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Full Version: What's The Worst Injury You've Ever Gotten?
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smile.gif...well, i didn't have any BIG injuries, but as far as i remember, when i 5, i was playing with fire and wax-rope, and ... suddenly the fire burnt my hand... that injury also took my flesh off... i have a light scar of that... but the thing was that -it didn't hurt at all! biggrin.gif
My worst injury was when i was like 11 i was going to school and fell down the steps and got stuck between the house and the stars.I broke 4 ribs and part of my cheek bone and my finger and i had an black eye from and i kinda cracked my nose and i still had to go to school.sad.gif
My worst injury would have to be when I was 4/5 and I was in a wagon-type attatchment to a rideable lawn mower, I jumped out then got the wheel on me
. . . I still have a scar from that
My second worse injury would be slicing open the end of my finger with an x-acto knife (I was working on a school project Grade 6), I had to get stitches and it left a slight scar, I'm just glad it didn't hurt.
I was at the skatepark and there were some [stupid] amatuers who escaped the pee wee section. They thought it was funny to stand in jump in front of people at the ramp. when i came down my friend crashed into one of them so we had a little dogpile. i had to pull my skateboard out of the wall. that ruined my day. i ripped my shoe. it was my lucky shoe signed by michael copon and jokoy. boo hoo.
Not a big one really. I was shooting basketballs from the top of my home's roof, then I accidentally slipped and since I have no idea how to land to minimize the injury, I broke my leg.
I was attempting to cross a road and suddenly two wheels grazed on my foot... THe car even knocked me down the road and my knee was badly injured... This accident made me a slow runner... T.T
While I was playing Football for my school team. An idiot tackled me so hard that from the impact my neck just cracked and I couldn't move it. Apparently according to the dr. I suffered from a spinal cord compression, it was that bad that I had to go under surgery.
Kenji and Densetsu those had to HURT O_O;

My worst injury (so far) was when I was 1 or 2 years old ^^; so I don't even remember it laugh.gif
I fell on a patio or something and had to get a few stitches on my eyebrow--I still have a scar there ^^; I can't really see it, but people say it's there o.o;
((I'm always clumsy so I'm surprised I don't have anything worse than that ^^; I guess I just get bruises everyday to make up for it))
patkk the dictator/ninja/fish
twisting my right ankle playing tennis

im quite good at sustaining from major injury
i fall over all the time but never get hurt... its amazing
Indignant Judgment
Back when I was about 8 years old I had let my friend see if he could pick me up and he wasnt strong enough so he dropped me accidentally (I hope) and I landed right on my left thumb, so I went to the emergency room because I told my mom that it had hurt really bad if you touched it, turns out that it had been dislocated and chiped so now my thumb is crooked and I can't crack it at all
Seven Major fractures on the same arm for the 6th time and i was operated after that for some stupid disease and that took me 6 months at the hospital out of which i spend 3 absolutely on the bed lying straight without moving !
The only thing that time , that i remember was the crying i did , cos the nurse got some really painful injections for me , that not water disolved , but oily !
The painful part was when they put it in , the medicine would get block in my veins and then the blood would slowly push through and i could feel that ... i dont want to go into more details for now !
Nothing in my mind really stands out to be the Worst Injury Ever in my memory. Although I do remember one time when I was around six years old, I was standing up on the couch in my living room and fell on to the hard floor which was when one of my top front teeth came right off. My mouth was a bloody mess. >.<

At least it was a baby tooth. ^.^;

ArmouredSoul AH!! poor thumb ;-;

I also remember a time when I was little and my cousins and I were playing in and around a car--and amongst all the running around and yelling and what-not, my cousin accidentally shut the car door on my fingers!!!
They were all black, blue, throbbing, and swollen like crazy!

But it was all good, because my grandma gave me chocolate and my mom was there to um...heal it? ...I forgot what she did but I'm fine now ^^
((and this all happened on the Fourth of July))
Diamond Alchemist
Now that I think about it I've been pretty lucky the worst for me would be a bent growth plate in my arm I had to wear a cast for a whil (hazza i've never broken a bone)
When I was young, I had a weird interest with making random things my play things. During these moments, I was into playing with 2 liter Soda bottles.
So, my mum was preparing lunch or dinner ( I was too young to remember now), and she filled the cups with soda.
It ran out.
I was sitting on the kitchen floor patting the tiles. Then she called my name, and rolled the bottle to me.
"Here." She said, not really caring, and got back to cooking.

