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Full Version: Location Of Fma
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Anyone ever really sat down and tried to figure out when and where FMA takes place?

I have been in a nice discussion on adultswim's board and I think I am right about the location of Amestris, and a few thoughts on when it takes place....
Well we know from both the manga and anime that when Ed and Al set out on their journey, and Ed first became an alchemist was in 1911. So you can work out from their age approximately what year the series takes place and goes to.

And Amestris is entirely fictional, if you look at the maps of Amestris shown in the anime and manga, it does not resemble any real-world landmass but most people assume that it's based on western-Europe (Germany, Britain, France).
Yeah the Dubbed verion of the Anime really fails to tell you the name of the whole country. They refer to it as the state. They mention it, its just rarely they do.
Well, we do know when it takes place. Itīs around th early 1900, but we donīt exactly know where it takes setting. I always thought that Amestris kind of remembers me of the old Europe though.

And in the Manga doesnīt seem like a real country we know.
yeh, it's really like germany in the early 1900s, militirism and all
i think i read somewhere that it took place in 1920... but im not sure
Looking at the Acroyan Police,they are heavily based on 1950's British police.Alot of the places a reminisent of Germany/Austria and the State Unifomr seem sheavily European.
The East very much resembles the Middle East.Infact one of the still's of the Ishabal uprising (when Marcoh is explaining how it kicked off) is just an anime version of a photo taken during Laurence of Araibias day IIRC.
Help me out... I'm kinda confused...
I just read the manga and watch the anime and never really mind about the timeline of fma...
I just know that in the fma movie, ed was in the year 1921...
Christallie Kalric
i think that amestris is german , or ed wouldn't end up there
You can't determin location by destination.
Your logic that Aemtris must be a version a Germany is flawed.
By that logic if I got on a rocket from Russia and landed on Mars I must be in the Martian version of Russia.
Just because he ended up in Germany dosen't mean he started in the Ametris equivlent of it.

Also while I have the floor I'd like to ask if Ed even went to another dimension and didn't just travel through space to Earth.
[spoiler]Didn't Ed end up in London the first time and Germany the second time? [/spoiler]
[spoiler]Yep.So did Hoho.And so I dont waste the poiler tags the film "Rosebud" is about a sleigh and in "6th sense" Bruce Willis is a ghost[/spoiler]
Amestris is heavily German-based, but it also has a lot of Japanese themes (the food they eat, the swords, and even some of the armor that you see the Blood Sealers have).

Well thats just my opinion tongue.gif
Christallie Kalric
just a theory...i also think that ed travel through dimesion and it was ed's idea that he could go home be rocket...
huh?................i always thought they were in japan but i guess im wrong happy.gif'
If we're that concerned with FMA's geography, let's consider that all of the traveling is done by rail. As it were, the only old railway that connects Europe with the Middle East (I think that it's a safe assumption to say that Ishbal is in the mideast) runs through modern-day Turkey. There doesn't seem to be any indication (though there doesn't necessarily need to be) that these rail trips take weeks, so we can probably assume that they are not traveling around the Black Sea. You'll probably want to check out a map to follow my thought pattern. If indeed the FMA takes place in the Middle East, then we can conclude a number of things based on a timeline. If we assume the 'East' is Turkey, then we would have to consider that a trip to Europe would take weeks by rail. However, because it seems more likely that the anime is somewhere deeper in the Mid-east, perhaps one of the Slavic countries are suspect?

Amor omnia vincit.

Sin Of Envy
Amestris is in Central, Ishbal didn't exist, Germany was in the movie and London is well...
I don't know how to do that spoiler thing so...


I think London is the city under 5th laboratory....

How to do spoilers;

Central is in Amestris,Ishbal was a region like Sussex is a region of England.

The Elrics home town (whos spelling escapes me) and the eastern area in general is a blend of English and German country side.
Central is kinda like Paris and other Franch towns.
The town under looks like of gothicy Tudor city,probably English or American settler Puritans style.
The Isbal region could be anywhere from Turkey o the Middle East.
What makes you so sure of a Western European scene? The Balkins, seemingly, are just as likely to me.

Deus quod laboravit?

[spoiler]Well, since the city underneath Central is London, I always assumed that Central stands on top of present-day London, and that Risembool was somewhere in the British countryside. Also, on Tucker's state profile and on Ed's "invoice" to Mustang for his comics and toys, Britain and the "Scientific Revolution" are mentioned. It could just be filler babble, but the way I had it figured in my mind was that at soe point in the past, Britain had adopted expansionist policies and annexed most of modern Europe and renamed the expanded state to Amestris. I also assumed Aquroya was the equivalent of Venice. As far as other references to real-life places though, it seems the officers play a Japanese version of chess in one episode, which they refer to in the show as being from "the eastern island nations". And if Central is really where London is, I guess that would make the "barbarians" to the north in Drachma a bunch of Scottish tribes or something, huh? Those Scots must be pretty tough if Amestris can conquer all of Europe but not tiny Scotland, lol.[/spoiler]
But still, none of that significantly ties Central to England. The Ottoman empire also had expansionist tendencies and did contain part of Europe and the Middle East. As far as the city beneath a city, are you referring to the burning of old London? Consider that we're assuming that FMA takes place in the early 1900's, so 400 years ago would be the 1500's. England was hardly stable at all during this time, also, consider that the Ottoman emprire Did exist during this time. I cannot place, however, a dissappearing city to this, or any other time period. As far as the written documents are concerned, many nations gather intelligence on many other nations. I don't think that it would be uncommon for ranking military men to have a document that mentions England.

