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Full Version: The Beauty Of Your Own Artwork
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WOW~ so many AWESOME drawings laugh.gif i lurve all of them very much...

@Fayth Prophecy Great drawings of Kasumi.. They're very detailed X)
@Keoni soooooo cute! You have such great photoshop skills, me here, failed my photoshop test.. they kill me..
@Lone Wolf Your pencil drawing rockz my socks... ilurve your sketches.. they look so real XD I've just "advertised" them to my friend who loves such drawings, and she said IT WAS REAL COOL XD

Here, I was randomly drawing while listening to the song LASTMEETing (Hagaren Song BEST COMPILATION) and she turned out to look a little like winry in my POV.. =X
Maybe it doesn't? ha ha..
Wow MeLRizA! That is really beautifull! It does look like an older Winry, I love it a lot! biggrin.gif
Sorry to hear about your test! I agree, photoshop is an evil propgram laugh.gif But like the others said to me, practice will improve your skillz happy.gif

BTW: what kind of paper do you use? It's so dark. I think you're work would come out better if you used white paper. It gives a cleaner result. happy.gif

great job! please do some more smile.gif
Thanks for liking my drawing laugh.gif XD I was drawing on the back of my used school papers, sorry it appeared kinda dark =P

*yawnzz... its 1.05a.m.? so fast*

ehehez... Thanks once again laugh.gif
MeLRizA! I love your Winry! wub.gif She looks so matured! I always had trouble in drawing her eyes, but you did it very smoothly! Oh, how I envy you! Anyway, it's very good! ^^
Fayth Prophecy
Mel- Your Winry is pretty^^ I really like it a lot. And I know how you feel about the paper. I used to just take random papers and not care, but lately, I've been taking paper with me...Although my new one I used an old progress report, so that's why the paper is purple...

IPB Image
If you want to see the bigger version, just visit My dA page

That little oil like spot...Someone decided to drop part of their lunch on it...I am going to hurt them...
Haha.. laugh.gif I'm sure the person who does the oil thingy gets it for good! laugh.gif It's a lovely drawing, so I agree the person should really get one or two. ^^ Anyway.. I LOVE it! It's very pretty Fayth! ^^
Fayth Prophecy
Everyone else said the same^^ And thank you^^ And I actually used the recent chapter in Shojo Beat.
@MeLRizA - Your Winry is sooo lovely!! I actually see a bit of Riza in it, too.
Either way, beautiful drawing!! I really like it!! happy.gif

@Fayth Prophecy - That's an awsome job!!
Yeah, it's too bad about the oil stain!!
Thanks everyone for the comments, I'll use a white paper next time XD

@ Tombow> A little bit of Riza? blink.gif laugh.gif

@ Fayth I guess I'm really a blur-squid I haven't nitoced about the oil-stain until you said it.. No matter what, its a great drawing!! I luvb it a lot laugh.gif , especially the way you drew his eyes!!
Fayth Prophecy
Thanks both of you^^ I actually had to work a bit to get the eyes right. Right now, I'm working on another peice from Shojo Beat's magazines.
Lone Wolf
@MeLRizA: That does look like Winry! Great job!

@Fayth Prophecy: I like it, but I've never heard of that manga before... laugh.gif ;

Oh, and thanks everyone *grins* I'm glad y'all liked my piece. Maybe I'll post another one sometime soon... (like


I scanned this one into my computer and re-did it. However, y'all will have to wait to see the finshed product tomorrow! (I completed it a long while back, but I like to keep the suspense going! biggrin.gif )
Fayth Prophecy
Pretty^^ It's a Wolf Angel, isn't it? It's really pretty!!!

Oh, and the manga that I drew my pic from is actually called Absolute Boyfriend, but it's featured in Shojo Beat.
@ Lone Wolf: Really good! You're really good at drawing those wolves! They look almost.. real.. happy.gif (I don't know the actual manga/anime they come from, but I like it none the less biggrin.gif)

@ Fayth: Wow! That's really cool! I like how you did the eyes and expressions! Reaaly impressive. and btw, like MeLRizA, I didn't notice the oilstain untill you mentioned it. You must be so angry at that person mad.gif Doen't take away that it's a great job though happy.gif
Lone Wolf
Thanks y'all!