Now, I was pretty dumb, and not aware. Me having a early development of heavy A.D.D and all.
So, I play telescope with it.
I look into the open hole (where the caps supposed to be), fall backwards because i have a sudden interest looking inside and forgot to maintain balance, hit the wall behind me, my head goes forward, AND....
Where does the top end up?
Yup.... in my eye.... no joke. It was in there.
It was the left one. It's not funky, deformed, or blind. It's just mildly blurry now a days, thats why i cover it with hair (the part-do).

I was called upon the hospital immediately. They came to us.
Humor? They came in and asked if my mum was alright.
Me-"No, don't mind me... bleeding here on the ground.... with a bottle in my eye!"

^ OMG. That sounds really painful! O_O

I've never had any really bad injuries, but once when I was really young (too young for me to remember; my mom told me the story) my brother was playing with my dad's golf clubs. I was sitting right behind him, and he swings the golf club and it hits my head. Of course, my brother didn't want to get in trouble, so he left me, the poor crying todler, and he hid under his bed. I almost had to get stiches, but I didn't.
When I was about 8 I went on a vacation with my brothers, dad, mom, and guy-friends. It was in Aspen, and my guy-friends, and I decided to not wait for my dad to come to watch us snowboard [just in case anything went wrong wink.gif]. I was very stupid, and just went along with what my guy-friends wanted to do. After all my friends went down, I did. It seemed they all got down okay, so I started to go faster after going into some slushie ice. I wasen't expecting there to be a huge mound down the way, and once I hit it I flipped over, and cracked my leg back. I didn't notice the pain right away in my leg cause the ice, and cold numbed it for a while. I tryed then getting up, but saw my leg was like that, and then it started to hurt horribly. I couldn't do anything, and I had to stay there in pain, while waiting to see if anyone would help me [took about 30-35 mins but felt like over 2 hours cause the pain was bad sad.gif]. When my guy-friends figured out I didn't come down for a while, they headed back up the mountain, and saw me lying there so they called the emergency van, and I had to get surgery on my leg. I didn't feel much pain after cause the pain-killers they had were very strong, and since I was young they worked effectivly wink.gif. I don't have any scar on my leg now, since I am older, but I will never forget that.

Molecular Alchemist
I knocked my two front teeth out.....on a playschool skooter
^ ouch

I was getting ready for school in the morning, and my mum was ironing my brothers school shirt.
(I was in elementary)
She finished, and I jumped onto the bed.
It being my bed, i would never really expect anything bad to happen, since i sleep in it, so, i have ya'know, a trusty bond that it wont harm me.
My mum was ironing on my bed.
When i jumped onto it *sat*, i felt something land on my hand. My mum turned, and didn't react quickly, but looked me in the face like 'caution! don't jump on bed'.
I look down when i cold chill runs up my arm. Yay! the irons on me!
On, plugged in, and at a high temperature.
It took me awhile to react.
I pulled it out from under it, and it was looking at it what caused the pain.
I screamed so loud, lol.
My hand was all oozy and yellow and well, burned *been under there for like a minute ohmy.gif *. Then the pain hit me like a electricity.
I ran out of the room, holding my wrist, looking like some hollywood cheap horror film with a deformed hand, and hit against walls and stuff.

it really, really, really hurt.
I had to go to school with it like that, not even covered, just with some medicine cream. I didn't get medical attention. It was around 2 1/2 degree burn.
It was a gaging scene.
Probably the second concussion I recieved only two months after the first one. I almost fractured my skull. And, I had terrible headaches that never left.
Well I was on my way to Rochester Institute of Technology cafeteria and I was staring at this sundial at the same time. So I was wondering what time it was. I wasn't paying attention where I was walking. There were these bricks that supported the sundial. I kept on walking and walking then I tripped over those bricks supporting that sundial and landed face flat onto the pavement. Talk about ouch. Everyone asked if I was ok. I got a lot of sympathy then. But my face looked really bad back then.
I've never sprained or broke a bone in my body.I have to say the worst injury I've gotten was between a burn in the thigh caused by a spilled hot ramen cup (those are delicious by the way) when I was 7 or a wipeout I got for riding a stupid scooter down a hill.I was on a very high street hill and I rode down from there.First the scooter started shaking outta control and then,next thing I know,I went flying down,rolling and tumbling, badly scraping my left knee and right elbow.They weren't pretty and I have scars because of that stupid scooter.
Envy II
I fell somewhere around 5-7 feet on my head as an infant.

