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Full Version: Where Do You Buy Your Manga?
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I just get it at the library. ^^
Barnes and Nobles or Borders
I'm pretty old fashioned and just buy manga from Barnes and Noble or from the internet like at Amazon. .
I didn't even know that you can read manga online in the internet. That's weird.

Anyway, I buy from this bookstore which sells secondhand books and stuff. Of course there aren't always every volume and it's stupid, but no can do. Sometimes I rent from library too if I have to, but that's boring, I want to own them and their assortment is small anyway.

And this reminded me, I should go to that bookstore some day again.

edit. and I forgot to mention, newest ones I just buy from some curious stores what sells manga
Luty Elric
I know what you mean, StrawberryShampoo.

I really think I live in theEND OF THE WORLD. There's no bookstores, no libraries and nowhere to buy a manga. 90% of the people here don't know what a manga is. I wish I lived somewhere bigger.

Actually, I have to download my mangas.
Katya Martin
Library. I would love to actually buy some, but my mom hates manga/anime for reasons I do not understand and has banned it from my house (hiding it isn't a particularly workable option). There's also the whole broke-college-student thing to prevent that.
Broken Chouchou
QUOTE (Katya Martin @ Jan 11 2010, 08:03 PM) *
Library. I would love to actually buy some, but my mom hates manga/anime for reasons I do not understand and has banned it from my house (hiding it isn't a particularly workable option).

Wait, what? :S Why wouldn't you be allowed to read manga? And don't you have your own say?

I buy my manga at the biggest book store for manga/anime in Stockholm. They have a LOT. Pretty much everything you could want. Name it, they have it. Don't know what you're looking for? You will definitely not walk home empty-handed, I can assure you. And they don't only do manga, but they also have a wiiiiide assortment of movies, tv-series, board role playing games, science fiction and fantasy novels (OMG at the ammounts of books! ohmy.gif), and regular comics as well. And, to top it off, they have a collection of dolls and figures and various fan merchandise from known franchises. I think they have several FMA-related stuff, like pins, and Ed and Winry dolls. If you ever visit Stockholm (for reasons beyond my imagination) you need to come here. Seriously. You won't be dissapointed.
Katya Martin
Well, I'm eighteen and we both know I can darn well read manga if I want. However, my mom has explicitly stated that there is to be no manga in the house, and it's her house, so I can't well argue with that. She thinks I'm corrupting my sister with it or something. I don't know why she's got such a problem with manga; she seems to think there's something inherently sick and wrong with the form. This is actually a new development; she used to just be mildly disapproving. It's a pain in the gut, but I make her angry enough about other things without meaning to already so I figure I won't add to things.

At any rate, libraries serve me well, and I shouldn't be buying things anyway, because I've got another three years of tuition ahead. tongue.gif

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OT/personal conversation:
Fan merch... do they have many plushies there? biggrin.gif
Broken Chouchou
I sort of understand her. I think aspects of modern Japan culture can be sick sometimes too, in a bad way, and that goes for manga and anime as well as other stuff. The whole glorification of the "young and cute", can make you really uncomfortable sometimes. Not sure how to explain it, but I'm sure you know what I mean. Young, small, adolescent girls prominently gets depicted in sexual ways (often pretty subtle, but still) in Japan. And you have to admit that doesn't feel right.

And a really sick thing is that up to only ten years or something ago it was actually legal, if consentual, for an adult to sleep with a child. I've heard.

Yes, you read it right.

So I can definitely see where your mom is coming from. If you don't know anything about all the good things in the world of manga and anime, and the major positive side, it's probably easy to get hung up about the darker back-sides, and think of the whole culture as perverted.

For me though, manga is just a cool way of drawing comics and conveying stories biggrin.gif Simple as that. There's not anything wrong with the form itself - if there's anything that's wrong it's what's been included in the form on occasions (am I making sense? xD). You should make your mom watch Sprited Away or other Ghibli films and similiar stuff - maybe you can show her that her perception is a bit narrow and not so up to date? The Ghibli movies (that I've seen) must be the most innocent, joyful, purehearted work of animated fiction I've ever seen. It's like a more magical and mystical version of Disney, but also a bit more adult in that there are serious themes incorporated tongue.gif

Edit: Wow, I really feel this post was rushed and that my feelings/opinions weren't really expressed in the best way. My vocabulary in english needs to eexpaaand >.< But maybe you kinda get what I'm talking about, even If I made it sound really extreme?

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QUOTE (Katya Martin @ Jan 13 2010, 07:57 PM) *
OT: Fan merch... do they have many plushies there? biggrin.gif

OT: Many, MANY plushies biggrin.gif

(And umm, thanks for adding that little directive message, (Tombow?^^) although I wasn't specifically referring to FMA stuff!)
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I get mine from Half Price books, and Barnes & Noble.
A Pierrot's Aria
I get my manga either Amazon or Waterstones bookshops. : )
Lately I"ve been getting my Manga AND Anime from Amazon..... can't beat the deals where you get a 10 dollar book for 20 cents.... ohmy.gif
Generally I get it either from the library system (all the libraries in the county are connected, meaning a LOT of manga between them) or from Borders or Barnes and Noble. FMA is the only one I read online first, and even then I pick up the individual volumes when they come out.
I order as many volumes as I can afford from or happy.gif
Full Metal SHORTY!!!
The school purchased a number of volumes, but we need more. I bought 2 FMA volumes myself at a shop nearby, but it was way too expensive.
Usually a Borders, Amazon, or any other bookstore, but i mostly read online.
There are a couple of book stores in my town were I used to pay manga but recently there is a small store that open that all about Japanese culture so that's were I've been buying my manga lately.
Usually either Borders, Barnes & Noble, or KinoKuniya Bookstore.

Right now I'm abroad in Florence, Italy, and I noticed that manga is cheaper here than in the states. About 5 euros here, while usually around 10 dollars in the US.
I've been getting mine at half priced books right now... they're usually in the clearance section for 2 bucks a book... ohmy.gif
Barnes and Noble, Borders and =)
Usually Barnes & Noble or Borders. You can't really go wrong with those places smile.gif
A Pierrot's Aria
I found a cool little book shop where every single book, no matter what kind of book it is, is only 2. They have manga, and I've managed to add to my collection by going there every so often! biggrin.gif
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