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Full Version: Where Do You Buy Your Manga?
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I mostly buy Mangas at Borders (infact 98.9% of the time.) Suncoast and Waldens also, although their far away, so I rarely get out there. ( I also found some 5$ mangas in a store in Wyoming once...)
I mostly buy Mangas at Borders (infact 98.9% of the time.) Suncoast and Waldens also, although their far away, so I rarely get out there. ( I also found some 5$ mangas in a store in Wyoming once...) Wyoming i shall go!!!
I usually don't buy manga I just go to borders and sit down and read whatever manga I'm into at the time.But when I do buy
manga it's from a local comic shop because I get a discount.
QUOTE(the_lightning_alchemist10 @ Jan 29 2006, 03:10 AM) [snapback]344447[/snapback]

I mostly buy Mangas at Borders (infact 98.9% of the time.) Suncoast and Waldens also, although their far away, so I rarely get out there. ( I also found some 5$ mangas in a store in Wyoming once...) Wyoming i shall go!!!

ME TOO!!!! omg 5$ for a manga.....*dies and goes to heaven* actually i know a place online where you can order them for 4 dollors , and if you order a certain amount you dont have to pay SH. but usually i get mine at barnes an noble , and walden books
import, what else ?
I get most of mine at the local Borders Express (formerly Waldenbooks tongue.gif ) We have a Barnes and Noble in the area, too, but...well, the selection is pretty...pathetic compared to Borders. The B&N over here is twice as big and has like 2-4 huge bookshelves, but they have 6 or 7 of the same volume at once instead of investing in other series. The Borders is in the mall here, with 2x less shelves, but they have a huge selection! Even the other book store in the mall has a wider variety...
Hana no Kuroi
I get my manga from the following: Borders, Barnes & Noble,, or the place that scared me the most...Kinokuniya Bookstores...Why? I ran into an aisle with titles in Japanese characters and freaked...

*cough* But yeah, I get my manga usually from Borders.
I get mine from Barnes & Nobles, and Borders
Sharingan Serpent
Well over here I get mine at Easens or Planet Ace but when me and my family go to Belfast I get it at Forbbidon Planet that place is full of the stuff they have them on all these shelves that go all the way to god knows where... laugh.gif just makes me laugh when thinking about it...
I usually get mine either online or in a Border's Express at a mall a ways from where I live. I can't find manga anywhere close by! The gas to get to the mall costs more than the manga (and that's saying something!)!
Borders or Barns and noble, which ever is more convenient at the time
I get mine fromBooks-a-Million and Haistings.
I get the ones I actually buy from Borders. The rest I read online.
Black Zero
I get my manga from suncoast and from barnsnnoble's.
Lone Wolf
Borders all the way!
Kitty Alchemist
Book a Million
sad.gif i have no good book stores near me and the stors i do go to don't sell them good and are taking them out of stok it sukes to live in a area where no one kones what your talking abut
Venus Alchemist
Borders and Waldenbooks always!
Fayth Prophecy
I've been getting mine from Amazon. Saves me a trip to the bookstore^^
Borders or Barns and Noble
Volcanic Alchemist
I was lucky enough to find a few at a junk place near my house smile.gif
how would you go about finding a place like that i'v searched forever dry.gif
I buy mine at bookstores. They're all over the "manga revolution". I mostly get mine at Walden Books, though. The other store is too big, too expensive, and too far from my house happy.gif
i get mine at either Borders or Walden Books.
hehe i just get relatives to buy me chinese published ones because they're so much cheaper than the english ^^;;
I buy manga in Anime and Manga conventions! laugh.gif hey! itīs cheaper!! $6 each!! cool.gif laugh.gif

QUOTE(*~vachi~* @ May 2 2006, 03:03 PM) [snapback]389521[/snapback]

I buy manga in Anime and Manga conventions! laugh.gif hey! itīs cheaper!! $6 each!! cool.gif laugh.gif

