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well I'll show some of my art here. I've finally scanned one drawing of Ed, and I'm planning to color it with photoshop. I've never colored a drawing in photoshop before, so I hope it will turn out fine ^.^ I'll post more drawings and digital art later. Are you guys also interested in non-FMA art?

Well I'll start with the Ed drawing
IPB Image
Hope you like it ^.^
Galorfilinde, that Ed is awsome!!
Excellent job!!
Nice to see you opened a thread for all your artworks.
Yes, I'd love to see your non-FMA artworks, as well as FMA ones. happy.gif
Looking forward to your next artwork!! smile.gif
That's awesome! I can't draw like that sad.gif( *sniff*
Well, hope to see your other fanarts soon ^^
WOW! That is lovely pic of Ed you draw there! I love it very much indeed!! Hope to see it in color soon!^_^
Ed-Al-Win Fan
Whoa! VERY nice pic of Edward, you got the eyes down and head, well everything is awesome!(lol)...I'm sure thats going to look even more awesome colored....And about Adobe coloring, don't worry you will get the hang of it...Its not as hard it looks or seems...But definitely keep up the good work, you have a awesome style!

PS:In my opinion you draw very
I am the Only sister Elric
That was a beautiful picture of Ed... alot better then mine. ^^ nI hope to gain your talent some day. laugh.gif
Thank you for your kind replies! I'm still busy coloring, because I started wrong so I had to do it all over again. In other words: I messed up XD But I think it's going fine now. Hope to have it finished this weekend happy.gif

*Edit: I've finished coloring! I have done it with Adobe Illustrator, because that was faster than photoshop. Next time I'll make sure my outline will be clean. But here it is! Hope you like it.

IPB Image
It may take a while to load it, so be patient ^.^
Oh, that came out awsome!!
Nice coloring job, and shading, highlighting, all came ot great!!
Wonderful job!! smile.gif
Ed-Al-Win Fan
WOW! I love that, it really looks like a real official pic! You have excellent inking skills and the coloring is awesome...Pic overall turned out really awesome! Keep up the good work! Definitely! biggrin.gif
ed's numbuh 1 fan
thats....GREAT! why must every one make Edo look smexy (just like he is!) but me -__- the last pick of Edo i drew (i drew it on a sticky note) his chin and nose were to big ;_; but enough of mine! i really love yours! it's so great 6^ nicely done and good job!

( plus if i get more replys on my art i might just show you how terrible mine was rolleyes.gif )
Wow! So you've color it eh Galorfilinde? That's SO awesome! I myself can't colour pics very well in the comp.. sad.gif But, oh well.. Yours is great! Can't wait to see some more!! biggrin.gif
Thank you so much for all your replies! I'm really glad you like it.
It's been a long time since I had time to do much drawings, but today I could finally draw something at school ^.^ Here it is

IPB Image
It's just a ramdom elven boy I made up, and i didn't use an example as you can see. The head is way too big XD. I'd better start with the body next time instead of the head. Let's just pretend I did it on purpose happy.gif The hands are too small and I can't draw clothing and folds. It took me about 2 hours to draw. Very long for such an abortive drawing. Wanted to show it anyway, because it's such a long time ago I posted something. Let me hear your opinions.
The Ed's coloured picture is awesome and your character is cute biggrin.gif
@Galorfilinde - Nice to have you back!! smile.gif
You drew that out of nowhere without examples?? That's very good!!
Some of the details are impressive!! Like nice muscle difinitions, wonderful details for the sash belt, beautiful eyes, and very distinctive pointy ears!!
I like the character design, and the clothing, too. Nice touch with that sword on the back also!!
You should give him some cool character name!! biggrin.gif
@ Tombow - Thank you for your compliments! I'm glad you saw it was a sword on his back. Everyone in my class asked: 'What's that on his back?' I can draw pointy ears pretty well by now, because I practised it a lot. I just love pointy ears ^.^ I think I'll draw it over again, with different clothes and bigger hands XD.

@ maiden_cross - Thank you very much happy.gif I guess the big head makes him cute. Next time I'll try to make him look angry or something.

I was bored yesterday, so I made a simple flash animation. It's from the Legend of Zelda, Twilight Princess ^.^ You can find it here

*Edit: Does anyone know how I can convert it to an animated GIF without getting pixely?
^^ That's a cool flash animation!! happy.gif
I'm not good with tech stuff for animation, but maybe you can PM some of people with AMVs in this forum and ask if any of them can help with that?? smile.gif
Thanks for the tip, but I already got it ^.^ I imported it in Adobe Imageready, and the quality is fine now as you can see at my avatar.

