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Full Version: Fullmetal Alchemist Wish!
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I wish the same person who started this thread wishes! I want to meet the Elrics in person...and it would be AWESOME!! to meet Envy...even though he's crazy ^.^y
Vitari the Music Alchemist
1. I wish they made a 3rd part of FMA.... OK. BIG SPOILER IF YOU HAVEN'T SEEN THE END OF THE SERIES! Dont look ! Continue down! Don't know how to put it!

I wish they continue with Ed, Al and Noa in this world, explaining how Ed came to meet Albert Einstein, why doesn't Ed like him, How Albert is really a sweet, hot, funny haired bishonen who was merely used by the government, how he repents and then joins forces with Ed and Al to stop the bombing, and how Ed gets to know Japan and become Albert's best friend... and ...then why does Ed end up living in japan as shown in the Ovas...


2. I wish I was blonde so I could make my Ed cosplay without dying my hair...

3. I wish Al and Ed would just for once, acidentally perhaps... Kiss! *dies*

4. I wish someone wrote a fanfic about all that rant I said on my spoiler... *sighs*
I, like many others have said here I'm sure, would love to actually meet the Elrics. Maybe I could get them to teach me alchemy or something... happy.gif
I wish that the series never ends ;_;
fma lover stef
i wish...

1. that i could meet ed and al and journy with them (corny i know, but leave me to my dreams happy.gif)
2. i had some more fma merchandise... because i have nothing dry.gif
3. they could continue the series or make another movie that would just blow my socks off biggrin.gif
4. a bunch of the fma manga chapters would come out at once so i can start reading new ones
I wish that Ed and Winry would finally get over all of their awkwardness and... and...
*stops there*

It'd also be nice if the anime ending wasn't so... disappointing. It didn't have the right feeling of closure. I hpe that the movie is better...
i wish that I lived in The FMA world and was Ed and Al's older brother. I could use alchemy without a circle, and have a right automail arm and a left automail leg .(Not creative, I know... dry.gif ) I could use alchemy without a cirlcle and all that stuff.
i wish alchemy were real and i wish i could meet maes
Wish... im Edward Elric, meet Roy Mustang and Riza Hawkeye.
Sword Alchemist
There's probably some people who already know what I'll wish for but I'll say it anyways.

I wish that Lieutenant Maria Ross and Sergeant Denny Bloch would get together happy.gif
I wish alchemy could happen if reality but then again it would lead to war and probobly the end of the world so i dont know//
QUOTE(FullMetalFan#1 @ Feb 3 2006, 03:45 PM) [snapback]346360[/snapback]

i wish alchemy were real

It is real it was a thing they thought could create people than it stopped in 1880 the show was innacreate and countinued to 19 somethings.

Ok my reply to the what do you wish forum!

Ed and Alphonse were real people who are heros in history.
It's been said hundreds of times, but I'll say it anyways ^^ I wish that the world and characters of FullMetal Alchemist were real. Then I'd train to become a state alchemist, stalk Ed, and make him my boyfried. biggrin.gif *chuckles*
And if that couldn't happen, then I'd wish that the type alchemy in Hagaren was real. Whoo!
i wish......

1. ed and al were real

2. i could do alchemy(without a circle -of course)

3. I owned everything FMA

4. I was ed's girlfriend (he's sooooooooo perfect!!!!!)
I wish they continued the episodes for FMA, or at least make another movie. -sigh-
Ice Blizzard
If Alchemy were real, this world would turn to rubble in a matter of hours wink.gif
i wish that every thing in the show was real exept the killing lol oh ya im new here HI
Eri no yuki
I wish... to work in something that I like...for an example traductor...I love languages.
Like almost everyone, I wish the FMA world, characters were real, or maybe some characteristics of FMA were on our world , like thier`s kind of alchemy.
I wish that FMA army were real, I really like the uniform, it`s very unique.
Yeah, I also wish that alvhemy was real. But it would really have grave negative effects, though.

But still, I want it to be real.. (call me selfish.)
I wish BONES wouldn't made that incongruous OVAs which was so meaningless in many ways. I wish Roze would just succumb and never appear to be annoying and irritating again. I wish Envy had a better form than that blond freak. I wish Ling would appear in anime. I wish Al had a portable TV inside his armor.
Like a lot of the people here, I wish that the world Ed and Al live in was real. I wish that alchemy could be performed the way it is in their world and such, but keeping in mind equivalent exchange... there would be a lot of both positive and negative effects if this was our reality.

Going off topic a little, doesn't it make sense that if that world was our present reality, that it wouldn't be nearly as intriguing as it is from where we stand now? I mean, If we were all able to perform alchemy in that manner etcetera, it would just be second nature... something you'd expect to see. While alchemy would still be very interesting and exciting, a portion of it would be taken away from its reality. Still, it'd be really cool, so don't mind my random rambling laugh.gif

Also hoping they'll come out with more episodes. For an Anime as popular as Full Metal Alchemist, it seemed to me that it ended too soon if there really are no more episodes coming out, but oh well... I've still got a bunch of manga I haven't read yet so I'll look forward to that ^.^

(once again, sorry for straying off topic xD)
I wish Roy was real and would marry me or something....or that he and Ed would make out on screen. that works too. =D
i want ed and winry together SO BAD!!!
Like many others, i wish the type of alchemy shown there was real. although, i wish i didnt have to lose vital organs in a blood bath accident to clap and transmute.
well..what I wish..good question no??..well I wish many things..

1) Iwish all the characters of fma were real!!
2) wish I could do alchemy(without a circle) and be a state alchemist
3) wish I could go with ed and al in thei trips
4) if the thing of being a state alchemist doesn't work i wish I could be a homunculi that could do alchemy!!
5) finally i wish alcemy could be real in the actuallity happy.gif

do you think I'm wishing a lot??..jeje
EniviD EiraM
I wish that homonculus exist.... but I hope they're not vain.... huh.gif
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