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Full Version: The Beauty Of Your Own Artwork
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Cheez_n_ Maeve
Wow that's a really good pic of Ed Frozen!

Well I finished the underwater pic.
Here it is:
IPB Image
I think it turned out pretty good. Not quite what I wanted it to look like but oh well. C'est La Vie.

Though I'm still working on four other things still I realized that tomorrow is my Mom's b-day. It's just a sketch so far but I've got to finish it soon. I'm not used to drawing Mother and child pictures and when i started drawing it, it ended up sucking majorly. So I kinda stole Mrs. Hughes' pose from the manga and changed a few things body wise to make it look more like my mom when she was younger. The face is all mine though. bwahaha.
IPB Image
"Sadness and Sorrow" is the saddest song ever..

Whoa! Not bad, man. I luv your Naruto ones. Were these originals or did you look at other drawings and pictures while drawing them?

Cheez_n_ Maeve
I remember that water one! I luv that colour how its got dark colours and I luv the persons hair, how it floats up like that! Nice stuff! I also liek your second one too! Its so cute, I like that little kid there.

That's awesome! And the coloured one is the best thing ever. Dont stop, man. Draw more!

Frozen Ice Alchemist
Thats one of ma favourite pics of Edo! Nice work, especially with colouring, ma friend!

First one Ive posted so many times and its from last year but oh well, Im posting again so bad luck! tongue.gif Its Edo with a snowboard, yup. (colouring and photoshop skills are a big fat no no)

Second is of Naruto + Beany (he looks too grown up), I coloured that one with CONNECTA PENZ!! esufhousdhgoisdjls! Pretty stupid of me, but yeah.
Ta da~~!
EDIT: *has just realised how BIG these pics are* Oops, sorry guys, they're really big.
@ #1_alchemist
Great pictures.. I LOVE YOUR STRIKE!! I think its pretty cool~ ohmy.gif In fact, its something I can never draw happy.gif

@ Cheez_n_ Maeve
Your underwater picture is really good.. I LURVE the way you painted it biggrin.gif and your sketch is nice too!

@ Jelly_Belly
Thanks, but it shouldn't go to me as the drawing is not mine.. hehe.. I'll post mine sometime later, but not coloured using a software (I suck @ using softwares)
Your Ed may look more mature but its still GREAT~ Its like seeing future Ed in our world eh? wink.gif Your colouring skills is awesome.. i envy you tongue.gif kiddin'..
Fayth Prophecy
QUOTE(Tombow @ May 27 2006, 06:22 AM) [snapback]401729[/snapback]

@Fayth Prophecy - So nice to see your post again!!
I actually like both!!
I think the left one is very nice, too!!
Looking foward to seeing rest of your recent artworks!! happy.gif

Well then you're in luck^^

Izawa Riiko- Absolute Boyfriend
WOOT! I dunno wat to say! XD All of those pictures are awesome! I can't recall all of them but I admit, all the drawings are awesome! Keep up the good work lads! ^^
Cheez_n_ Maeve
Jelly_Belly and MeLRizA~ Thank you soo much. Actually, the kid is supposed to be me @about two. lol.
KiorujiXeroxGurl~ I just had to tell you but my friend Kyleen and I love yer avi. It's cute and odd!
Lone Wolf
Hey y'all great stuff out there!

I decided I'd post another one of my pics. This one is a more recent piece (made like, two days ago... *sweatdrop*), and I made it entirely from scratch on the computer. I liked it so much that I shrunk it down to use it as my new avvy... (Uploading the darn thing was a pain though...) Here it is:

@MeLRizA - Your friend kero-chan is very talented!!
I really like the colored version!!
Drawing, coloring, they're all skillfully done, and I love the color scheme!!
It's beautiful!! smile.gif

@#1_alchemist - Wow, those are awsome!!
Very maticulously done!! It's impressive!!
I like Naruto very much!!
But, oh my, that Strike is so pricise, so accurate, it's amazing!!
Nice jobs!! biggrin.gif

