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Full Version: Goodnight Kiss
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(Spoilers! End of series!)

Edward had never been kissed by somebody with a beard before, at least, not as far back as his memory could serve. Then again, he couldn't rightfully recall the last time he had been kissed at all; he'd never really cared for affectionate contact since the incident with Al; had kept all people, even those he loved, at a tentative arm's length. Considering those circumstances, his last kiss properly would have likely been one from his weak dying mother, or perhaps one of the healing pecks his teacher administered for scraped knees on days when she was feeling particularly benevolent. He really didn't expect much in that area of physical contact; only really ever hoped or considered ever being kissed or hugged by his brother, maybe Winry in the distant future if time and circumstances would allow, and he most definitely, definitely never expected, of all people his father. He hadn't been much of a parent when he'd had the chance; hadn't taken the initiative to fill what he believed to be predominantly the mother's role of doling out bedtime kisses; didn't really sink in to the full parental logic before the time when he relieved his family of the burden of his presence.

Whatever flighty reasoning of his had fueled that particular inadequacy, Edward was certainly not expecting the small delayed guesture as he lie half asleep on his worn but sterile cheap cot, papers and blueprints strewn about him like confetti, a lamp shining harshly from the hallway of their small Munich residence. He was far too surprised and off gaurd with his exhaustion to react at first, but to tense up, and debate with inward fury whether or not it was an altogether unpleasant thing. He only played dead, one eye cracked half open to the ungenerous view of a few of his research papers gathered up hastily in one of his father's large meticulously clean, but worn with age hands. The bristles of whiskers against his cheek were rough, discomforting, almost ticklish, and though the lips enframed were softer in juxtaposition, it felt like a canyon of contrast stood between this and those kisses he remembered from his mother.

It was only brief; a quick almost momentary impulse. One of the rough hands flicked a bit of golden hair from the younger Elric's face, as Hoenheim muttered thoughtfully, almost passively,

"I suppose that was long overdue," and pulled the rough wool comforter over his son's haphazardly sprawled sleeping form.

When Hoenheim had reached the door, having tidied several of the boy's flippantly disregaurded messes, Edward let out a noise, as though he had finally released a long held breath he had been holding the whole time, and decided to break his facade of unconsciousness for a small grunt of recognition.

"'Night, y'old fart," He mumbled, shifting once and burying his face in the lumpy pillow.

The blond man smiled.

"I love you too, son."
Well shoot, I saw the subtitle and avoided this like the plague. Shame on me for thinking bad of you Toby. It was short but very sweet and expertly written.

And of course, you kept the characters believable even in a situation like this. Hurrah for you and hopefully others will risk taking a look.
Envy's lil' miniskirt
Ok you had me worried there for a second Toby. laugh.gif

It was very good as usual, well written and I agree with Chiyo that they were in character.

Good job!
QUOTE(Envy's lil' miniskirt @ Feb 3 2006, 01:40 PM) [snapback]346251[/snapback]

Ok you had me worried there for a second Toby. laugh.gif

Aaw, you know me better than that. laugh.gif

There's just not enough non-incest Hoho fic out there! I'm not even particularly sure why I'm so intent on that. It's not as though I'm even especially fond of Hoenheim. He just... fascinates me in an odd little way. Plus it frustrates me that people just can't get shippiness out of their minds and appreciate the value of a good fatherly character once in a while. Genfic FTW~ ! (Okay, fine. I'll admit I am also a shipaholic... though incest still squicks me as much as ever. >> Let 'em be families, dangitt!)

I'm amused that it got such suspicion out of people. biggrin.gif I didn't really mean for it to seem otherwise, but that's just how it happens.

(And for some reason it only occured to me really really late that it's sort of a pun for Hoho to kiss someone on the cheek. XD... </lame0rz>)
QUOTE(Toby-Chan @ Jan 23 2006, 10:53 PM) [snapback]342079[/snapback]
"'Night, y'old fart,"

Yup, typical Ed.

Very nice work! As Chiyo said, short and sweet, and very in-character for both Ed and Hoho. 10/10
that was very well done. i liked it a lot. i understand what you mean about the hoen. fascination. while i do love elricest(edxal incest ph34r.gif ), i do sometimes like the ones where they are just cuddly family like. once again, good job!
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