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what was your first anime, you viewed in your life? When was it? and did you know that you were looking an anime???

My first anime were when i was 8. it was about 1992 where i watched animes like. Rose of Versailles(Lady Oscar in german), Lady Georgie, Zorro or Robin Hood.... ah! Attack no.1(Volleyballstar Mila, too)^^^^
i admired the Sailormoon and Dragonball series in Asia^^

I first did not know that this were animes. But i was inpressed from the first moment. Then i found some magazines about anime and bought them and was contented and was always reading in it....

I stole some black-and-white hentai books(maybe you know them. OrangeClub for example and they appear every month i think)which i found in a certain restaurant in Thailand^^;;; -> gomen... i was sooooooo blind of anime--

So that was it for the moment. Tell us about your story laugh.gif
RoyxRiza BigFan
started seeing super robot series as kid in chinese, several of them were kickss quality cool.gif later manage to get cable to see flame of recca and that started the chain reaction biggrin.gif
The first anime I ever watched was sailor moon .. well as it is for alot of people .. And no i didnt know it was anime when i first watched it lol, fortunately I had a cousin who was alot older then me and at the time she was really into anime .. she got me into alot of other shows too, like creamy mami and stage fancy lala ... although at the time i wished they were in english because i hated reading the subtitles...

Did anyone else like creamy mami?? It's a super ooold anime .. (like from the 80's) .. but it is kiwikuteeee.. I looooved (and still do) the music from this show .. the music sounds 80's and the singer is ohta takako -- (really high pitched voice) .. but its extremely infectious! ^^

hmm other anime i saw when i was little ...Wedding Peach was really cool!!! ((did you know they were thinking of bringing over this mahou shoujo series before sailor moon came out?)) It's kind of creepy to think that if sailor moon had never come out we'd have wedding peach n'stead! tongue.gif
Samurai Pizza Cats was my first anime. I loved it~

My second anime was Sailormoon. I was so obsessed with it, I began to believe I was a moon princess rolleyes.gif. I used to watch this hyper anime starring this little girl with a bowlcut hair and a bow. And dot eyes O_o;; I can't remember the title, but I used to like that a lot too ^^

I'm the same! I never knew what an anime was until I watched Pokemon~ Thanks to the Internet. Hee hee.
heeeh!... I remember pizza cats x) That show was too cute...! I never saw the original version though ... I wonder what it's like...??

That show was so funny and bizarre ...I'm sure if you could find some raw unedited version of it there would be plenty of........... crazy things you ......didnt know were ....cut out o_O ... it'd be like mahoujin guru guru on steroids xD

.....And that would be really crazy. >(
The first anime I watch was back in 1995 on the SciFi channel: Akira

I was totally blown away. Then I saw Vampire Hunter D & I had to see more. My boyfriend at the time had been collecting Ranma 1/2 and anime became an obsession. I had two kids when we met so my kids fell in love with anime instantly. Then we started collecting NeoGenesis Evangelion. That's still one of my favorite series. I had been watching anime dubbed until we started attending conventions. All the anime we now watch is subbed.

Years later, I married that boyfriend & we have hundreds of tapes, dvds, & cds. My daughter minors in Japanese language & went to Japan for Spring break last year. Family time for us is watching anime & attending conventions.

The great thing about this forum is seeing how everyone got started with anime and reading about the different series they've seen. The great thing about anime is that there is something for everyone!! biggrin.gif
That sounds like sooo much fun... ^^

To go to conventions together with your family sounds interesting.

I hope if I ever have a little girl she will like mahou shoujo like I dooo x) I will help her to read by giving her manga and she will exceell !! Is that not an uber fun idea? tongue.gif Kind of crazy but fun anyways.

