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Full Version: The Beauty Of Your Own Artwork
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@seventh_sky - Nice to see your artworks again!!
I'm impressed with all the detailed info you have on Seth's outfit!!
And that Seth in Armor drawing is very good!!
I love the way you did shading and highlighting on the Armor!!
Very nice job!! happy.gif
7th sky - I love the way you draw their eyes, is really nice^^
Click to view attachment
Yay, another pic! happy.gif;;

...I don't know why but I never bother to clean up my pictures, nor do I bother colouring them. =.="
At the rate I'm drawing, should I make an art thread? unsure.gif
@baKa-neKoh - Nice drawing of Winry!! happy.gif
About making your own thread, that's totally up to you.
Although, with your pace of drawing, it's probably easier to post here, but if you like to have your own thread, that's quite fine also. biggrin.gif
Sliver Alchemist
annd heres mine

I ahdda use some of my memo paper from school.... tahts why a bears butt is there. Enjoy edo-kun headness XD
@Sliver Alchemist - Welcome to the forums!!
Nice Edo-kun!! I like your style!! ^^
Oh, and if you feel like it, stop by on Newcomers thread and post your "hi!!" Our Welcome hosts would love to greet you there!! happy.gif

Silver Alchemist: Oooh, pretty. The style is cute, especially the eyes. happy.gif
Tombow: You seem to be the only constant presence in this thread who comments on the artworks. Good work! biggrin.gif*hands cookie*
Twilight Warrior Alchemist
well, this is something that was inspired by a fanfic
called "Bringing the Puppy Home" by AngelLayDying
on I loved this scene because it sounded
so cute, and unlike Ed.

The teenager's automail thumb was stuck halfway into his mouth, as if it was an unconscious habit. There was one word to describe Edward right then: beautiful.

So this is my piece with Ed and his thumb. I apoligize for the roughness of it, since it is a first draft. I had the darndest time drawing his automail to that angle! lol.
@Twilight Warrior Alchemist - That is a cute and fresh idea for Ed fanart!! biggrin.gif
Ed looks cute, sweet, and very peaceful!!
I like it!! ^^

@baKa-neKoh - Tehehe, thanks for the cookies!! ^^
Twilight Warrior Alchemist
Thanks very much Tombow! I had to troll through deviantart to find pictures
of kids sucking their thumbs with their right hand for reference. lol
*hands him some pocky*
In spite of my fun BS-ing on the last picture, this one actually does have a few levels of symbolic meaning. Also, contains frontal nudity. So be warned and if it's somehow not legal/inappropriate/ if you think you cannot handle it, don't click the link. It's not at all pornographic, but some people have issues with art nudes, so...

Blind Devotion

(Misa and Rem from Death Note. Light is also a significant character in this picture even though he isn't physically present)
@Toby-Chan - Excellent work (as usual from Toby-Chan)!! biggrin.gif
(Although it has a nudity, but I think it's very artistically handled. ^^)
Superbly done!! The most artsy Death Note fanart I've seen!! I like it!! happy.gif
Silver A. - I like the eyes, good old anime eyes!

Twilight W. - XD sucking is metal finger

Toby - Great Rem/Misa pic tho they looks like they starved for a while =P
Ahahaha, Zarp- I really did try to shade Misa's stomach to show at least a little shadow of a tummy, but I think the shading under her chest and ribcage counteract that and just make her stomach look concave. I might go back and fix it if I decide to fiddle with the picture more. I did want her to have a little bit of flesh here and there. Failed miserably at that. As for Rem, what are you talking about? Shinigami don't need to eat. tongue.gif

Thanks, tombow.
This is my first post so first of all: Hi there! ^^
And now the right thing- my drawings. Only one of them is related to FMA but hope that u'll like the rest ^^

And finaly Edo + Winry smile.gif

Enjoy! ^^ (And write how you like it ;P)
@Kirke - WELCOME to our board!! And, welcome to the Fanart forums!!
Those are very nice drawings!!
They have nice balance and proportions, and I like your character style!!
Of those, I love the 4th one very much!! ^^
Can't wait to see more of your posts with drawings!! happy.gif

BTW, if you feel like it, please stop by and post your "hi" on Newcomers thread!!
Our welcome hosts would love to meet you there!! ^^

ETA: June 2

Happy 17th Birthday, Kirke!! biggrin.gif
Hi there and welcome, Kirke. (As always good ol' reliable Tombow has done the brunt of the welcoming work.)

