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I am sorry if there's a thread to this already but im just curious to see what people would say tongue.gif

anyway, alot of my friends(that dont like anime much) would always ask why do u like Fullmetal Alchemist so much?!

well i like it because it has a good story plot not to mention a great character for the characters! tongue.gif

like ed and al for instance they've been through alot,yet they try their hardest to fix things, and regain what they have lost.They also try to be content with life, and them just being brothers seeing things that kids their age shouldnt see makes them great characters

and of course the plot and everything about the painful past,loving brothers, and detemination of goal. not to mention, the already known great characters, that are in the show.

when my frends asked, it took me a little while to answer becuase i never really thought of it, all i really knew was that i loved the show becuase it was kick ass! and awesome to the max! laugh.gif but then when i started to think of it more i began to know why i liked it.

so what do you guys think? why do u people like Fullmetal alchemist?

sad.gif oops i think i put this in the wrong forum.....oops laugh.gif my apoligies everyone
Me, ok.

I like it because it does have some truth behind it.
Yet I love edward and Alphonse.

Loving it. It's amazing how much Edward changes around himself. You can easily compare him when he was in Lior, being cocky and huberous, and then towards the end, where he accepts his "surroundings" and his father.

And the fact that it's only 51 episodes long. God, I can't stand series like Naruto and One Piece. They should be burned with dignity and a passion.
Mikage Elric said:
I like it because it does have some truth behind it.
Yet I love edward and Alphonse.

haha yea ed and al are awesome characters and dyes it does have truth to it, the show can teach you alot about life! biggrin.gif

JoshP1389 said:
Loving it. It's amazing how much Edward changes around himself. You can easily compare him when he was in Lior, being cocky and huberous, and then towards the end, where he accepts his "surroundings" and his father.

And the fact that it's only 51 episodes long. God, I can't stand series like Naruto and One Piece. They should be burned with dignity and a passion.

yea like i said the show can teach alot about life! laugh.gif and naruto does have WAY to many episodes!


um..what's with the character development thing? huh.gif i havent been on in a while so i dont really remember much so correct me if im wrong

ohmy.gif i dont even remember how to do the quote thing correctly ARGH!
When my brother told me about it, I actually didn't think it sounded good. But he made me sit down and watch Night of the Chimera's Cry and....Let's say I didn't see Nina's death coming. I bawled, and Fullmetal Alchemist was the first anime (first show, actually) that made me cry like that. So he bought me the first few DVD's and I got to see the beginning and I was hooked.

I watch it because one episode makes me cry, then the next makes me laugh. It just spurs off so much emotion. I love it for the same reason.

And because it has Izumi, Greed, and Al in it.
Cause it's unique.
There's only one thing about this show I don't like - after watching it it's hard to be satisfied with anything else! The story is amazing and the characters are as well. It has the right mix of real-life stuff and fantasy elements. I love Ed and Al and how their contrasting personalities balance each other out. I've never seen an anime that made me laugh as hard or cry as much. I could go on for pages about how great this show is but I'll stop there. (BTW, does anyone know if the movie is coming to the U.S?)
yes Fullmetal alchemist is truly an anime that has a bunch of emotions but can make u laugh out ur lungs at one time then at another cry ur heart out, but that's wat i like about its just....ITS A GREAT ANIME PERIOD! laugh.gif

oh btw the Fullmetal alchemist movie will be coming out in english just dont know when..
Full Metal Elf
It's amazing...what more can I say?, really. I do love it because of the mix of emotions it has. It pulls off the serious one moment, then split second later, it's funny. I have to thank Arakawa for that..genius!...

And yes...character development! I LOVE watching the characters change throughout the's fun.

And the supporting cast is wonderful!! I mean, there's the main characters, Ed and Al....but then a huge supporting cast, I can't even list...and most of them characters we see a LOT with huge roles! And it works out so well...happy.gif
The character depth definitely makes this one of my favorite shows- almost every character has their own unique personality and background, and they're all constantly evolving. Even the world itself has a deep, detailed history. It's a fun show to watch, too, with great animation and fight scenes. And they always end each episode just perfectly, so that all through the week, you can't WAIT til the next episode!