Just maybe.........
RoyxRiza BigFan
man, omega thats such a good family, mine is totally against them as mere cartoons! sad.gif
yes. i'm jealous too about omega's family laugh.gif laugh.gif
my family only wonders about my hobby...

yea conventions are fun, especially with friends(or family)^^
if somebody is singing a karaoke song in front.... i only think... man, there really ARE others in this world who love animes and they can sing the songs and themes too that i can sing.. laugh.gif

we can be glad to have been born in a time like this... There's (almost)nothing to complain about this^^

haha^^ i only know the italian Mahoujin Guruguru theme. It's soo cuteee^^
but the series itself are funny too, though it's produced for little children...

yea, there were many points in anime where i almost cried...T.T
sometimes animes can be soo emotional....
Yea my family is kind of the same as ya'll's -- my siblings think im wierd for liking it but my mom thinks some of my art books are really pretty...
I've never heard the italian themes from guruguru but I've got all the Japanese ones ((they are all REALLY GOOD!! Especially Dynamite heaven -- its this really fast techno kind of song.. Its soooo addicting !!!!! I have also heard some of the Chinese themes..
Now I kinda want to hear the italian theme tongue.gif
I bet its really hard to find though .. ! :'(
Believe me, it works in the reverse for my family & me. My friends don't understand. They aske me 'are you watching cartoons?', 'why is it in another language?'' blink.gif They just don't understand so I don't get to talk about anime to most of my so-called adult friends. Some are open to learn more but most don't try so I don't bother explaining.rolleyes.gif

If I want talk about anime with anyone outside my family, it's usually with people I meet at the conventions or in forums like this one. That means it's with younger people which is cool because besides my responsible side (i.e.: wife, mother, grandmother, IT professional), I like video games & watch anime. Here in suburia, I'm one of a kind. I've raised my kids on anime while their friends grew up with disney.

But I can't help it, anime keeps my attention. I love the action, suspense, excitment, horror & raw emotion portrayed. & that's just FMA! laugh.gif

I won't change. I've got people here in this forum that understand what watching anime is all about. That's enough for me. biggrin.gif
Edward Elric
hehe , my 1st anime was..kind of like sailormoon...coz I was so...young ^^
I didn't I was watching an anime back than coz I dunno who made it and what was an anime ^^
Omega's family the coolest yar !!
My parents keep asking what you downloading ?useless anime ?cartoons.....?
I got so..dissapointed..T_T
but ..hey...I can reply to you guys /girls is enough laugh.gif
Bring me happiness laugh.gif
My first exposure with anime would be astro boy, and macross(Robotech) later on.
I got into Anime seriously with I saw Evangelion, It got me obsessed with anime, etc. Now I have watched so much anime and I live in Japan! So I get to see lots of anime, so that is cool!
Chibi Viki
omega's family is soo lucky, i wish my family were like that... i'm known as the black sheep of the family because they consider me a weirdo since im such a fanatic of 'such childish nonsense'... *sigh*

i guess i'm just not 'normal' to them sleep.gif;;

i started watching anime when i was around 7... back then, i didn't know they were anime. old robot shows like voltes 5, macross/robotech, saber rider, etc were my fav back then. then, we had cable and saw 'kimagure orange road'... the first anime that i obsessed about. tough-girl Madoka Ayukawa was (and still is) my idol and became my inspiration to be strong and not let other people's opinions get in my way. believe me, i needed courage just to listen to jpop in public!

then came, sailormoon, dragonball z, ranma 1/2, etc.

high school came and suddenly, i was like an infectious diseease... i was starting to turn my peers into anime fanatics too... unfortunately, my family's opinions cannot be swayed. but then, college came and i found more anime otakus, more anime, and infected more people. with the sudden popularity of anime in my country, conventions started to pop up and anime societies were formed. anime shops also appeared and i started collecting manga and learning japanese.

then i got hooked to the internet and found more people like me who also like anime... and video games. suddenly, my world wasn't such a small and lonely place anymore.

but i'm glad and proud to be an anime otaku, no matter what my family may think of me. as of now, i'm planning to learn animation and become an animator ... and maybe even direct my own anime someday ... it's a bit far-fetched, i know, but at least i have found a goal in life and something to strive for... smile.gif
RoyxRiza BigFan
hmmm its probably the overly concern of parents thinking: "oh my kids are being additicted to cartoons" tongue.gif
FlameRaven first anime? I think it was Serendipity, like the pink-and-green thing that looks like a cutified loch ness monster? It`s a book series or something. And I think I caught a few episodes of Speed Racer on when I was young. But I ended up getting into anime and the internet through Pokemon. >< Gah, so sad.
Serendipity? ....... I had those books when i wuz little .. I had the book about the little blind snake and the little puff balls.. and .. i liked that book but it made me sad because the snake couldn't seee... :'( .. Awr, but i guess he was happy in the end.. tongue.gif