I hope you don't mind that I say this- your work reminds me eerily of my own, in style and skill, about two years ago. (Something like my older gallery or what I have in scraps at DA) I believe- Well, I know I have improved since then, so I'd like to share some of the things that have helped me to get better.
The proportions are more or less measured out, but the bodies and poses are composed rather awkwardly, and some of the anatomy seems to be put together as such that it doesn't seem quite right. What's mostly needed to combat this is plain and simple practice, but not only with the drawing portion; with the envisioning, planning and truly-seeing part of it as well. I'd reccomend studying the human skeleton, and musculature, and keeping those things in mind, even while drawing anime style with circles and guidlines to compose the base. Also, study people. You don't necessarily have to take a figure-drawing class; just watch and observe people and their bodies and faces. The contours, the way the muscles form when they're flexed a certain way, the unique shapes and shadows of the face. All of these things can help you even with anime style. (My general idea on doing anime style, barring ultra-chibi-huge-eyed-cartoons, is that you're basing your image on an ultra simplified realism, with a few modifications to shape and size in spots. Paying attention to the way the features of the face look from different angles is one important thing. Another is making notice of the way shadows fall on the body, particularly the face, and simplifying the shading into 'cels', in order to render the shadows and shapes of an anime styled face. Imitating other anime images can't take you very far unless you've developed an understanding of the theoretically 3-dimensional features involved and applied a knowledge of shape, space and light to them. Look at some model photos, pose in a mirror, or get someone to pose for you, and just slowly build up a stronger innate sense of the human body's ever-complex details.

As for your hand picture; realism requres a different kind of shading and mental guidance. You can use various techniques for shading, and you should certainly outline your images, but remember that lines are only for outlining. If you want to acheive something closer to realism, remember that there are no lines outlining our bodies when we look at them. They're very complex shapes, being hit by light and shadow, and should be rendered as such with shading, not outlines. Lines are for cartoons. Shading differences and negative space emphasize the ends of things when you're going for realism.

I hope I was helpful. I know you didn't ask for advice but... XD My inner artist was calling for it.
I find ur advice useful ^^ And btw. this drawings are from about year ago. I think my works are better now but my scanner have broke down >< and I can't show u them..
Some sad excuses for art from the resident forum Old-Fart. XD

Haha self-portrait!
I'm pissed off because the caffeine hasn't kicked in yet...

Anime Raped Disney...
Just... Don't... Ask. you're better off not knowing.

Anthro Caricature
I drew myself as a snowy owl. It was a joke. Although it's kind of disturbing at the same time...

The entire DA...
nothing much to see here... tongue.gif
But if you feel like wasting some time, go for it.
@Liz - Yet I discover another one of your many talents!! You can really draw!! ^^
I love your Mermaid!! And, your self-portrait is sooo you!! You are very good!!
Please post more of your drawings!! happy.gif

@Aru-alchemist - WELCOME to our board, and welcome to the fanfic forum!!
As for the drawing, it seems they are little skinny, but because they are shown as pics, it's a little hard to say.. biggrin.gif (I understand you took the pictures of your drawings, in place of scanning, right?? ^^) Of the two, Envy one is my choice!! I like the "Palm" hair!!
BTW, I switched the posting of your pics from Image posting to Attachments because they are oversize and streatching the forum page.. (And, while at it, I rotated the pics also..^^) Hope you don't mind!! ^^ You can check out How to post pics in this forum (second post on the page) for the reference on how to post pics here. ^^
And, since you are new to posting in the forums, if you like, please stop by on Newcomers thread, and post your "hi"!! happy.gif
Wow...I haven't posted here in a while 8D;;;

Just a recent piece done for some good roffles and to see what I can do with pose and such. Arms and back actually turned out rather decent for once, I think. O.o Skirt's a bit of a screw up tho I hope you don't notice how so. >> Lyra's little head sucks. tongue.gif

And I think I've finally found settings on my scanner that work too. They're not great..but they're decent. Still looks much better in RL. Hmph.
@Fushigi - Tehehe, ULTRA mini-skirt!! I love that!!
The pose is cute (and well drawn,) and the expressions are dead on.. laugh.gif
Love those Ed, Al, and all the "audiences" with their joyfulness!! XDD
Nice job on the uniform also!!
I enjoy it very much!! Please draw more!! happy.gif
Fushigi: that totally made me ROFL. Awesome job!
(Haha-- Roy gettin' a taste of his own medicine!)

