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Full Version: Where Do You Buy Your Manga?
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Wherever it's sold. ^^
Synth Alchemist
In the Otaku world: ''Otakushop''
Barnes noble
Edward Elric_is_Love
Either Barnes N Noble or Borders. Waldenbooks would be my favorite place to get it though. They've got EVERYTHING!
Synth Alchemist
Now in ''Only-can-enter-if-u-r-an-otaku''
Meitantei Conan
Neighbors Books Store 5-10 Bucks for Manga there
Barnes & Nobles for ones in english and the huge japanese book store nearby (I forget the name. XD) for ones in japanese. Depends on my mood. laugh.gif
Female Flame Alchemist
Barnes and Nobles, Walderen, and Borders.
I wish there was a store close to me but there is not. The internet is good but you do not get the same feling as in the book store shopping. sad.gif
Kinokuniya and occasionally, Hondarake.
I have to agree with Cheesed:P; Kinokuniya seems to be the only place in Australia where English manga is sold ;_;
Kinokuniya, Barnes and Noble, Borders, Books Inc. I'm also shop online at or other manga sale sites.
I get my manga from Borders (I used to get it from sucaost or Barns & Noble but the Suncoast closed that was in the mall near me and it seemed like BN didn't have the manga I was looking for happy.gif').
My tutoree has helped me get some new ones!! happy.gif
The New Fullmetal Alchemist
Local book stores. smile.gif Not the cute, small book stores, but the bigger chains, like Books-A-Million and Barnes&Noble and the like... I find the internet to be too big of a hassle, especially for series that I've never seen before...
I have bout like 97% of my Mangas from Barnes and Noble, then the other 3 from books-amillion- or borders:D So far I think my collection is around 100 or 200 haha! My parents are always mad at me when I Buy one, I just say" Im expanding my cultural knowledge." biggrin.gif
English Manga= Borders, Kinokuniya
Malay= news stands, major comic stores
Chinese= major comic stores
For English manga, I buy at Barnes & Nobles or Borders.
And I get my Japanese volumes at Kinokuniya Bookstore, a Japanese bookstore that's close by where I live.
Zarpia for now.
I just posted the same question about manga and DVD's, plus one other question on the thread about FMA merchandise! (hope I did this right - first time I have inserted a link!)

FMA merchandise thread
EB games
I dont buy manga...
just be patient..

come christmas and my birthday and..

Poof! Manga!
[haha... my friends bought me FMA 1-8 minus 7 for my birthday]
Little Washu
For now, Barnes and Noble, Borders, F.Y.E. I used to get allllll my anime, manga ecetera ecetera at Media Play, but then they closed it. Media Play was the best store in the world, and they go and close it. I could've lived there. Oh, how I miss my favorite store......
I get my manga at Anime North in Toronto, Ontario on May 26th every year, and Blue Beetle Comics in Barrie, Ontario.
I buy everything at Barnes and Nobel and at Borders. Once I'm old enough to get my own credit card, I'd like to order from, though.
patkk the dictator/ninja/fish

Kinokunia bookstore (in shinjuku japan... so much manga, not yet published in english)
I used to buy all mine at Barnes and Nobles or F.Y.E but since I moved I get mine from the PX in Germany whenever I go *sigh* other times I just try to find it online which doesn't happen alot.
I get my mangas in several places, like "Central Comics" or "mundo Fantasma", both in Oporto, or even Fnac, in Fnac FMA mangas are cheaper.

And then there are some videogame store that sell mangas and figures as wall, like "Replay Zone" or "Gamestage", oh, and GAME, Game also sells figures, but not mangas sleep.gif

If I've no place, I have to order from portuguese online shops.
Borders, Barnes & Noble, and if I can afford the shipping ^^ I buy one or two mangas every week since I pretty much spend my Saturdays hanging out at Borders, proving I have absolutely no social life! XDD
I know the feeling..though i cant afford it every week..

I get mine at borders..I used to shop at barnes and nobles but the ones here just carry select volumns..its rather annoying.
Either at WHSmiths, Waterstones, Forbidden Planet or this really cool shop in camden town called orbital manga.
Little Washu
Barnes & Noble, Walden Books, Borders, and F.Y.E.

And when it was alive, Media Play T^T.
WeiS Blitz
I get mine from:

Kinokuniya (NYC Flagship)- Giant Japanese book store. I get my raws, as well as import merchandise, here. They recently moved and are now located behind the public library and now covers 3 levels AND have a cafe area =^__^=

Borders Bookstore- This one has been covered happy.gif

Kal Rommel
There are no good dealers around here.
One store, A Novel Idea, usually has the most recent FMA manga...but that's about it. They don't have much of a selection.

I live at Borders...I used to be a Books-A-Million rat. But I don't go there that often anymore.
There aren't any Barnes and Noble stores around where I live. But Borders is close ♥

Occasionally I get some manga off of Amazon.
Used to get it from Walden Books and Suncoast, but they closed them down. Don't buy anything from F.Y.E.
book stores and if manga im looking for is not there
internet happy.gif
I normally go to Borders or Barnes and Noble, but I just sit there in the aisle, conveniently blocking people from getting the manga from the shelves. XD
I'm way too cheap to have to buy them, so I only have a few volumes at home... bought and paid for with various gift cards. Either that, or I borrow manga from my friends. Haha.. I'm so lame.
Borders. Sometimes, but rarely, I'll buy at Barnes and Noble.
I usually get my manga at Books-A-Million or I either get them all at fye. (the one in our mall has a giant manga/anime section where all the new volumes are on display)
I don't even go to Borders or Barnes & Nobles to buy manga anymore. I save up my money so I can go to anime conventions(I've only been to one and it was so awesome!) where there are deals for manga like 5 mangas for 20$ it is absolutely amazing. I mean, of course you might not be able to find what you want, but they have a crapload of stuff that I spent over 130$ on, and that still wasn't enough for me. The conventions are very worth your while if you absolutely love anime and manga all together and whatnot, I got the best freaking deals on the manga and I am not regretting at all about me overspending.
Barnes and Noble and Half-Priced Books
Luckily the waterstones near me has a pretty decent manga section.
It's a hard decision to make. Either get a magazine subscription and get one chapter every month. Or go to the bookstore and get FOUR chapters every FOUR months. I like a little anticipation.
I'm buying polish versions in the local book store, but english ones I'm usually buying via or, sometimes ebay or something like polish ebay - allegro. Usually when I'm on anime conventions I'm buying something too. When I'm out of money or I can't wait till release I'm reading it on-line.
store or bookstore sometimes stall
Kale Mustang

B&M (brick & mortar): Borders, Barnes & Noble (I get a 35% discount on all their stuff), & Kinokuniya (they usually get their manga 1-2 weeks before anywhere else-even

Exceptions: Anime conventions
scans: and

mangas: one of the bookstores or (well, it's .de for me, but you know... still amazon)
I order online from the marketplace. Cheap goods FTW smile.gif

Although I recently got three volumes of D.Gray-man for my birthday, I'm perfectly okay with acquiring manga that way too laugh.gif
waterstones, or forbidden planet.

I usually buy them at Borders
Akira Mikk
I buy my manga mostly from Borders and I once bought it at Minotaur.
The Borders near where I live has a pretty decent manga section, which is where I buy my FMA volumes.
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