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Before-reading explaination
First, before I start, I have to make note of some things that I know you're going to wonder about. This is sort of an after-the-anime sequel type of thing, but it also draws things from the manga, too. I hope that the fact that it pulls things from both doesn't put you off. Secondly, there are add-on characters. Yes. They tend to suck, I know. I hope that you aren't put off by them, either.
Thirdly, some parts are going to be sort of OOC, but I'm really trying to avoid that, so I hope that that isn't going to put you off...
Fourthly, the storyline is basically just a whole different story all together, so don't be put off...
Fifthly, I really am not going to ever be this repetitive ever again, and if you've mangaged to deal with my sick sense of humor long enough to, well, not be put off, (Yes, I said it again!) then hopefully you'll like my fanfiction alright.
Also, I think it's only fair to warn you that this is my first fanfiction, and yes, very occasionally I will draw up some short doujinshi bits for it, but mostly this will be a fanfiction. Besides that, this is my first serious piece of anything, so even if it seems maddeningly serious at time please don't worry I will try and throw in some humor.
I really hope that intro isn't too long, either. (Looks up, worried about having ranted the first part of her fanfiction with some load of random repetitive spam.)

Fanfiction takes place after series and the Conquerer of Shamballa film, take note.
Rating: PG-13 (for violence, sick twists of fate, add-ons, a hint of royai but nothing to fill in the void for EdWin fans, schizophrenia, missing limbs, a lacking of pie, and other disturbances in the natural order of life)

In Her eyes (part 1 of chapter 1)

Edward sat in his chair wriggling around strangely. He wasn't nervous, but something felt weird somehow. He jumped up as a sweat drop from his face fell down his leg, and made a squeeking noise between the leather of his pants and the leather of the chair.
There wasn't anything he'd done wrong, so why was he sweating? Was it just him, or was it really hot in here? His eyes darted about the room. A desk, covered in papers, a plain wall covered in framed papers. Papers, papers, all over the room. Was this guy disorganized or what?
Were all police officers like this? They already seemed lazy to Edward, but messy was something he hadn't really expected. If they were going to be so lazy, couldn't they at least be a bit... cleaner? What was taking this guy so long anyway?
"Ah, Mr.Elric. Thank you for waiting so long. Please, don't mind the mess." The officer said in a cheery mood. He suddenly was slouched in his chair on the other side of the desk. The transition from standing to sitting was surprisingly subtle. It was almost as if he was there the entire time.
"It's okay. I don't mind it at all." Edward lied. He could feel the dust in the air clinging to him, like he was some kind of a dust magnet.
Later on in history, such a feeling could be called the Swiffer effect.
The police officer sensed the awkward tension in the air but not the dust. "Donut?" He offered politely, holding up a plate.
"No thank you." Edward declined, who felt like he might gain ten pounds just from looking at the things. He was more of a pie person himself, not really a donut or a cake person. If it was pie, he might very well have accepted the offer, even with the various environmental factors that now made him feel as if he could puke, faint, and have a seisure all at once.
"Oh." said the officer, lowering the plate and then awkwardly not eating a donut, which he obviously wanted. "I have to thank you again for your help with this case, Mr.Elric." the officer said in a truly greatful voice. "Without you, we would never have been able to capture the Ghost-Faced Bandit, Scythe Scipio. She would have jumped from job to job and we never would have found her. Thank you, thank you, thank you!" The man looked so pleased he might jump in the air, throw out his arms, and give Edward a hug.
Edward recognised this. He coiled back in his seat. Ew.
It hit Edward suddenly then what this feeling was. The feeling other than his obvious physical discomfort. He felt guilty. It wasn't his fault, alright. But he didn't think the woman he was turning into the police had really done anything wrong. She had hardly done anything against the law. She was... desperate. And for once, it was a kind of despair he felt truly sympathetic to. Normally, Edward believed that criminals all desereved their right punishment.
An eye for an eye.
But this was not right. For once, he sympathised with the criminal. In her eyes, he had seen a sadness that was all to familiar. But thinking back, he also saw something that another had once seen in his eyes. Strength. Some kind of determined hope. But why was this look in her eyes?
How could he have possibly seen it their, in her eyes?
She had not done what he did. She had merely been forced to make her way, with different jobs she wasn't qualified for. Jobs she should never have. It wasn't that she was somehow not worthy of a job, it was that she wasn't able to do it. She could never be trusted.
It wasn't that she wasn't trustworthy, either. Under other circumstances, she probably could be a fantastic pilot, or a great doctor, or even a really good scientist. She could have been all the things she posed as in order to gain money to live. But she just wasn't capable.
She was blind, after all.

--to be continued--
Yes, I know, add-ons. You can hate me or love me for this.
Before you panic, don't worry: I'm not in my fic.

So Warm and So Cold (part 2 chapter 1)
How do you look into a blind person's eyes, and see something in yourself? Is it just because their eyes are a near empty mirror of glass, in which you can sometimes see your reflection? Or does emotion still show through unseeing eyes?
Edward felt water quivering in his own eyes, as his thoughts filled him with emotion. This feeling was more than guilt. What was this?
"Are you okay, Mr.Elric?" The officer had realised that Edward had stopped listening to him, and saw that Edward was now shaking with sweat and tears. "What's wrong?" The officer asked. He wasn't sure of how to react to Mr.Elric's sudden change in emotion, so decided to try and comfort him. It was pointless, though.
Edward ran out of the room. What was it about this woman? What had him so choked up? He didn't understand what he was feeling or why, or what was going on. He was shaking uncontrolably, and could hardly stand. He leaned against a statue in the wide, empty hallway. Beams of light shot through the huge arched windows and filled the hall with an unrealistic glow.
He buried his face with his hands. He was embarrassed, shocked, scared, alone, confused, angry, sorrowful and relieved all at once.
Suddenly, he saw something at the end of the vivid hall. A dark figure, leaning against the window. Her hair waved around as if it was what its color implied; soot black smoke from a blazing fire that was no longer there. As she turned her head, the only thing Edward could see through his blurred and distorted vision, inbetween his tears, were her cold and empty blue eyes. They looked as deep as the sea, to him. In between the clouds of rain in his eyes, he felt himself burn up in the long past blaze she seemed to leave in front of her. He felt so warm, and so cold, looking at her in the rain on this bright day. How could he feel so warm and so cold? So warm and so cold, looking at her eyes?
Slowly, she started to move towards him. He listened to the loud echoing beat of the steady feet that only ever pretended to walk. As she passed by the gigantic alit window, light engulfed the glass in front of her empty eyes. Frames which she had put on her face to hide her cold eyes from the world. A shallow mask that told no lies, but no truths, and nothing about her. A sheild that hid her from the world.
Before he realised it, she was in front of him, only about three feet away. With a surprising unsteadiness, she held out one hand in the bright and shining darkness and tried to find out what was in front of her. After her hand wandered forward for a few seconds, the tips of her fingers hit a small glimpse of Edward's soaking face. He couldn't move or talk, he was in such a mess of emotion and and befuddled awe. She smiled at him weakly, as she gently stroked tears from his face. Finally after some time of Edward silently crying and the woman silently wiping away his tears, she broke the silence.
"How is it that your face manages to feel so warm and so cold?"
--to be continued in CH.2--
Before reading Chapter 2
Firstly (again with the numbers) I know I made a couple of grammar errors before. Repeat words, wrong "there" that kind of thing. Hopefully not too bad, though. Next... Okay, even though this in 'our' world, post wwI pre WWII, I don't know much about this time. This is totally fictional. It's not just made up, it's... really made up. And this is called timebreak, but no time breaking? That's because this is going to be pretty long. >.<; I hope long is okay, if it comes in little bits like this. I hate reading long stories...Also, the few people who have even laid eyes on this (I wasn't expecting many readers at first anyway... I only just started, and this is my first fic! I don't need a lot!) I really wouldn't mind reviews, comments, or even that hellish "constructive critisism". It'd all make me happy, honestly. So if you do happen to read it, (not expecting there to be that many of you, again) go ahead and post! >.< Some people are almost like, '...will they get mad if I post?" on this site, it's all just quiet readers! ^.^ It's okay to respond please! *sorry I'm in a silly mood*