No way! For real? I buy mine for $10 plus tax... T_T
I get mine at local anime-specialty stores. Or sometimes, whenever there's a relative visiting Japan, I ask them to buy for me. laugh.gif
slate alchemist
I buy mine at this comic shop beyond Tomorrow.
Barnes and Nobles is about the only place that I can fing manga's so I buy
them there.
i get mine from there only Ģ5.49 for manga and 14.99 for anime
I often get them in book stores or in book sales biggrin.gif
elfin curiosity
I used to buy mine at Media Play, but now I buy it at Waldenbooks.
ed's numbuh 1 fan
i get mine at Borders, Dolton, and Barnes & Noble thats my favorite <3 manga heaven
Kal Rommel
Sometimes I'll read in the bookstores...but if I'm reading it...and I like it enough...and if I'm not broke by that point...I'll buy it.
My new favorite store is Borders.
Then there's Waldenbooks.
Then the almighty annoying Books-A-Million
And Amazon...that always works when I've got a credit card/gift card thing from Simon...
I've gone broke so many times from buying manga....lately more at Borders than anywhere else...><; -Ashamed-
Oh well...^^;;;
I just found this new place in my town called NeoOtaku.They sell the manga half off all they time, so I don't ever pay more than five dollars.As a matter of fact, thats where I bought my FMA movie from. Even though it's subbed, it's great quality.happy.gif
I have a comic place I go to called Comic King in West Edmonton Mall (just a note i don't LIVE in Edmonton, but my town is so small we don't even have a bookstore, so I have to go to city to get some decent stuff). I have discount card there and everything, that gets me 15% off. But as off late, I've been going to the place under (on the bottom floor of the mall) called Comex Hobby, where--not only I can buy my posters and my plush - but they're all a buck off the cover price, and sometimes they had titles there that were missing at CK. Plus the people there are nice. <3

When I can't get to those places, I'll usually just got to Chapters. I sometimes get ticked off by their selection seems everytime I go in there they never have the titles I want/am collecting, and if they do, they always have the wrong number. (example, I wanted to buy Imadoki. They only had volume 3. - - Another example...I needed volume 8 of Fushigi Yuugi, they had every volume BUT 8. ><)
From the bookstore, the Internet...wherever I can get it.
I got one at the Expo, but my usual spot's good old Borders and Barnes&Nobles.
QUOTE(The Dead Alchemist @ Nov 6 2005, 03:00 PM) [snapback]309985[/snapback]

So anyone out there wanna answer dry.gif

EKE: *edits title X3*

i buy
them from my friend tongue.gif
HalfAsian Alchemist
I just got an issue of Shonen Jump from a Gamestop, but I'm planning a trip to Barnes & Noble as soon as I can.
My library keeps getting more in, good for them
There is a library like 5 min from my house, I've been there so many times but have never search for manga. So I go to Barnes&Noble that is 30 min from my house.
I'll get my Manga at comic book stores
I usually get my manga at Barn's & Nobel and Walden Books in the mall.

Walden Books has a larger selection over B & N.
Legendary Super Saiyan Broly
i go to borders or atomic comics
Oh yeah the library. Nowadays I get a lot of manga out from the library. Mostly titles that I only have interest in, so I don't end up wasting my money on something I think I'll like but end up hating.

And for anything Darkhorse publishes. Darkhorse is evil. All their books are like $22 up here in Canada, where as Viz and TokyoPop sell for $11 to $14. (the only exception being Clover, but, that's because it's Clover with it's fancy book jacket and glossy paper =P)
I get my manga from Kinokuniya, probably the only place to get manga in Australia (well, according to me) and it's sooo expensive. It's like about $11 to $16 for a volume and about $ 18 for an old Shonen Jump (maybe overestimating).T.T
I get most of my manga from a near-by book store. Most of the manga there cost $10.25, it's too expensive *cries*. But sometimes I just go to Barnes & Nobles and sit there for hours before buying mwahaha!
~Wolven Alchemist~
Borders, where most manga is $10. ^_^ (once I did go to Barnes and Noble, though)
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