Sic semper tyranis

Aquroya could also be Birmingham,UK which has more cannals than Venice. This is supported by the Brittish "Bobby" style police officers.

[spoiler]There is nothing that says the Undercity (that I will dub "Underton") is London.It could be any European city or any area settled by Europeans.[/spoiler]

@Hyleaus;I've never been to the Balkins or even heard of them so I can't make that assumption.

I am certain "the East area" is Western Europe due to Architechture,clothing style and genral "vibes."
I'm also certain that no FMA location has a single real world equivlent.
QUOTE(popogeejo @ Mar 23 2006, 04:12 AM) [snapback]367803[/snapback]

Aquroya could also be Birmingham,UK which has more cannals than Venice. This is supported by the Brittish "Bobby" style police officers.

Ooh, nice. smile.gif

[spoiler]There is nothing that says the Undercity (that I will dub "Underton") is London.It could be any European city or any area settled by Europeans.[/spoiler]

[spoiler]Huh, you're right. I always assumed the undercity was London because that's where Ed turns up after going through the gate, and Al had mentioned the Sept. 2, 1916 Zeppelin raid on London in the narration of the ep before. So when I saw the underground city in the next ep I automatically assumed it was old London, but it never actually says that...

As far as the written documents go, they weren't referencing Britain in the context of military intelligence. Tucker's profile reads:
"Investing the working of nature is at the very root of science and is one of the most significant of the intellectual endeavours of humankind. Britain was the centre of the 'Scientific Revolution' - the precess whereby, by basing itself upon experiment and observation, science was established as a ligitimate field of study..." If anything, it sounds like whoever wrote the profile is trying to define Tucker as a part of the British scientific tradition. Or, the animators might've just gone, We need a page of random English for this scene, so it could be just random filler too. I have to say, that seems more likely to me, because Ed's invoice talks about his expenses and then randomly starts talking about the British Science Museum or something, so if I had to guess I'd say it probably has no intentional meaning...
Here's another theory I came up with--Amestris could be Italy, and Central could be where Rome stands today.

[spoiler]The reasoning I'm going with here is that the city underneath Central could be Rome. We know that Christianity is a dead religion in the FMA world, and when Ed and Izumi are in Dante's place, Izumi says the date on Hohenheim's letter to Dante is 400 years ago, back when the AD dating system was still used. Also, Russell tells Ed that the underground city disappeared "four centuries ago". Well, if the date in FMA at that point is 1916 or thereabouts, then 400 years earlier would be 1516, which would predate Martin Luther's 95 Theses and the beginning of the Protestant Reformation by exactly one year. So if we're pre-Luther, than Christianity is still centered in the Vatican, so the destruction of Rome by the Humonculi could destroy the tenets of Christianity overnight. That would explain the death of Christianity in the FMA world pretty neatly.[/spoiler]

The architecture of the government buildings in Central also looks vaguely Roman. And, if Amestris is Italy, than Aquroya could easily be Venice.

EDIT: Some more circumstantial evidence: the multitude of allusions to Dante, the medieval Italian poet, and his Inferno. The gate is an allusion to Rodin's sculpture The Gates of Hell, which was inspired by Dante's Inferno. Dante also writes of capital sins in The Inferno, and although they don't correspond exactly to the seven deadly sins, Dante is often credited for spreading the concept. Also, Ed and Al's mom's name, Trisha, can be short for Beatrice, which was a character in Dante's Inferno that represented purity and guided Dante through hell to paradise.

[spoiler]Wouldn't it make sense for the character named after an Italian poet to destroy an Italian city? Also, in Episode 38, they reference Dante and Rodin again. When Ed and Al have their alchemy brawl, Ed yells at Al, "Why don't you think it over, Al" and uses alchemy to force Al into the pose of The Thinker, another Rodin sculpture which is supposed to be represent Dante thinking in front of the Gate.[/spoiler]

What do you think?
i think that Ed and Al where both born in Amestris and Ed was born in 1898
Dark Alchemist Sakura
I actually thought that Edward went thru a wormhole, and wormholes have no logic whatsoever as to where you end up. In fact, wormholes look like this....

If you read more, you start seeing that wormholes do not have to necessarily have to end up in that same place in that alternate universe. The creators probably noticed that, and that's why they ended up choosing London as the destination, to show how exactly random these things can be. I don't exactly know the physics of this, but it ends up that the wormhole can end up anywhere, and not just London.

As you can see, Edward could have ended up anywhere, including Germany, New York, or even Siberia. So I think that just because Edward ended up in London does not mean that Amestris necessarily corresponds to London. I think the creators were hinting more Amestris is to Germany, considering all the miltirism, racism, and Social Darwinism crap they were emphasizing.

But that's just me. And I read too much on string theory, so u can ignore me if you want to laugh.gif
The subject of 'where' FMA actually is, is an...interesting one. unsure.gif

I'm not convinced by the 'Germany' argument, but don't know enough to back up any alternative...

One point on the religion thing. We know from what...someone said (Russel or Ed, I think) about the cathedral (with the city under it) that there was once a monotheistic religion in Amestris. It had one god, like the Isbalans' goddess. There's nothing to suggest it was actually Christianity. One thing we know of is that Amestris has no state religion, and perhaps the country has had some sort of rational enlightenment...that is, favouring science (in the form of equivalent exchange theory) over religion. From the opening episodes we know what Ed, at least, thinks about religion.

Random idea which came to me early in the morning: What with the connections between our world and FMA's one, what of the 'theory' (cracked as it is) that these parallel universes were once one and the same? (Okay, just demolish this so it'll stop bugging me). huh.gif
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