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This is a Winry fanfic.

The familiar house in Resoombol was a welcome sight. They had not returned home in quite a while. Edward needed his destroyed automail arm repaired.

However, the Elric brothers noticed that the house was unusually quiet. Den, the beloved pet dog didn’t come to greet them, nor did Aunt Pinako. Something was already wrong.

Pinako was unusually contemplative when the Elrics walked in. She smoked her pipe lost in thought and barely noticed the Elrics.

“Aunt Pinako, where is-?” Ed started.

Ed’s question startled Pinako out of her contemplations.

She sighed. “She’s gone. She wanted to join the military too. I couldn’t get her to stay. She was hoping to meet up with you sometime and continue where her parents left off. Winry was easily accepted with her prowess in automail mechanics. In fact, the military could teach her more about automail than I never knew. I have already taught her everything I know and she still knows more than I.” She sighed out a long cloud of smoke.

The Elrics were stunned that their old childhood friend joined the military like they did. They had never heard her mention anything of it before in her letters.

“Perhaps, I should repair your arm so you can get back to the military yourself. Maybe then you could meet up with her. She was supposed to be able to prove her abilities so she took Den with her. She would like the company he could provide. I couldn’t do anything to keep her here. So I let her go. She has sent me letters and what they have taught her. I am amazed at what she has learned. Anyways, enough of me rambling, let me take a look at your arm.” Pinako grabbed Ed.

“LOOK AT WHAT YOU HAVE DONE TO THIS THING!!!!” She battered Ed’s head upon discovering her and her granddaughter’s work mashed into tiny pieces.


“NO! This isn’t what you said it was! This is wrong!” Winry yelled hoping that someone would hear her, but it was hopeless.
Den barked and growled loudly at their captors.
An evil laugh emerged from the shadows. “You are perfect for this new experiment, girl.”
“No! Please! I don’t want-“ Winry began to plead.
“You don’t get a say in it!” The evil voice argued. He gave the signal.

The transmutation began. The circle around them glowed. Winry cried at the thought that was happening to her. Den became a body of light, then that light was absorbed into Winry’s body. She winced in pain as their bodies became one.

Winry’s hands were tied behind her back. She fell to her knees. She grew increasingly hot in her military uniform. Her right hand grew clawed as the transformation began. The growth spread up her arm and through her body. Her left arm tingled and had its own light. It became pins and needles. The tingling sensation grew into pain. It was sharp. As the light dissipated around her arm, it turned into a clawed automail arm that was also still changing in the alchemy taking place.

Her ears pulled and pointed. Her mouth and teeth reshaped into a canine mouth with sharp white teeth. Her muzzle and right clawed hand turned white. Dark brown fur began covering her arm and body. Her ears at the top of her head were tipped with white and the white fur grew down the front of her body. Her muscle mass continued to grow, stretching the limits of the uniform. White digit grade feet burst through the black militant boots. Pads formed on her hands and feet.

A burst of light ripped through the back of her uniform. The transmutation circle that was drawn on the floor, formed on her back. It covered her whole back. The dark brown fur couldn’t cover the black marking.

Winry roared with her face contorted into a snarl of pain. Her arms broke free of the bonds. She held her body up as she set her hands down in the circle.

The circle grew brighter in intensity. The transformation accelerated. Winry roared again in pain. Her body tore the uniform to the absolute limits. Her arms tore free of sleeves and the back of the uniform was torn down to her pans. Her legs tore the pants up to the knee. Her canine teeth grew more prominent and her top teeth stuck out of her lips.

Tears streamed out of her still blue eyes. The silver hoops remained in her canine ears. There was a large white spot of fur across her chest. The uniform was open to the last two buttons down on the top, providing her with a little coverage. Longer white hair covered her chest.

Winry let out a half howl and half roar at the end. A tail grew out at the seam of her pants. It was bushy and had a white tip at the end. Her light blonde grew out into a wild mane. The roots of the mane changed to the dark brown.

Winry hung her head in exhaustion and panted to cool her canine body. She growled as the officials approached her.

“Perfect. She will be a wonderful to the chimeras. Cage her before she gains her strength back.” The evil voice said.

Winry tried to move, but her arms slipped out from under her. A pair of strong hands caught each of her arms. They drug her to her holding cell.

Winry woke hours later. She woke to the moans and other cries of the other chimeras that were caged like her. Tears streamed out of her blue eyes. She and her best companion were one. Den no longer existed, but did she? Had she lost her humanity like some of these other creatures? Her sadness deepened. More tears streamed out of her eyes. Her ears lowered and she held herself closer. She could only hope that someone would find her. Someone….

Another urge built up in her throat and she howled long and mournfully through the barred window.


Ed bellowed in pain as his new repaired arm was reattached to his body.

“Damn, that seemed worse than last time,” he complained.
“You hadn’t had a new arm reattached since you boys left four years ago.” Pinako solemnly said putting the finishing touches on his arm.
“Granny….I’ll find Winry. She needs to be back here with you, not in the military.” Ed said seriously.
Pinako stopped for a moment. “Ed, don’t make her come back, but tell her I miss her.”
Ed nodded.