@Fayth Prophecy: Lots of people ask me if it's an angel wolf... I smile and say, "Well not exactly, I call them 'winged wolves', but we'll go with 'angel wolves' because that sounds better!" laugh.gif

@Keoni: It's not from any anime/manga, I made it myself out of my own head! biggrin.gif

As promised, here's the digitally redone version of "Golden Wolf"


It was my second piece ever done on my computer, so it isn't of the greatest quality, but I love the lighting! happy.gif
well, then I'm even more impressed! Great job

About the computer-edit: Wow! You put my photoshop skillz to shame! Great job! excellent! happy.gif
Heya Lonewolf! biggrin.gif That's a very lovely angel winged wolf! ^^ I like it very much indeed! I love the new colored version using photoshop too! You really got skill! XD I can't never do that.. dry.gif Anyway, it's really beautiful! happy.gif
@ Lone Wolf
*waves* Your wolf is sooo awesome!! I love how you drew the fluffiness of the furrr~ XD
Fayth Prophecy
I love the photoshopped version!!! Pretty^^
@Lone Wolf - Wow, I love that "winged wolf"!!
I like the first drawing also, but the finished product is amazing!!
The background adds so much more drama to the pic, and I love the fantasy like feel of the pic!!
It's beautiful!!
I made another kiddy Roy and Riza one happy.gif
I colored it with photoshop 7.0 and I think I'm slowly improving. happy.gif
Tell me what you think, okay?
Yup, you're improving alright Keoni! ^^ I love it! The color blend ish good! And it suits the drawing! ^^ Awwhh.. Ain't dat cute? Roy is protecting Riza! ^^ Sweet! I adore it! ^^

BTW- Lovely siggeh you got there MelRiza! ^^ Very nice indeed!
@Keoni - Awww, that pic of kid Roy and kid Riza is soooo sweet!!
I love the body language and expression of kid Roy, and kid Riza's left hand holding on to Roy's leg!!
I think the clean color sheme of red for kid Riza, and blue for kid Roy is working well here also.
It's so cute and sweet!! Great job!! biggrin.gif
Keoni and Lone Wolf
Dayum! Thats some SKILLZ! I luv your wolfs, Lone Wolf. And I luv ya child pic, Keoni

I wanna contribute! *begins to draw*
@ Keoni
I think they're just too sweet for me~ I can't put my comments down in wordsz *** laugh.gif Such picture is just too sweet to comment!! BTW, your photoshop skills are improving biggrin.gif

Thank you happy.gif I love the chibiness of this picture, so I put it as my siggie tongue.gif

Oohhh~ I can't wait to see your atrwork laugh.gif
@ MeLRizA - Wow, I love your drawing! She is pretty, and she looks like an older Winry indeed! The lines are very clean, too. Great job!

@ Fayth Prophecy - That's a great drawing you posted! And very detailed too. I like the tattoo under his eye, and the eyes turned out very good. If someone would drop their food on my drawing, I'd be so angry! Lucky it isn't on his face

@ Lone Wolf - Wow, the colored wolf is awesome! The uncolored version was already great, but you made it even more beautiful! I love the colors very much, and the sunlight. Great job!

@ Keoni - You're really improving! The coloring and shading is very well done! It's very cute, Roy protecting Riza. Yeah, I like it smile.gif
Lone Wolf
@ Keoni: I love your pic! It's sooo cute! biggrin.gif

Thanks everyone, for your encouraging words!
Thanks for all the nice comments everyone! It means a lot to me and makes me real happy! biggrin.gif
I'll keep practicing then. Thanks again for the encouragement! happy.gif
Lone Wolf
I love giving encouragement... It makes others feel great, and then their feeling great makes me feel great too! biggrin.gif
Damn there's some good fanarts here. I'm not that good, but I gave it a try.
Here it is:

I also did another one, but this one is REALLY screwed up. I did it so fast it got all smugy. and i can't draw hands...T.T dry.gif
ed's numbuh 1 fan
this is another one, i think it looks good , i did this in school so sorry for the thing on the back that shows through and sorry fr the lined paper ^^; eh heh

QUOTE(#1_alchemist @ May 25 2006, 07:57 AM) [snapback]400392[/snapback]

I also did another one, but this one is REALLY screwed up. I did it so fast it got all smugy. and i can't draw hands...T.T dry.gif

It looks GREAT!! I can tell you've put in quite an amount of effort to it.. Isn't the picture from the MOVIE Guidebok? You've done a great job anyways laugh.gif

@ed's numbuh 1 fan
Its good of course laugh.gif The lines aren't that obvious anyways.. I do scribble on lined-paper sometimes^_^
@#1_alchemist - Welcome to the thread!! smile.gif
Those are nice drawings!!
Ed looks handsome in the first one!!
And, the second one look nice, too!!
I like their expressions!! Nice jobs!!
Please post more!! biggrin.gif