The occasional funny bits help too, like when Roy and Riza inform Fury that his Athlete's Foot is now affecting his brain!
  • Deep characters. No matter how you slice it, the majority of people you meet in FMA have more than just one side to them. You really start to think they're real people. You love the heroes and you hate the villains, but you also understand the heroes and the villians, and where they come from. It's not meaningless.
  • Emotionally charged. Once, I showed someone, who had little to no knowledge or interest in the series, the pages in Chapter 16 where they are burying Hughes and Elysia wants to know why. She thought it was so sad, and she didin't even know the story. No build up or anything. The story just catched the right amount of emotion.
  • Interesting, intricate story. Again, not a simple plot. It's had it's twists and turns and totally unexpected moments, and promises to have more.
  • *Cough* Bradley *Cough.* I don't really think I need to explain this one.
Irenic Moons
I don't know if you're just talking about the anime, or the manga too, but both of them have meant soooooooo much to me.

I could really go on for hours about how much I love it, but I need to sleep cause I have a bio test tomorrow.

Basically, I love the philosophy of it and the way life is talked about, I LOVE the characters and their relationships with each other, I love how it pulls my emotions around and constantly leaves me wanting more, I love the artwork....Everything.

The only thing that I don't like about it is that now that I've seen the BEST anime/manga around, everything else looks like pure CRAP. I mean, if you watch/read FMA and then suddenly switch to some artless story like Inuyasha or Naruto...

Well yeah, you get the point. Haha, the one thing that I don't like about it just makes it even better...

Anyway, I think the day the FMA manga ends, I am going to die (you should have seen me after I finished the series...).

Love to all FMA fans. Tata.
Becoz Edward and Alphonse is so handsomeXDDDDDDDDDD

they are just so cute!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sleeping Forest
honestly? two words: roy mustang!!
Claytonheim of Light
i think the show is great because, like all great mythology, it works on various levels.

kids can appreciate the great story, cool action, and beautiful visuals.

adults willl pick up on the themes of political corruption, manipulation, terrorism, and philosophy.

and, if you know something about historic alchemy, you get even more to think about. alchemy was not just a proto-science, it was a mystic spiritual system designed as a path to enlightenment. in transmuting one substance into another, turning lead into gold, the alchemists believed they were unlocking the secrets of manipulating all reality. the same forces which governed the physical world governed the spiritual world. so, if they could lead into gold, they could transmute their flawed souls to an enlightened buddah-state.

the series chronicles ed's journey as his soul is burned, melted, manipulated, disassembled, rebuilt and transmuted from an immature, earthly, lead-like child; into a mature, enlightened, gold-like man.
QUOTE(LuvU @ Feb 13 2006, 05:59 AM) [snapback]349628[/snapback]

Becoz Edward and Alphonse is so handsomeXDDDDDDDDDD

they are just so cute!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

mad.gif You! Out of my fandom!

I don't think I could start on this topic without spilling onto another essay. I'll just say I concur with JoshP, Claytonheim and Nepharski ('Cept for the Bradley thing....)

The most striking thing, though, is the love. Predominantly, Ed and Al love each other so much. That just struck me from the get-go. All the characters have such beautiful relationships and unique ways of expressing their love (or lack thereof) for one another.
Kraven Hughes
Sitting here listening to the FMA soundtrack while on the FMA forum. Maes hughes is my favorite character out of everyone.
Man, I'm a Gemini, and people know, Geminis are the pickiest of people. We never like old things and always pursue after the new. So FullMetal Alchemist has to be a hella good thing for me to fall in love with it. All the other things are boring and repetitive. Like InuYasha, it's just a maid-in-distress softy story where InuYasha has to go after Kagome's ass all the time. Only FMA is original. It can make you think, you know, question your way of life, others' ways of life, the world's way of life, and how the world works. It stirs emotions like nothing, too, man.
It's original, it's unique, and I approve of it. It's the only manga/anime that I'm enjoying right now. It's the only one that I bother to read/watch right now.
Claytonheim of Light
good point, toby-chan, and let's not forget the alchemists created the homonculi out of love...
HalfAsian Alchemist
The characters, how Ed and Al have never given up even through almost impossible odds, and well, alchemy itself. biggrin.gif

Plus, FMA isn't really typical, at least not of the animes I've seen. Most have a lot more violence and whatnot, but FMA focuses more on the characters, which I like.
Alphonse xOMGYAY
i like it, beacause you can get attached to the characters so easily ( at least i think ). & i love the story plot., it always keeps you guessing.
FMA is as near to perfect as any show will ever get. First and foremost, the plot is great, enduring and fast paced, and it never jumps off into unecessary side plots. Surprisingly, the music was perfect, every bit of it. But most of all, the characters are what makes this series so great. There isn't one character that you don't feel empathetic for.

