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Full Version: Life And Death
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Kapitel Eins - Rauch auf dem Horizont
(Chapter One - Smoke on the Horizon)

Edward dazed at his own appearance in the pool of water, on the warm, rainy day in Munich, Germany.
"Brother look!" Alphonse held up a chubby, orange tabby cat.
"We don't need a cat in this world Al," Edward kneeled down to wash his face in the puddle, "who knows how many stray cats you could have picked up, and put them into Whinry's house"
Sound of bombs came from the mountains.
Al looked at the huge explosion of red and black rising on the horizon.
"Stupid war," Edward got up, then opened his large, red umbrella, and started to walk fast, trying to get home just incase if he got a call, or something else like the Nazi's taking them away (Even though they're not Jews, probably because of their alchemic powers)
The youngest brother followed the eldest.

Five minutes later, the two arrive in a small apartment. Two twins, side by side, were facing the west wall. The east was the kitchen and the bathroom once you open the oak door. On the north side, two small, rounded windows viewed the town, and the mountains, were most of the war was taking place.
Ed folded up the umbrella and shook it up to get all the collected water droplets off; he hung up his thick, brown coat and kurplunged onto his bed, looking up at the ceiling.
Al went over to the kitchen and started to make pancakes (The only thing that he could remember how to cook.
"Al," Edward sat up, squashing the petite bed.
Al flipped a pancake, "Yes Nii-san"
"Do you think it was wrong of me to bring you here... I mean"
"-No It's not Nii-san," Al smiled, putting two pancakes on a china plate, "I actually don't mind it here, I was getting lonely anyways"
Edward sat up on the rock hard bed. He got off and walked slow paced to the kitchen, and sat down at the table where Al laid the leaning tower of golden pancakes straight from the pan.
Alphonse joined his younger brother, he grabbed at least ten pancakes and smothered them with some week old butter.

After the two of them had the snack (Well, more like dinner), Ed decided to go to sleep. He heard a loud moaning sound coming from the bathroom.
It got louder, and louder.
Ed decided to investigate, he grabbed the gigantic (Gigantic to him at least) umbrella. Slowly, the eldest Elric opened the bathroom door. Water was leaking from the toilet.
The fat orange tabby jumped out from inside the toilet onto Edward.
A huge thunk was made across the wooden floor.
The kitten mewed.
"It's just a cat, thank god," Edward picked up the cat, and plopped it into Al's arms.
The youngest Elric stared at the eldest, he giggled a bit, then said in a giggly tone, "Sorry Nii-san, since the radio said that it was going to rain, I just had to bring it here"
Edward sighed, and he opened the blinds to the window. Clouds of red filled the mountainous air.
The door knocked.
"I'll get it Nii-san!" Alphonse dashed towards the door, unrealising that the floor was still wet due to the fact of the kitten plunged towards the young man.
The eldest yelled, "Wait A-"
It was too late, Alphonse had already slipped. Still holding on the door, the youngest said to his brother, "Help...Me"
Edward walked over to Al and started to laugh, he helped Al up and fluffed his red jacket. He answered the door.
"Good evening"
"Ah! Good evening Noah! What seems to bring you to mine, and my younger brothers’ apartment?" Edward offered Noah inside. He dashed towards the living room to tidy up all the papers and books everywhere. Alas, Edward slipped on the rock hard floor.
Noah giggled; she walked inside and closed the door behind her. She walked around the puddle of water, Al following.
"Are you here because you predicted something?" Al offered Noah tea, but she declined.
The lady nodded, "I have seen the future of your futures"
Edward got up, he slowly walked though the puddle, then dashed towards Noah, making a skidding sound as he put on the brakes, "Seen our future? What is it like? Gold? Fame? Fortune"
"Nii-san!" Al got furious, then calmed down, "Is it at least good"
Noah shook her head, "It's not good, it's something to do with the war happening here and you two, like I said earlier"
"Something to do with the war," Edward thought.
"I should get going," Noah brushed her dress off, and started to walk towards the door.
Al followed the lady, "Why should you go"
"It's getting late," Noah smiled, as she turned the ancient, brass, knob, "and besides, the ladies are waiting for me! Bye for now"
As Noah walked down the stairs and out the door, she frowned and said grimly, "I hope that Al can manage what pain he is going to endure."
Frozen Ice Alchemist
I suppose there is a movie spoiler ^^; Anyway, great job~
Fayth Prophecy
I can't wait for more^^ Keep up the work!!
Good job!! smile.gif
^ ^ HE HE~~ I like it.
I am thinking of write a fanfics of FMA movie but I've to research many data(about Germany).. HA HA ^__^ It's too difficult for me to write in english.

If you don't mind , I would like to translate this fanfics to Thai language.^ ^
i'm sorry but I though it was too long

i'll wait 4 the movie

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