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Full Version: My First Fic Starting
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Aleesha Elric
I need a title yet. I am working up to a RoyxEd / EdxRoy pairing maybe, not quite sure. This is the starting, this is first try at this, so it insnt very good, and I am only 12 so that is my excuse biggrin.gif

The boy's heart raced as he sprinted through a back alley in the town of Rizembul, his home. He was know as Edward Elric, the Fullmetal Alchemist, alot of people knew him well, not aways for the good reasons. He was only 12 when he became a state alchemist... That was 4 years ago. He started to pant from all the running, but he couldnt stop, for if he did he knew, he would surely die. He began to get tired and started to slow down, as his opponent took this chance to attack. Ed turned around the split second he was attacked using his automail right arm like a sheild before transmuting it into a blade. His opponent, the homunculus know as Envy, one of the Seven Deadly Sins. Envy, also know as the shapeshifting, cross dressing palm tree, whith a fascination for light bulbs, had a grudge against Ed for a while now, and Ed knew about it all too well. On previous encounters, Envy had tried to kill Ed many times. Envy lashed out at Ed with lightning speed as Ed dodged and attacked him with his automail blade, slicing Envy's waist. Envy felt no pain, felt no emotion at all, for what reason should he feel emotion, he was purely there to be a living puppet for others to make him do their dirty work. But none the less, he enjoyed it, he enjoyed to look of twisted agony on peoples faces as he delivered them a long, slow, painful death. He especially liked seeing Edward in pain, he loved it, craved it almost. Ed span around to see him standing there like nothing had happened at all, he knew that he wouldnt give up so easily. He contemplated that for a second before striking him once again with the same outcome. Envy took this chance to grab Ed's arm and kick him in the stomach, hard. Ed fell to the ground, and before blacking out, he saw a flash of orangey yellow light and Envy fleeing the scene.
Aleesha Elric
I did the second bit for the starting if anyones interested.

As Ed awoke in the hospital he saw the smiling face of his younger (but taller) brother, Alphonse. "Brother!! Your finally awake, I was very worried for you" said Al now leaning over his older brother. "Al, what are you doing here? Thats a stupid question. Nevermind." said Ed sitting up before yelping in pain from the wound inflicted to his stomach. "What is it brother, are you in much pain? Do you want the nurse?" said Al with a scared tone in his voice. "No, Al, thanks. I'll be fine, its just a kick to the stomach, I dont even see why I'm in the h-h-h-hospital...!" Ed stuttered out looking at his stomach. Al looked at his stomach and made a small gasp. It was alot worse than they had both thought, tender, bruised, and bleeding from a gaping hole. "What happened anyway brother? What where you doing out alone?" said Al cautiously, in case he may have been treading thin ice with that type of question. 'Nothing Al, it was nothing. How did I get here, who brought me here?" said Ed as a tall man strode through the door. "I believe I am to thank, fullmetal." said no one other than Ed's superior, Colonel Roy Mustang, the Flame Alchemist. "Oh no, not you! Anyone but you!" said Ed, temper rising. "You should be greatful, I saved your sorry ass. Is that how you are gonna thank me? I should have left you there for Envy to destroy you." said Mustang with that annoying trademark smirk of his. "Dont give me that look, you jackass of a colonel! You know you would have saved me, just to get out of the paperwork." said Ed, now wearing the smirk, for he knew it was true. "Why must you two always fight, cant you learn to get along for once in your lifetimes?!" exclaimed Al. Ed and Roy both shut up, they knew not to mess with the younger Elric brother. Roy sat down in a chair bedside to Ed, "Its not true you know, I would have saved you anyway." Ed sat there, looking shocked. "I mean, your a good fighter, especially when I say this word... Shrimp" said Roy, smiling. "WHO YOU CALLING A SHRIMP...." was all Ed managed to yell out before Al muffled Ed with his hands. A kind looking nurse walked in. "If you wouldnt mind leaving now, for visiting times are now over, and I am sure Mr. Elric here would like to get some rest" she said with a smile. "Uh.. Sure we'll leave" said Roy leading Al to the door with him. "Oh yeah, Fullmetal, dont get into anymore trouble after I leave, and let the nurses do their work." Ed just stared blankly at the door as the nurse advanced on him with an injection in hand. All in all, Ed knew this was gonna be a bad day.
Aleesha Elric
Really short this time. Italics are thoughts

4 days and 7 injections later, Ed was able to leave the hospital. When he finally did get out, Ed was greeted by, none other than.... Roy Mustang. "Oh great, what the heck are you doing here?" said a very annoyed Ed. Roy looked shocked, "I came to see if you were ok, you got a problem with that, Fullmetal?" Ed stood there for a minute, "Yeah I do have a problem with that, WHY ARE YOU BEING SO NICE?! I get out of hospital, I the first person I see is you, with that smug impression." said Ed before turning away and walking off. I know you mean well, why am I always so mean? What does he do to me? Its his fault I am like this. He makes me nervous... "Wait a minute.... WHAT THE HECK AM I THINKING?!" said Ed before proceding to run around hitting his head. "I'm still unconsious, this is just a bad dream.. I'll wake up soon." At that moment he felt a strong hand grasp his sholder, which made him jump about three feet in the air. "Whats the matter Fullmetal? Did I scare you?" said Roy with a taunting tone in his voice. "No not at all, the only scary thing about you is your face." snapped Ed. Roy just sighed and walked off. See I did it again, why do I do this all the time? I want to be nice, I really do but I cant. I just cant! I always ruin any moment we might have together... "AHHH, I'm thinking like that again!!" screamed Ed, making Roy give a small smile, which he was glad that the younger alchemist couldnt see. One day he would tell him, tell him he actually cared for him... More than a fatherly figure care. One day....
Aleesha Elric
Need ideas for next chappie and title
Aleesha Elric
I have the next chappie but I cant figure put how to start it!!! mad.gif
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