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Full Version: The Beauty Of Your Own Artwork
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@ Little Washu- I love them all! They're so cute! ^-^ I especially love the third one! >w<

Here's one of mine...
Little Washu
^I love it :3!! Instant favorite~ And added to my watch list~
Awesome picture, Envy-chan!
Little Washu
Some new stuffs =w=

Fox Girl
Art Trade with Razzy
D'aww, that fox girl is too cute, Washu!! wub.gif
Thanks guys!

And Washu, I agree with Blysse! That fox girl is SUPER adorable!
Awww.. I love the fox girl! biggrin.gif
AA battery
To anyone that celebrates Chinese New Year ---
@ AA- That is super cute!!! Instant fave! <3

Oi, here's a drawing I did at school. Yes, it is actually my own drawing style!!! ohmy.gif -Le gasp-

I'm SO happy that I don't have Artist Block anymore. I
'm pleased with the picture, but the background is just... meh. IDK. :/ What do you guys think?
AA battery: ah thats sooooo cute.. ^^

@Envy-chan: Im not a fan of naruto but thats a really good pic ^^ The only thing I question is that nose is a little flat but its not very bothersome.

adding you both to my watchlist!

Im trying to submit mine in 3's....

Dark Priest (Elill)

Falling Into The Phantoms Arms. (Catalina and Ananth)

Up To No Good (Catalina and Alexander)
@ Washu- Those are all really cute! I especially like the last one! ^-^

Here's another one I did.
Little Washu
^That's so pretty ohmy.gif!!

Here are some more of mine...

Attempt at slight realism
Colored Sketches
Commission on Subeta
For a friend

That's quite a few. Look if you dare...
heres mine
btw plz read ma journal and pm me if interested
@Washu *death squee* ..O-Oh my gawd..Those things are so cute @_@ Especially the Sai one, I love Sai <3

@Lunneth Lol, Wrath looks so chunky XD Not being mean, just that it looks amusing..
QUOTE (Artixte @ Feb 21 2009, 03:06 PM) *
@Washu *death squee* ..O-Oh my gawd..Those things are so cute @_@ Especially the Sai one, I love Sai <3

@Lunneth Lol, Wrath looks so chunky XD Not being mean, just that it looks amusing..

i did that pick ages ago and now im so much better. problem is that my computer won't compat to my printer so i'm gonna ask at school to use a scanner. lol me and my rubish old drawings tongue.gif
hers another
and another
well i got a bunch more pics up go check em out if u want but be warned they are old crap pics that aren't good compared to my other pics now
@Washu Nice works <: You're a good artist x3

@Envy-chan you're good at coloring <: I like the way you colored the hair <: -wishes she could do so too-

well in all seriousness, all of you are good <: If I took time '@<name>'ing each of you, my fingers would go numb <:
Maybe I can join the bandwagon sometime when I get myself to drawing again <:
@ Washu- Those are so cute! I love your style so much! ^-^ I especially love the Sai picture! :3

@ Untitled- Thanks a lot! ^-^

Here's a few more;

Now, this one, I did in the anime vector style, so if it looks a little weird, sorry. It was my first time to vector shading. ><

nice pics envy chan. plus if anyones interested plz check out koala-princesses galery. pppppllllllllllzzzzzzzzzz.
@lunneth elric: maybe it would help if you posted a link...

everyone else, awesome art...I should have some scanned eventually...I'm going to do a massive upload soon...
Envychan- they look so good smile.gif
*wishing i could draw*
alrigh here
there u go.
Crappy upload..I should have some pics worthwhile uploaded very very soon but for now these are just things I did goofing off.

happy very very belated valentines day!


what have I brought upon the world...
Here's a cute lil guy I drew, I named him Mr. Farley. smile.gif
Mr. Farley
Happy Easter! biggrin.gif I drew this last night:

This is the original sketch

This is the drawing colored

Oh, everyone heres draw so good *-*

I have some draws here too.

Armstrong's beachwear

Little Royai's History - Page 1

Little Royai's History - Page 2

OBS: The Royai's history is after chapter 94 from the manga (FMA). So it have spoilers.

I hope you like.
I'll find the link of the others and I'll bring them to you later. ;D
Everybody has such lovely artworks! light of the new anime (and awesome scenes to come) I just HAD to draw the famous Chapter 47 EdxWin scene!

. . . Figures I go after people like that. XD;; Ya'll are too good! sweat.gif

Here's one I finished a couple weeks ago. I had just gotten into FMA again and well, I hadn't seen Edward in a long while. I tried going for more of my style but something must have happened during inking, it really stands out from the rest. (Note: That is NOT a good thing.) Also since our scanner is broken I had to get this onto the computer via digital camera. Be afraid. Be very afraid.

