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Full Version: The Beauty Of Your Own Artwork
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alchemist x
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its been a LONG time sense i posted artwork anywhere. but here it is happy.gif and hopefully there will be more soon im starting to get into the stuff i used to do like.... come here XD and update dA

and i used.... ONLY a mechanical pencil 0.7mm

<Edited to switch the posting of 1 oversize pic from Image posting to Attachment to stop stretching of the forum page sideways. ^^ 03/05/07 ~Tombow>
@Alch. - Very nice!! And you did that ONLY with 0.7 mm mechanical pencil?? Wow!!
I'm very impressed!! Nice work!! biggrin.gif
Can't wait to see more of your postings!! ^^

(BTW, I switched the posting of the pic from Image function to Attachment. If you like, check out Sedond post of this thread for "How to post pics in this forum." biggrin.gif )
alchemist x
XD oh alright, and thanks happy.gif
Alc nice..... me likee!!!!!
Alch, I really like it too! happy.gif
Nice work Alch.!
I agree every who said they liked it happy.gif (You just reminded me that I can't shade D:)
alchemist x
happy.gif thankies much, and if you want here is my dA account Alchey
QUOTE(AA battery @ Mar 5 2007, 02:41 AM) [snapback]513586[/snapback]
QUOTE(joanne45 @ Mar 5 2007, 01:48 AM) [snapback]513571[/snapback]
QUOTE(AA battery @ Feb 25 2007, 06:02 PM) [snapback]509505[/snapback]

I love your sig....I put add on my faves: my name's peachmog!

Thank you! But actually I didn't draw it; it's a birthday present given to me by my friend. happy.gif I am advertising it for her using my sig, that's all happy.gif <-- for once I am not uploading FMA fanart... OMG?

That's okaii..I luv that art...tee-hee! Let me try this...
Cheez_n_ Maeve
Tombow~ Thanks! She's one of the characters in the comic that i just FINALLY got started on. Haha. I've even predrawn the entire intro minus one page 'cause i can't figure out how i want it's layout to be like, but i need to work out a few more bugs (such as a name for my antagonist, what im calling the book everyone is searching for, and the name of the mage who wrote it, What the book actually is, what the antagonist is going to look like, why sarafina wants the book, etc, etc, etc.) It's a good thing I'm teaming up with my best friend for this (being as it's our first). Two brains = better than one, no? (faster than one too)
My business is going to be (mainly) face painting for corporate events and parties. I have to go get a licence, start a web page, get an outfit (or five), and supplies. Supplies and the outfit(s) are going to most likely cost twice as much as everything else. Probably more. I'm already looking at about $50 just for six good quality brushes- nice and soft- great for face painting. Approximately $100 for albums (to put the pictures of what i can do), a palette, and some palette knives. And everyone knows about clothing. I haven't even found paints and glitter yet. @.@ I'm really picky about glitter too. It has to be fine not course. I hate course glitter. Ew.....
As for the kitcatmeows, even though they are a pain in the butt, what would we do without them? *Squeezes mozart so tightly he growls at me (do that all the time... its funny!)*

Alch~ That's so cute!!! I lurv it! Especially the ears.^^^
Yeah, Tombow! XD I miss u too! ^^ *Falls from glomps* So nice to see ya too! Man, I'm so astonished with the progress in this forum! Never thought it could go on till today! You're awesome Tombow! Thumbs up to ya for making it a success! XD You're an amazing mod! ^^ College is good! Seems pretty fine these days.. But it's gonna be a 3 month holiday, so I'll get to post every now and then! ^^ But not occasionally. ^^; I'm already on 2nd year of college! Next I'll be up for the 3rd year! X) What about ya? Got any progress to share? I'm soooo far behind in all this! XDD
All hail Tombow! *bows* happy.gif
This is one of my periodic Public Service Announcement. ^^

Anyone who'd like to post your fanart in this forum, but feel intimidated to open your own thread, or just simply don't feel like opening a thread, this thread is for everyone to post his/her fanart. Feel free to post your fanart here!! biggrin.gif

Now that's done...
@ゆきえいり - Thanks!! ^^

@KiorujiXeroxGurl - Isn't it great that this thread keeps growing and growing?
And, people who post here are very nice people, too!! I bet you'll love to meet many new people who joined here since you took the break!! ^^
Speaking of.. glad your college life is going well!! Yes, you got to visit us more, especially during the break!! "kay?? biggrin.gif
As for my "progress".. I got promoted to be a Mod, as you can see.. ^^
[spoiler](And, I got Best Mod Award, and Best Member/Life Time Achievement Award for this year's Board Award by member votes. ^^)[/spoiler] (It's our new spoiler tag.. highlight to read. ^^)
Hope to see you around more!! happy.gif

