male part of the poll, Al would have the most votes. I rock. XD
I voted for Scar and Izumi.

Scar, because he is one really angsty character, and what he fights for really makes sense. Sure, he was an enemy of the brothers but..
[spoiler]He was also the one that saved Al and created the philosopher's stone, which saved both the brothers' lives.[/spoiler]

Izumi, obviously, because of her great significance in the story.
Hohenheim and Lyra. And I liked Lyra before THAT happened... >_>;

For some reason, Izumi does not appeal to me at all... o_o;

On another note: No one voted for Father Cornello. Haha. XD
I'm not very sure what happened to Lyra. Did she get possessed by Dante or something? I was rather confused at that point.

Father Cornello sucks!
QUOTE(pickledevil @ Jul 13 2006, 06:25 AM) [snapback]421345[/snapback]

I'm not very sure what happened to Lyra. Did she get possessed by Dante or something? I was rather confused at that point.

Father Cornello sucks!

[spoiler]Lyra started to work for Dante at her mansion. Around the time when Ed fought Greed, Dante transferred her soul to Lyra's, and placed Lyra in her old body, and killed off her old body. This is revealed in episode 49 what she killed her and not Greed, as Ed thought.[/spoiler]

Yeah, he does. XD
Ice Blizzard
Nothing beats Drowning/Blowing things up But scar and psiren biggrin.gif
I voted Izumi and Scar cool.gif
Fletcher is just adorable when he performs alchemy!! X3

and without a doubt, Izumi is the best alchemist for me, dog or non-dog of the military!!
coz Izumi-sensei rocks!!

...but Dante's okay too
(haha i am so biased. tongue.gif)
just voted for Al and Psiren they're both cool!
Voted for Al and Izumi. But I'm more on Izumi. Go Izumi go! Show 'em who's boss!
Wrath V
Russel and Izumi....... Russel, because of his pretty face and being taller than Ed XP.... Izumi because she is a great great teacher and she is the mother of Wrath of course......
I voted for Hoenheim and Izumi.
I voted Scar and Izumi because of their roles in the story and besides the fact that they both kick ass.
I like Izumi!! For guy, I think Ho-ho andScar are very interesting, but I think Al is actually a pretty awsome alchemist!! biggrin.gif
I picked Al and Izumi. Izumi's uber cool!
FireStorm Alchemist
Went for Alphonse and Izumi. Both of em are awesome.
Russel and Izumi.
I hoped there will be more attention for Tringam big brother in the story... sad.gif
(Psyren is really annoying character (and her deal with that sinking city is rather silly...))
Miss Sweet
Had a hard time picking between Al, Fletcher, and Hoho, but I picked Hoho. I wish I could pick 2, because treehuggers are love. =^.^=

Where's my Mei Chan option? (I picked Izumi though, she just PWNZ.)
Roy Mustard
Russell and Izumi!!!
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