This anime has action and violence but, unlike many other anime I've seen, they don't overdo it. They only put in violence where it's necessary.
Also there's not really one character that is purely good or purely evil. They all have their flaws, but they also have some good points. That's what makes each of the characters so likeable
FMA is straight forward and the anime doesn't try to stretch it out just to make more episodes. it has a lot of info in every episode and the animation doesn't suck like some animes. Like the characters don't take 5 seconds to respond to everything.

But i like FMA mainly because it is really deep and has meaning to it. It has a terrific plot and like i said it doesnt go on forever without something that catches your attention.
What attracts me to most animes, and Fullmetal too, is the character design. In FMA, I don't think there is one character that doesn't fit. Plus, most of the character designs are great (and I'm not talking about just the drawings, their personalities and attitudes are great too). But, if I really had to be more specific, I think it's the relationship between Ed and Al as brothers. I'm an only child, and I envy my friends that have brothers and sisters. Ed and Al are so close that it really drew me in and makes me root for them all the time. I know if I had a brother or sister, older or younger, I would want the same type of close relationship.
Ratzenheich FMA Super fan
-Like said, it's a near perfect anime. The plot, characters, design... everything is just wonderful.
-I have the same first name as one of the characters. Go ahead and guess.
-A personal and unforgettable experience of mine is closely connects me to FMA. This also hooked me up to FMA when I started watching it last year. I only thought of it as a different anime after watching about 4 or so episodes.
-It's one of the top animes and even if nobody else would like it, I'll still love it as long as it's the FMA I know.
-The only anime to make me cry, and even more than once... It's either that it's really good or it's my relation of personal experience to it.

But recently I've been feeling that the magic of Fullmetal Alchemist is fading. When I got the FMA movie limited edition DVD I ordered from Amazon late last year and watched everything, also the commentaries of the people who worked on it, it's just really hard to say good-bye. When "Lost Heaven" happens to pass by my playlist and play, it immediately reminds me of the last few minutes of the movie. Listening to "Link" which is one of my favorite songs also reminds me of the whole of FMA and the movie. The lyrics reminds me of them and it's a bit saddening.

I also love FMA because of the music. Nice classical score and some of the opening themes were good. I didn't like the ending themes too much, except for the movie's ending theme. L'Arc~en~Ciel's one of my favorite JPop band. RnB is my favorite genre though.

Oh, and another reason why I love FMA. It inspired me to draw anime! Well, even though my drawing skills really suck I still draw anyway because it gives me a good feeling.

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FMA became my manga cuz its so funny that i laugh my head off all day long. and the story has a very complex background .. like the Gate, the equivalent exchange, the philosopher's stone.. etc. and without the hilarious main character, our onlyyyyy... EDWARD ELRIC!! dis story won't be as good ^^
Matt Perry
Innocence of the love in it.

Personally.. It is the love, that really makes me interested in an anime. Drama.. Romance.. Action..
I agree with what GreedisGood said, that pretty much rounds up why I love FMA so much too.

I, also adore the music in it as well happy.gif
Hmm... I read the FMA manga (my friend newlybough it and I borrow it). And I liked Ed from the very first chapter how cute he looked like, and it was very funny too.
Yep I like comedy xD

Then I just like it biggrin.gif Not a fangirl of Ed until I come furhter to the story and affect by online ppl xD

I could've been FMA fan long time before now, because my brother already watched it. And by that time, I misunderstood that Fullmetal Alchemist are "almost" same as Fullmetal Panic (Now I really want to know who copied other's idea of using fullmetal. And I really want to blame Fullmetal Panic) which seems very boring for me. So I just skipped it.