I've colored the drawing of my character this weekend, and I think it turned out pretty good ^.^ I only did his head, because his body was a bit.. ugly XD It just wasn't right. It took a very long time to color it though. Well, here it is:
IPB Image
I love Adobe Illustrator! The images always become very sharp happy.gif I hope you guys like it
It may take a while to load, because it's high resolution
Wow your work is excellent, and your style is very unique! Awesome stuff and keep it up!
Awwhh.. It's beautiful! Love your coloured character! ^.^
Wow, that came out really nice!!
You're right, it's very crisp and sharp!!
Very nice job!! happy.gif
Ed-Al-Win Fan
Oh my goodness, I LOVE that, the inking and coloring is awesome! They are very clean and sharp...Also your char looks very cool! Overall it is a very good pic!:)
Thank you all very much happy.gif It's good to hear others like my art. Makes me more confident about it.
I did some anime eye effects because I want to learn how to do that. I didn't draw the eye, I used this one

This is the result
IPB Image
It's a bit messy and stuff, but it's the first time I did it in photoshop. Wanted to show it anyway, to hear your opninions. It looks better zoomed out XD

@ Ed-Al-Win Fan: I love your new sig!

@ Tombow: Thank you for all your kind replies. Why don't you have your own art topic? I'd like to see something you made ^.^
^^ Thanks, Galorfilinde, but I'm much better at appreciating everyone's art. happy.gif
And, speaking of... That eye came out beautiful!! You made that eye really coming alive with your coloring!! And it's first time coloring with phtoshop?? Excellent job!! smile.gif
@ Tombow - Thank you so much! ^.^ I'm glad you like the eye. Anyway, if you ever want to show a drawing or other creation, please post it here

I finally finished a drawing! Most of the time when I start a drawing, I don't finish it. I'm always afraid I'm going to mess it up.
This time, it's the movie version of Ed. Yeah, I like to draw Ed. Again, it's only the face. I suck at drawing bodies. It took me 2-3 hours to draw this. I left out the shadows because I'm going to color it with Illustrator/photoshop. Here it is:
IPB Image
I hope you guys like it. Please ignore the smudges and stuff XD. I had to erase a lot wrong lines
I am the Only sister Elric
QUOTE(Galorfilinde @ Apr 14 2006, 08:15 AM) [snapback]380563[/snapback]

@ Tombow - Thank you so much! ^.^ I'm glad you like the eye. Anyway, if you ever want to show a drawing or other creation, please post it here

I finally finished a drawing! Most of the time when I start a drawing, I don't finish it. I'm always afraid I'm going to mess it up.
This time, it's the movie version of Ed. Yeah, I like to draw Ed. Again, it's only the face. I suck at drawing bodies. It took me 2-3 hours to draw this. I left out the shadows because I'm going to color it with Illustrator/photoshop. Here it is:
IPB Image
I hope you guys like it. Please ignore the smudges and stuff XD. I had to erase a lot wrong lines

Thats rrrrrrreeeeeeaaaaaaaallllllllyyyyyy coool!! With a tripple o cool! XD
@Galorfilinde - Wow, that movie Ed is so good!!
Those eyes, that gaze, it's so captivating!!
Wonderful job!!
Can't wait to see itcolored, too!! smile.gif
(And, that's so nice of you with the invitation!! I'm touched!! happy.gif)
Galorfilinde, you have such nice art work. ;3 keep it up~!!
Ed-Al-Win Fan
Whoa, that is really cool! That Ed picture turned out awesome, the eyes, the hair everything is aligned perfectly! I know when its colored it going to be like 'double' wow! (lol) And that eye is very pretty, I loved how you designed it...I never can do a eye like that I tried doing it, but it turned out not soo good (lol)...But your's looks terrific! How long did it take you to do that? If you don't mind me asking (lol)

Anywho keep up the excellent work, you have awesome art skills!:)

PS: Also thank you soo much for the compliment on my signature! I felt it was time to update and on with new! laugh.gif
Wow, your drawing came out great. I especially liked how the eyes came out!
Thank you all so much! I'm glad you like it ^.^ Your compliments really motivate me to draw more, or make it better. And I'm so glad you like the eyes. I wanted to make them a bit different than the 'real' eyes.

