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Full Version: Shi Daibutai Chronicles
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OK, I've decided to go out on a limb here with my very first fanfic creation. By out on a limb, I mean to say I've created a whole new (abeit small and little-known) region in the world of FMA, and a whole slew of new characters. 7 new homunculi based around 7 of our darker emotions, and a whole new faction. It's based 5 years after the movie (so there may be minor spoilers), and Ed and Al have been back in Amestris for 2 years when the story begins.

It's a long read, but I think I did pretty good. Please give me feedback! I wouldn't have posted this huge synop if I didn't want it reviewed before I start my first chapter!


From the mind of Carl Sawyer comes the newest chapter in the story of the Elric brothers...

FULLMETAL ALCHEMIST[/b]- The Shi Daibutai Chronicles

Story: In one possible future, 5 years after the event of Conquerors of Shambala, Edward and Alphonse Elric have successfully returned home to Amestris. In the 2 years since that return, Ed has found a love interest in his old friend, Winry Rockbell, and Al is now as poweful an alchemist as his older brother. Both can perform alchemy without the use of arrays, having seen (and passed thru) the Gate of Truth. Now the two brothers, along with Winry's help, work as bounty hunters, often helping the State track down criminals and terrorists. They have also investigated multiple rumors that several new Homunculi have appeared...

During one of their more intense fights alongside the now-General Roy Mustang, the Elrics encounter a group of people they can only describe as "bandits" that have recently become notorious for their raids on export convoys bound for distant Xing - the Burning Dawn. After several attempts to catch their most seen (and most wanted) member- Skyzashi Yangyu. Sky leads Ed, Al, and Roy on several chases, and they are eventually led to Onikage and Ryusei Takeno, Goemon Usaku, and the dozens of other members of Burning Dawn. Soon, the Alchemists discover that these bandits aren't exactly what they seem.

As it turns out, the "bandits" of the Burning Dawn are the deposed leaders of a region far beyond Xing, a land seldom-visited by citizens of the western nations of Amestris and Liore- Shi Daibutai. As the leader, Onikage, explains, they were forced to leave after the entire military suddenly turned against them all at once, seemingly under the control of once-Daimyo Ujio Ono. They were pursued far, first by ship, then across the snow-covered mountains of northern Xing, and finally across the Great Desert. Only when they reached the rebuilt Liore did their pursuers stop.

Upon hearing Onikage's story, General Mustang calls in reinforcements and escorts the Burning Dawn's large group of refugees to Central. There they stay for several weeks, resting and tending to their sick and wounded. An alliance is formed between the leaders of the nations, and a considerable military force is assigned to help the Burning Dawn take back what is rightfully theirs. At the military's request, the Elrics and Winry join the force, and cross the deserts and mountains to distant Shi Daibutai.

As they will all soon find out, Ujio Ono and his "new army" are forces to be reckoned with. And those old rumors of Homunculi are no mere rumors...


ORIGINAL FMA CHARACTERS- These original FMA anime characters are soon to make the journey to the distant land of Shi Daibutai.
  • Edward Elric- The Fullmetal Alchemist has returned home from the Other World after taking 3 years to hunt down the bomb sent over from his world. He is now a man of 25, and still wears his Automail arm and leg. Turning down many offers to return to his State Alchemist duties, he has become a sort of vigilante, and with his brother's help, he assists the state in chasing down various criminals, terrorists, and those who would use alchemy to it's more destructive ends.

    Having realized how much they missed each other, Ed and Winry have at long last fallen in love, despite Ed's reluctance to soften up and say those three magic words- "I Love You." With Winry's help, Ed is slowly overcoming his childhood aversion to physical content, and the two are sometimes seen holding hands together.

  • Alphonse Elric- Ed's little brother has also returned to Amestris, now in a human body as opposed to a huge suit of armor. He has reached 18, and his powers have grown considerably, almost rivaling his brother's. Tho he fights the criminal element alongside his brother, he still manages to be the voice of reason that keeps Ed from making too-reckless decisions. He has yet to find a love interest, but doesn't mind that Ed got the girl in the end.

  • Winry Rockbell- The Automail mechanic, and Ed's girlfriend. In the years since Ed and Al transported to the Other World, Winry thought she was done worrying about the Elrics. But deep inside, she missed both of them greatly. Upon his return, she and Ed mutually fell in love when Ed, in a rather out-of-character moment, picked Winry off of her feet and kissed her. Since then, the two have only grown closer. Now a professional automail technician, Winry assists Ed and Al in their new "jobs" as vigilantes. It is a neverending job, seeing as Ed can't seem to keep his automail in one piece for more than a week.

