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Full Version: Lia's Manga Music Video
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FWAH! I come bearing my Hagaren manga music video. It isn't finished right now, (actually, I just started it) but I would like to hear your opinions/comments/suggestions. I thought that I could make this video turn out a billion times better with your help.

Random FAQ about this MMV:
Song- Nightmare
Artist- the pillows
Soundtrack- FLCL OST 3
Spoilers?- Yes! But, this video is kinda random, so I'll say..... RANDOMLY YES!!!! >D
Have I made a music video before?- Hell no! So I decided to challenge myself and make my first video a Hagaren manga music video! WOOT!!!!
Um, Why?- Well, I gotta help ElvishVamp spread the plague! *inside joke*
Will this MMV overlap with ElvishVamp's MMV?- NO!!! So, when you give me suggestions people, please keep this important fact in mind. (BTW, my MMV has some pics that are in Reika's MMV. Sorry, Reika. ph34r.gif )
You're obsessed aren't you?- Aren't we all? *smirk*

File uploaded on Feb. 1, 2006.
Here ya go--->Lia's Hagaren MMV
It's about 90 MB. O_o;

Please gimmie your comments/suggestions/opinions!
O_o er, well, I plan to put in emo Roy and Hawkeye at Hughes' funeral. Does that count? XD;;;
lol XD well... it's better than nothing
Ok, I have the link posted now! XD

*points to the edited first post*

@lialiakicks - I have been trying, but I can't seem to download it from the site. sad.gif
Did you upload it with your "premium" account by any chance?? It only has "Download with Premium account" button, and when I click on it it directs me to the window to buy premium account with them!! unsure.gif
yeah T_T it asks premium download...
O_o WTF?! I don't even have a premium account.

Aw, crap.... I rly need to figure out how to shrink the file now.... T^T

Gah, any suggestions....?
perhaps YSI??
Ok guys! I think I got it!

The file is like 90 something MB, but whatever!
And I checked it myself. EVERYONE and ANYONE can download the file now! X3

*points to the first post*
Yap, I can dl it now. smile.gif

So far, I like the song, and I love the part from Hughes's funeral scene.
(The blank part will be completed later, right??)
Nice start!! happy.gif
I'm at class now, I'll try it later on ^^


it's great!!!!!! I hope you finish it soon!!!! >.<
YAYZ!! Thank you for watching Tombow and Reika! And, I'm glad you like the itty bits I have done so far! X3 I already fixed some stuff. Like Winry (sitting inthe chair) mysteriously moving up... Gah, come to think of it, I need to fix the coloring of that pic. D: Gah, I hate it right now. And, I need to fix the "Ah!" in the Yock Island bit. Can you guys even tell what it is...? O_o Yeah, I'll stop rambling now....

BTW, all of the blank parts will be completed (eventually). O_o;

I just started it this week, so yeah.... I'll try to update as much as my busy schedule can handle. (In other words, school is evil to me T^T)

Er, wow... No suggestions so far...? Is that a good thing or a bad thing? XD;;; Well, then again, Reika already demanded something from me, so I tried. *LOL*

I was thinking... since you still have much blank pallet to fill... how about picking some theme, and tell (sort of) a story with it??
(You got the skills to make a nice MMV with a theme, I think.) happy.gif
Theme....? Er, I was just gonna have randomness. I believe that ElvishVamp's MMV explains the story well enough, and I don't want to copy her, so mine has to be random. Besides, I'm not restricted to "telling a story" if it's random. XD

Uh, I know for the fast part, I WANT to kinda have everything tied in together. Gah, it's kinda hard to explain. Like the Yock Island part that I have done, I'll probably have Izumi, close up on her, then zoom out into Izumi vs. Greed or something. So while it's random, it's kinda not. >_> Woh, that didn't make any sense, did it?

Thank you for your comment though! X3 I'm messing around with Premiere, and clicking on random stuff to see what they do. THat or calling ElvishVamp and asking where the hell "blah" effect is! XD;;;
^^ It makes sense, and I like it!! smile.gif
Looking forward to seeing your update!! happy.gif
WOOT!!! Thank you, Tombow! X3

Well, at least I know that 2 people like it!

Hahahahaha.......... ha....

....T^T *emos*

That's it. I'm gonna post another update... >:D (Feh, I didn't add that much, but it's better than nothing!)
Don't be so down, I'm really looking forward your next update ^^!
Rly? Rly rly?! ^^;

*tries to finish up so she can post another update*
(And the quality just keeps getting worse ans worse.... Guh, I rly need to figure out how to shrink the filesize. And for some reason, it still has Winry mysteriously moving up in her chair. =_= GAH. )

Sorry for the double post, but I'm too lazy to edit right now.
Ouch, 150 MB!!
I have been trying to dl, but my Internet connection have been so slow lately, I keep getting timed out. sad.gif
Is there any way to make a smaller file by any chance???
GAH..... T______T

If I knew how to shrink the filesize, I would... I have the basic idea as to what buttonI click on, but I don't know the specifics so.... T^T

ElvishVamp told me to lower the resolution, But I don't think that my version of Premiere is the same way as hers. I can't find this "resolution"!!!! *emo*

Reika, do you have Adobe Premiere 7.0......? Anyone? O_o
Hey, any more progress??
(Just wondering. happy.gif )
Guh. School's been kicking my butt lately. D:

That and I need to steal ElvishVamp so I can figure out WTH to do to make the filesize smaller.

Sorry, but for know, I have to go on a break...... *emo* T_____T

Ok, so school is finally over, and I can update! YAY!!!!
But to be totally honest, I don't remember if you seen this or not....? O.o

The filesize is a lot smaller too~! X3
Oh, and uh, the quality rly rly sucks..... I'll fix that eventually. DX
Semi-Unlimited Sendspace Upload

I also have another MMV in the works with lip-syncing galorie~! @_____@ Feh, let's see if I can pull it off.
hey.... I want to see the updates :s
ed's numbuh 1 fan
i'd love to see yuor movie...thing but it says it's been removed due to inactivity :-\

though i'm sure it's very good! smile.gif
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