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Full Version: Full Metal Alchemist: Instincts
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Please help him

Are y-you sure you want ME to do it?

Anything...just help my brother!

Waking up I see myself floating. At least I think I am floating. My skin feels water, my ears pick up growling, my eye sights are clear, noting is wrong with me except that, I do not know who I am! My instincts are telling me to get free, but how? Not only am I surrounded by water, but also a glass. I try to move but no use, my body is numb. Only my eyes can move. I don't feel good, I feel trapped.

"Awake are you?"My ears picks up the noise and I understand it.

I scan the area with my eyes, but no sight of him. Only if I can move my head. Then a huge figure appears infront of me. Who is he? He has a big furry body and a human head upside down.

"Your numbness will wear off soon, after it does. Try to get out" The man says chuckling.

I hate him...but I do not know why. Is it because he did not free me? I do not feel that way. I feel as if I hate him because of something else. Just then, my mind pops up a little girl with brown hair, she is smiling. Who is this girl? My mind hurts and clutch my fist. I realized I can move now!. My instincts are driving me mad! I move my head and scan everywhere. I only see a door, bunch of other tanks, and a cage filled with darkness.

I look at my hand, their nails look very sharp and the hand looked buff. I pull back my fist and punch the glass. A crack was made and kept spreading. The water begans to drain in my tank and the glass infront of me breaks into pieces.

FREEDOM! I thought to myself. I didn't feel trapped anymore. I scan with my eyes once more and see something in the glass. I see a human face with golden eyes and hair. Is that who I am? It was nice to know how I look like but I still don't know who I am. My eyes see the liquid and saw it it was everything was red. All I can see is red.

I try to remember who I was or What I saw before I woke up. Only thing it does is hurt my mind. I hear some kind of a door opening and I hear it coming from the cage. Four-legged creatures came out and growled. I try to stand up, but no use. As If I was used to it, I also stood four-legged. I growled but I did not do it, my body did it itself. My instincts tell me to kill them. But Im trying to reject it.


The creatures ran toward me and swiped at me constantly. I should be by now but Im not.


I feel pain, I cannot bear it no longer. The instinct is roaring.


YES. I must kill them. I must obey my instincts.

I swipe one of the creatures with my own hand. The creature flew and hit a wall. I stood back four-legged, I crawl toward one of them fast, tackling one. Like him, it also flew. One of the creature was retreating scared, but the other one was brave. The creature try to swipe at me but I duck and swipe him back. I repeatly slash him with my sharp nails to death. I saw the scared one, whimpering.

Eat Him

My instincts told me. I ran toward the last one and bit him in the throat. Just now I realized I had sharp fangs but I did not hesitate. The bite finished him instantly. I began to devour his insides. I feel as if I was happy I killed. I feel as if I needed to kill more for my pleasure. Why do I think that way? What am I? Who was that man earlier? My instincts tell me to ignore it for now. My instincts kept me alive, maybe it will keep me alive always...
Chapter 2: Shou Tucker

I look at my eaten dinner. The whole thing was devoured. I don't see the intestine, hearts, stomach, or anything. I stretched and instead of yawning I howled. Then, I felt a sharp pain, like two fangs, coming down my thigh. It was another Chimera. But they was a scratch mark, one of them survived. I struggle but the Chimera is hanging on like a fish hook. I try to bite him but my head can't reach him. In anger I spat on him. When I spat on him, something mysterious happen.

The spit began to eat the chimera. I can see small gray smokes out of my spit and I can see that the chimera was whimpering and crying in pain. I don't know why but I smiled at this. The chimera moved no longer. I needed to look at my wound. I try but I was four-legged and my neck can only move left and right. I kept trying and finally, my butt sat on the ground. I feel as if I never sat for a long time.

I looked at my thigh but no wound! I swore thats where the Chimera bit and theres even blood smeared in my thight. But no cuts or wound. Its as if...its as if it healed.

"Ah, you did escape and you even killed your own brothers!"A familiar voice came from my left.

Immediatly, I flipped myself, getting back into four-legged. I growled at him and barked, warning him not to get close. But he did, I waited for him to strike first. But instead of striking he petted me and gave me meat.

"Go on...Eat it"He said, I can see his upside down face smiling.

He could be a threat but he was treating me meat. So I did what he said, I devoured the meat but after somewhere 3 bites, my teeth felt a hard object.

"No no, thats a bone"The man said chuckling, taking the bone away.

He looked around and smiled.

"You are better than I suspected...your my perfect chimera"He said chuckling.

He grabbed me, pulled me up, and got me on my feet. I tried to balance but I tripped. The man was chuckled.

"C'mon try again, you can do it"He encouraged, doing it again.

After my 3rd try, I was able to stand but when I tried to walk I tripped. The man only laughed. I was able to stand on my own, god it felt as if I never stood for millions of year. I tried to walk and this was the 5th time. One step, two steps, three steps...I was getting hang of it. I realized I was in a hall with many doors. I was walking to the left end.

Walking and walking. Soon it turned into running. I was smiling, I was proud, but then. I hit a wall and I felt dizzy.

"My name is Shou Tucker"The man said, appearing infront of my blinking eyes.

All went black after that.
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