@ Ed-Al-Win Fan - I don't exactly remember how long that eye took, but not very long. I looked at different examples on the internet, and tutorials, so that made it easier.

I was a little bored, so I made a screenshot while I was busy with Adobe Illustrator.
IPB Image
The pen tool sometimes can be really annoying! I had many troubles with the shadows. But well, I can never get the image so clean as in Illustrator.

And finally, I'm done! It really took me hours, but I think it turned out ok. The mouth looks a little weird to me though. I almost did everything in Illustrator, except the background and the eyes. I tried to make his eyes a little more shiny ^^
IPB Image
Again, I hope you like it

by the way, do you think I should create an account at DeviantArt? I'm not sure
FullMetal Shrimp
Wow! You're really good! And the way you colored it is so detailed and thorough! Excellent job! And I think you should make a deviantART, I just made one a couple of days ago and it's nice for sharing your artwork and people can appreciate it, and I think they would appreciate yours very much!
@Galorfilinde - Wow, that one came out amazing!!
Excellent coloring jobs, dynamic and bold use of shadowing, and those beautifully detailed eyes!!
Awome job!! happy.gif
Those are amazing drawings Galorfilinde! Nice work! Love your artwork! happy.gif
It's really beautiful!! O_O
I like the way you did with his eyes and his hair! Perfect!! biggrin.gif
Wow! that's really great. I know it has been said before, but I love the eyes. The shading and highlighting is really good too! Really great work! I love it wub.gif

About DevianArt: I think you should. Why not? You absolutely have the skills happy.gif
Thank you so much! It makes me happy to read all your sweet replies happy.gif
I'm so glad you like the eyes, they were the biggest challenge for me to color. I wanted them to look a little different from the eyes of the original Edward.
And well, I've created a DeviantArt account.
There's not much right now, but I'm going to make more soon! Of course I'll post it here too. I'm busy with a more realistic drawing of a female elf. I'm so afraid Im gonna mess up XD. She wears a dress, but I don't know how to draw the folds and stuff.
I'd also like to post some very slight shounen ai, but I don't know if you guys/girls would like that. I just love things like this (one of my favourites ^^) it's so sweet XD
I finished my school project webdesign today, with a maximum score of 90/90 points (Party Time!). So I guess I'll have more time for drawing now.
Again, thanks for the replies!

*Edit: I made these drawings for Becca77901, because she asked for a cute drawing of Pride!Ed is this topic, and I wanted to draw him for some time now. I think they turned out ok ^.^ The marks on his body were very difficult to draw, and the hair too. The one with only the face was pretty easy to draw. I didn't make it too detailed. Here they are:
IPB Image IPB Image
Yeah, I didn't bother about his clothes not being black. And I wanted to draw the first one smiling because I've never seen a pic of a happy Pride. I wanted to know what it would look like. Maybe I'm going to color them, but I think the one of Pride with the tattoos will be too detailed. I need a drawing tablet for my computer!
Those are wonderful Galorfilinde! They're really nice! I love it! Urmm.. I'm not a good complimenter, but if I'd say you good, that means it's totally true! Wonderful! Keep it up! happy.gif Shonen-ai is okay, but not yaoi for me. It's too.. not my style. Yeah, I would like to see your pride-ed in color! Okay, c ya for now! smile.gif
@Galorfilinde - Nice job on those Pride!Ed drawings!!
It was actually nice to see smilig Pride!Ed!! Idon't know wht, but I like it!! biggrin.gif
Yeah, I wuld love to see it colored!! smile.gif
And, your shonenai pic is so beautiful!!
I love the style, the design, especially that wonderfully moody and beautiful backkground!!
Awsome job!! happy.gif
@ Tombow - I didn't make the shounen-ai picture myself! It's just one of my favourites at deviantart. This is the wonderful artist ^^

I'm going to try to color the Pride!Ed pics. The smiling Pride will be easy, but I'm not sure if it will turn out any good with the other one.
Thank you both for your replies!
^^ Ooops, thanks for the correction!! happy.gif
(My compliment goes to the artist.. biggrin.gif )
And, yeah, I'd love to see the smiling Pride!Ed in color.. smile.gif
Ed-Al-Win Fan
Wow!! That first Ed one you finished up turned out really really good! I love it! The coloring and everything is very nice! The Pride!Ed turned out very awesome too, I wish I got a chance to play BBI (lol), it seemed like a fun game from what I heard around. Anyways keep up the good work, can't wait to see the Pride!Ed colored! smile.gif

@ Ed-Al-Win Fan - Thank you very much ^.^ That movie Ed is the best one I ever made I think. BBI seems like a fun game to me too, but I've accepted the fact that I'll most likely never play it. You can read the whole storyline here. I've read it and I think it was worth it ^^ The images that come with it are awesome too.