@ed's numbuh 1 fan - Awww, that's a cute kimono girl!!
That's a lovely kimono, too!!
And, I think that sense fan is a nice touch!!
I like it very much!! happy.gif
Frozen Ice Alchemist
It's been a long long long time since I've last posted in this thread >.< Anyway, I'm back with more pics that I drew very recently in these few months. The sketch is really faint... I don't know why though tongue.gif
Heya #1_alchemist ! Welcome! =happy.gif= Ahha! Those are lovely drawings of Ed with the group! XD It's so cool looking! I love the shadings you did on the sec pic! The first ish like awesome! Keep it up! smile.gif

ed's numbuh 1 fan that's an adorable Kimono gurl! I love her smile. Make me warm inside. ^^

Frozen Ice Alchemist ! Wow! I love your artwork! Haven't see you for a long while! XD Really miss ya! Such a nice touch on the painting! I love them both! It looks so KAWAII!! I love the colors and the drawings as well! Nice work my friend! ^^
Sick art, man! Thats some sweet stuff. Try colouring it with photoshop or just pencil liek Frozen Ice Alchemist

I drew this just now. WIll colour it after studying. (yes studying) Its Ed! And leaves..oh dear.

Good work, people!
@ Frozen Ice Alchemist & Jelly_Belly
I LOVE your artworks!! They're really nice.. Frozen's look so alike to the original ones and you colouring skills are sooo good XD. Jelly's Ed looks really mature laugh.gif Did Ed grew vertically in your drawing? BTW, though your drawing is simple and neat, its still very nice^^..

I did a weird drawing while I was studying (taking a break).. I was listening to L'Arc-en-Ciel's STAY AWAY @ the same time..
click me please comment on how I can improve on the clothes design^^ I know its weird.. =X
BTW, she's wearing high-heel boots, but the picture is too dark as I took it using my digital camera.. I don't have a scanner sad.gif
Hey everyone! Thanks for the comment and welcoming me. biggrin.gif I just wanted to ask if i can post other fanart or is it just fma. I'm really a lazy drawer so i don't draw that much, but I do have some of other anime. ph34r.gif
hmm. I dont have much fma stuff that's actually scanned yet *dieinahole* young winry looking creepy and badly drawn lol 5 minute doodle XDDD

QUOTE(MeLRizA @ May 25 2006, 06:01 AM) [snapback]400644[/snapback]

I did a weird drawing while I was studying (taking a break).. I was listening to L'Arc-en-Ciel's STAY AWAY @ the same time..
click me please comment on how I can improve on the clothes design^^ I know its weird.. =X
BTW, she's wearing high-heel boots, but the picture is too dark as I took it using my digital camera.. I don't have a scanner sad.gif

that's very nice! I love her outfit. yah, I can tell her boots are highheel, it's fine. I think you totally win the internet
This is one of my weirdest pictures... Beyonce is holding a COCA COLA can (instead of PEPSI, cuz i hate PEPSI, I'm a coke fan) and Ed is beside...ya... blink.gif

I also did a pic of Ichimaru Gin from Bleach. That guy reallly has a creepy face... ph34r.gif
Wow, lots of nice artworks!! happy.gif

@Frozen Ice Alchemist - Long time no see here!! Nice to see your artworks here again!!
Those are very nice!! Colored Ed, Al, Winry pic is awsome!! Nice drawing, and nice coloring!!
And, that sketch is so well done!!
I don't know wy it came out light, but I can see fine. Very nicely done!!
Excellent jobs (as usual!!) biggrin.gif

@Jelly_Belly - Holly macro!! That Ed is awsome!!
Awsome details on clothing, and men, that Ed looks so grown-up, and smexy!!
I can't wait to see it colored!! happy.gif

@MeLRizA - That girl looks so pretty!!
You drew this free-hand? I'm impressed!!
I love her sweet face!! And, yes, interesting outfit, but I like it!!
I can see she got high-heeled boots. You did nice job!
We should give her some pretty name!! biggrin.gif

@Kel - Nice to see you back with moe artworks!!
That Winry is so huggably cute!! Lovely eyes!!
And, I love your doodle!! Al, Ed, and the kitty are all so cute!!
Love their expressions, and the body languages, too!!
Very nicely done!! I love them!! biggrin.gif

@#1_alchemist - Yap, you can post non-FMA artworks, too!!
Haha, that is a funny one!!
You must be Beyonce fan!! Ed's expression is telling all!! XDDD
And, nice drawing of Ichimaru Gin!!
Nice job!! happy.gif
I thought it was hard to see those heels as the picture is a little too dark, but THANKS A LOTzZ EVERYONE laugh.gif for the nice comment. I showed it to kero-chan and she said that she loved the legs ( blink.gif ).. laugh.gif Once again, thank you ^^

@ Kel
*blushes* There are many others who are better than me =X.. haslkjaddkj.. You flatter me.. BTW, that little winry is soo sweet and I liked the picture of Al and Ed with the little kitty very much.. sooooo cute! You did this picture in 5mins? sugoii~ ohmy.gif the expressions on thier faces are pretty good..

