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Full Version: Confederate_alchemist's Fanart
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Howdy, ya'll!!! just starting a little thread to post my fanart...because it won't let me upload it to the gallery (wrong file type or something). Well, I hope you'll enjoy my first post, but I'll try to get a couple up tomorrow.

This first one is called "Envy of Suburbia", based on the song "Jesus of Suburbia" by Green Day. I thought that it fit Envy, though that is just my opinion. Please tell me what you think!

Envy of Suburbia
FullMetalAlchemist01FAN, thats a good drawing...keep up the GrrrEAT work! happy.gif
I love it!!
Excellent drawing, nice character setting, and I love the color scheme!!
I'd love to see more of your drawings!! smile.gif
Some more stuff from me... they're not colored, but I just drew them when I felt like it...

Ed-kun as a Werewolf

Conferderate_alchemist as a Werewolf

eheh.... I have an alias I like to go by that can be found on the second picture ^-^
I'm planning on doing some of the FMA characters as werewolves, so I'll yry to have more posted up as soon as I can!!!

Note: It took me about two hours on each one of these...

*applauds* Well done well done, very good artwork indeed.
Thank you Chiyo! I'm flattered by your comment! In return, I must say that your fanfics are ausgezeichnete literarische Arbeiten! (loosley translated, it's German for "excellent literary works")

I'll have more up when I draw some more! Later, ya'll!!!
The Envy of Suburbia drawing is awesome!!!! I wouldn't be able to draw that palmtree psycho in a million years!! tongue.gif
I like the way you drew the werewolves..they look really cool. You got skittles!! I'd love to see more of your drawings. happy.gif
Gahaha, FMA characters as werewolves will be fun!!
I like your Ed-kun as a Werewolf, complete with a cool set of automail!!
Your darwing of yourself as a werewolf is very good too!! happy.gif
Howdy, yall!!! Long time no post, I know, but I FINALLY made some new drawings!!!! and here they are:

IPB Image
Edo-kun as a Dragon
IPB Image
Edowado as a vampire in "human" form
IPB Image
confederate_alchemist as a vampiress in "human" form

That's all for now, folks!!!!
It's nice to see you Confederate_Alchemist very nice artwork you Ed dragon looks sweet, so does your vampire.
I am the Only sister Elric
VERY COOL! I've been thinking of drawing Ed and some other charecters, as wolves... I invisioned them while watching a show that is about wolves.. People/ wovles that is (Wolf's Rain) ^.^
@confederate_alchemist - Nice to see your post again!! happy.gif
Those are cool drawings with nice details!!
Ed dragon with automails!! I'd love to see the whole story on that one!!
And you look awsome as a vampiress!! biggrin.gif
These are great drawings. you're so good
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