The next day the boys were repaired and ready to go.

“We’ll bring her back Al.”


Winry lost track of how long she had been caged like an animal. Perhaps a week past, perhaps months, she didn’t know anymore. But today was unusual, which is why she had to think about how long it had been since they robbed her humanity from her. They fed her and watered her like an animal. Her sadness grew into hatred, which was the same case for a lot of chimeras. They growled as the military officials patrolled through the cages.

They stopped at her cage though. “Rockbell.”
Winry’s ears went up at the sound of her name.
“Affirmative, sir.” A lesser official saluted to an officer that walked past him to see Winry for himself.
She took a step back preparing for anything to defend herself in her confined space.
“Easy,” he sounded a little kinder than the others.
Winry eased up just a little.
“Why doesn’t she have a human shape like the others?” the officer asked.
“Well, sir, I-“ The lesser started.
“Save it. I don’t want to hear any of your excuses, just get someone in here to fix it. Do it quickly. I want to present her to the general.” He stated. He stared deep into Winry’s eyes. “She is the only female chimera and one that was not created from a convict. She has retained a human intelligence?”
The lesser shrugged.
“I can understand you, sir.” Winry answered for herself startling the officer.
“Oh, good. Well, then…”
“Sir, someone is waiting in your office.” Another messenger official said to the officer.
The trio walked away.


Edward had asked around about Winry, but he found it suspicious that all he ran into were roadblocks.

“This doesn’t make any sense, Al.” Ed pondered. “Why can’t we find Winry anywhere? She has to be in the military’s system somewhere…” He flipped through another stack of papers.

A knock at the door sounded. Lt. Maes walked in.

“Have you found anything about your friend?”
Ed shook his head. “It’s weird lieutenant. It’s like she never joined, but Pinako showed me letters from Winry. She’s got to be in the system somewhere…”
“Right, well I search around myself for you too. Anyways, Mustang wanted me to see you about something. Here…” Maes handed Edward a stack of notes.

“This is about the Sewing Life Alchemist. I thought that this was solved.” Edward said startled. The awful name of that man stirred up horrid memories.
“Yes, it was but he is still in military court about that.” Maes said. “But, Ed, we need you to sort of give your testimony of what you saw.”

Ed stopped. “You want me to testify against him?”

Maees nodded. “If you feel that you can…I know that it is a rough spot for you. Please, Ed. We can give this twisted man justice if you can prove what happened by your recollections.”

Ed shuddered, but he nodded that he would do it.


“Now, Miss Rockbell,” a cold voice said, “you are going to learn how to transform yourself into your human appearance.”

Winry growled. She was mad that she couldn’t see their faces. It was dark and now she was partially colorblind.

They dragged her out and bound her. It wasn’t a typical day and she knew something was up, but she was just pissed off, now. Now they were telling her that she could get back her human appearance, but they waited so long to tell her. She had been living like a monster for weeks. She growled louder.

“Easy…Now concentrate on what you looked like before.” The voice said with little fear.

Winry snorted, but she reluctantly complied and closed her eyes to concentrate. She missed her human form now. Her skin, her hair, she missed her real left arm. She missed her grandmother.

Painlessly, she melded back into her human shape. The awful transmutation circle still marred her back and her left arm was still automail. But she was happy that she gained a little humanity back.

“Good. Now take her to a room, get her a new uniform and give her some orders.” The voice ordered. Scratching on some paper was heard then they escorted her out of the room.


A month or two later, the Sewing Life Alchemist was condemned to prison and would eventually be “terminated.”

Edward and Al were happy that part of their lives was at least closed.

“Ed, shouldn’t we get back to trying to find Winry?” Al asked.
“Yeah, you’re right.” He went back to digging in piles of books and papers.
“You don’t have to search anymore,” Maees says, walking in the door.
“What?” Ed and Al said together.
“I took a quick trip to Central and I spotted her there working.”
“Really? That’s good to hear. What department is she at? We need to go see her.” Edward said relieved.
“She looked very sad and depressed, perhaps a visit from you guys would lift her spirits about being in the military.” Maes said.
“Great. Let’s go on a quick trip to Central, Al.”
“Right.” He nodded.
“Wait, Ed. There’s something else.” Maes said more seriously.
“What is it?”
“Ed, Winry had an automail arm. I saw it. She was moving boxes around into a workshop at Central. Something has happened, Ed. You need to find out what happened.”

Ed shook. The thought of something happening to Winry that would cost her arm frightened him a lot. What the hell had the military done to her or where had they sent her?

“Maes, can you get information for me about all of Winry’s military assignments she’s done since being in the military?”
Maes nodded, “I may not be able to get a whole lot, but I’ll do my best.”
Ed nodded. “Al, we need to get to Central now!”


Winry was working hard in her new little niche she gained at Central. She was allowed a workshop at Central next to an officer’s department. She was allowed to keep working on automail arms and legs for other officials in the military. She also was able to earn a few more rights back. However she was forced to wear a bracelet. It got warm in her workshop and she worked in a white tanktop.