@Cheez_n_ Maeve - Oh, you got that sinking girl completed!!
Wow, it came out so myterious and beautiful!!
Those bubbles, it's like they are the only ones braking the silence, in otherwise deadly silent fall.
So calm, yet so dramatic!!
And, I LUV your sketch of your mom and the girl!!
She looks beautiful, and the whole pic is so gentle and lovely!!
I bet your mom will be thrilled to have this on her birthday!! happy.gif

@Fayth Prophecy - That one looks so good, but I can see only half!! sad.gif
Could you try to re-upload it again??? unsure.gif

@Lone Wolf - Wow, that looks so good!!
The butterfly is beautiul, and I love the color scheme, with the pale green background!!
The whole pic feels like of a Japanese Haiku describing refreshing early summer scene, or something.
Beautiful job!! happy.gif
Wow, so many new and awesome drawings! They get better and better! ^^

@ Frozen Ice Alchemist - Your Ed drawing is awesome! You're good with color pencils. And that suit looks good on him smile.gif

@ MeLRizA - Wow, I love your drawing, and the colored one turned out awesome! She is pretty. And, a great pose she's in. Looks like it must've been very hard to draw!

@ #1_alchemist - Your drawings are good! And you did a great job on the last one, it's so detailed. I don't know the character, but I couldn't draw that in years!

@ Cheeze_n_Maeve - The underwater pic turned out great! I really love it. The water is very dark, she must be sinking deep. Awesome work! And the drawing for your mother is so cute ^^

@ Jelly_belly - I love that pic of Ed! I can already see him snowboarding biggrin.gif I think you did a good job on the coloring. The shading and hghlighting is well done. Why does he have a patch on his cheek? Reminds me of Nelly tongue.gif

@ Fayth Prophecy - I can also only see half of the picture. Please try to re-upload it. It looks very good.

@ Lone Wolf - Wow you did that entirely from scratch on the computer? That's amazing! I love the colors, and the details on the wings. Great job!
Jelly_belly - Thanks, but I can't remember where i got those naruto pictures or if it was original. I was a better drawer before though so i don't know. these days im just too lazy.

Galorfilinde and Tombow - Thank you! I will never draw another gundam in my life though. It takes too loong. mad.gif
QUOTE(Cheez_n_ Maeve @ May 28 2006, 02:42 PM) [snapback]402424[/snapback]

Jelly_Belly and MeLRizA~ Thank you soo much. Actually, the kid is supposed to be me @about two. lol.
KiorujiXeroxGurl~ I just had to tell you but my friend Kyleen and I love yer avi. It's cute and odd!

Ha, that's the reason I put it up! I love it too Cheez_n_ Maeve ! ^^ Anyway, thanks! Wonderful art by the way you got there! I see that you updated the pic in water! Veryy nice and astonishing indeed! ^^

That's lovely LoneWolf! ^^ I love it very much indeed! I adore butterflies! Especially purple ones! ^^

Oh, almost forgot! Frozen Ice Alchemist! ^^ Aww! I think your coloring skills ish still great! I love them just the way they are! You have the right skill just to color art! ^^ yeah.. Waaaay... better than me.. ^^;

Awwhh.. You guys artworks rocks! ^^ Sorry I can't put any of mine right now.. Busy..busy.. busy.. ^^;
Cheez_n_ Maeve
Lone Wolf~wow that is beautiful!! it has a very soft and peaceful look to it!
KiorujiXeroxGurl,Tombow, & Galorfilinde~ Thanx you guys! You're so sweet!
So many new artworks!

@#1_alchemist: Wow! A gundam! Gundams are a real pain to draw but I like yours a lot! laugh.gif I tried one once and i swear I'll never attempt it again! happy.gif

@ MeLRizA: You're friend has got some great skills! Tell her her artwork is awesome, will you? happy.gif

@ Cheez_n_ Maeve: That looks so good! If it's only a sketch I'd love to see the finished one! I think it's really sweet you do something like this for your mother, I'm sure she'll love it!
And you're underwater pic turned out really pretty! Great job! biggrin.gif

@ Fayth: I love the first one and what I can see of your latest! biggrin.gif I hope you'll fix that pic soon, I'm kinda curious biggrin.gif

@ Lone Wolf: Oh! That's really really pretty! I feel calm just looking at it. I think it's something with the colors. Great job!

