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Full Version: Irice's Anime Artwork
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Hi! I'm Irice, a person who's wanting to become a manga artist someday! <3
I may post more original art than fanart.. But that's because I'm not really a fanart person, I'll try, though.

IPB ImageIPB Image
Antrix, a original character I made up for my comic. I colored it for a friend.
IPB Image
Supposed to be the school uniforms for the same comic. There's Dakota and Anson.
IPB Image
His name's Clarence, another original character for my other comic.

And.... finally, some fanart! Well.. actually... Just a little picture of Winry.
IPB Image

What do you think? I'll post more some other time.
Hi Irice!! smile.gif
Those are very good!!
Your Winry is cute, and I love your original characters!!
Especially, Antrix and Clarence are awsome!!
I'd love to see more drawings of all your characters!! smile.gif
FullMetal Shrimp
Very nice job Irice! Your original characters are very nice, and... original! And the Winry is very nice too! I'll be looking forward to seeing the rest of your drawings.
oh? you want to become a manga artist? me too ^^ this is my character in my comic, her name is Liona. she is an elf, not human
IPB Image
FullMetal Shrimp
Everyone that wants to be a manga artist is showing off all their original work... I guess this means that now I have to show one of my characters for my manga... unsure.gif
@maiden_cross - That's a cute character!! smile.gif
You can post your Liona drwing on your thread, too. smile.gif
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