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Full Version: My Doodlings ^^
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Hi everyone! ^^
Just a little Ed & Al fan-art from me, hope you will honor it with a look wink.gif
Clickety-click! biggrin.gif
Iím sorry itís on DA, I hope this doesnít count as advertising (yes, Iíve actually read the rules wink.gif), but I didnít know where to store it otherwise tongue.gif
Just tell me what you think of it biggrin.gif
Posting a link to DA is not against the rules. smile.gif

And yes, very nice drawing! Although, Ed seems to be a bit too big, don't you think? Though I don't think he'd mind the increase in size. tongue.gif
Nice Ed and Al drawing!! I bet Ed doesn't mind the size you gave to Ed in your drawing!! smile.gif
I like your reative background also!!
I'd love to see more of your fanart!! happy.gif
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