For Years I Have Been Searching For Why He Hates Milk And I Have Finnaly Found It

Once upon a time, a very young Ed was introduced to a glass of milk. His mom left him alone for a few minutes to do...whatever, and the milk rose out of the glass and turned into Roy. Roy started beating Ed and made him sing "I Think We're Alone Now" until his ears bled. Ed got so mad that he hit Roy, who turned into a magical pinata full of tiny Ed dolls, then back into milk. Ed feared that if he drank the milk, he would turn into Roy, or worse, that pinata. And Ed did NOT want to be whacked mercilessly by rabid fangirls! so to this day he avoids milk and is permanently stunted. THE END!

The moral: Roy is made out of milk. We do not recommend you get your calcium supply out of him.

The Site That I Found This Amazing Info!