Not Like this Before (part 1 of 4 chapter 2)
After months of trying out various jobs, hopping around from country to country on a planet now constantly thrown into conflict, Alphonse had finally decided on an occupation. After working for a short time in a large variety of jobs, he had gotten himself quite a good reputation.
He was 'a fantastically dedicated worker, selfless and loyal, kind and cheerful, extremely intellegent and educated, and good at everything he tries, too.' Lots of employers had been keeping an eye on him. This 'fantastic super-worker', they said, 'who never lets you down'. 'Who never keeps one job for very long'. They all wanted him to work for them, but for good. He never stayed for good, though. Until today.
Alphonse examined the contract in his hands carefully. He had never seen a job offer like this one, before. Everyone wanted him 'for good'. But this was a temporary offer. A short-term job, for him to have 'until he should choose to leave'. This was most definetly...
Alphonse wriggled around in his train seat ecstatic. This was so great! A job he could leave, with no guilt if he didn't like it. He read the letter, over and over. After looking at it for a while, he took out a piece of paper, a pencil, and a small book, and carefully worked out some math problems. The pay was good too! Alphonse looked over his math.
...Wait. This wasn't right. He did the math over again. It was the same. The pay wasn't just good... it was too good. There was no way he should get payed that much, even for this kind of job. Or was it? He hadn't had a job quite like this before. At least, not an employer like this one before.
He looked at the royal seal at the top of the parchement. Transylvania.
Edward had been there before, right? He hadn't talked about it much though, so Alphonse wondered what it might be like.
He looked out at the now cloudy and gray sky over the pale landscape. In the distance, it looked like he could see mountains, or at least what looked like mountains. Royal attendee, huh? He was going to be the doctor to a prince. It sounded so unreal. A real prince?
Back in Amestris, there was only a Fuhrer, who was something like both a president and king to the army. There were no monarchs, or anything like that. Looking over, it sounded like he would have to work often, but not do much. According to the paper, the prince loved martial arts, and got injured frequently, but Al doubted it would be much more than scrapes and bruises.
The only worry Al had was that he might dislike his employer, or the prince. What if they were... well... just what you'd expect? A bunch of royal high-and-mighty snots? People like that bothered Al to no end. He didn't hate them, of course. He didn't hate anyone. But they bothered him, a lot.
---to be continued in probably just a couple of hours---
Yeah, I know, none of these guy's names sound Transylvanian. Shut up. I already said I don't know anything about it, okay? ;.;

Of Transylvania (part 2 of 4 chapter 2)
Alphonse's train finally arrived at the train station. He sighed, got off the train, and pulled off his luggage out of the side. Holy, did I really bring this much? he wondered. His light brown eyes darted around the crowd. He was supposed to have an escort? "Sir." A voice to his left plainly said. He looked to find a man, not short but not tall, pale, with violent white hair and and nearly snow blue eyes, holding a tiny, buisness-card sized sign that read, "Alphonse Elric".
"How was I supposed to find you with a sign that small?" Alphonse exclaimed in surprise.
"You weren't." said the man smoothly. "I was supposed to find you. It is best we not draw attention to ourselves." The man quickly grabbed Al by the wrist and pulled him through the station. Al could barely keep in step, and his feet were starting to drag behind him as he fumbled backwards. It looked awkward in the crowd, but no one seemed to notice the tall and pretty well-built Alphonse Elric being dragged about by the averaged-height thin and pale escort. The escort threw Al into the back seat of the car and slammed his luggage in the trunk, then drove away before Al could even sit himself up in the seat right.
So, he was going to meet this prince, then.
The ceilings in this place were so high. Even the smallest room had high ceilings. And every ceiling had some kind of slender beam or pole reaching across it. Wow. How strange.
Alphonse stood and marveled at the intricate arches and curves and murals that adorned every wall and surface of every room. It was incredibly elegant, and amazingly did not look over-extravigant to the point of it hitting ugly. No, it was 100% beautiful. His mouth gaped open as he looked about, entranced, at every bit of every room he could see.
A tall and scruffy man marched into the room. He paced quickly towards Alphonse and the escort.
"What is it, Eien?" asked the escort. "His highness is here, Yuki." Eien replied gruffly. He then suddenly stood up very straight, as if to attention, and swung his left arm out stiff and high as if to showcase a car, swat a fly, or use a final finishing move. "Prince Tamir." He announced.
Alphonse's gaping mouth gaped twice as wide. Holy smokes.
Edward, reaching his final adult height (for sure) at the age of 21 was 4'11.5" (about 150cm), just short of 5' tall. Alphonse, at the age of 21, was not only still growing, but already taller than Ed. That was because, at age 21, his body was still just 14.
He was now 24 years old, but physically only 17. Still, he was already tall for his age (or for an Elric, on that matter), at about 6'4" (about 193cm).
This guy was huge. He towered over everyone. Everyone. After looking at his medical records later on, Alphonse would find out that he was 7'11" (241cm). An honest-to-trueness giant. He made Al look like the bean.
The only things Al could think of to say were, "Aaugh." and "Oh my freaking God.", neither of which he had ever said before. He stared at the huge person standing before him. This guy made Armstrong look like a dwarf.
Unlike Armstrong, though, or even Al, this guy hardly seemed to have any muscle at all. He was incredibly thin and slender, with wide shoulders and his blonde hair slicked back to reveal his thin and penetrating gray eyes. He had an obvious grace and elegance about him, and Alphonse instantly feared that either what he thought before might be true, or he might just get beaten up. The prince smiled.
"It's nice to meet you." he said, holding out his hand. "Don't be shy." he said, seeing Al still staring, he grabbed his hand and pulled him across the huge entrance hall. "Don't tell me you don't vant to see your room. Come on!"
Alphonse could hear the Prince's thick accent clearly, but that wasn't what was stange about what he said. He seemed so... casual. But- no! That wasn't it. There was something else that was weird about his voice, but Al just couldn't place it.
"Come on, come on, you slow-poke! Vhy are you being so slow? You'll need to be fhaster zan zat ifh you vant to keep up viz me." He had already dragged Alphonse through three huge rooms, and up a long spiral stair case, and now he was being tugged down a narrow -but tall- hallway. Finally, Prince Tamir let go of Al (who instantly thudded to the ground) and thrust open a pair of huge doors.
"Here!" He yelled, enthusiastically. "Here's your room, Mister Elric!" His arms were thrust in the air, so high he might be able to reach four yards up. After hearing no Alphonse, he turned to find him collapsed in the doorway. "Mister Elric?" the Prince shook Al violently up and down. "Mister Alphhonse Elric? Vake up! Vake up, you silly silly man! Zis is not vere you should be sleeping." Al grimaced at the Prince's pronounciation of his name. "Alphhonse?" It sounded like Ahlfhonss. It was so breathy. Mixed with him being shaken up and down in such an akward manner, the scene to anyone else should have looked incredibly comical. "Please." Alphonse begged. "Let go of me, sir."
"Ah! Ah, ah." The prince carried Al in front of him and dropped him on his bed. "Zhe dockter seems to need zhe most docktoring. Ah'll leave you to get some rest." He galloped across the room to the door.
"Ah, vait. Befhore you start sleeping, Mister Elric, let me tell you, no more Sirs. No more Mister, sir, or highness or bowing or anyzing. You're not my servant. You're my docktor. My superior. No more ofh zose, sir's, okhay?" Prince Tamir smiled and his head shot out of the doorway. Alphonse stared at the now closed double doors.
It might be kind of nice here, after all.
Clattering Back Down (part 3 of 4, chapter 2)
Alphonse awoke from his all too needed sleep late the next morning. It wasn't until he was violently kidnapped and attacked by Prince Tamir that he realised just how tired he was. He was glad to have gotten such a good sleep. Now that he was well rested, he could start work. Alphonse looked around. Oh no.
When did work begin? Where was he supposed to be? Was there a uniform he had to wear? He had no idea. The contract was so vague, and he hadn't gotten any of the details yesterday. Oh no! Alphonse dearly hoped he hadn't already been fired.
Alphonse quickly put on a decent suit, and rushed down the hall to try and find Prince Tamir, or the escort, or that scruffy guy. Al didn't know. He just needed some help, was all. It wasn't until he was downstairs and had spent a stretch of about twenty feet down the hall skidding on his socks that he realised he had no shoes. He started to run back upstairs, but his socks were just too worn out for the glossy floor, and his foot flew right back off the step and sent him clattering back down the spiral staircase. Al rubbed his neck as he slowly started to fumble back up (much more slowly this time). He was stopped about halfway up the steps.
"Where are you going?" a voice down the stairs called. Alphonse leaned over the railing in the center to look down at who was speaking.
It was the escort. "Um," Alphonse stuttered embarrassedly, "Getting my shoes."
"Come back down here. You should be attending to the Prince, and evaluating his status before and after his physical training. Now, you're late, and the matches have already begun. Move it."
"Um, but..." Al squealed, "My, my shoes-" "Forget them! Just get a move on!" Alphonse stood up straight as the hairs on the back of his neck pricked him upright. "Yessir!" Alphonse jolted down the stairs and shuffled down next to the escort.
"Matches?" Alphonse asked. "What do you mean by that?" The escort's head turned to him slightly as they marched down the hall. "Didn't you read the contract? The Prince loves martial arts. He trains with the army every day." Alphonse nodded slightly to acknowledge he was listening. "With the army? What division of the army practices martial arts daily?" The escort head shook back and forth and he smiled widely in a very smirkish manner, as if he was silently roaring with laughter. What was so funny? Alphonse wondered. "It's not just one division of the army." the escort said, still with a wide and incredibly weird smile on his face. "His Highness trains with the entire army."
"What?!" Alphonse exclaimed in surprise, "How big is the army?!" "Not so big," the escort replied, "Only about 6,500."
"They never win, either. The Prince is unbeatable. Still, he does get frequent minor injuries."
Just as Alphonse had suspected: frequent minor injuries. Ah well. The escort, the Prince, and even the ...shaggy guy whose name he couldn't remember seemed kind of nice.
Alphonse followed the escort out of the side hall they were in and shivered, as his feet touched the cold marble outside. He looked over the large balcony. It looked like a huge arena, maybe even huger and grander than the famed colosseum. And at the very bottom of it, the army - about 9/10th of which were out on the sides, laying down, appearing hurt or injured. In the very center, Prince Tamir picked up an oncoming opponent, swung himaround by his ankles, knocking over about thirty other men, and threw him into the wall. Still, with an eerie, unmatched grace.