Tombow: FWIW, I also sing... XD
(Sometimes I think I ought to be getting a better salary than I am because of the rest of my completely useless, amateurish, "other" skillz.) laugh.gif
Little Miss Fallen One
Holy .... there's a lot of it. Yeah, so basically...these are things dating back to like...October 2005, and I haven't scanned anything since around the same time last year. Because my computer broke. Anyways, enjoy ^^

My very first FMA drawing like...ever.

The 'thanks for the endorsement' pic.

Serious...for once.

This once sucks in comparison to the rest.



Me--err Lust!


I'm proud!...and he apparently looks like my cousin...

My ONLY pic of Al! Why?...I don't know 0_o...he's kinda hard to draw.

When I said the other one was my first, I lied. Well, forgot. THIS is the original, ultimate, alpha and omega. Or maybe it's just a pic.
@Little Miss Fallen One - I would love to see yours, but the links all go to Photobucket's log on page... sad.gif
Well, I haven't dropped by here in a while, so I'll show some of the random stuff I just put up on DA...


and some stuff I honestly can't remember if I posted here before or not:

Seth from Fire Emblem
Chrono from Chrono Crusade
Little Miss Fallen One
@ Tombow - Awwww, dammit >_<...sorry sad.gif I have NO idea how that happened 0_o...damn Photobucket...I'll try and save the pics and then upload them (I moved computers)...sorry about that sad.gif
Ratzenheich FMA Super fan
@ seventh sky

O_O Very nice. I wish I could draw like you. T_T

I'm still trying out my new technique of drawing a 30 second sketch that will work as an outline, then add more detail afterwards if I'm satisfied with the initial look. It helps a lot with the poses and lessens my corrections when the drawing is nearly done.

Anyway, I just got bored now and drew something with Ed and Al. This took a little less than 10 minutes, which is a record for me. biggrin.gif So please don't complain if it looks really ugly.

I used an ordinary lead pencil with a #2 level of hardness. And oh, don't mind the tennis racket there because I drew it at the back. I'm trying to practice more dynamic poses. And I apologize if I used yellow pad paper, which is unorthodox for drawing. X_X I didn't want to use my sketch pad for doodles or practice work.
@seventh_sky - Nice to see your drawings again!! ^^
Nice Negima drawing!! Harukaone came out good, too!! And funny!!
And, nice "eye" sketches for Godchild!!
I don;t remember if I'd seen these Seth and Chrono drawings... I kind of think not..
Either way, they are very well done!!
I especially like the Seth one!! Soo cool!!
Very nice jobs!

@Ratzenheich FMA Super fan - Very nice!! You're getting very good at drawing Ed, and armor Al is very nicely done!! I like it that you're practicing more dynamic poses!! This one came out very nice!!
Hope you're going to post more!! happy.gif

@Little Miss Fallen One - When posting URL of th pic, did you use the URL that is right under your pic in your album on your Photobucket account?? ^^

Like this: ^^
Click to view attachment
@ Tombow & Liz: Thanks, I'm glad I got some roffles out of people. laugh.gif

Tombow, I'll see what else I might be able to post soon. No guarantees tho. Scanner sucks and we hate each other. =P
Sharing a couple of drawings I did in MS Paint.
My Gaia avatar
Sakura from Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle

Both are incomplete due to me being a lazy ass. tongue.gif
^ complete them! I'd like to see them complete XD

A couple of drawings I did of Katan from Angel Sanctuary that I colored...

First one...
Second one

aaand a random sketch...