I also had the one about the little eel fish with the peacock spots ... i loved that eel !! it was really cute !! biggrin.gif

wus that anime... ?? lol ^^; .. i dunno it wuznt really a manga it was a children's book tongue.gif

I think I remember the eyes looking anime-ish ---

The little pinkified monster on the back wuz cute ^^ ...
Hagane no Chibi
Very first was Tranzor Z back in the early 80s. God I wish I could find that one again. Also right about that time was Voltron... cant go wrong with Voltron.
First anime? Hmm... I think it was when I was probably seven or eight years old and I believe it was Ranma 1/2. Looking back at it, my uncle showed us a lot of eff'd up animes when my brother and I were younger. I could remember watching Ghost in the Shell when it was first released, Ninja Scroll [I had to watch it on my own when he wasn't around], Akira [The original], and others I can not think off the top of my head.

And... I regret to inform the audience... I used to be a DB/DBZ/DBGT junkie when I was younger... [Before it went horribly wrong in the US]. ;-; Don't kill me.
The Farside Cow
ha, look at all the people and their animes ive never even heard of o_O;;...

uh..yeah..i cant remember how old i was, but i think it was either pokemon or dragonballz (sorry folks, it was the ones over in the us) that got me started. the only two series ive been really crazy about are naruto (less now) and fma (its just damn good). i remember others that were dubbed too, like speed racer and such that i watched, but i didnt know those were really anime. but now i do, i guess. i want to find the japanese version of sure it would have been...interesting...
Well, let's think back... I think the first anime I watched was probably one with about a kid that played baseball. I tried so hard to remember the name, but I can't sad.gif it was probably in late 80s, early 90s. I also watched one about girls that played voleyball, Astro Boy, Saint Seya (which I liked a lot) and ah, Captain Tsubasa laugh.gif How I loved it! Then came Sailor Moon and Dragon Ball (I was a maniac for it) and after that I was pretty much hooked. I was bound to watch only this animes at the time, because this was what we got on TV, but now with the internet, and import DVDs and all that, it's easier to select a wider range of higher quality animes. Well, back in the day, I had no idea Captain Tsubasa (that was about the third I watched, but the one I had most liked till that time) was anime, to me it was just this hyper-cool cartoons that I needed to watch smile.gif After Dragon Ball, I started getting really into anime and learning more each day. Now, after a fair amount of years, I'm am lucky enough to have watched some good animes, but not near as many as I plan to watch in the future ^^ Cheers
I don't really remember my first anime...
Perhaps it was dragonball, heidi, or something like this...

Can't rhink of anything else...

well my first one was called sabashtian *like the crab from the little mermaid* dunno how it's spelled. it was about a little orphan boy trying to find his way home, with the help of a big white dog and a little white puppy. it was cute.I was like 5 then...i'm 22 now. Then my second was Sailor moon in the 8th grade. my friend got me hooked on that. smile.gif from then on I was anime obsessed.
I also remember that Sebastian one! Sebastion was the kid, and then the big white dog was called Bell, or something, wasn't it? I even had a book of that show. laugh.gif oh memories... laugh.gif
ah, yeah, "Bell and Sebastian"'s an anime like "Sophie and Virginie"....that play in France.... i didn't like those animes....... dry.gif
I don'r really remember if I liked it or not, but I probably did, since I have a book rolleyes.gif Well I was really young, so my taste for animes wasn't really developed tongue.gif
Alchemist Hikari
QUOTE(tenten @ Jun 2 2004, 08:02 PM)
Samurai Pizza Cats was my first anime. I loved it~