to be continued. Next:
Scars That Do Not Fade (part 4 of 4, chapter 2)
For those of you wondering, this has no shonen ai/yaoi. Sorry for those who were hopeful. Look out for some Royai, though. (HintHint)
may I also note that I now have this story on, too, and will proabably update it faster there than here.

Scars That Do Not Fade (part 4 of 4 chapter 2)
Alphonse stared in amazement at Tamir's incredible strength. Even though Tamir was incredibly tall, Alphonse had not expected him to be so strong. Tamir was thin and almost fragile looking, but paying more attention now his porcelain appearance was soft, but firm, too. His movements were filled with unmatched sturdiness and force, but were also elegant, making each step seem as if he were sliding on glass. It was truly incredible. Watching him for so long, Alphonse felt a sudden and overpowering urge he had not felt in the longest time. His heart was racing, and he could feel sweat fall down his face. Alphonse had suddenly realized something about Tamir, and he wanted to make sure it was true. “Stop!” he yelled.

The prince turned to him. “Vhat is it?”

“Sir- can I fight you!” Tamir stared at Al blankly. “…Vhat?” “If you’d be so kind, I’d like to fight you, sir!” Alphonse said, almost too pleadingly. Tamir smiled weakly. “I told you, Mister Elric, no more sir’s.” “Sure thing,” said Al.

Everyone watched silently as the crazy blonde foreigner stood up against Prince Tamir. It seemed as if you could watch the wind blow in a dusty swirl around the fighters. Suddenly, the pale crème fist of prince Tamir had not only been in contact with Alphonse’s face already, but was far above and behind it; Alphonse had slammed into the thick, marble wall. “Ah…” the crowd sighed in disappointment. They had all hoped that the man would fare some sort of distant chance against their prince, but it seemed no one was a strong as him.

Tamir gasped, and fell to the ground, coughing uncontrollably. “Prince!” the entirety of the army exclaimed worriedly at once.

“It’s okay. Don’t touch him.” Alphonse was suddenly back where he had started, and he weakly fumbled towards Tamir. Carefully, he stood Tamir up and put his arm over his shoulder. “Just as I thought,” Alphonse stated matter-of-factly, “One of your ribs is broken.” The two trotted off into the mansion casually, and the crowd couldn’t help but just stare at them, bewildered.

Tamir was sitting on Alphonse’s bed. This way, Al could quickly access his medical supplies. “Vhen did you move?” the prince asked. “Vhen did you attack me?” “Your rib’s not broken. It’s just a bruise.” Alphonse replied, as if he had not even heard the prince.

“Vhat?” Tamir howled, “Vhat are saying?” “Tamir,” Alphonse turned to the prince with bandages at hand, and pulled Tamir’s shirt open. “Vhat are you-!” the prince howled, and slapped Alphonse smack across the face. “So I was right.” Alphonse said.

“You’re really a girl, huh, Tamir?” Tamir growled angrily. “So vhat ifh I am! Vhat zhe hell do zink zhat you are doing zhen, just pulling my shirt open to see, you pervert!” she shrieked. “Vhat zhe hell is wrong viz you!”

“I’m sorry.” Alphonse apologized sincerely. “I figured you’d lie if I asked. It’s a secret, right? So I figured you wouldn’t tell me.

“But even then, why is it a secret in the first place? Why are you pretending to be a man?” Alphonse asked firmly but calmly. Tamir’s eyes turned to the floor.

“My parents…” Tamir shook, “My parents, zhey only vanted zhe best for me. As a fhemale leader, I would probably not inheirit zhe zrone. I vould just be a shadow of zhe leader, fhorever. But as a man, not only could I hold power, I could be fhree. I could be looked up to and not down upon, I could be equal to all zhe male leaders. Any unheardofh opinion vas, ‘an intelligent proposal’, and not just blasphemy. As a man, I could be vhatever zhe hell I vanted to be, and be respected as a leader!” Tamir glared at Alphonse.