@Cheez_n_ Maeve - Your business adventure sounds good!! Yeah, I can see investing in good brushes makes a good sense!! Wishing you many many satisfied customers!! happy.gif
(And, the kitties rulez!! ^^)
And, also... Happy 19th Birthday!! Hope you have a great birthday today!! ^^
Cheez_n_ Maeve
Tombow~ Ty!! I actually reached the ripe old age of 19 without ever breaking a bone, getting hit by a car, or spilling my brains all over the concrete. Being that i bike everywhere and i live in southern california, that's saying something. Wow, I feel old. Hahaha.
@seventh_sky - Nice drawings!!
The last three all got beautiful eyes!!
And, I love the first Seth one with digital shading!!
I think the shading and highlighting on that one came out very well!
Please keep up!! biggrin.gif
I sense a lack of FMA fanart...
Therefore.. =)
Click to view attachment
It took me some time to get the shape of the chin right. The position of the eyes proved to be troublesome too dry.gif. Then I had trouble determining what style to use on the eyes. Oh well, it turned out fine and I can always change it later xP.

C'mon people! Post your artworks!! tongue.gif
@baKa-neKoh - That is a lovely Winry!!
I love the hat!! Looking very nice and sweet!! Nice job!! happy.gif
Hehe. I've read your mod award thingy! XD Really cool! Congrats for being the mod! ^^ I always root for ya! I did a banner before for you about being a mod, but I guess I'm too late for that.. ^^; Sorry. But anyway, thanks for everything! ^^ Sure glad to see you!

I can't send any pics right now coz my scanner is broken. Maybe I'll come and check out when I have the time.

Oooh, and I love yer Winry baKa-neKoh! It's sweet! XD

Oh, yeah! I wanna know all the people in here! It's been a while, and there's so many new ones I dunno! XD

K. TTFN! biggrin.gif
Hikari sketch
Gasp! I drew non-FMA fanart!
It's just Hikari from Pokemon Pearl/Diamond.
Her design was cute and she's already one of my favorite characters even though I've only seen one episode of Pearl/Diamond and I haven't played the new games yet.....
And yes that's her in my avatar.
Elise Elric
Good work, Nekokitty. happy.gif

Here is one of my works. It's a little light. happy.gifU

Click to view attachment
@Nekokitty - That Hikari sketch is so cute!!
Very nice!! happy.gif

@Elise Elric - Welcome to the thread!! I'm glad you made it to this thread!! ^^
That Ed is cute!! I love the V-sign pose!! biggrin.gif

@KiorujiXeroxGurl - Thanks!! ^^ Yap, I know, I remember you had this whole thing in your sig about it... even though I wasn't even running for it.. ^^ That was sooo nice of you!! happy.gif
Yeah, contrary to what it might have looked to others, I wasn't running for it, then one day I logged on, and then like... something looked different, and then went like, whoa!! XDDD
KiorujiXeroxGurl: Nice to see you back in this thread. biggrin.gif I hope you do post more of your art here. smile.gif
Nekokitty: OMG that's so cute!! wub.gif
Elise Elric: The peace sign is so cute!! laugh.gif Oh, and welcome to the thread! smile.gif

So nice to know that this thread still lives. laugh.gif
Elise Elric
Yay! Thank you, Thank you. People loves the peace sign! I just had to add it. It fit so well. happy.gif I'll draw some more!
Thanks Tombow and Baka-Nekoh. smile.gif
Here's another drawing I was planing on coloring digitally.
I promise to post the colored version when I finish.
Neko Ed lineart
Wow! He's so cute! biggrin.gif
@Nekokitty - That Neko-Ed will be so good with coloring!!
Can't wait to see it colored!! happy.gif
Wow, I actually bothered to lineart something, which is pretty amazing.

I can't believe it took me that long but still....
Nekokitty: O_O He's so cute!!! laugh.gif I'd love to see it coloured happy.gif
seventh sky: Woah, even if it did take a long time, it's really good.. great drawing biggrin.gif
@seventh_sky - Nice drawing on that lineart!!
Nice clean lines, and I love the hair details!!
Nice job!! happy.gif
Elise Elric
Spring Break FMA

Newest work. Hope you like it.
Yay, Spring Break laugh.gif
Thats really cute Elise happy.gif Haha, Ed looks hyped up xD
@Elise Elric - I like that very much!! biggrin.gif
They look very much in character, and they are cute also!! ^^
I like your style!! happy.gif
Elise Elric
So much praise! I also put Riza and Roy in the background, and I think Riza was enjoying herself with Roy chasing her and all XD
Thank you, thank you *Bows*

A little note here. The girl talking to Winry is me. Though I look nothing like that.... I wish I did XD
Uh, I just finished this about 10 minutes ago. It's a closeup of Darshia's (Sp?) "wolf eye" in the last episode of the Show "Wolf's Rain." So yes, it's fanart. I thought I'd share, and hope for comments.