Wow!! What a coincedance, Pizza Cats was my first anime too!! I saw it around when I was 5, I was hooked onto it!!
alucardvampkill first encounter was not a good one. no offence, but i just don't like DBZ or sailor moon. then back in 2000 i saw cowboy bebop, and Akira and i was hooked. sense then i've been watching anime any time i can. just recently i've gotten into the manga, and i love it!
Well I never did know if this was an anime, but Transformers was my first ever experience at the age of 3 or 4 lol. Then I got introduced to metropolis, the series via some old videotapes of my mum's cousin. Which I enjoyed I think (I don't have a good long term memory), then it must've been Sailor Moon, or possibly Totoro. Of course there was Pokemon and Digimon (and a bit of Inuyasha I think, which at the time I thought was thouroughly stupid I mean that Dogchild was not funny or was scary lol) which pulled me well and truly into the scene. Then.......Evangelion which I started buying the DVDs, I got the first two then as I was broke started begging a french school friend to copy episodes for me. By the time I had got through the series up to episode 24 I think then the movie was out, so I bought that and my experience ended rather abruptly and I couldn't bring myself to watch it again lol. But then came Cowboy Bebop, man that series was great and Nadesico and a whole load of others I got halfway through and got bored of cough*Naruto*cough. Many of you have mentioned dragonball, yes the original anime was great but the other series are crap, they even carry on after the manga and are crap.

At the moment Samurai 7 and FMA are my current series' and both extremely entertaining, and my only wish is that FMA ends at episode 52 despite popularity so it will not turn into Dragonball.
My first adventure with anime was Sailor Moon (very famous in that times in my country) but I was so young and didn't understand what I was watching. I and my sister were singing that op song together when mother entered the room and said: Oh my God! Darling, our children are singing in japanese! Our friends were crazy about sm, so one parents even baned watching it (poor girl). But after that, everything came to normal. There were series like Mikan or Super Pig, but nobody took it serious. Everyone called it just "japanese cartoon" or "manga" or "japanese rubbish".
The REAL adventure became about two years ago, when we were wondering about the gender of one villian from SM - Zoisite.
We don't have cable tv, so we can't watch any anime. Only source is an internet and our friends. Funny, when we got intrested, we found more friends.
Lately our mother asked us if this girls always are saving the World (did she mistake Ed with a girl?! blink.gif ).
The first anime...

Well, when I was still in kindergarten, I used to watch several animes that they'd shown in the afternoon. Mom was all happy as long as me and my brother would sit quietly and not give her trouble while she made dinner biggrin.gif. Sigh, now that I'm in Canada, I regret how I did not appreciate those a bit more.

There were some Japanese cartoons (as they were not exactly in anime style). And the earliest one that I can recall as an anime would be Nadia, though I was too little to understand the plot or actually get obsessed... Actually even from my point of view now it's still an excellent anime.

But the first one I ever got really obsessed with would be Sailor Moon, when I was around Grade 3. All the girls would come to school with their sticker/card collections and trade... discuss plots and fav characters... I got caught reading the manga in class once dry.gif
ah yea, i can hardly but still remember "Samurai Pizza Cats".... i always saw it in german TV at 8 o'clock...

and yea.... "Super pig", too, i saw in Asian TV..... the them.. i loved it.. this "puuurin...pu-pu-puuuurin"... i got it..... if someone looking for it.. i could send you^^^^

uhm, and yea....Nadia... was a really great anime...(drawing style like Neon Genesis Evangelion".... and this evil guy Gugoyle.. he scared me so much.... and this super-laser and this mask and this starship-...... laugh.gif dry.gif laugh.gif laugh.gif

that was a great time!! laugh.gif
Oh, someone know what was real title of "Super Pig"? I mean written in romaji.
Muahahaha so THAT'S what super-pig was!
Anyways, here's the name...

Ai to Yuuki no Pig Girl Tonde Buurin
(The Pig Girl Tonde Buurin of Love and Courage)

*might not show properly*
愛と勇気のピッグガール とんでぶーりん

Or in short, Tonde Buurin ^^
OH JEEZ the ending song was hilarious!
Thanks! Now I can start download it. biggrin.gif
Omakase Shimasu
Ah yes, there were a lot of anime/Japanese cartoons that I saw on tv, before I even knew what anime really was. Like Sailor Moon, Nadia (we had a tape of it, but sold it when I was 6 years old or something), Super Pig, Tekkaman Blade, Samurai Pizza Cats and many more. biggrin.gif I remember Samurai Pizza Cats being my favorite cartoon all those years ago. I'd love to see it again, the voices (dubbed) weren't bad either.