Alphonse looked at Tamir, truly concerned. “Was it your decision, though? Or did your parents decide that for you?” Again, the floor became an object of Tamir’s utmost attention.

“I vanted it.” She said, “If only so someday I could be better zhan zhem.” “You didn’t gain that without suffering, first, did you?” Even with her face turned away, Al could see an expression of slight discomfort turn to one of unimaginable pain.

“Yes.” She said, “Since I vas small, I vas trained to be boyish, to do boyish things. I enjoyed them, even so, but at some point the fun hobbies stopped and I vas hooked up to painful machines and given drugs vith my food so zhat I could be more I could mask my femininity. I couldn’t go out to play viz my friends anymore, because all the medication and mechanized torture made me wrize viz pain. I became isolated, for zhe longest time. For zhe longest time, I couldn’t sleep at night.

Even now, it hurts. On my shoulders, I can feel zhe scars zhat vill never fade. I vill never forget vhat I lost in myself.”

Tamir’s eyes widened as Alphonse gently wrapped his arms around her neck (they couldn’t reach around her shoulders). Slowly, she leaned her head back and looked at Alphonse’s bare back, where his shirt had been torn up. In between his shoulder blades the strangest scar could be shown. It looked like a circle, with a star and half of a heart in the center. A scar that she could clearly see would never fade.
Hi everyone! Sorry it took so long to get this chapter up! As an apology, I'm posting this whole thing at once. Apparently, some people are actually reading this, which also implies it could be slightly interesting.
Oh, wait, I think there's more! I just realized, I've got another bonus this chapter, so I hope you're happy, here it is, surprise: Royai! Yay! I know y'all like that. But anyway, yeah, blah blah, leave a review, visit my thingy and leave a review, whatever, whatever. Just, enjoy. >.<
Warning: This chapter DOES have some violence/gore in it. I don't think it's hugely graphic, but it is a bit, so be warned.
By the way, see if you guys can figure out any of the little hints thrown around the story so far, especially a couple in this chapter.

....................................................Chapter 3.........................................................

Over the Very End

The sound that echoed through the corridors of the Central building sounded like a fearsome and inhuman cry, but it was just a yawn.
“Arreeeeraawwwrrrrr~” the yawn finished off, and then after a slight pause of quietly clicking sticky lips, decided that was indeed over and then left the office as it was replaced by a loud and droning snore.
“Taisa!” A voice yelled loudly at the snore. The snore didn’t respond. The voice sighed. “Nnghh… TAISA! ” “Fuhua, who- oh, um,” said the voice which had previously been both a snore and a yawn, “Sir?”
Major Roy Mustang stood before his superior, Colonel Jean Havok. It still seemed an awkward situation, Havok being superior to Roy, especially since Havok still insisted on calling Roy Taisa. Whichever way though, Havok seemed to get a bit of enjoyment out of being Roy’s boss, though he didn’t take too much enjoyment, since Roy wore that huge reminder of why his rank was lowered on his face, keeping Havok feeling guilty and inferior. Roy tried not to glare at Havok with his single good eye. Havok could jokingly say something to ruin him at any time. He had already worked his way back up this far; he certainly did not want to get demoted again. Especially not for something stupid like Havok’s teasing.
“You’ve received a message from East Headquarters. It looks like it’s important.” Havok handed a formal-looking letter to Roy. Havok was quick to fill in a position Roy found subconsciously very familiar. He put his face near Roy’s and whispered,
“It’s from your lover.”
“Go away!” Roy yelled, throwing papers from his desk at the Colonel. “Shut the hell up, Jean!” Havok giggled like a small child and skipped off. Roy opened the letter. It was handwritten in a long, italic hand, and, skimming over it, it looked like a service report of some kind.
“Dear Major Roy Mustang, Flame Alchemist,” the letter began,
“It’s been a long time. Fortunately, the situation over here -n the East is drastically i-proving. The Ishbalans are becoming more at home here, and it seems as if they can finally relax around us militants.
The other day, Black Hayate tried to get Breda to play chase with him. Breda knocked over almost half of the wood and building supplies that were going to be used for area C-15. -oor Hayate was sca-ed to d-ath when one of the planks of wood nearly fell on him. –oodness. I scolded the both of them later on.
Almost all of areas A through E are fi-ished construction. The Ishbalans -ppear all too pleased that they will fi-ally have homes again. -his place is starting to look a bit like a country again.
How are Havok and Falman doing? Fuery gets along well with most of the people here, and of course, you’ve already heard about Breda.
I miss you, Roy. I have something very important to tell you, that I would rather remain confidential for at least the next six months. I have scheduled for you to come by Eastern Headquarters on the 18th this month. Please, don’t skip out again. It really is very important for you to know.
Brigadier General Riza Hawkeye”
Roy looked over the last part of the letter. What could be so important I have to meet her there? If it’s so important, couldn’t she come here? He shyly glanced over the very end of the letter. Love? What’s with this love business? She’s probably being stressed out by whatever’s so important, and wasn’t paying attention to what she was writing. Look at this, some of her letters so thin they look like straight lines. She does that when she’s not paying attention. Why does she have to write in cursive? Roy thought about it for a second, and decided he couldn’t really complain; his print was horrible to look at. The letters looked like monsters that might jump right off the paper and eat your hand.
Whatever. Roy looked at the calendar on the wall. 18th was today. He took his jacket and slung it over his shoulder, and scribbled a quick and menacing-looking note to Havok and Falman, then walked out of the room.

Of This Timely World

The taxi skidded to a halt in front of Central Train Station. Major Mustang walked into the station and got a ticket from the person waiting to meet him there. The Major stepped on the train as he had about a-million-and-infinity times before, and sat on the uncomfortable barely-cushioned seat of the train car. He sighed as he put his cheek onto his fist, and his eyes wandered boredly out of the window.
For some reason, he suddenly felt really depressed and exhausted. He didn’t even want to have to think anymore. His brain felt like it had been run over repeatedly by the train, then fried on the stove and cooled down in somebody’s swimming pool. He just wanted to close his eyes and let everything fade away…
Scrrreeeaaaccchhhh! Roy’s neck jerked nearly out of place as the train suddenly sped up and flipped sideways off of the tracks. He could feel everyone around him, along with his insides, shaking around the interior of the train. The back half of the train exploded, and Roy felt a rush of hot air surround him, combined with the violent movement from train window to earth. He toppeled and rolled over the ground like someone’s toy ragdoll, until he finally thudded to a stop with his face smashed into the dirt.
He looked up in horror to see fire engulfing everything: the train, the luggage, the people. Screams filled the air along with the gray miserable smoke as a dark-blue cloud filled the sunset sky. Roy could feel all the suffering of this timely world engulfing him as the flames did to everything around him. He wanted desperately to get up and help them, but he couldn’t move anything below his neck. All he could do was lay there, in the dirty mauve looking grass at the read and orange lights that enclosed him. He coughed as the soot-filled smog filled his lungs, and after his vision had blurred into a surreal, black and orange mess, he passed out.