Clicky for Picture

EDIT: I just did this one, too. It's of my friend's dog, but a bit cartoony. Kind of weird.

Clicky for Picture

Also, here is version of Sephiroth adapted onto a Dog-like-"thingy" unfamiliar to this site. Kind of wierd as well.

Clicky for Picture

Some Spring Design, done on MS paint:

Clicky for Picture

Twilight Warrior Alchemist
here is my first FMA fanart. I'm sorry,
I couldn't get the regular reply to work.
@Elric13 and Twilight Warrior Alchemist, welcome to the fanart forum!! happy.gif

@Elric13 - Nice drawings!!
Wolf' eye is very dramatic, and nicely done!!
My best favorite among these are the doggie pic!!
It's fun and cute and it got the nice personality!!
Hope you'll post more of your drawings!! happy.gif

@Twilight Warrior Alchemist - Nice drawing of Riza!!
I'm a big Riza fan, so this makes me very happy!! happy.gif
Hope you can post some more FMA fanarts also!!
And, I'm assuming you are using Internet Explorer as your browser??
You might like to check out Can't use ADDREPLY button? thread.
It has a helpful posting hints for using FASTREPLY also. biggrin.gif
@Elric13 - Very nice!!
I like the unique coloring of the horse one!! Nice shadowing and highlighting, too!!
And, Kohaku koi one is almost humorous, and stylized water background matches nicely also!!
I like it very much!! happy.gif
One might notice a few things about this picture, for example, the costumes which indicate this being an incident long in the past probably from a time when Greed and Envy's rivalry didn't escalate to the sealing incident and perhaps when they were able to semi-stand each other; or the very aggressive leaning of Envy, as well as the positioning of hands for both of them- Envy with one hand near Greed's tie, the other end of which is in his mouth which makes it remarkably easy for him to strangle Greed from where he is at any moment, Greed with one hand at the back of Envy's neck, ready to snap if given provocation and the other hand transformed into the claw-like form covered by his sheild, and then there's Envy's right hand on Greed's thigh which, in concert with the rest of their body language, illustrates the tension between these characters which is both violent and sexual in nature.

But mostly, Greed/Envy is sexy, and so are cravats. <3

(Haha, I love BS-ing fake artistic meanings on stupid doodles. It usually works too. XD)
Elric Thirteen: I really like the different blue hues on your horse artwork; it has a rather calming and serene feel to it. I also like the colouring on the Kohaku Koi artwork.

First of all, your signature is sheer genius. The Alphonse easter egg is a work of art. You did a wonderful job capturing the emotion of the scene in your artwork of Greed and Envy; I can almost feel the heightened tension between the both of them. I like this artwork because Greed and Envy look much more human. I often don't see pictures of Envy looking human. (I love their clothing in this artwork!)
QUOTE(Elric13 @ Apr 16 2007, 09:22 PM) [snapback]531333[/snapback]
I'm really impress with the first one, looks amazing O.O
The second one is as good.
@Toby-Chan - Tehehe, I don't know which I enjoy more.. viewing that drawing, or reading your fake artsy explanations!! biggrin.gif
Anyway, I enjoy both. happy.gif
Elise Elric
I hath returned with more art!


And Again


P.S. - These pictures are a year old. I forgot I had them XD
QUOTE(Elise Elric @ Apr 21 2007, 07:30 PM) [snapback]533942[/snapback]
I hath returned with more art!

Really Nice, l like how the image kinda has light^^
Elise Elric
Praise. I love it! Thanks, Zarp. It does look cool with the light. happy.gif


I now made a thread for my art. I will continue to post here but a whole collection will be contained in my topic. Thank you.
@Elise Elric - Those are cute characters!! I like them!! biggrin.gif
BTW, I see you got your own thread for your collection!! Nice!! ^^
Since you got your own thread, for the ones you post on that thread we can comment on them there.. you still have choice of posting your drawings here, or on your own thread, but generally, no need to post on both threads. happy.gif
Wow blink.gif blink.gif theres sooo many amazingly great talented artists in here!! I am shocked how good you all are at drawing, i mean you all have your own talent in drawing [thats what makes it so cool biggrin.gif]. Geesh i mean i am in awe mode right now tongue.gif. Thank you everyone for showing your drawings, i really think your all great artists wink.gif.
Elise Elric
@Tombow- Good point. So I guess if you want to see more of my art, you know where to find me!

I'll still come here and critique artwork. happy.gif
I thought you meant that you where gonna comment on other people's stuff and post your art in your own thread XD
Random art dump time >_>

Yeah, comments and such are on their respective pages, this is just a little bit of the stuff I've been scanning in lately, but it's definitely the best of it XD
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