Thanks to my friend, now I'm obsessed over FMA xD

Oh ye, why do I like FMA? I liked the comedy and I liked the brothery love between Ed and Al (When I started reading FMA, I have no intension of being an Elricest fangirl xD) how they care bout each other.
I don't think that anything i want to say hasn't already been said. But i'll say it anyway. tongue.gif

FullMetal Alchemist is one of those shows that really gets to you. It appeals to a large auidience. Younger audiences because of the intresting battles and hillarious scenes here and there. But it also appeals to an older audience because of the philosopy behind everything. Alchemy, the Military, and how the bad guys aren't truely bad. What i mean by that is this- Take Scar for example. Can you really concider him bad? He is killing people shure, but he has a good reason. And he isn't killing innocent people nesscarily. He is killing military soilders; they will probobly kill people one day too. (And how can we say Scar is "Bad" or "Evil" by killing people, when the millitary "Dogs" do it? Is it because they are somehow "just" In killing who they kill because they are told to do it?)
This show gets you thinking about life. When i started watching it, i found my self questioning things more often. I wanted to reaserch Alchemy and learn more about it. You really wonder about the laws of equivilant exchange. After that came into my head, i realized, "Woa. That, makes so much sense." You start to view life in a differnt way.
Even in the first eppisode, you see how corruption can even come from places like a church. (That took me 8 trys to spell....sleep.gif) Obviously i'm talking about how Cornello used the people of Lior's belife in God against them. It was a wonderfull way to start the series because it gets you thinking and you want to see more immidiately.
Also, the Character Development; that has been explained enough so i won't get into it. But yes, you really see all the characters grow and mature throughout the series.
And all the characters have their own story and personality that makes them different and stand out. They all have their problems no matter how collected they may seam. Like Mustang for example. We see him as this cool Millitary guy. You would never expect him to be that troubled inside.
I don't think their is a single character that i don't like. They all really get to you, and you end up likeing them in the end.
The emotions in the show as well. FullMetal Alchemist pulls you in so many differnt directions, and just during one show. You could be bawlling your eyes out one minuet, and then laughing your ass of the next. It shows that, yeah, life is depressing, but look! Its funny and exciting at the same time! It shows you the ups, and the downs. And it shows you about how they balance each other out in the end.
Then comes the music. Ahhh the music. What can i say? It fits perfectly with the story. Like a lock and key. Just listening to the music alone without the visual, can either make you want to cry, or make you want to get up and BOOGI-OOGI-OOGI!! *Ahem* Sorry about that.......
Anyway, it gives you the right emotion for the situation and adds the the scene.
The relationships between the characters as well. They all have their little story going on between eachother. We may not be able to see it all the time, but we know that it's there. (Like the guys in the millitary ect.)
Ed and Al obviously have the most recognized relationship. Their undying love for eachother is really quite moving. The fact that no matter what happens to them selves, they are still always putting the other before them self. They trudge on against the odds because they want to help the other. Ed and Al care about eachother so much that they would give their lives for eachother to see the other one healed. (And we really get to see that in the last few eppisodes and the movie)
It's too deep and wonderfull of a relationship to decribe in words, and im afraid that i have come up very short with what ive written. So im going to stop here.
Also, it's completely differnt then any other story that i have read or seen before. Its so original. And i think that's what draws alot of people in. And it seams like their is always more going on then what you know. Like no matter how a problem is solved, their is always something more to be discoverd.
Plus it teaches you something. About life, love, science ect. I learnd more from FullMetal Alchemist then i probobly did in my Science class this year. sleep.gif (Im not a hard worker....) It's because you get intrested! Something that can make you intrested in science and the world around you and eveything deserves a standing ovation. *Claps*

FullMetal Alchemist also holds a very special spot in my heart.
Before my FullMetal Alchemist experience, i was a very, very, very depressed person. I didin't really know who i was. I wanted to be like everybody else because i thought that would get people to notice me and like me. Then on the internet one day, i came across i picture of Ed. He was smileing and their was flames growing around him. Something about it drew me in. I just coldent take my eyes away from the screen. And, belive it or not, out of no where i started smileing too. @_@ So then i went out and bought the first DVD. And that's where it began. So now im out of my Depressed stage and into my super hyper talkative stage. I know who i am, and thats a Freak. But i like it that way. ^-^
(Now Me, my Mom, my Uncle, my other Uncle, my Grandpa and, my OTHER Uncle are all into it.) (As well as my Global Teacher) (But that i had nothing to do with)

Anywhoo, claps to anyone who actualy read all of this! *claps* I commend you.