Most people say things like that as a joke, but I'm being serious. It kind of makes me wonder if it did something to me. sleep.gif
sad.gif Brings me back bad memories... the worst injury i've got... i was riding a bike, well not really but actually i'm the passager i was having, in my left hand, some plants (it actually explodes when you put it in a water) and then... my stupid sister want to make a competition :who gets in our house the first win'' and my friend ride as fast as she can !i can't let go of those plants in my hands so i've just got one hand to hold her shoulder !!i can't hold much longer and i fell really badly !!i've got two bloody knees !
OUCH.That must've hurt.Me,I'm as dumb as a bell!I was doing some hand signs (and ummm....singing...I was bored and nobody was around so.... ) while on my bike down a hill and fell on the same knee and elbow I had injured the week before tongue.gif Now that I remember,my mom said I had like 5 stitches on my head when I was 3.I ran a lot,and I was a very energetic little girl...And well,I'll just say my mom cleaned the floor so good,you could see your face in it.THAT must've been my worst injury.
Ive never broken or sprained anything but just about a week or two ago my brother and I we're mock fighting and I missed and hit the wall. My thumbs nail bent back and turned completely black. it hurt so bad it put my body into a state of shock and for about two hours I was shaking really severly. I had to wear a band-aid on it for a week so my nail wouldnt fall off.
I was playing with my friends(green light, red light I think), when somebody accidentally tripped me. I landed on my right hand, and apparently twisted it. So I got sent to the hospital with my mom, and had to do therapy for a long time. The electric therapy feels nice when it's on low, but pretty painful when it's on high <-< The paraffin therapy wasn't exactly pleasant either. Anyways, just in case I couldn't use my right hand anymore, I had to learn how to write with my left hand, too. But now I have full use of it back ^-^

endless_oblivian- I know a guy who dropped a hammer on his big toe, and it turned black, like your nail- only he didn't try to keep it on, he actually pulled it out. blink.gif
@ehxhfdl14: thank you for that wonderful information and I would hate to hurt my right hand I couldnt draw...not that I wouldnt do it against all odds anyway.

I dont remember this but my mom told me I cracked my head open when I was 2 or 3, apparently I was sliding across the hard wood floors in my socks and crashed into her bed frame. now I have a scar where I hit the bed. well I have had plenty of injuries but the nail thing had to have hurt the most. tongue.gif
There was this one time when I was little (Can't really remember how old i was..) I closed the car door on two of my fingers. There was blood....And worst of all, You could see my bones alittle. X0

And I burned my self on the stove once. It hurt alot. sad.gif
you my horse-riding class I fell from my horse (more like I went flying from the horse) and broke my right shoulder...and it was a PAIN!!
I couldn't move my entire arm for 3 months!

Little Washu
My worst injury was a sprained ankle. I've never broken anything before.
About 10 years ago, I was running and jumping onto my brother's bed. I landed on it face-down, with my stomach on top of my hand. My left ring finger and pinky did the splits, as it were, and my pinky broke in two places: the base and the first bend. I didn't go to the doctor; my dad just splinted it with tape and popsicle sticks. It's still crooked, and will always be. (And probably would've been even with a doctor's care-- same idea, more expensive.) I think it's actually kind of interesting, and the kids I babysit think it's the coolest thing.
Aww man, those injuries do sound painful @.@`; :: Hugs everyone::
I've never ended up breaking anything in any accidents...but I have had quite a few injuries, those of which I could probably list here as there's quite a few. ^^;

There was when I was really little ( I'm not too sure how old I was, but I was old enough to get out of a car and walk) and the family was visiting my Nan ( so I can only assume it was a Sunday, since we go there for Sunday dinner)
And as I got out of the car, I ended up catching my elbow on something sharp but I never made a noise.
Although Mum and Dad saw a little trail of blood coming from where I was walking, and it turned out to be from my elbow.

I don't know how bad it was, but there's actually a scar on my right elbow which shows up better when I hold out my arm.
It kind of makes me wince when I see it though ^^;

Erm...then there's another scar on my leg where I ended up falling off of my bike when I was around five or six, and I can remember picking at the scab a lot; despite the fact you're not really supposed to, but hey I was little at the time.

A lot of the injuries I've ever got; have been from bikes, pretty much. ^^;
I remember when I was around thirteen or fourteen and I ended up losing my footing while on a bike and both of my knees ended up scrapping across the path while the bike was still going. O.<;
It hurt like heck already, but then when the bike finally managed to stop ( and there had been me with my hands on the handle bars all this time) it just fell sideways with me trapped under it.