@ #1 Alchemist
Ed's reaction in the Beyonce & coke drawing tickles me, Ed's expression is just really funny laugh.gif The 'Ichimaru Gin' drawing is great too.. You drew his face very well I'd say smile.gif

@ Tombow
Yeahz.. I did it freehand.. I was resting and bored of studying economics *makes a face*
Frozen Ice Alchemist
@Tombow: YES!! I'm back FROM THE FUTURE!!! XD
@KiorujiXeroxGurl: >.< My colouring skills suck... I should let you see my big sister's colouring skills, it's just GREAT!! Or even my aunt's, it's just OMG SO GOOD!! XD I still have a whole bunch more to improve on my colouring...

It took me AGES to sketch those... Around 2 or 3 hours... And god did my eyes hurt! My fingers were numb too. XD Anyway, I actually didn't do too well on colouring that picture, I had really dark sections and SUPER light sections... I just messed it up. XD Anyway, I drew this around last month, can't remember.... This time, instead of outlining with texters, I did it with pen. I was planning to give it to my Dad since he had requested me for a drawing to stick up on his pin board at his office like he did with one of my drawings of Black Hayate, he took it without my permission... But I gained revenge on him with the help of my mum. I made mum ground him from touching the PS2 and Xbox for a whole month XD Anyway, so I did this in his bedroom desk and his pen was ok. But it's still not as good as my texters XD

And I did this when I was really bored.... ~Chibi Aru~ But it read in English:
I am Edward's little brother!
huh.gif It's really baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaad.....
Ooooo that's hot! Ed look good! I like yours way better than mine. tongue.gif
Fayth Prophecy
Hey everyone^^ I know, I've been gone for a long time! -Grounded!!- But during that time, I got to get some art done^^

-Kairi from KH2 -I don't like the one on the left. That was my own Kairi.- I like the right one^^ A friend thought that it was Riku.

The other one will be posted after I get it scanned in and everything^^ (But I do have my reference pics for the recent Shojo Beat pic and the other one, plus the next two^^ The one on the top right -the girl- is the recent pic. The bottom ones will be worked on soon^^)
@ Frozen Ice Alchemist
Your Ed looks so alike to the original Ed by Arakawa-sensei!! And your colouring skills definitely ROCKZ!! I'm not an Ed-fan but I'll have to say yours is perfect^^

@ Fayth Prophecy
I've never played KH2.. I only know that your Kairi drawing is GREAT~!! X3
Fayth Prophecy
Thanks, Mell^^ I enjoyed drawing it^^

And Frozen, I agree with Mel! It does look like Arakawa-sensei's Edo!! So awesomely well done!!
Lone Wolf
*sweatdrop* Wow, you don't check the topic every once in a while, and then you lose track of everyone's stuff! laugh.gif

I looked at everyone's art and they look fabulous! (I won't/can't name everyone)
Yap Frozen Ice Alchemist is back to show us how it's done!! biggrin.gif
Men, that Ed is hot!! Arakawa-sensei should hire you as her shadow artist!! happy.gif
And, Chibi Aru-kun is sooo cute!! I want to take him home!! laugh.gif

@Fayth Prophecy - So nice to see your post again!!
I actually like both!!
I think the left one is very nice, too!!
Looking foward to seeing rest of your recent artworks!! happy.gif
Heya everyone^^ kero-chan has sent me her artwork and she wishes you guys to give her some comments..

PS : kero-chan is my lesbianic buddy but she's not someone in this forum smile.gif Currently someone addicted to fantasies... MAD COW.. Ooh, she's colouring the picture now @ her computer..
PS : Im no lesbian!!

EDIT : She has finished colouring.. its here. She's better than me, look ^^
As iI already mentioned it, I'm very lazy so I'll post my fanarts from years ago. It's also not fma cuz i didn't watch it yet at that time. sad.gif
So these ones are from Naruto:
Sasuke -
Naruto -

And I also drew Strike from Gundam Seed. This one took me forever to draw (2 hours!!!) mad.gif
Strike -
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