So, thats all i have to say. I actually cried writing about Ed and Al's relation ship. (Just goes to show how this series affedts you. It's something that stays with you.)

P.S.- Im sorry about this tediously long comment.

wow that was a long comment! but i could really relate to what you said, especially the part about how FMA got you thinking about life and getting interested in alchemy.
For me, anything related to alchemy, the philosophers stone, 7 deadly sins etc., stand out and catch my attention now.

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Ratzenheich FMA Super fan
@ loveFullMetal

Wow. That was a handful. I read all of it since I myself make long posts most of the time. LOL. Don't be depressed. Anyway I'm just glad Fullmetal Alchemist moved another person. Well, the series is so full of life anyway.

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Thanks for reading the whole thing. tongue.gif (Took me like a half an hour. sleep.gif)

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Meitantei Conan
Well it was in the Summer of 05 when i got into by my friend.
Well I like it because it makes me think alot about life and i like to do that(don't ask y)
and I like how Hiromu Akakawa draws all the Charcters , so i try to draw them.. I failed Misarble
but. I know this Sound so childlike but i think it makes me feel that u can chase ur dreams and do anything u like to be so yea

so this is what i think about FMA and it make me Feel Speical smile.gif
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Meitantei Conan
^^^^ LOL yea.. i learn my Leason on this thing dang, when i was first one here i was a troublemaker. hehe.. o well, so yea No Double Posting
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Cheers to both of you!! biggrin.gif

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But, you did not know that, so it's ok this time, but please be little more careful from now on. biggrin.gif

Ok, enough digression... please resume our usual discussions. happy.gif
Why Do I like FMA...
3 words: Spirit of Brotherhood!!!
2 word: Japanese Anime
1 Word: Chemistry

lol... I viewed the 1st episode on air on my local television and I straight away fall in love with it... Leads me to purchase a set of FullMetal Alchemist DVD Episode 1-51... Episode 51 made me cried once... after I repeatedly watching it for about 5-6 times... XD

Barely 5hours ago..I just finished watching Conqueror of Shambala. Great ending but there are still clues that I guessed another sequel will follow up soon... mayb in either 2008 or 2009. Still a long time to wait though...

I know I am a little outdated, having to know FMA a little late... HI every one..tis is the 1st tread I posted and today is the 1st day I registered. I'm Kenji from Malaysia...
cause it was very original and i liked every character and i liked how Ed and Al worked hard to get theyre bodies back to normal and after they were seperated they still tried to get back and i think they still do thats why
Envy II
Of course everything's great about it, but I especially love it for the characters. All of them are well developed and likable (even if they aren't good characters, you still can consider them well developed.)
I like the comedy and the deeper message that there is no reincarnation, that human spirits can be recycled or made. They are a gift from god mad in his image and that the good one go to be with their creator.
i like it because it like it!!!
FMA has interesting characters. It's sad, happy, funny, cool and deep anime at the same time. It has beautiful storyline and it deal with life, death, moral and war. Alchemy is awesome.

And it's japanese. That's a real plus. happy.gif
i'm not quite sure... i've been hooked on this like never before.
i was never really crazy about anime, manga, etc until this.
maybe because there are real life emotions that i can understand, and it's not shallow.
also, i really admire ed and al's bond, as they are wiling to lay down their life for each other.
i am not really so attatched to someone, or not love someone to the extent that i'd do that.
rather, i'd just move on... i wonder what it feels like to have someone you love that much.
it's just awesome. wink.gif
Indignant Judgment
Fullmetal Alchemist is a very interesting anime because it has some awesome characters and shows some facts about life that can be quite true wink.gif It has an awesome storyline/plot to it that is sad, happy, and many other mixed feelings in between happy.gif
because its really really funny and sad in some ways
by magazine I learned FMA to know. The series fit me n_n
and its funny
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