@ Everyone I missed: Sorry! It was a lot to catch up with and it's really kinda late *needs to go to sleep* I'll write you an extra long one next time laugh.gif
Fayth Prophecy
Sorry about that^^ My computer decided to do that whole "Internet Explorer has run into a problem and...blah blah blah."

So here's the pic:
IPB Image
@ Tombow & Keoni
ThankZ~ I'll tell her that (^^=)

@ Galorfilinde
Thanks for your compliment, but the credit shouldn't be mine as its kero-chan's masterpiece.. hehehz.. I'll make sure she checks in here later (^o^) *got hereself bashed up by kero-chan for copyright matters*

@ Fayth Prophecy
Your Riko Izawa is soooo sweet biggrin.gif I love her blush, soo cute!

@ Lone_Wolf
Its AWESOME.. Im amazed at how you could draw such a beautiful picture on computer.. I just suck @ it Its got some calming effect.. *breathes in.. breathes out..*
I haven't done much lately.

Well, that's a lie. I've done a lot, just not anything that's share-worthy.

Here's a sketch I made the other day that I hope to paint soon.

I don't know what's got me into poignant macabre art lately.
Lone Wolf
Wow... I didn't realize my piece was so calming... Thanks everyone for your wonderful comments!

Oh, and Tombow I like the idea of writing a Haiku for my artwork! Are you volunteering or something? laugh.gif

@Fayth Prophecy: I like it. Yet another piece from Absolute Boyfriend! lol

@Toby-Chan: It's cool, and a very good sketch, but it's kinda creepy - really bony people... ph34r.gif
@ Fayth Prophecy - I love the drawing! She's so cute and pretty. Maybe the blush is a little too much, but overall it's a good drawing happy.gif

@ MeLRizA - Sorry for misunderstanding ^^; I thought you drew it, and she colored it. My compliments go to your friend, Kero-chan!

@ Toby-Chan - That's a cool drawing! It's a little creepy though. I think it will look awesome painted

Fayth Prophecy
Thanks everyone^^

Oh! And Galorfilinde, that blush is supposed to be like that^^ (see piccy^^)

Here's something that I got bored with (and I only had a red marker, so please deal with it the best you can.)

You saw Kairi in pencil...Now marker.
@Fayth Prophecy - Oh, that Riko is soooo cute and pretty!!
I love those beautiful eyes!! happy.gif
And, wow, you can draw with red marker, and came out that good?
That's amazing!! biggrin.gif

@Toby-Chan - Wow, I see you were in an interesting zone when you made that one!!
The art is strangely beautiful, and yeah, into Macabre, I see..
Actually, that pic reminds me of Auschwitz. mellow.gif
(Hope you're not into Anorexia, right?? laugh.gif )
It's such a quiet pic, yet like shouting at the same time!! It's so artistic!!
I'm curious to see it colored, too!! smile.gif

@Lone Wolf - Yeah, that beautiful pic is definitely calling for a Haiku!! biggrin.gif
(If I can come up with one to go with that pic, I'll let you know!!) happy.gif
*returns to visit thread after being bashed up into a pulp by kero-chan*

Hi everyone~ laugh.gif
WOW.. great drawings.. I like them a lot ^^.. Fayth, you drew that using a marker? There seems to be no errors in the drawing.. sugoii~ ohmy.gif I always make errors in my drawings, that is why I stick to pencils.. Toby-chan, your sketch seems to show lots of emotion in it.. I wish to se the coloured one soon, Im sure it would be beautiful and still, full of emotions biggrin.gif
Oh, Fayth! I like your artwork! It's soo nice! And it is soo adorable! That Riko pic and Kairi is really pretty! I love the way you use the red marker for Kairi's pic! It's nice!