A Tear Cascades

He awoke to find himself on the same patch of grass he was at before. He lifted his head up, and looked around. He tried to stand up, but all he managed to do was make his body jerk around strangely. He spat on the ground and cursed at himself. Why did this happen? And the pain was unbearable, too.
The sky was a pale lavender now, and almost all of the smoke was gone. Roy supposed he had been out all night. He cringed. Several mangled and burnt up bodies surrounded him, along with all of the rubble. Somebody’s arm had been shot into the ground next to him. It looked as if it was sadly trying to reach something in the sky, very far away.
Looking around, he wondered if anyone else was alive.
Something was strange about this sky, he thought. He could only bend his neck so far, and all he could do with his limp body was make it twitch around a bit. Still, he wanted to look up at the sky.
After struggling around for a while, he gave up and let his face fall into the dirt. The sky was still the same color. I hate how this feels, he thought. Laying here, when you can’t move, wondering if everyone else is dead or if you’re going to die. Hungry and alone and frozen, only life to think about as a tear cascades down your limp cheek. Almost makes you want to die, almost
A bright blue-white light flashed through the sky over his head. He stared transfixed at the sky, speechless. It was unlike anything he had ever seen. The light seemed like it was made out of a thousand individually wavering threads, all braided and tangled and flowing through and around each other. With nothing else in the world to hold him there, Roy longed to see the light flash through the sky again. What was that? Will it come back? I want it to come back, I want to know what it was.The ground at the end of the train suddenly shook. Roy laid there in awe and pain as the earth separated itself from its own form. A huge crevice expanded in front of him, and the sky suddenly became very, very dark.

Into Darkness

Roy felt something in his neck crack back into place, and he howled with pain. What the hell is going on? It felt as if every little bit of space around him was moving rapidly in every which direction, and his body was starting to move around with it. He could feel himself being shredded apart. He couldn’t figure where he was, or what was up and down.
Suddenly, earth started to reform bellow him. It was strange, watching bits of ground slide into place in the empty darkness. They all just fit together like puzzle pieces in some kind of game.
He smiled.
Even with all this pain, he couldn’t help but feel joyous and happy. Maybe it was because he had nothing left to lose; maybe he was going insane. Whatever it was, he felt glad. He laughed as he continued to infinitely fall into darkness. What's going on? It now sounded like a silly joke inside of his head. What’s going to happen to me? Am I dieing? A ha ha ha. It was if he was a child on a roller coaster, like he was having fun for no particular reason.
Does Riza really love me? Will I ever see her again? I love her, too. A ha ha ha! He was now giggling uncontrollably. I think I’m falling apart… hee hee… woosh! There goes me! A ha ha ha! I’m not going to last much longer, am I?
The world fell almost literally into form around him, and he thudded back to the ground. He huffed in a breath of air. It was all too frightening. What had come over him just now? What just happened? His eyes scanned the surrounding landscape. This wasn’t where he was before. Or at least, part of it wasn’t. It looked as if the whole place had smashed, combined, and fused with some place else.
His eyes widened in fear and realization.

