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Full Version: Into The Mind Of A Delicate Rose
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Water Achemist
He said....
To stand up
To walk
He told me I have legs
I want to follow him
To speak
You've no clue
Just how hard
That would actually be

I can whimper
Just a small sound
Showing I still live
But do I speak?

This dream
It keeps
With that poem
As narration
And now it starts again

I sit on the ground
I look up at him
Unspoken pleading
"Help me..."
He says to stand up
I have legs
I know that
Normally I'd just sit there, whimpering
This time....
This time I want to stand
This time it will be different

I smile
He looks startled
I get into a kneel
He starts to grin
From there I stand up

I run over to him,
Tears in my eyes
I start to proclaim my love
As he dissapears
I scream
Come back!
I love you
I need you...

He fades
I awaken
Just another dream
This time
I was different
This time
I could stand

I wipe the tears from my eyes
Begin the day anew
The grin that he began
Shall never continue
Never was real
I know that
I know he's far away now
But that grin
I shall keep that grin forever

It shall stay
In the mind
Nay, the heart
Delicate as a newbloom'd rose
No one has posted yet? I wonder why? It`s such a lovely poem. This board needs more creative writing styles (besides fanfiction). Great job!
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