Heya Toby-chan! Wow! That's a good artwork! It does has emotions playing with it! I can see two hungry peoples in desperate in love. What I mean is, I see that even though they're living poor, but no unfortunate life gonna stop them from being together! (well, that's what the pic is giving into my mind) But, I do love it! ^^ Yeah, hope to see it colored soon! ^^

Some pic I made. It was suppose to be grown up Sora and Kairi pic... But well... It looks kinda awkward as it looks not the same as the origin ones.. ^^;


@KiorujiXeroxGurl - Oh, nice pic of "grown up" Sora and Kairi!! happy.gif
Oh but wait, is Sora crying in that pic?? unsure.gif
Frozen Ice Alchemist
@Everyone: Thanks for the comments!! And also, the automail on that pic of Edo I hate posted before was slightly TOO dark... ^^U I had a better one but my friend requested me to draw that for her so I gave my good one to her and did another one instead~ XD I'll be back with more pics soon! I have one in progress with my drawing teacher. It'll be finished soon I think!
QUOTE(KiorujiXeroxGurl @ May 30 2006, 03:53 AM) [snapback]403410[/snapback]
Heya Toby-chan! Wow! That's a good artwork! It does has emotions playing with it! I can see two hungry peoples in desperate in love. What I mean is, I see that even though they're living poor, but no unfortunate life gonna stop them from being together! (well, that's what the pic is giving into my mind) But, I do love it! ^^ Yeah, hope to see it colored soon! ^^

Wow, from you and everyone those were some interesting interpretations. I prefer to leave my art, especially pieces like this, objective, but your interpretations on it were very different from what I originally intentioned. Not a bad thing at all, just interesting.

I could just go on being ambiguous, but you may like to know a few of my intents on it.

For one; both figures in the sketch are meant to be the same personage. At different times, different realms, different states of reality perhaps even. I thought perhaps to revisit the old art days in which paintings were given literal titles and calling it "A man embracing his own corpse", but that title does sort of shoot down the other intent I had for the figure to be androgynous. Thus the lack of hair and discerning sexual features; just a plain human being.

Tombow- Interesting you bring up the holocaust; some very emotional stories I encountered did a lot to goad me on to draw this. Those aren't the sole purpose. I remember getting basic concepts for this image triggered by many things; my study of human psychology, knowledge of poverty, drug addiction, all sorts of ugly pieces of human nature. I usually only like making beautiful things in art, but there are some times when perhaps even the repulsive can be beautiful in its own way.
And no, I don't have an anorexic fixation or anything of the sort. Healthy human beings make beatiful images. But, troubled human beings make powerful images. That's why I sketched the first figure as a skeleton first; I wanted it to be disturbing.
IPB Image

I drew this and posted up on my Korean Site [Some What Like My Space]

If you happen to know what Naruto is [Which I belive all of you do]... My aunt works at Naruto by drawing

the basic sketch for them. She was the one who had an idea of an oeakaki...

Well... I got personal tutor from her for four years... Since I was in Middle School.

I drew this about a month ago in her studio. She helped me with the Open Canvas to enhance the color

renderring and smooth touching, but most of the work was done by me!

So..... enjoy I hope you enjoy watching
^ Woot~ That was uber-awesome drawing laugh.gif The little Ed and Al are so alike to the originals! I do enjoy staring at how well its done XD Besides, I love the colouring.. it's really bright and the whole picture stands out very well smile.gif
QUOTE(Ücälypse @ May 30 2006, 05:32 PM) [snapback]403623[/snapback]

IPB Image

That's just fantastic and very appealing to me. I love the softness you conveyed throughout the piece and I just really love the mood. The lineart, and especially the coloring is done so excellently, and just the lightening and the shading, just, phenominal. I love that piece a lot. Theres just a lot to say about this picture and a lot of artistic components :] Me likey~.
Celestial Shadow
Uhm...Here is a random piece of my crappy artwork >~
QUOTE(Edsrhimp @ May 30 2006, 09:25 PM) [snapback]403666[/snapback]

QUOTE(Ücälypse @ May 30 2006, 05:32 PM) [snapback]403623[/snapback]

IPB Image

That's just fantastic and very appealing to me. I love the softness you conveyed throughout the piece and I just really love the mood. The lineart, and especially the coloring is done so excellently, and just the lightening and the shading, just, phenominal. I love that piece a lot. Theres just a lot to say about this picture and a lot of artistic components :] Me likey~.