Maybe it had.
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May You Live
Edward sighed. He looked out of the window of the terrace to see more and more city beyond his high-reaching penthouse. Smog filled the air in the distance and tiny cars zoomed below. For some reason, he suddenly felt very depressed and exhausted. He didn’t even want to have to think any more.
He sat up off of the deck chair he had been sitting on and went inside, and pulled an album off of the shelf. They had lived there for almost… a year now? Ed struggled to remember. It seemed like forever. Maybe it was just because he felt he had loved her forever, too – his dear wife, Shaddak.
With a weak grin, he opened the album to the first page. They were all pictures of him and Shaddak, after they had gotten engaged. He turned to find pictures of their wedding day, Shaddak in her flowing gown and Ed grinning with a glass of wine in one hand and his younger brother, laughing with his arm on Ed’s opposite shoulder. Al had been the best man. More pages turned, and showed pictures of their honeymoon, their new apartment in the city, them at work, a baby shower.
The next page was probably the most joyful, with Shaddak laughing and crying in her hospital bed holding up the tiny, little thing that was their precious daughter.
Ed laughed, remembering, at their wedding reception; Hughes had held up his glass for cheers, as had Ed and Shaddak, and said to them, “May you live the rest of your lives happily together…” Ed and Shaddak both thought that was all, and took a swig of their drinks, “…and may your daughter be almost as beautiful as mine.” The newly wed couple spat out their drinks on the waiter, and Hughes laughed in delight.
Edward called out to the next room, “Shaddak, is she asleep?” He felt a bit better now, but something still wasn’t sitting right. “Shaddak?” No answer. Maybe she had fallen asleep, too.
Ed got up and walked into the dimly lit hallway.
None of the bedroom lights were on; maybe they had. Still, he walked into his daughter’s room and looked over her in her tiny bed. She had only recently graduated to one. She was still so tiny. Ed frowned. That was probably his fault.
He picked up the little girl and held her close. “Oh.” The light to Ed and Shaddak’s private laboratory was on. What could she be working on at this time, though? Ed pushed open the door. He stopped dead. “What the hell are you-“
Even if You
“What the hell are you doing?!” Edward screamed angrily. “Why the hell are you in my house, bakayaro?!”
“A ha ha, why are you so surprised, my dear son-in-law?” Tear Reinhart cackled evilly at Edward, “I’ve come to see my daughter, of course!” He laughed and Edward followed his eyes to the corner of the room, where Shaddak lay, bleeding. “Why you sonuva-!” Edward swung his fist at Tear, but missed and slipped up on the wet ground. It was wet with her blood.
“Wahahahahaha, Ed, little insignificant Ed, you think you can do anything to stop me? She will go through with this, even if she dies.” “If you really know the truth, why the hell do you keep on trying?! Why do you keep on trying to make it work, even though you know it’s doomed to fail?! And why, why in the hell, are you using her to try and get back what you lost?!”
Edward swung fist after fist, punch after punch, his daughter still in asleep in his other arm, but nothing ever hit him. “Because she can use alchemy, she can make it work.” “It’s impossible to create a person with alchemy! Even if you make their body, their soul will just get sucked up as energy in the transmutation and cause a recoil! It’s impossible!” Edward hit Tear hard in the face.
“I don’t care.” Tear shoved Shaddak onto the transmutation circle on the ground. “No!” Ed yelled, and tried to stop Shaddak from falling, but it was too late. The three crashed into the ground, and Tear stood back smiling and watched.
Were All Dead
Ed screamed uncontrollably. He could feel bits of himself flying around him and melting and breaking, hitting and colliding with other things. His automail was melting around into different shapes. Next to him, he could hear that parts of his beloved were coming apart and breaking down, too.
He couldn’t feel or see or hear his daughter anywhere.
He watched as the black hands surrounding him finally let go and he fell back into the room. “Auuugghhhh!” he cried out. His automail was missing, as was the rest of his left leg and his right eye. It didn’t matter in the slightest, but his hair was shorter, too.
He turned to see his wife, a bleeding mess on the floor. Her legs were already missing; she never had any in the first place, but now both of her arms were missing as well.
“I’m sorry Edward, I didn’t mean to-” “Don’t be ridiculous honey! Of course you didn’t! None of this is your fault at all! You don’t have to say you’re sorry to me.” “Where’s our daughter, Ed?”
Ed looked around with his eye in a panic. Where was she? “Redden? Redden baby? Talk to daddy Redden, where are you?” Tear wasn’t anywhere to be seen. No doubt he just walked off thinking they were all dead. “Redden?”
A noise behind Edward gasped and squelched. Edward wanted to scream. He had heard that noise before. He didn’t want to look back. “Daddy…” it groaned, “Something’s wrong with me daddy…”
Edward watched in horror as a disfigured claw-like hand made of steel went by him and stopped by Shaddak’s blind face. Shaddak put her face gently on it and laughed in delight,
“There you are, my baby girl.”
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Author's note:
This chapter contains love and hate. Cross-over-ish-ness. Love. Horror film ness. Love. And mention of beef cows. I warned you.
....................................Chapter 5 .........................................
Clouds Coming In (part 1 of 4)
Alphonse stood on the veranda overlooking the castle’s huge courtyard coliseum and sighed. The soldiers below were all sparring amongst themselves, being thrown about in the ancient stony rubble. For some reason, he suddenly felt very depressed and exhausted. He didn’t even want to have to think any more.
He walked over to his huge, fluffy bed and flopped onto it. He couldn’t wait for Tamir to come back home. Since Al had discovered Tamir’s secret, the two of them had become very close friends, and Al could hardly stand it when she was away. He felt really detached without her there.
The last time he had felt this way was after he and his brother left Risenbul for good. Then he had missed Winry more than he could imagine. It was okay for a short while with Winry, but a long time was too much. Now, he would never see her again.
He turned over on his bed – fwop – so now his face was in a big, feathery pillow. Tamir was only ever gone for a few days at a time, but still he really missed her. In all honesty, he almost missed her more than Winry.
He looked out the open doors to the balcony, but all he saw was more rain clouds coming in. They were gray and sad looking, and it made Al sadder looking at them. Al was a kind hearted, sensitive man.
Like she’d be back now anyway. It’s still morning. She only ever comes back at night.It was true. Why that was, Al didn’t know. Oh well. I guess I’ll wait for her.
Do You Remember(part 2 of 4)
It was dark. The sky had turned from a pale gray to an angry-looking deep navy. Alphonse yawned and sat up on his bed. Yuck. He had fallen asleep with his mouth open, faced down; there was drool on his pillow. How un-Al-like, and how Ed-like it was. It was if he had been sleeping with his brother smashed under him face down, which sounded both weird and nasty.
A rapid thud resonated from the next room. What was that? “Tamir?” Al called out. Her room was pretty close by. “Is that you, Tamir?”
He opened the door of her room. “Tami-“ he stopped dead. What is that? “Tamir?” Al said under his breath. He could hardly move. “Is that you?”
The silhouette of some monster stood in the open doorway to Tamir’s balcony. It had huge bat-like wings, a pointed long tail, and two long black horns. Its eyes were red with yellow slits for pupils. More importantly, its long pointed teeth and claws were covered in blood.
“Alphonse?” Tamir exclaimed, “What are you doing here?”
“Is that you Tamir?!” Al exclaimed. He was so scared. “It’s me, Alphonse.” She said quietly. She walked up to him quickly. He was shaking but couldn’t make himself move. She embraced Alphonse. “I’m sorry I’m scary, Alphonse. I didn’t mean for you to be scared of me. But you are, aren’t you? I’m sorry.”
Tears dripped down both of their faces.
“Tamir, what-?” Al started to say, but he was sniffling so much he couldn’t finish properly. Tamir’s eyebrows furrowed in concern. “Let’s sit down and talk. Zis requires a lot ofh explaining.”
The two sat down on Tamir’s bed. “Al, I’m an Airhe.” Al looked up. “An Airhe?” “It’s not a different species or anything.” Tamir said quickly, Al looking up at her questionably. “It’s a sub species of the human race. Same as you.” Al looked even more curious now. He didn’t look worried or scared anymore; now he just looked interested. “Basically, um…” Tamir tried to think of a better way to explain, but she hardly had an option now. “Zhey’re basically like… um…” Al continued to stare up at Tamir. “Um, zhey’re normally mistaken as…” Al nodded in recognition. His face shouted, cut to the chase, Tamir.
“Zhey’re sort of like vampires.” Tamir said quickly.
“What?” Al shot up off the bed towards the opposite wall. Tamir read his expression right away. It said, loolooloo, I’m dreaming, ahahaha I’ve got to wake up now from this ridiculous dream which cannot be real, because it makes no sense scientifically or anything, weehee wooo, wake up Al, dream’s over.
“No you don’t, Al! You don’t understand!” Tamir tackled Al to the ground. More literally, she jumped on him, but with her height and figure with horns, wings, and a tail attached, it was pretty much the same thing. “Stop vriggiling! Al! Let me explain!”
“What’s to explain?! You just said that you’re a vampire! That means you suck peoples blood and you sold your soul to the devil! I’m not listening to you!”
“No it doesn’t, Al! I said, ‘it’s similar’ not, ‘ve’re zhe same zhing’, so shut up and listen dumb nut!” She took her fist and bopped him over the head.
“Vhat I meant is zhat ve are often mistaken for vampires, not zhat ve are zhe same zhing! I told you, ve are a sub species to humans. Not insane evil bat people who come out at night and randomly kill people!” “Then why are you covered in blood?!” “I said ve don’t drink people’s blood! Are you crazy, ve are not cannibals! Zhat is vhat zis ‘beef cow’ is for, yes?! You eat it!” Tamir’s face got closer and closer as she yelled in Al’s face. Her horns were almost in the floor.
“Cow?” Al asked.
“Vhat, do you not have zhose vere you come from? Yes, a cow. I vas eating a cow.”
“Really?” “Yes, I really vas.”
“Then… why didn’t you tell me before?” “Vhy? Do you remember vhat happened just now? Zhat is vhy! You vere going to go all of zis, freaky freaky on me!” She flailed her arms out next to her for emphasis. Both of her arms.
She fell on him.
Their lips touched for a moment.
“Eep!” Al exclaimed. “I’m sorry, zhat vas an accident-!” Tamir explained feverently. “I didn’t mean to-“
Tamir tried to move her head up, but it wouldn’t budge. “Al, I zhink zhat I may be stuck.”
Al said nothing. “Al?” she said, trying to get up, “I really can’t move. My horns are caught inside of zhe floorboards.”
Still, he said nothing. “Al, I’m sorry, I-“ She looked at Al. His expression was… strange. Tamir touched her lips to her teeth, and looked at Al again. “Oops.” She said. “I must have accidentally released some kind ofh enzyme zhrough my teezh. Al, I didn’t mean to, I svear on it.”
“It’s okay, I don’t mind.” Al replied smoothly. “Your face is really pretty tonight, Tamir.”
Tamir blushed. “Vell, I-“ she looked at Al.
He lifted his head up, and gently, he bit her on the lips back.
Oh, I see. It vas an Airhes enzyme, I turned him into one, too, fhor a vhile. Zhat makes sense. She felt fluttery, as if her brain was melting away. Crap.
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Kept in Contact
Tamir awoke the next morning in her bed, as did Al. Al was in his own bed, I mean. They weren’t in the same bed. It wasn’t like that.

Eien sat at the kitchen counter with the newspaper rolled up in his hands. He was repeatedly hitting his own knee with it. “So, Al,” the scruffy man leaned over the table, “What were you and Tamir doing last night?” “What?” Al said, “We weren’t doing anything. I swear. I just… greeted her in.” “Surrreeee you did.” Eien said, pausing in making a tune with the newspaper to slide an egg out of the frying pan into his mouth. “Sure did make a lot of ruckus for greetin’.” “She tripped and fell on me, I swear.” Al said.

“Uhmm-hmmm.” Eien nodded in false recognition. The kid was lying, he knew it. He could feel it in his gut.

His guts were squirmy and often wrong on these kinds of issues.

“Mornin’ Tamir.” Eien greeted. Tamir fumbled in in her pajamas and sat down, ruffling her hair. “I fheel sick.”

“Sooo, what were you kids doing last night?” “Uaahhhmmm….” Tamir said still half-asleep, “I came home. Al greeted me and I fhell on him.”

