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Full Version: Who's The Right Partner For Sciezka?
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I have no opinion on this matter. sleep.gif

OK, maybe Fury and Winry.
I honestly say Alphonse >_> It's one of the few "crack" pairings I like. She seemed really happy when Al said those words to comfort her.

I also like Havoc (What, she's a smart, funny, cute girl with a good personality who isn't likely to cheat on him!) or Falmon.

As for girls, Winry, though I'm not a yuri/yaoi fan.
Do we really need this topic with so many other coupling topics in this area?

Still, I voted Fury and Winry.

Though Havoc is a close second.
QUOTE(Toby-Chan @ Mar 4 2006, 06:10 PM) [snapback]358524[/snapback]

Do we really need this topic with so many other coupling topics in this area?

Still, I voted Fury and Winry.

Though Havoc is a close second.

Not really, but it can't be helped.
Winry beause of my frinends "theorys"(read:Fantasies)
And Alphonse because Falman seems a bit old for her(she looks about Winrys age)
Falman + Sciezka = Meant to be
@Toby-san: True, but I'll be lenient and let it stay for now and just wait for it to die out.

I voted for Havoc in the first poll, I don't know precisely why. I went with Winry for the second poll, seeing as she interacts with very little with the other female characters.
I decided Havok in the first one...he needs a honest woman.

Second I really did not know so I said Sloth laugh.gif
i guess falman......i dont know i never thought about it
And if it had to be a girl i would say Winry unsure.gif she so close to her though
Don't know about the first poll... Either Havoc, or Fury, or Falman.
And, Winry. They make nice friends to each other!! smile.gif
Dude, Gracia/Sheska all the way. XD
QUOTE(GaluxKitty @ Mar 5 2006, 05:08 PM) [snapback]359139[/snapback]

Dude, Gracia/Sheska all the way. XD


Look what you did! You just made me aaaw!

@Iloveu2Al- Your avasig rules!
Carnal Malefactor
Sheszka/Fury is just too cruel. Their kids would be mole people!
Hana no Kuroi
I picked Alphonse and Winry...Although, Winry would go best with Sciezka since they're like best friends, the way I see it.
yeah that girl thing was... yeah...
QUOTE(Void @ Mar 6 2006, 04:42 PM) [snapback]359573[/snapback]

Sheszka/Fury is just too cruel. Their kids would be mole people!


I thought it was Milhouse!
i think fuery and sciezka look cute together biggrin.gif
Martin Easth
i definetly think that Fury, Breda, Falman or Havoc would be the right man for cute little Sciezka-san?
Am I the only onewho thinks Sciezka-san is a cute and cherful girl??
no.. I dig fueryX Scheska
Who vote Elycia?
QUOTE(popogeejo @ Mar 16 2006, 06:44 PM) [snapback]364256[/snapback]

Who vote Elycia?

... ew.
Short Full Metal Alchemist
Ahhh howd o you get the image under your signature???
Alchemic Boom
QUOTE(Toby-Chan @ Mar 16 2006, 10:06 PM) [snapback]364357[/snapback]

QUOTE(popogeejo @ Mar 16 2006, 06:44 PM) [snapback]364256[/snapback]

Who vote Elycia?

... ew.

I thank whoever voted for Elycia. For horrible mental images and nightmares.

Pedophilia. Joy.

Oh and I voted Falman and Winry. Nothing special there, eh.
Why was she even in the poll?
I voted Fuery and other because I couldn't vote on the one poll without the other. I'm not in to Yuri. Sorry sad.gif

I just think her an Fuery look cute together. Their kid would look like Pidge from Voltron. laugh.gif
Havoc. She meets his requirements, but alas, Falman couldn't put two and two together and hook them up. Sorry Havoc, you're screwed again!
Thats an absolute NO on Sciezka and havoc Havoc like bosomy women trust me i know but Falman and sciezka sould be cute
(* shakes off the shock of somebody actually voting for Elycia.. blink.gif )

Definately Falman. they like each other you can just tell! happy.gif
I don't think she's Havoc's type unsure.gif
Fuery and Sciezka will never hit it off, they're both just too shy...

As for the girls.. I guess Winry... She's the only girl who seems to interact with her.

Sleeping Forest
laugh.gif sciezkaxfuery!!
Sin Of Envy
Russel XD
i like falman. I dunno, tall, squinty-no-eyes+ short-glasses-big-eyes= average-regular eyes. It all works out.
Probably Kain Fury
eww....somebody actually voted For Elycia......that's just....disturbing
Now that I think about it Sciezka is kinda cute... definitely not bad looking.
^^ I thhink she is cute. smile.gif

QUOTE(shadow_of_a_doubt @ Apr 27 2006, 10:15 PM) [snapback]387037[/snapback]
eww....somebody actually voted For Elycia......that's just....disturbing
Tehehe, I agree!! biggrin.gif
Maybe as a friend, or big sister-small sister?? As a partner?? Noooo. rolleyes.gif
I wonder why is there a option which says elycia... biggrin.gif
LT. Mustang
i would say me if i had the chance, but other than that ui would say Al because he's sweet liek she is, and Winry because their just so cute together.
Alphonse. Al is no doubt the only boy I can see with her.
Fuery's going to be good with Sheska!
I'm no fan of Yaoi.. So it was hard hard hard for me to choose.. I voted Winry.
General Kirby
Falman or Winry... but only from the anime. Otherwise no one.
Roy Mustard
QUOTE(Nepharski @ Mar 5 2006, 08:35 AM) [snapback]358535[/snapback]

Falman + Sciezka = Meant to be

I could never disagree. They;re both brainy!
who is Sciezka i forget..
QUOTE(lemonbuzz @ Sep 3 2006, 08:23 PM) [snapback]441189[/snapback]

who is Sciezka i forget..

She's the Librarian.
lol ty
The thought never really crossed my mind, in all honesty. XD Somehow, I can see her with Falman, though.

...I should vote Hohenheim and see how many people shoot me. >>

And for the people who voted Elysia...ew. 911?
Matt Perry
the perfect couple, including her?

Winry. Done with and over.

*gets shot*

I chosed Fury,they are alike & compatible...
& also Lt. Ross 'cause they are a bit the same 'cause they are both subcharacters...that's all
I vote Sergeant Major Cain Fuery!!
a perfect match!

as for the other women, thanks. Scieszka's better off with a nice normal guy like Fuery. (i'm not a yuriai fan. tongue.gif )
Can I say her books?
Fuery and sheska are the perfect couple! tongue.gif
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