The bracelet had another alchemic symbol to help her control the transformations. She wore it under her uniform to hide it from the public eye. Often times, the public was also allowed into Winry’s workshop. She gave them the military discount and she was earning publicity. She really didn’t want that though.

She sighed and began working on her arm. It still hurt, and she was still getting used to it. She like working on other automail arms and legs, but she didn’t like working on hers. Winry sighed and took her screwdriver to her arm.

“Yeah…” she said not meeting the official’s eyes.
“You have some guests.”

Winry looked up and was startled to see Edward and Alphonse Elric staring at her. She turned and put her hand on her automail arm. It was too late it was clear that they had already noticed.

“Hi, Winry.” Ed started awkwardly.
“Erhm….hi…”Winry said ashamed that they had to see her at a time like this.
“I’ll leave you be.” The official left, giving Winry a warning glance.
“Winry….How….?” Ed tried to start.
“Please Ed….Let’s just get out of here for a little while.” Winry grabbed her jacket and put her arms in the sleeves.
“…Right…” He said dropping the subject.
“Uhhh….Miss Rockbell?” An officer walked in her workshop.
Winry froze and saluted her officer. “Sir!”
“Oh, you have guests, I won’t keep you. I just wanted to remind of your assignment tomorrow.”
“Sir, I will be ready and I will meet you outside the demonstration hall.” She responded automatically.
“Right, then off you go.” He smiled to her and nodded to the Elrics.
“Winry, who is that?” Al asked.
“Officer Fulton. I’m his lesser and he has an automail leg I take care of. Anyways, let’s go get something to eat.” She finished fastening her jacket.

They left Central and started looking for a good place to eat lunch.

They found a diner with few people inside. They sat and began eating their lunch. They ate in an awkward silence.

“So…What is this demonstration that you are helping with?” Alphonse asked trying to break the silence.
“Oh…The officers have to demonstrate some of their alchemic properties…Fulton and another officer are combined with me for a demonstration.” Winry replied.
“Care to give us an overview?” Edward asked.
“I can’t…”Winry said.
“Oh, I see. They want to keep it a secret until tomorrow right?” Al asked.
Winry nodded.
“We’ll check it out then. Is it why you had to take Den with you? How is he doing?” Ed asked.
Winry froze.
“Did something happen to him?” Al asked, worried.
“Uhh…no. He’s fine. Yeah….he’s part of the demonstration too….I guess.” She muttered the last part. “Anways, I need to get back to Central to be sure that I am not missing out on anybody that needs repair work.” She said pushing her partially eaten lunch away.
“Right…We’ll walk you back.”


The next morning…

“Gentleman, you are going to be a select few to see the next step in military alchemy.” The military spokesman said to selected small audience.

“Are you ready?” Fulton asked Winry.

Winry nodded. She was in her chimera form. Fulton promised her that no one would know her real identity.

“I give you a real chimera.” The spokesman said like a ringmaster in a circus.
“That’s your cue.” Fulton said.

Winry stepped out into the arena-like stage. She felt shame at what she was now and the gasps from the audience didn’t help. She towered over the spokesman. Winry stood there with her ears down waiting for this to be over.

“Ed…it….” Alphonse started at the chimera.
“I know, Al…” Ed said.

They both were absolutely stunned. They had snuck into the private showing. The brothers had a hunch about what was really happening.

“This is a perfect specimen. A female fused with a dog. The dog was missing a leg, but it was compensated. Look at the fine form, the muscle structure…” The ringmaster kept pointing out the qualities.

“Look at the blonde hair, the blue eyes, Ed…” Al started. His brother remained silent.

“Sir, it seems that the Elric boys have joined in the private viewing.” Hawkeye said to Roy.
“Hmm…Hawkeye, does that chimera look at all like anybody they know?” Roy asked.
Hawkeye looked for a moment, and then she came to her own realization.
“Let’s go, I’ve seen enough.” He got up and left the viewing area. Hawkeye followed after taking another look.


Winry roared in pain. Her change back was most uncomfortable, especially after that little display where the spokesman treated her like a circus freak.

She trashed her room in her fury, both in anger and the agony of changing back. Finally, her claws retreated back into her hand and her fangs diminished. She panted in exhaustion, and she slid to her hands and knees on to the floor. She began weeping.

“Dammit…” She sobbed. Winry punched the hardwood floor with her automail arm.

Lt. Fulton closed the door to give her a moment. He turned away and was met by the Elrics.

Ed grabbed the officer by the collar.

“What did they do to her?” Edward asked holding back his rage.
“I wasn’t there at the time, but yes, she is the chimera.” Fulton said.

“So, it is true…” Edward said interrupting her moment.
Winry turned to see the brothers in her workshop. “Ed…”
“They used you, Winry.” He said.
“Ed, they lied to me. They told me they were bringing me to see a general who was interested in my automail work. They told me to bring Den. Next thing I know is after the train ride, I was in a dank, dungeon-like place and being fused to Den to become a monster.” Tears began running down her face. “Ed…I don’t like being like this…” She began to cry harder.

“It’s okay Winry. We’re going to get out of here…” He gave her a shoulder to cry on.

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