Well... Why Thank You! It was one of the best... I will say practically the best review of my drawing!

I am currently working on more and more. I will present them ASAP to get some more admonshiments and

Ho-ho. Yeah Tombow. It's Kairi actually that is crying. It has something to do with a fanfic I made before. But That's a long story... Sora is more like worried as you can see the sweatdrop at his face. Yeah, loooong story.. ^^;

Urm yeah. Almost forgot. ^^ Welcome to the board Ücälypse! ^^ Nice drawing you got there! Soo detailed! I love your artwork! Reminds me of Edsrhimp's too! ^^ Adorable drawing of Al and Ed!

Heya, Celestial Shadow! ^^ Nice to see you dropping out here. ^^ Welcome to the thread! That's a lovely pic of Itsuki pic! I love how you use the colors on it! Great view for me! ^^

Well, Toby-chan! That's how I elaborate your drawing! It ish really good! ^^ It's simple, but good!Yeah, I think the tittle of "Man embracing his own corpse" is cool too! Never thought of that. But it's a great piece. I'll be waiting for it to be colored too! ^^

Helo there Frozen Ice Alchemist! Can't wait to see your upcoming drawings! ^^ Oh, and yeah. Your welcome indeed! ^^

Lone Wolf
@Ücälypse: OO Wow... That's amazing... you're so lucky to have a great tutor! Someday, I hope to be able to use a computer like that for my pieces!

Speaking of pieces, I finished another one... This one was actually one of my older pieces, but I decided to do a "revisit" and add a bit more detail (shadows, etc...) However, thanks to the retardedness of my computer, the image is very blurry and the strokes very... pixelated... mad.gif


It was inspired by a lightning storm near my house.
Fayth Prophecy
Thank you everyone for your comments^^

I'll post others when I get finished, since I've been doing a lot of Gaia avi art^^;

This one I <33^^
@ Lone Wolf
Cool artwork.. Its like as if I can see a lightning storm there! XD

@ Fayth Phophecy
That was sooo cute XD I love the expression!!

I've just altered Roy's hairstyle and I put it up under another thread.. I wish you guys can make some comments about it.. I know this is disastrous, but just give me any comment, negative or not i don't mind.. Most importantly, may I ask if the face does look like the original Roy Mustang?
Here's the link to Roy with SPIKY-HAIR (^^=)
Tombow here they are, Ed and Hughes.
I also made this two with paint.
And with the cut paste thing I made a couple of gruop pictures.
Hope you like them.

IPB ImageIPB Image

IPB Image
IPB Image
@Ücälypse - Wow, that one is so well done!!
The darwing, coloring, highlighting & shadowing, everything looks so professional!!
Awsome job!!

@Celes-san - Nice to see you with your art here!!
That Itsuki looks so nice!!
I don't know the character, but judging from your artwork, looks like really nice & cool guy!!
I like it very much!! happy.gif

@Toby-Chan - "A person embracing own corpse" makes sense!! Yeah, I noticed androgynous part. And, I agree about troubled human beings (often) make powerful images. smile.gif

@Frozen Ice Alchemist - Looking forward to seeing your next artwork!!

@Lone Wolf - That is such an artistic pic!! Yeah, toobad about pixelating, but that made it look even more mysteriously beautiul, I think!!
Nice job!! happy.gif

@Fayth Phophecy - That's so cute and sweet!!
Very lovely!! I like it very much!!^_^

@MeLRizA - Hehe, I LUV your spiked-haired Roy!! biggrin.gif

@55th_animalalchemist - I love your style of drawing!!
It's so unique and cute and sweet!!
You made them into an awsome sig!! biggrin.gif
IPB Image

Heres a little something I whipped up last night, I don't like how it looks like finished but I'm glad I still have ths sketch.
So many new art!