I'm in a mood that I start new drawings or other art stuff, but I don't finish it. I started with another Elf but I don't feel like finishing it. I'm stuck with the shading on the Pride drawing. I decided to color the one with the tattoos, I always have to make things difficult for myself tongue.gif Well, today I felt like photoshopping and this is what came out:
IPB Image
The girl in the pic is me ^^ I don't have blue eyes, but that's what photoshop is for, right? I used it for my sig too, but I think the big version is better.
I'll try to finish the Pride!Ed one soon! I'm free from school next week, so I think I'll have it then.
@Galorfilinde - Wow, that one is beautiful!!
I really love your new sig, but that whole piece is even better!!
Nice design with the butterflies, and you look beautiful!!
The whole color scheme has misty, and fantasy/dreamy quality to it, and it is so lovely!!
Awsome job!! happy.gif
@ Tombow - Thank you so much! You're so kind ^^

I finally have something to show you again. It's not my newest work, but one of the rare drawings I've colored with pencils/watercolors. Sorry it isn't very sharp. I made a photo with my mobile phone, and the camera isn't the best quality XD. I can't scan it because it's too big. A3 size. I hope you like it. My desk is messy tongue.gif
IPB Image
There is a story behind it. The elf and the human are two different races, and they stand for the different races in our world. The woman above is supposed to be a Goddess, who is crying because her 'children' are fighting each other. And the abyss between them symbolizes the gap between the different races, which should not be there. We should all live as one, without racism, without violence.
Very good, I'm in awe of those who can draw other than stick figures! (bows in respect) ph34r.gif Have you ever drawn a doujinshi?
It's beautiful Galorfilinde! biggrin.gif I love the colors! Did you did that on canvas? huh.gif It looks really nice and pretty! smile.gif There's even a story with it! I love the story! Yeah, we should live in harmony.. Instead of war all over the world.. I can't bare to see any sacrifices or dead fighters. Especially I see dead small and harmless babies. I felt sorry for th lost of them. sad.gif It makes me cry all day thinking about them... *sniff..
I love your art work! It's SOOOO much better than anything of mine. XD
@Galorfilinde - Wow, nice watercolor painting!!
And, the concept behind the painting is awsome!!
I'd love to find out how the story would unfold!! happy.gif
@ IttyBittyPretty - Thank you for your reply^^ No, I've never drawn a doujinshi. I'm awful at thinking of a story tongue.gif

@ KiorujiXeroxGurl - Thank you very much, I'm glad you like it ^^ I didn't do it on canvas, it's just some thick paper. And I totally agree with you. Seeing those images of innocent children in war makes me very sad sad.gif In some countries, children at only the age of 12 already have to carry a weapon. I feel so sorry for them, they have no choice. It really makes me wonder where it will go to with this world.

@ Anime-Kat2002 - Thank you! But I think your artwork is really very good too ^^

@ Tombow - Thank you! I was inspired because where I live, they (the government) decided that foreign people should leave for their own country, so they just sent them away from their home in Holland. I couldn't stand that. There was a Japanese woman with two children who lived here for 5 years or something, and suddenly she and her children were forced to leave to their own country. It made me so angry. This was their home too. They had no home in Japan. Only because she was Japanese, and didn't have a Dutch passport. Can you believe that? What does it matter if she's Japanese or Dutch? I don't understand that at all. And also, all the wars and fights in the world. Makes me so sad when I think about it. So I wanted to symbolize that, the gap between the different races. There's no end to the story yet.. I hope it will be a good one, that everyone in this world will live in peace, no matter who they are or where they come from.

I just can't stop saying thank you! All your replies make me so happy ^^

And I finally finished coloring the Pride!Ed drawing! I'm not completely satisfied with it, especially the shadows. But I think it's good enough. It took me so long! I never ever want to color that one again! Here it is, hope you like it ^^
IPB Image

Long post this time XD
Wow that drawing of Ed is awsome, keep up the good work and keep posting drawings!
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