Oh, I also remember this Dutch cartoon, Alfred J. Kwak. It was especially made for viewers in the Netherlands by both Dutch and Japanese people. When I found out, I was like, 'Wow, Japanese made a Dutch cartoon. Boy, I should feel honored!'. And I did. laugh.gif

Well, in any case, what really brought me into the whole anime on Internet business was Dragonball Z. wub.gif Gokuu got me totally hooked and I still consider it the best thing that ever happened to me, aside from Star Wars which also rocks! Yay~!

Hmmm, my parents don't mind me watching anime or reading manga or listening to J-pop. Much happy.gif;;;. They do joke about it sometimes, but that's ok. We do that all the time. It's my friends who don't understand. 'Manga? That's pr0n from Japan, isn't it?'

I envy Omega too! happy.gif It must be great to share your hobby with your family and they actually enjoying it, too!
Umm probably Pokemon( mad.gif )
Yami no neko
I use to watch Samurai Pizza cats,and my dad use to let me watch Akira when I was young. So Iguess they were the first Anime's I watched. But I never really started to colect it unitil after watching Pokemon.
Omakase Shimasu
and my dad use to let me watch Akira when I was young

Akira?? As in the motorcycle guy in red? Really? How young were you exactly? blink.gif A bit... bloody, isn't it?
Yami no neko
I was five.
Omakase Shimasu
blink.gif Wow, five years old.
Hmmm, my parents don't mind me watching anime or reading manga or listening to J-pop. Much happy.gif;;;. They do joke about it sometimes, but that's ok. We do that all the time. It's my friends who don't understand. 'Manga? That's pr0n from Japan, isn't it?'

Yeah same with my friends (except for the ones who know about it) they all think it's hentai and stuff which I actually dislike. Unlike some of the other people around here, saying no names.........

I started watching at 6, or so, but I thought of it all as cartoons and stuff. But my youngest brother was 5 when I introduced him to Evangelion, (and also CS for that matter, he still refuses to use WSAD lol), he now loves Full Metal Alchemist, but dislikes other animes such Cowboy Bebop which is strange since he also likes chasing dogs around with flamethrowers and trying to kill me with a clawhammer, pretending he's transmutated it lol, but hey it's all fun at that age.
When I was 10.

First anie evr was Gundam Wing. still one of my favorites.
Well, my first ever anime was at the age of seven or eight. Do not know the title, it was about a family, living in Hirosima and their attempts to survive. That was really sad. Of course, I didn't know, that I'm watching an anime.
Later on there was only Sailormoon and I liked it happy.gif
A year and a half ago I got internet and made friends with many people who liked anime - then I knew what it was.
Once I didn't have conncetion and was screwing around in local web of our city. I found Inu-yasha ther and liked it a lot! There I also started reading Revolutionary Girl Utena, which later on I found and finished reading. That was constantly ALL my knowledge on anime|manga related stuff, discluding some small mangas (the only one rather big were Alice 19th & Hellsing).
And then... then I knew about FMA - my friend posted some pages from it in her LJ. I found it really interesting and started reading. After I first tried to download anime from internet. But it's not suitable for me at all - it takes me rather mcuh money and HUGE amount of time (to get one episode is about a week or even more!).
I dream that someday manga/anime will be really popular in my country and I'll be able just go to neares shop and buy it.
Well i started ever since i can remember with the kiddy stuff. Then stopped around 6 and forgot about it untill i was resurrected (sp?) last year. I thank christ everyday tongue.gif
hehe.... yea.. ressurrection, nice word... yes.. anime is a really nice thingie laugh.gif laugh.gif laugh.gif
Yes, it is beautiful.
Like some of you have experienced, my first anime (I think; this was way back in the day) was Sailor Moon. I wasn't a huge fan of the show, but it was still one of the first animes I ever watched.

Pokemon, I think, was next.

I only really started to get into Anime after I borrowed Princess Mononoke and Ninja Scroll from my friend.
Pokemon? You poor thing.
I jused to watch pokémon when i was 12-13 or something. But then for a long time i did not watch anime. But about 1 month ago (now i'm 17) there was a posting of FMA 1 - 20
i downloaded it. And i was sold:D:D FMA rulezzz.
But besides FMA and pokemon and digimon i have not seen any other anime
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