@ Toby-chan: You're drawing is really powerfull, it struck me and left me a little speechless! It's something I can't really put my finger on, but there's something about the picture that makes me like it a lot and don't like it at the same time. I think the shadowing and positioning of the two people are great! You're really talented. I would love to see the finished piece. smile.gif

@ Edshrimp: I like that one, I like the way you used to colors, they make it seem a bit unreal happy.gif Great job!

@ MeLRizA: I could see it's Roy strait away, so it does look like Roy happy.gif I like how you did his eyes! well done!

@Ücälypse: Wow! I like that one! The colors are really peacefull. And I wish I had a tutor like that! *could really use one*

@Fayth: Nice to see the rest of the drawing tongue.gif I like it a lot, it's pretty! I like the second one too. You sure have guts using a marker for drawing. I always mess up at least 200 times, so I'll stick to my trusty pencils.

@ Lone Wolf: LOL when I was looking at the link, I thought it was a picture! Great job! I like the way it looks just like a real storm.

@ KiorujiXeroxGurl: I really like your Sora and Kairi drawing, the expressions are great!

Owkay: I did this one of Roy when I was practicing for a fanart-contest. It's just the face (that was what I needed to practice at wink.gif )
Tell me what you think, and some suggestions on how to fix it (somethings wrong, but I don't know what) would be really appreciated happy.gif

@ Ücälypse - Welcome to the board! Wow, that's such an amazing drawing you got there! You're very good! I love the colors, and the shading and highlighting is awesome! You must be lucky with such a professional tutor ^^ They both look adorable. Please show us more of your amazing work!

@ Celestial Shadow - That's a nice pic ^^ I really like the eyes and the hair.

@ Lone Wolf - I like that landscape pic! I think the pixely lightening is good, because otherwise the pic might have been too smooth, which takes away the tension.

@ Fayth Prophecy - aww that pic is soo cute! I <3 it too! ^^

@ MeLRizA - I really love your Spikey-hair-roy pic! He is hot XD

@ 55th_animalalchemist - Wow, you did that in paint?? That is very good! I like them. And Black Hayate is so cute happy.gif I suggest you to download photoshop or paint shop pro. You can download free (and legal!) trials at their official website. If you can make such art with paint, I'm sure you can make really awesome art with one of these programs. They have much more possibilities.

@ Edsrhimp - Awesome!! As usual tongue.gif I love the colors, and the border fits great with the image. The shading and highlighting is very well done, too. why don't you like it? I love it!

*Edit: @ Keoni - I was posting at the same time as you, and you were finished faster XD That pic of Roy looks good! You did a great job on the eyes and hair, and I have heard that there are often troubles when drawing his eyes or hair. I can't really tell what wrong. Maybe the jaw is a bit too wide? I don't know. I think it's a great pic, and it makes me even more curious for your entry tongue.gif
QUOTE(Keoni @ May 31 2006, 10:41 PM) [snapback]403870[/snapback]

So many new art!
@ MeLRizA: I could see it's Roy strait away, so it does look like Roy happy.gif I like how you did his eyes! well done!

Owkay: I did this one of Roy when I was practicing for a fanart-contest. It's just the face (that was what I needed to practice at wink.gif )
Tell me what you think, and some suggestions on how to fix it (somethings wrong, but I don't know what) would be really appreciated happy.gif

Aawww~ Thank you happy.gif I kept staring @ Roy's face on my laptop screen while drawing him.. so yeah, that's why I was able to do his eyes properly.. Your Roy pic is nice too laugh.gif , I can also see its him.. except that his ear is a little too small.. Would you mind enlarging it a little? tongue.gif All the best for your fan-art contest!!

@ Tombow & Galorfilinde
Thanks for reposting about my spiky-Roy~ biggrin.gif Now I have the feeling of doing something like this to Riza's hair.. *smirk* Meanwhile, I'll go and have a flirt with my new "Roy"..

@ Edshrimp
I like the sound of your username.. and woot~ What an awesomely cool artwork!! I love the colours too! XD
Wow! Thx 4 all the ppl who have took there time to write a review 4 my drawing!

Oh.. and I must say TY[Thank You!] To other users who have enjoyed watching my drawing...

Well... the drawing i posted was for my girl friend, actually... So i focused the amiability and the calm of

the characters and coloring!