Kirika from Kamichama Karin
Yeah, here's some doodles I did. The first one is bar-tender Envy. =P

The second one is the kid in PotC: At World's End in the begining. Poor guy. D=

Anyways, enjoy! happy.gif
Oh, nice to see many drawings posted!! ^^

@Fushigi Rockna - Whenever your scanner is working.. I would love to see more of your drawings!! happy.gif

@Nekokitty - Yes, yes, I second seventh_sky!! I would love to see them completed!!
So far they look nice!! biggrin.gif

@seventh_sky - Beautiful Katan drawings!! Nice coloring, and shading jobs!!
And the beautiful eye on the first one!! Very pretty!!
Kirika sketch is nice, too!! You are just awesome with eyes!!
Beautiful works!! happy.gif

@Envy-chan - Gahh!! That Al Kemmy's Bar scene is soo funny!! All the characters, they actually look like them, and I'm so enjoying checking every one of them!! Nice job!! I love it!! biggrin.gif
At World's End is nicely drawn, too!! Tho it's kind of sad... ^^

Nice jobs, everyone!! Please keep posting more!! happy.gif
Thanks. xD I had fun drawing the Al Kemmy's Bar one. By the way, here's my deviantart...

@Envy-chan - You have a nice account!! ^^
You can post your divArt account on Deviant Art And Other Online Galleries thread. ^^
@ Tombow: Oh it works, just very crappily. =P

You can look through these tho, if you want. =)
@Fushigi - OMG, your Lust!Roy is so pretty!! And dainty, and cute!! ^^
You are so good at drawing!! Roy looks soo feminine!! (And looks very attractive, too!! laugh.gif )
Can't wait to see more of your drawings!! happy.gif
Yay for more Godchild

Everyone likes the way I draw eyes XD
@seventh_sky - Nice sketch!! ^^
Yeah, you can draw beautiful eyes!! I really like the way the eye in "Katan- In Blood" came out!!
Hope to see more of your sketches and drawings!! happy.gif
@ Tombow: Aww, you're giving me too much credit. ^^; Those were just doodles, they're not that spectacular. X3;

But I am glad Lust!Roy came across as dainty and pretty as I wanted him to be >3> Then he strikes you in the night when your guard is down, huwaaah!
Cheez_n_ Maeve
Wow! I almost forgot about this place! Jk. I've just been out of internets and busy busy busy. However, I have completed more piccys and they are beautiful.

This one i did for a dear friend of mine. This was one of the hardest pictures i have ever done but it was a fun challenge.

And a banner i did.

That's all for now, but soon there will be more to come! Heehee! ^^
@Cheez_n_ Maeve - Welcome back!!
I missed seeing your pics here!! Nice to see your artworks again!!
The first one looks very mythical, and different from the ones I have seen by you before!!
And, it's beautifully done!! Differing shades of grey to black making this mythical creature come alive!! And, it got beautiful eyes that hold stories behind!! Beautiful work!! ^^
And, the banner with beautiful green eye!!
So glad to have you back!! happy.gif
Cheez_n_ Maeve
QUOTE(Tombow @ Jun 17 2007, 07:21 PM) [snapback]553289[/snapback]
@Cheez_n_ Maeve - Welcome back!!
I missed seeing your pics here!! Nice to see your artworks again!!
The first one looks very mythical, and different from the ones I have seen by you before!!
And, it's beautifully done!! Differing shades of grey to black making this mythical creature come alive!! And, it got beautiful eyes that hold stories behind!! Beautiful work!! ^^
And, the banner with beautiful green eye!!
So glad to have you back!! happy.gif

If there is one person on this guild that can make a person feel like a beloved star, its you Tombow. You should get an award for it. I'm glad to be back, too. Hopefully i should have some more stuff to post again soon.
Haha! xD Here's some good "yaoi" for you all. It was one of those 3 am doodles.
@Envy-chan - Sooo.. that's what you do at 3 am..doodling Orochimaru.. XDD
You did nice job with that doodle. ^^
@ Envy: I thought your Orochimaru was Envy at first...then I remembered those guys are pretty much related. XDDDD

Nice job. :3 I especially like the 'fangirl expressions' XDDD
Thanks guys! laugh.gif It always makes me feel happy to recieve positive feedback! But I really need to do more FMA pics... OH! Hold on, I just found one...

It's Greed and my OC for my fanfiction, "Of Sorrow and Greed." I forgot I scanned this!

@Envy-chan - That's a handsome looking Greed!!
And, that pretty lady is your OC?? She's cute!! ^^
I got to check out your fanfic sometime!! biggrin.gif
(I've been wanting to take time and read all the fics in our Fanfic forum sometime!! ^^)
Nice job!! happy.gif
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