  • Roy Mustang- Now a General in the rebuilt State Army, the Flame Alchemist now leads his soldiers against the more minor threats to Amestris- terrorists, rogue alchemists, and select criminals. His skirt-chasing and determination has payed off, as he and Riza are now an item. After his battle with Pride, he wears a patch over his shot-out left eye- an eerie reminder of his fight with the Fuhrer. He often enlists the help of the Elrics when pursuing terrorists and investigating rumors of Homunculi.

  • Riza Hawkeye Mustang- Bearing a new rank and a new last name, Riza is now not only Roy's advisor within the military, she is his wife. When Roy is overburdened by paperwork, Riza often works directly with the Elrics during various assignments. She has assumed control of Roy's old team.

  • Alex Louis Armstrong- The Major is still the Major. A valuable member of Riza's team and a powerful alchemist. He still rips off his shirt and flexes his huge muscles whenever he has a chance.

  • Sheska- The clumsy little librarian often helps the Elrics in their ongoing investigation into the rumors of new Homunculi. She falls for Sky when she first lays eyes upon him, and after a few dates during Sky's stay in Central, she joins him in his trip back home.
BURNING DAWN CHARACTERS- These are my additions to the cast. Based on members of the Jedi Academy clan Burning Dawn, they are the dethroned leaders of the region of Shi Daibutai.
  • Skyzashi Yangyu- He is know to his people as Kamikaze, or Divine Wind. Once a Captain in the powerful army of Shi Daibutai, Sky Yangyu has been forced to resort to a new role as a bandit raider. Along with a skilled group of stealth experts, he is proudly and directly responsible for multiple strikes on Amestran convoys heading to his distant home. He does this in the hopes that without these goods, he can deal a blow to his new nemesis, Ujio Ono.

    Sky is a swordsman/alchemist who uses an intricately-forged ninjato sword to literally carve alchemy arrays into the wind when he swings it in just the right patterns. The sword itself has several arrays on its various surfaces, allowing him a great deal of alchemic versatility. With those arrays, he can generate incredibly strong winds, or emmit defeaningly powerful shockwaves of compressed air.

    In personality, Sky is somewhat crazy. When he's calm, he's fun to be around and often cracks jokes with his colleagues. When his adrenaline pumps, he assumes a wild fighting style that has nearly gotten him killed on several occations, earning him his title as Kamikaze. While he is comfortable around friends, he is a bit awkward around women. However, he manages a few dates with the librarion Sheska, who decides to go with him when the parties begin the campaign to retake Shi Daibutai.

  • Onikage Takeno- The leader of the Burning Dawn, and the true shogun of Shi Daibutai. He was forced to lead a band of refugees away from his hometown when it seemed the entire army had rallied against him under the command of War General Ujio Ono. After a treacherous trip across the Xing mountains and through the Great Desert, he finally brought his people to the relative safety of Amestris.

    After telling General Mustang the story of his people, he was escorted to Central, where he entered into negotiations with the leaders of Amestris. An alliance was formed between the factions, and now Onikage plans to lead his forces back to Shi Daibutai with the help of General Mustang's army, and plans to retake the throne that is rightfully his.

  • Ryusei Takeno- Onikage's brother, rightful commander of the Shi Daibutai army, and second-in-command of the Burning Dawn. He is a skilled swordsman in his own right, and a master of group tactics. Oddly, he was one of the few members of the military who didn't rally begind Ujio in the strange and sudden revolt. He disagrees with Oni's decision to seek an alliance with Amestris, believing that they could take Shi Daibutai back alone. But there are powers at work in his homeland that even he cannot face without help.

    Ryusei is usually a calm, determined man, and rivals Ed and Mustang in stubborness at times. He is Sky's closest friend, despite a somewhat rocky past. When at rest, he has a good sense of humor and gets along well with the rest of the Shi Daibutai refugees. He is not so warm to the Amestrans, and often strikes at them when agitated.

  • Goemon Usaku, Rekkusu Kana, Seika, Hokusai- The other skilled War Generals under Onikage's command. They too seem to be beyond whatever influence Ujio has used to take over the rest of the Shi Daibutai army. They are loyal and skilled, commanding sizable units within the Burning Dawn. Their forces are now augmented by those of the Amestrans.

  • Naomi Takeno- Wife of Onikage. She tends to stay quiet, possibly due to the trauma of seeing her husband's nation overrun by evil.