Well this is how I usually draw when it comes to my hobby: drawing a manga!

IPB Image

Now... this is just a preview of my usual sketching style... I used paint & tablet & Open canvas...

I'm sorry that this work is not fully finished [No Color >_<]... But you know I get a motivation from so

many admonishments and reviews! smile.gif

I am actually working on something at this point and I will try to post them up as soon as they are finished

Once agn... enjoy watching!
Lone Wolf
Thanks everyone for your comments!

@Ücälypse: Wow... you rock. I wish I could draw manga like that... but I'm still practicing developing my own style... Will you tutor me? jk biggrin.gif

A small update for me: I just wanted t' let y'all know, I changed my avatar! I didn't think that the butterfly suited me well, so I made a new avvy. I hope it looks okay, it started out as an outline and... well, it grew! ^^;
Fayth Prophecy
Thank you all for your comments^^

Here's another avi peice.

And I also have the finished peice for KiorujiXeroxGurl^^

Tombow thank you ,I will try to do more drawings. biggrin.gif
Galorfilinde Thank you for gave me that info about the photoshop, I tried to download it before but I couldn`t find a free download. biggrin.gif
@Edsrhimp - Wow, you "whippes up" that one?? That's so good!!
I like the whole design... the color scheme, the character design, clothing, the background...
I think they all fit together nicely!!
I like it very much!!

@Keoni - I like your Roy!!
I think it's very very good!!
I can't find anything wrong... (I'm so useless!! laugh.gif )
Can't wait to see your entry!! happy.gif

@Ücälypse Oh, my...
Your manga drawing is so good, it leaves me breathless!!
Beautiful drawing, and full of emotions!!
It's awsome!! biggrin.gif

@Lone Wolf - You are getting wolf avi!! How fitting!! biggrin.gif
That's a beautiful wolf pic!!
I'd love to see the bigger version of that pic!! happy.gif

@Fayth Prophecy - Another awsomely cute avi drawing!!
You're on a roll!! biggrin.gif
And, I love your collaboration piece with KiorujiXeroxGurl!!
It came out very very nice!! happy.gif

@55th_animalalchemist - Can't wait to see more of your artwork!! happy.gif
Fayth Prophecy
Thank you Tombow^^

This peice was actually drawn for me by a fellow Gaian. Ritsuka from Loveless^^ *So please don't think I drew it^^;*
Ücälypse - Wow, I LOVE that drawing! It's amazing! Like Tombow said, it's so full of emotions! Maybe the flower he is holding in his hands could symbolize hope, that is slightly blowing away? Well, that's a little how I interpret it when I look at the sadness in his eyes. Are you gonna color that one too? I'm sure it will be very beautiful if you do ^^

@ Lone Wolf Wow, that avatar is awesome! And I love the mysterious and magical atmosphere! I'd like to see a bigger version too ^^

@ Fayth Prophecy - I really like your style! Again such a cute drawing! The eyes are so big and shiny, and the clother are awesome too. Love it ^^
That picture that was drawn for you is beautiful too! Must be great to receive something that's drawn for you personally smile.gif
Wow! Thx 4 all the comments!

@ Galorfilinde - Thx 4 the comment! Srry the drawing you praised

was too late to b colored... And I always color at my aunt's studio... She has more... you know color

enhancers and othercom programs...

Well... I visited her studio today and I drew Ed


IPB Image

Well... enjoy agn
@ Ücälypse - It's again very beautiful. I like the way you add your own style to the character. Did you crop the image? Cause I see a metal finger on the left smile.gif
Do you have a DeviantArt account?
@ Galorfilinde - Oh... no I don't have an account at DeviantArt that you are

speaking of... I usually enroll myself in Japanese or Korean sites when the matter comes to FMA fan art...

The metal hands? Well... I didn't have the time to draw a full image... So to make it look alive I just drew

a finger... I used something called sting scramble and cascade. These features can be found in Malcom Ku-

Rim... It's Korean art program from LG Electronics...

P.S - Oh and I sent you the reply to your question about the tablets! I hope it became a help to you..
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