That particular day, I ended up with ripped material in the knee-cap areas on my jeans and two cuts on both legs. ^^;
Anzu Mazaki
Generally I'm not a person do get injured a whole lot but I think the worst was when I was 5, my sister and I were play fighting near the Christmas tree and she jumped on me, dislocating my elbow. The worst part wasn't that but the fact that my mom didn't think I was really hurt, so it wasn't until the next morning when my fingers swelled up 3 times before she realized I was hurt, and took me to the clinic, where they sent me to the hospital for some x-ray. The nurse then had to push it back into place, and afterwards I had to wear a sling for awhile. ^^;; Wasn't the best experience in my life, but it was the only time I've ever had to go to the hospital.
The Mad Bomber
Perhaps the time I broke my collar bone as a kid when I took nice flight trough the air and landed badly, thus breaking that bone...


The time I was cut up by a knife wielding maniac! Or well to be correct he was a doctor, who removed my infected appendix, left a nice scar in my stomach.
Ooo this topic makes me think of the time I had a knife stuck right through the middle of my hand. O.O
This was pretty dumb of me to have this happen cuz, cutting stuff at 12:00 at night isnt the smartest idea.
I've broken my arm and had to have surgery and everything on it.Had a cast from just above my elbow to the middle of my fingers for about 2 months.....Damn you side walks........
When I was 9 I fell off a trampoline and my arm landed on the fence-my elbow bone snapped in half, I had to get pins inserted into my arm-IT REALLY HURT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Two golf cars crashing, my head opened, a lot of blood xD
It's a tie between breaking my finger in a fight I was in and having a pencil stabbed in my left calf.
The worst I could've gotten was a sprained/disordered ankle. cool.gif
Hmmm. I haven't got into bigger accidents, opposite to my two brothers who cut almost everything on their faces.

Oh, I remeber funny one. When I was learning to ride a bike and finally succeded in ride on two wheels ... I raised my hands like the proffessional cyclists do in sign of victory. Then my bike fell over and I was literally sliding down the concrete a bit. I will got sand under my knee skin to the rest of my life. xd
well as for me i have to say that the worst that i every did is......

i went to a rollerblading party and i fell while rollerblading and riped both of my hamstings in the back of my knees and at the same time i dented one of my knee caps.

still to this day i still have really really bad pain to the point that i can't walk. happy.gif
I broke my arm. It was all cool looking and looked all rubbery. But it hurt really bad. I even cried for a minute there. I should have taken pictures. I was in the second grade.^^
Carnal Malefactor
Miyuki hit me in the balls yesterday. That was pretty painful.
Oh, the memories of scooters and skateboards.... Once I fell off my bike and got hit in the jaw causing my tooth to come out and go through my bottom lip. I needed stitches. You have to feel my lip to tell the scar is there now though, I was little, so the tooth wasn't too big, and it grew back. I got off lucky.
Wow. I got SO many Injuries in my day. Oddly I never needed stitches even though I should have got them several times.

1. When I was 7 I fell off monkey bars and Greenstick fractured my left Radius by the wrist. Worst pain I remember. Was bruised and hurtin for about a week too. I needed a brace for 3 months after. crybaby.gif

2. I was 10 my mom accidentally slammed the van door on three of my fingers, and it just missed my joints but ripped my skin open real nice.

3. I was 14 I got bit by a German Shepard and it punctured a 1 inch hole in my right arm, had to have it reamed out with Peroxide and Q-tips plus a Tetnis shot. No stitches to prevent infection. Hurt like Hell. wacko.gif

4. I was 15 and I accidentally moved my right hand over an Gas Torch welder and 3rd degree burned the crap out of my knuckles and fingers. Skin peeled off next day. wacko.gif

5. I was 17 and Sliced two fingers on my left hand to the bone while carving something with a razor knife. Dont ask how I missed my tendons, but i wrapped it up and let it heal on its own! tongue.gif

Well Thats about it. wink.gif
Let's see... Got grazed by a .223 round during Omaha simulation in Basic Training.
Sprained/broke the f*!@ out of my ankle after mission jumping out of an 1117.
So far, I've been lucky. Plenty of detonation-related concussions since I got to Iraq.
I think when I broke my arm for the third time laugh.gif That hurt the most.
I had a lot of injuries : when I was in the 6th grade, a classmate pushed me and I fell on the stairs and broke my knee bone. Cut my finger with a kitchen knife, broke my left arm 3 times, fell and broke my shoulder.
Damn, some of y'all are brutal.
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