Oh, so they had coordinated this. Eien understood immediately, or at least he thought he did. But I know what those kids were up to. Eien knew kids. Not only was he a scruffy, mangled, drunk-looking half shaven old guy, but he also used to own an orphanage and therefore knew kids. Whether that meant he kept in contact with them or understood them was yet to be found out.

“I’m going sparring. You coming, Alphonse?” “Sure thing, hold on.” Al stuffed a piece of toast in his mouth. “See you guys.” Al ran out of the front door to catch up with Tamir.

“What’s going on?” Yuki said, strolling into the room. “What’s up with that expression, Eien?” Eien was smiling in a strange way, almost as if he was pleased with himself. “Those kids,” he began.

He told Yuki what he thought they were up to.

“You’re being ridiculous again, Eien. Of course not. They weren’t doing anything of the sort. You have such a vulgar mind.” Eien smirked, “How the hell would you know?”

Yuki sipped at the glass of water he had been holding. “I couldn’t sleep last night. I got bored, and I spent the entire time watching the security cameras.”

Eien looked at him with his mouth half-open. “Oh.”

“Prince Tamir did fall on Alphonse. She bit him accidentally, releasing a short- sustained Airheic DNA transmogrification of some sort. It caused Alphonse to go through a rapid impulse, and he bit Tamir back, sending a sleeping mechanism into her system. Alphonse fell asleep almost immediately afterwards. I put them both in their beds.” Yuki stated, calmly and factually. “More than likely, they don’t remember it very clearly.”

“Well, aren’t you Mr. I’m-so-smartie. Loo dee flippin doo.” Eien was suddenly completely uninterested. For a best friend, Yuki was a pretty boring one.

Knock knock. Yuki answered the door. He signed the clipboard for the mail, and walked back to the kitchen, flipping through letters. He stopped flipping through, and suddenly and apprehensively ripped open one of the letters. “What’s it, Yuki?” Eien asked with an actually level of concern. Yuki was not the kind of guy to get worried easily. Yuki’s eyes opened wide and he dropped the letter on the floor.

“The King is returning… tomorrow.”

Reason to Falter

Eien and Yuki ran through the courtyard to the coliseum. “Your highness! Alphonse! Your highness!” Their leather shoes slipped and skidded in the dewy grass.

“Vhat is it, you two?” Prince Tamir, Alphonse, and the soldiers quickly dropped what they were doing. “Your highness,” Yuki huffed, and both he and Eien dropped to one knee, “The King is returning. He is coming back, tomorrow.”

“He vhat!” Tamir screamed angrily at the two, and for the first time since he had been there, Alphonse felt that Tamir was truly angry. “How dare he ever come here again! How can he come back, how can he come back now! NO!” She kicked a large stone into the already ruined walls of the coliseum. “Impossible!” She screamed, kicking more and more rocks into the sides of the stone arena. “Zhat- cannot- BE! NO!”

“Tamir, please stop it! You’ll hurt yourself!” Alphonse grabbed Tamir around the waist to try and calm her, but still she screamed and writhed. “How can he be back! After vhat he’s done!”

What has he done? “Tamir, stop. Let’s go inside and settle down, okay?” Tamir growled. She glared at Alphonse. Why is she so mad?

Tamir’s anger towards her father instantly reminded Al of his brother’s hatred against their own father. Now that he had passed away, Ed was quiet and held some kind of small respect towards him, but while he was alive all he ever did is speak harshly of him and throw attack of any mention of good or helpfulness from him. He wondered if it could be the same kind of thing, in this case.

Tamir sat at the dining room table slouched back in her chair, with her feet crossed on top of the table. If she were to spread her legs, she could have easily knocked down six chairs at once. “How dare he?” Tamir muttered to herself quietly. “How dare he come back?”

“Prince Tamir,” Yuki said in a formal tone, “I think it best in this situation we disregard but do not hesitate to protest.” Eien nodded. “That guy’s sharp’s a pinpoint, there ain’t nonna that messin with him. We gotta keep both’er eyes open an’ in focus while he’s here.” “Zhat’s true.” Tamir acknowledged. They sat quietly for a moment.

“Alphonse,” Tamir said, for once sounding like she was truly giving out orders. “Vhile he is here, all ofh us must behave certainly. You must say ‘sir’ to everyone, including me. Zhis includes vhen ve are alone or not in his direct sight. You understand?” Al nodded. “Yes.” “Also, zhere vill be no mention ofh my being an Airhe or ofh my being a voman. Ve do not vant him to find out zhat you know.

And most importantly, do not let yourselfh be fhound alone vizh him. Make sure you are accompanied at all times.” “Understood… sir.” Al replied.

“Um… sir?” Al asked. “Yes?” Tamir responded. “What is it about him?” Al asked. Tamir sighed. “Vell… he has been known, vizhin zhe royal fhamily, at least, to, vell… he vill probably… no, he vill definetly, at least try to… he vill

perform experiments on live human beings.”
The long awaited CH6! (or is it? does anyone even read this?)
Drunk Sailors on Megaphones

I’ve waited the longest time for you to come back, but you haven’t yet. Where could you go? Why? Still, I’m waiting for you, all alone.

I won’t be alone for too long. Not much longer.

“Lieutenant Colonel Fuery!” A voice echoed loudly through the halls of Eastern Command.

A young man, probably only in his mid twenties, not very tall, and sort of mousy, with short, spiky black hair and coke bottle glasses scrambled into the room. “What is it, Brigadier General?” She moaned, “It’s time.”

Fuery looked horribly confused. “Time for what?” He asked. “You… fool…” she said, breathing hard. You could hear her writhing in pain from her room. “I’m having… a baby… you dumb-”

Fuery quickly tripped and clattered over a chair and awkwardly fumbled into the Brigadier General’s room. “I’m here, Brigadier General!” He spat befuddled. His feet were clumsily sliding all over the floor. He tried his best to help up Hawkeye, but in all honesty he himself was having enough complications keeping balance just for himself, let alone his pregnant boss. “Here we go…” The two stumbled about into the hall.

“OH GOD!” Hawkeye instantly snapped Fuery’s head into a choking death lock, and the two fell over onto the tiled ground.

“Help…” Fuery croaked, “Doctor…”

A couple of hours later, the two were in a hospital room. Fuery had a wet towel wrapped around his neck, which cooled down the swelling quite a bit. Hawkeye was laying almost peacefully on a stretcher-bed.

Almost peacefully.

“GOD!” She hollered. The curses and assortment of other colorful phrases that were flying out of her mouth could have outdone a rainbow. Her left hand was squeezing and, more accurately, crushing the hand of Lieutenant Colonel Fuery. Kain Fuery, however, in all his pain in misery, was not concerned about this. He would be able to wrap up his hand soon. Instead, his eyes were more transfixed on another part of Hawkeye.

In her right hand, her fist clenched around the handle of a small pistol. Fuery was frightened to high hell that the woman would soon pull the trigger and start blasting away that which surrounded her. It wasn’t very unreasonable.

She had done it before.

“GRAAAAHHHH!” She screamed. “Push…” the doctor said quietly, almost feebly. After many years of deliveries, he knew that women like this would get to it in their own good time. “KYEAAAAA!” Fuery gasped as Hawkeye’s finger slid by the trigger, but luckily it did not go off. It was a good thing, too; where it was aimed, it would have probably blasted off her own leg.

“HELLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL!” It seemed there was no hope for her at this point. She would shoot off her leg any second now. “BLLOOOODDDYYY HEEELLLLLLLLLLL!”

