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Full Version: Too Bad You'll Never Know
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Summary: Winry restlessly turned over to look at her clock for the sixth time in the past 5 minutes. Why was it she couldn’t seem to sleep when Ed and Al were here? And why did she have this weird feeling that she needed to tell Ed something?
Rating: PG
Warning: Minor manga spoilers
Disclaimer: I don’t own Fma.

Ok well this fic has been sitting in my head for a while now so I finally decided to write it down. This takes place after ed and al's big battle in the manga. Hopefully they make it out alive. Anyways Ed and Al come to get ed's automail fixed and decide to stay the night before they head back out again. Well I hope you enjoy this fic! By the way this is my first fic, so I’m just letting you know that now. Now on with the story.

Too bad you’ll never know

She wasn’t sure why, but something told her she needed to tell Ed something. Maybe it was the fact that he and Al would be leaving tomorrow, or maybe it was because of what had happened the last time she’d seen them, but what ever the reason she knew it was important. This is why Winry was presently standing in front of Ed’s door deciding whether or not to go in. After standing their a little bit longer she took a deep breath and slowly opened the door. She peeked her head in to see if he was awake but to her surprise all she saw was his sleeping form sprawled out on the bed. She sighed and turned to leave but couldn’t seem to walk away, it was as if something was pulling her inside the room. Before she knew it she had shut the door behind her and pulled a chair up to Ed’s bed. Her eyes scanned the room and soon found their way to Ed’s face. ‘He looks so peaceful.’ She thought to herself. A small smile of contentment came across her face. It wasn’t often that she could see him like this. Usually he’d be worrying about his brother or trying to find the philosopher’s stone. It really hurt to know that he was constantly in danger of getting hurt or worse. It was nice to see him at peace, even if it was only in his sleep. Without realizing it she lifted her hand to caress his face. She instantly jerked her hand back and placed it in her lap.

“What am I doing?” she asked herself as her cheeks turned a brilliant shade of red. “If Ed ever caught me doing that he’d probably accuse me of violating him or something.” She giggled lightly to herself. Yup, that was Ed for you, too busy for girls.

After a few minutes of silence, she finally found the courage to look at his face again and as if she were in a trance she began to speak.

“There are so many things I have to tell you, but I really don’t know where to start.” She paused briefly to think of what to say next. “I guess I could start by saying thanks for stopping me. Those kind words you said really saved me. You even risked your life for mine…. and for that I can’t thank you enough.” A small smile came across her face. The way he had held her and caressed her hand without embarrassment was so… unlike him and yet, when he did it he had been so sincere. She could feel herself blushing just thinking about it. “I guess that just goes to show how much you’ve matured. I mean ever since the last time I saw you I noticed how mature you’ve become. I guess you’re not the little kid I used to know.” she chuckled to herself.

Ed really has changed a lot. It’s almost like he’s leaving me behind or something. Oh that’s crazy Winry get a grip!’ she thought.

“What you said at the train station really surprised me. The way you said it, even if you really didn’t mean that much by it still meant a lot to me.” She thought for a moment, the way he had been so flustered at the train station made her think that maybe Ed…. Yeah right! Like he would ever have feelings for her! But there was no harm in hoping right? She sighed and continued on, “You know…it’s funny…when I got on the train that day I realized something….” She paused for fear of what she’d say next. “I realized that I…love you.” Embarrassment took over and she slowly stood to her feet and walked to the door. As she placed her hand on the knob to leave, she froze and slowly turned to face Ed. “You know I wish I could tell you this one day. Maybe if I wasn’t such a coward I would. But I guess it’s too bad you’ll never know.” And with that she was gone. A few minutes later a golden eyed, blonde haired boy slowly opened his eyes to stare blankly at the ceiling. “Winry’s in love with me?”


Well I hope you liked my fic! Thanks for reading! oh and by the way I wanted to thank fullmetalalchemist01fan for helping me type this.
O_o...IT....NEEDS....TO....CONTINUE....ON!!!!.....AAAHHH!!!!!!.....i LOVE it!....VERY WELL written!.....oh yeah! and dont forget to give some thanks to me since i helped out a little....but still the credit goes all to you!! happy.gif
thanks for thanking me! lol!...still, the credit goes all to you! happy.gif
*Claps* Very Good!! I agree with FullMetalAlchemist01FAN, you should continue this fanfic! smile.gif
Oh thanks! laugh.gif I'm really glad you liked it! smile.gif
Very Good! I'd really like to see what happens next. biggrin.gif
Oh thanks again. smile.gif But I was planning on making this a oneshot. I guess I forgot to put that in there. But yea, like I said before I'm glad you liked it. smile.gif
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