  • Bakaken, Ryoko, Zenko, Kaoru, Iesada, Hoshino, Nobufusa, Eiji, Lenao, etc- Out of an army of thousands, only a few remain loyal to the true Shogun. These warriors help protect the civilian refugees that left Shi Daibutai with Oni and the other leaders. They will fight to the end, whatever it may be.
ENEMIES AND HOMUNCULI- There are those in the world that feast on the misfortune of others. Oftentimes they gain considerable power. These are the enemies of the Amestran and Shi Daibutai forces. Fear and respect them, for they are powerful.

- The New Homunculi- Rumors of these new fiends have spread far and wide, but they are no mere rumors. These seven homunculi, named after some of man's darkest emotions were created by the alchemists under the command of War General Ujio Ono in his desire to rule over Shi Daibutai. However, as Ujio will find out too late, they are no longer completely under his control- while they have no desire to become human (after all, this is a flawed race, is it not?), each has his/her own desire to rule not just Shi Daibutai, but the entire world.
  • Fear- If you think nothing can scare you, think again. The power of this darkest of Homunculi is Ultimate Horror- the ability to stimulate the greatests fears of his targets, and uses this ability to weaken his opponents, often to the point of paralysis. When using this power, he assumes the form of an ethereal black cloud surrounding his victim. Only one man has ever shown resistance to this power- Ryusei Takeno, a man seemigly incapable of fear. He can also use this form to render most attacks against him completely useless, as swords and bullets simply pass through him.

  • Misery- She delights in torturing those she manages to capture. Her power is called Ultimate Pain- she can turn into a ghost-like form and inhabit a foe's body, where she proceeds to wrack the poor target with as much pain as she wishs until she is satisfied (usually after the foe dies of sheer pain and is therefore no longer possible to torture). Attacks against her are almost useless- on top of the regeneration ability she has in common with the other Homunculi, she takes pleasure from any pain she recieves.

  • Solitude- As his name suggests, he is rarely seen with anyone near him, prefering to live alone. Compared to the other six, this homunculi has little desire for power. However, he hates companionship with a vengeance, and any attempt to disrupt his lonely exsistance will usually be responded to with violence and his power- Ultimate Rush- this homunculi moves so fast in battle, he almost seems to teleport from place to place. Only Sky and Ryusei have ever managed to survive confrontations with him- others were killed before they could so much as blink.

  • Guilt- This strange little man almost always has something on his mind. Despite being rather absent-minded, his ability to quickly cover an area with his own glue-like secretion slows his foes down enough for him to collect his thoughts and strike. This power is called Ultimate Burden.

  • Loss- Watching a fight with this homunculus can be quite humorous. Loss's power is Ultimate Thief- she can teleport any item on any foe to anywhere else she pleases. She is known to cackle incessantly during battles, and takes immense delight in waiting for an enemy to swing a sword down at her- then simply wishing the sword away as the enemy's arms swing down empty-handed.

  • Dispair- Unlike the rest of the homunculi, Dispair takes a liking to guns and other ranged weapons, as opposed to the swords the other six prefer. Her power is Ultimate Drain- using what appears to be a lightning bolt, she drains her foes' energy at a distance, all the while taunting them til their morale is lost. When they have lost the will to fight, she then proceeds to remorselessly gun them down.

  • Depression- A man in what seems like a state of infinite sadness. He moves slowly, but this is a deception- he is quick with a blade, and can block any attack from any angle without moving his feet. His power is Ultimate Reach- he can morph his body into any shape of seemingly unlimited length, and often prefers to strangle his enemies to death.
- The Human Enemies- These aren't the results of misguided human transfiguration experiments- they're just the bastards of the world that have taken over Shi Daibutai.
  • Ujio Ono- The traitor behind the military uprising in Shi Daibutai. He was a War General in Onikage's army, and an ambitious one at that. With the help of several alchemists, he first created his own force of homunculi, then proceeded to use unknown methods (unknown by our heroes, anyway) to brainwash the entire army and chase down or kill any supporters of Onikage's old reign. Now he has taken Onikage's old throne, and has dreams or world conquest, starting with Shi Daibutai.

    He is a despicable man, ruthlessly beheading anyone with a mind too strong to mold. He is a skilled swordsman, too, and has single-handedly foiled several assassination attempts made by loyalists to Onikage. Of the original leaders of the region, he hates the free-spirited Skyzashi Yangyu the most, and the feeling is mutual- Sky has vowed that if anyone will take Ujio's head, it will be him.