Edo And The Suitcase
I know I posted this a while ago... but I'm posting it again. *is slapped*
Here it is: Edward Drawing! happy.gif
Here comes my crazy art again XD all OCs sorry to disapoint you.

Reunion caution: artistic but partial nudity content(Catalina and monster yet to be named)

Come get me (Catalina)

the puppets dance (Catalina and Alexander)

Boredom but awesome (Catalina)

Hope you all like my art smile.gif
Little Washu
@Innocent-Malice- I really like the first one, the demon reminds me of the spider woman from the first episode of InuYasha plus it has bewbs.

Okay, so, here's what I've been wasting my time doing recently:
(My webcam has the better version >w>)

Failed Attempt At Winning A Contest

My Friend's Cosplay And Mine

Kakashi Is Srs Business
(I hear one comment on his ear or neck, and I'll kill you.)

Oh, And Here's Some Crappy Traditional Art
For better reference, look at my gallery. I'll post only the newest ones here.

Arrancar sketch ► I don't know if I have already posted this one here....oh well, comment again in this one if that's the case...xD.

Some drabbles...

Dragon_incomplete ► i have the complete version now, i'll post it soon.

Ulquiorra's sketch ► first time ever i draw him.

He lives under your bed...

He lives under your bed 2...

Ugly thing...

Sexy Beast 1

Sexy Beast 2
@little_washu: ahaha thanks, I noticed that too after I finished coloring the way your works really nice.

@Azhidevn: awesome, love the Ulquiorra sketch ^^
@Innocent-malice: Thanks! I really appreciate it. n_n


More stuff biggrin.gif

Orihime's sketch ► first time ever I draw her.

"Who's that..?"

The curse it's over! ► if you wanna know, read the description ;D

Tipo 1

Tipo 2

Esqueleto 1 ► some basic human structure

Esqueleto 2

heres one
done on gimp
edo little kid
I like your art Lunneth-san ^o^

all members here have a great work !! *o*
thanks ^^
Hey everyone! I haven't been here in a long time!

Just thought I'd drop by and show you my newest portrait.

Seductive Innocense

This is my first attempt at a full body portrait. Its of Marylin Monroe. biggrin.gif
@ Tony - That's really beautiful! I like it a lot! ^-^

So, here's some of my new art. I decided to try out a different style, and to be quite frank, I think I'm sticking with it. I like it too much! xD These two drawings are actually of me and my crush... blush2.gif Hahah, I'm so helplessly in love. xD

Click to view attachment

Click to view attachment
Little Washu
^They look like they were done on Tegaki, were they >w>?

Working with a new style myself:

Chibi Style
Not Chibi Style
Nope. They were done 100% in Photoshop CS3.

And Washu, those are SO cute!
Full-Fledged Alchemist
I drew this a little while ago, I still have to color it though...enjoy!

No stealing art! ;D
Broken Chouchou
Nice work, Full-Fledged Alchemist! Me likey smile.gif

And Little Washu, if you look anything like your self-portrait, then grawrr! xD Awesome drawing biggrin.gif

Also love Kyelinn's drawing of ED and Winry (a little belated though, seeing as it was posted in january or so)

Haven't visited this thread in long time. Contributing with this:

Click to view attachment
Cloud! 100 % original drawing, err, authentic tracing ':)
Well, erm... gaze upon my bad art. XD

Sai_san, they do not suck! The perspective on the second one is amazing and I love the detail! <3

Bah, here's my new drawings.

Click to view attachment
Click to view attachment
O shi--

Why does he have a toothbrush
BECAUSE IT'S BEDTIME *falls asleep on keyboard*

Sal_san: Your last picture is adorable xD
Envy-chan, I LOVE the colour scheme you've got going on in the top one! Also in love with snape's hair (not being sarky here, I like the curls, it's a cool style biggrin.gif)

Sal san, like envy-chan said: your perspective is amaz! I swear it's the hardest thing to do as well.
This is my latest drawing smile.gif

Dio and Luciolla

These are two main characters from the anime Last Exile smile.gif
@ Zii- HAHA! I love it! Ed's expression is amazing! xD (Plus, I'm madly in love with the sketchy style. >w>)

@ Paperstars- Thanks! As for the hair-- I love it too, but his hair was the part that I ended up redoing to most; mainly because it just wasn't turning out the way I wanted. xD

@ Toni- ohmy.gif That's really good!
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