“HOLYY!” This time it wasn’t Hawkeye screaming, it was the doctor. “I SEE THE HEAD! PUSH, PUSH! FOR THE LOVE OF GOD!”

“I’M PUSHING, SHUT UP!” Hawkeye screamed, “OR I’LL BLAST YOUR F” Fuery turned his head to the side and sneezed. “-ING HEAD OFF!”

Scream after scream filled the hospital. Even other delivering mothers shut up. It sounded like a row between a couple of drunk sailors on megaphones.

Staring at it All
I’ve waited for you for so long, but you’re still not here. I’m becoming worried.

Roy looked up at the sky, a kaleidoscope of different colors shattered into one; an orange, dusty sky; a bright blue and clear sky; a dark and stormy sky; a red sky; an empty sky, that looked right into the stars; and a lavender and pink sky, that looked like dawn. That sky must be our sky, Roy thought.

Clouds passed through bits of their own sky and not the others, and seven suns and nineteen moons could be seen in total. There was grass and rock, and red dirt and brown dirt, even sand on the ground. Nothing seemed to go together; it was truly incredible. Roy stood staring at it all, baffled. How could this have happened? It wasn’t possible; nothing of the sort was possible. Yet there it was.

Carefully, Roy attempted to step on another world’s piece of land. He looked around for the train. No train. Where did it go? He worried ran onto another patch of land, and saw the train; but he was on the other side from which he had started and much farther away. How I am supposed to get out of this? Roy had no choice but to wander throughout the patches of land until he made his way out.

Moved the Fabric
“Brigadier-General,” Fuery said peacefully to his boss, “It’s a boy.” Hawkeye smiled weakly. She had never felt so happy before, ever. Except when… Hawkeye’s weak smile turned into a far weaker frown. …he was here. “Boss?” Fuery said, concerned at Hawkeye’s sudden change in expression. She again smiled weakly. “When can I see him?” Fuery looked around. “Actually, I’m not sure… oh!” The doctor had appeared in the doorway again, a bundle in his arms. “Here.” He said, gently placing the bundle in Hawkeye’s arms.

Hawkeye looked down, and moved the fabric of the blanket to see the face of her son. Tears filled her eyes instantaneously. It was the most beautiful thing her eyes had ever seen. He had soft, pinkish skin and a tuft of light brown hair on his head. His eyes were the same amber color of his mother’s, but the distinct narrow shape of his father’s. He looked up at his mother in pure curiosity. “Hi there,” she choked, “You look just like your daddy, don’t you, little guy?” He hiccupped a bit and started to cry. She laughed. “Oh no, sensitive about your height? Ha ha, you shouldn’t be little one, you’re going to be as big as your daddy someday.” He poked his tiny hand out of the blanket, and tried to reach his mother’s face. She laughed and put her face close to his so he could reach, and his hand rubbed her incredulously. “Auugh,” he squeaked. The doctor smiled. “What’s his name, ma’am?” Riza looked up, and then away. It was obvious who she had hoped would take part in choosing his name, but there was no way she could wait now.

“Renyolds Mustang.”

What would Happen
Roy was becoming frustrated. He felt as if he had been wandering around for the longest time: days, a few hours, months and months, forever, he had no idea. All he knew was he was exhausted and sick of wandering around the same 20 mile square block of lands that he had for however long, he was hungry, and he desperately needed to shower and shave. Even though he was hungry and tired, he didn’t feel like collapsing or anything of the sort.

He had tried, a few times, to see what would happen, lying down across the broken lands. All that resulted was more confusion. If he looked one way, he was over here, and if he looked the other way, he was in a completely different place, and yet another direction and so on.

Finally, he concluded he needed to get some sleep. He lay down on the ground and turned onto his side, looking at the broken worlds around him. It was night in about half of the worlds; however, in two of them the sky was always dark, and so therefore only the mildly bright red sky could possibly bother him. He shut his eyes, and felt very satisfied and relaxed. Sighing, he smiled. This was a surprising small delight. Even though he hadn’t at all felt the need to lie down, doing so was refreshing and calming. He yawned and settled his face into a patch of lavender grass. He quickly fell into a calm sleep.

The Way Another “Renyolds! Where are you, Renyolds?” Riza called out the door to her little boy. “Renyolds!”

“I’m here, mom!” A young boy popped out through the hedges in front of the house and ran up to his mother. He was covered in dust and dirt. His hair was light brown and his narrow amber eyes were curious yet stern.

“What have you been up to?” Riza sighed at the filthy young boy. “We was playing a game, mom.” Renyolds said matter-of-factly. “I’s Kei Chi’s birthday today.” “We were playing a game.” Riza corrected. “And you shouldn’t still be playing a game after dark. Then you should be heading home.” “I was heading home.” Renyolds insisted. “I was playing tag, too.”

Riza laughed. “Sure you were.” The two headed up the lawn to the house.

“Hey, mom?” Renyolds asked. “What?” Riza said. “If Kei Chi’s really five now, how come she’s so much shorter than me?” Riza laughed. “Height and age are completely unrelated.” “Nuh-uh!” Renyolds disagreed. “How come grown-ups are bigger than kids?” Riza opened the screen door. “Okay, they’re not completely unrelated. But it doesn’t work like that. People’s heights vary.” Renyolds thought a second. “They’re very what?” “Vary means they differ,” Renyolds stared inquisitively at his mother, “which means they’re all different.” The two flopped onto the sofa.

The sofa was not actually a sofa, but a plain loveseat. The whole house was plain. It was a military house. All the walls inside of the house were the same color. The furniture was boring and plain, and the lighting was sub-par. But it was home.

“Hey, mom?” “Yes dear?” “Can I turn on the TV?” “Okay.” The little boy cheerfully hopped off of the loveseat and up to the television. He pressed the button at the top, and excitedly turned the knobs underneath until in the static a man appeared. It was blurry, and black and white, but it was there. “Yay!” He jumped back up onto the loveseat. “Gameshow!”

“Next question,” said the man on the screen, “What kind of gun has a range of 70 to 140 feet with pinpoint accuracy?” “Neverson Finale Sixty-Two Snapshot Rifle!” Riza exclaimed. “A pistol?” The second man guessed. “Wrong,” said the first man, “The correct answer is a Neverson Finale Sixty-Two Snapshot Rifle.” “I knew it!” Riza said loudly. “That’s just because you like guns, mommy.” Renyolds said loudly. “Hush.” Riza said.

A couple of hours later, in Reynolds’s bedroom, Riza tucked her son into bed. “Mommy, do I have to go to bed?” “Yes.” “Tell me a story.” “Alright.”

“Once upon a time…” “Wait!” Renyolds jolted up in his bed. “Tell me a story about daddy.” Riza grimaced slightly. “Again?” “Again, mommy!” Riza sighed, and began again.

“Once upon a time, there was a man named Colonel Mustang. Everyone thought he was really amazing and could do anything, but this wasn’t true.” “It wasn’t?” “No. He was really useless on rainy days, and was lazy and good at avoiding his work. You want to know a big word for someone who puts off doing their work?” “What?” “A procrastinator.” “Pricrazzdinader.” Renyolds repeated. “He was a very good procrastinator. He was especially good at getting away with this because he could get his work done really fast and make it seem like he spent the whole time working on it, but really mostly he was only sleeping.” Riza stretched out the words only sleeping the way another might stretch out the wooing part of a ghost story. Wooo-ooo, wooo-ooo. “And now you should be sleeping, too.” “Awww, mom!” “Sleep.” Riza kissed her son on the cheek. “Good night.”
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