    Ujio doesn't realize that the homunculi are plotting against him (and each other). He is under the belief that they are willingly serving as his generals, and that he has nothing to fear. He also doesn't realize the threat posed by Onikage, the Burning Dawn, and the advancing Amestran army that has been mobilized to confront him...

  • Daisuke- One of Ujio's two human war generals, and one of his few true supporters. Daisuke helped plot the ousting of Onikage and Ryusei, and is now in control of his own team of ninja assassins. He is also in command of Ujio's mountain forces, which chased the Burning Dawn refugees all the way to the Xing border. His forces still remain in the mountains, awaiting Onikage's return, but at not anticipating (at least at first) the reinforcements they are bringing with them.

  • Sosuke- The other of Ujio's human generals, and another true supporter. Sosuke's forces were sent to harass the Burning Dawn on its exodus thru the Great Desert. This man is the mortal enemy of Ryusei Takeno, and awaits the return of his foe in the ruins of Xerxes. He will also be the first to confront the combined forces of the Elrics, Amestris, and the Burning Dawn.

REGIONS - I'm going out on a limb with this part. Amestris, Liore, Xing, and the Great Desert are all part of the manga and anime series, but Shi Daibutai is my own creation.
  • Amestris- Where it all begins, as always. The home of the Elrics, Rockbells, and the various State alchemists. It is the place where the Burning Dawn first seek refuge, then see aid and reinforcements.

  • Liore- Once completely leveled by Scar in his quest for the Philosopher's Stone, Major Armstrong assisted in the rebuilding process, and now most of the original city. Now, most of the original inhabitants (including Rose, who will make a brief appearance) have returned, and life is almost as it once was.

  • The Great Desert- As the name would imply, the Great Desert is large, hot, and sandy. In the middle of this region lie the ruins of Xerxes, a town rumored to have been destroyed when its people tried to create a philsopher's stone. This is where Sosuke's forces lie in wait.

  • Xing- A country similar to China, composed of many clans held together by one emporer. This country and its mountain ranges to the north are the last areas our heroes must travel through before reaching Shi Daibutai. It is here that Daisuke's ninjas plan their ambush of Onikage's returning party.

  • Shi Daibutai- A region with culutral and architectural similarities to feudal Japan. This land is currently controled by Ujio Ono and his brainwashed army (and the Homunculi), but Onikage is its true leader. He and the Burning Dawn, with the help of the Amestran army, are now moving to take back this land and slay the traitorous War Generals now opressing his people.

Well, that's the long and short of it. Again, any constructive criticism is welcome (no flames- if ya dont like it, that's fine, but say why you didn't like it). Keep in mind this is my first attempt at a continuous fiction series, and tho I've done some research, I'm kinda new to the world of FMA.

If it gets reviewed well, I plan to start the series just before Ed and Al get called in by Mustang to help stop one of Sky's raids. I don't know how many episodes I'll split it into, but I plan to detail Yangyu's raids on Central, the negotiations between Burning Dawn and Amestris, the journey and battles along the roads to Shi Daibutai, and the ensuing battle with Ujio, his brainwashed army, and his Homunculi.
It can be interesting, indeed, but some details are especially cheesy about your good and your bad OCs and I guess you already know what I'm talking about. And, even if this question is somewhat stupid, what's the deal with changing the homunculi's names? What's the problem of keeping the names of the true seven deadly sins, I wonder? Another cliché fanfic thing since every movie sequel that has new homunculi has them pratically named like that...I'm not telling you to make them just like the ancient homunculi (the same powers, blablablah) but that bugs me...No really, keeping the same names won't kill and that'll seem a bit more logical, to me anyway.

And how this Ujio Ono character succeeded in creating seven homunculi without losing a single body part? Or maybe he used Dante's method? I don't have the fic in hands so I guess I can't really judge. I'll wait to see what you'll do with it.
Hmm, I'll keep that bit about the Homunculi in mind. I haven't read much of the fanfic around here myself, I just thought it'd be interesting to think up my own original names for my new Homuncs. But maybe not.

And the first of my new homunculi was accidently created by one of Ujio's alchemists while experimenting with human resurrection. When he realized what a powerful thing had been created, he forced the hands of 6 other alchemists to make 6 more.

As for Yangyu's sword, I may change it so that it only has a few arrays on the handle and blade, instead of the wind-slash thing. Kind of like Armstrong with his bracers. But he'll still be a wind alchemist. That part isn't changing!

EDIT- Scratching this idea. Gonna think of something that'll give me a little more freedom.
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