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Full Version: Searching For Somthing Lost
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Dark Human Alchemist
Ok so im new at this please tell me your opinions ill try to update as much as possible...thank you.

Chapter 1

Winry sighed, looking out of the window she watched the road, waiting for any sighn of him. Anything. She smiled when she saw a glint of metal. She tried to jump up but found it difficult being 5 months pregnant. She walked out clutching a wrench. She sighed as she saw him. Battered as usual.
"About time," she said smiling ear from ear as they reached the stairs up to the entrance of the house. Ed ignored her and walked in, something was wrong. Al smiled and followed his brother. She then noticed two blue coats walking up to the house, she regocnised one being Riza Hawkeye. They had meet some time ago, Winry admired her. She was good at her job, aparently the best. The person with her wore a black eyepatch if it hadn't of been for that she could of sworn it was Colnel Mustang. She smiled as the two figures walked up to the stairs. She raised a hand indicating for them to enter the house. Walking in after them she could see Al sitting in a chair stroking Hyate but Ed was no where to be seen. She glanced at Al and he pointed upwards toward the ceiling. So he's upstairs, she thought.
Winry walked up the stairs and saw him standing ,staring out to the horizon, on the balcolny. She sighed, she hated seeing him like this. Walking over to him she placed a hand gently on his sholder. She saw somthing glisten on his cheek. He was crying. She had never seen him cry, not even when she attatched his arm and leg. He turned to face her.
"Winry, I'm sorry there sending for me," he said in between whimpering. She cocked her head. They sent for him all the time. He never cried it was only when she saw him glancing at her stomache that she got it.
"Well, I'll be fine. You have to do your job." she said sighing. She walked over to the banister and lent on it. Ed walked up to her from behind and wraped his arms around her stomache as if protecting it. She smiled. She would have to do it alone.

A year later Winry found herself sitting in the kitchen up to the table a glass of lemonade next to her and tools and peices of metal scattered around her. The twins where playing out side. She glanced up and saw them through the window. They had the best guard with them, she smiled as the dog barked. Mai was picking wild flowers and Aru was playing with the dog. She smiled again she had done it. Alone. With out seeing the man she loved for a year. She felt sorry for the twins. They after all hadn't met their father yet. She heard Mai scream and ran outside knocking the table over as she did. Mai ran over to her mother whimpering followed by Aru. Winry looked down at her children puzzeled. She then saw it. A huge man was walking up to the house. He must of tried to talk to Mai and Aru. After only knowing their mother and other people they where very weary of strangers. She smiled. She saw the suit of armor walk up to the house but no Edward. It was only when she felt Mai stop grasping her overalls she turned around. There standing was Ed she smiled and looked down at their children.

Ok thats all for now...tell me if you like it and I'll post more happy.gif
I love it!! Post soon!! smile.gif
First, making a typo in the title is not a very good first impression. Then, there is OOCness: First, Ed crying, he would never cry before Winry because he would not want to make her sad. Second: Winry. She would certainly not let Ed leave like this, so easily.
And I would say the plot is rather cheesy. The Ed/Win children plot has not been used many times but it has been used enough to be called "cliché".
Saturn Stars
lol SIN! I love you man! But that's so mean! lol!

Nah hunny! This story is cute! You should try writing more, and get into a better story line, I'm rooting for ya
^ Lol! But it does not mean it won't make an interesting story, Saturn! XD That's like the all Envy/Ed meeting in a dark alley and..Okay I'll shut up now

No, really, if english is not the author's native language, he/she should get a beta.
man this story is good but you should include more action.
Dark Human Alchemist
Thanks for the replies, you'll have to excuse the spelling mistakes. Anyway on with the story.

Chapter 2

Mai walked over to the stranger. She looked up to him, she may of been the only one who did, and smiled. Ed smiled down at his daughter, it was quite obvious it was his daughter, same colour eyes and same nose. Aru on the other hand still clung to his mothers leg. Winry knelt down and hugged him and gave him a gentle push in his fathers direction. Aru walked up to his sister and placed a hand on her sholder. He held out his other hand for the stranger to shake like he had been tought to do by his Mama.
"My name is Aru whats yours uncle?" he said. He looked back at Winry and she laughed lightly and smiled at Ed. Ed chuckeled and also knelt down to the childrens hieght.
"Well hello Aru, my name is Ed but you cant call me that," he said shaking his small hand, Mai looked at him puzzeled. She looked back at her mother who beckened her to come over. Winry whispered something in the ear of the child. Mai's face lit up and she ran over to Ed giggling. She clung to him digging her face into his red robe.
"PAPA," she screamed in delight. Aru stood there looking puzzeled before he heard the word 'papa' he smiled and went to join in.

13 years later Mia was chasing her brother around the house, Winry who was in the garage heard something smash and went to investigate. She also heard boots coming up the wooden stairs.
"GIVE IT BACK ARU," Mai screamed. Aru tripped and Mia clapped her hands. Aru let out a whimper and held out the object. Mia glared at Aru and spun around to be meet with her father.
"Mai," he said sighing. He knew she knew the rules of alchemy, he also knew she knew the house rules.
"Papa he took my book, its not fair why do i get punished because he cant grow up?" Mai said in a whining tone. She started to give the puppy eyes to her father when her mother walked in.
"Edward, don't you dare give in," she said walking over to Aru. Both of the twins could perform alchemy. Mai however just studied more bout so she knew more.
"Mai you know the rules upstairs, oh and the gloves," Ed replied holding out a hand for the gloves. Mai was a lightening alchemist she could control lightening. Her twin however was a flame. Aru stuck his tongue out at Mai as she walked out of the room Mai grabbed a book of the table and threw it at him, it hitting him square in the forhead.
Later on Ed and Winry were sitting at the kitchen table.
"Maybe we should seperate them for a while, show them how much they really need each other," said Ed. He placed a hand on Winries who was looking down at the table. She sighed it was worth a try.
"What did you have in mind?" she asked looking up from the table. Over the years Winry had aged only slightly she still had her bright eyes but she now had other things like laghter lines.
"What about if I take Mai, to centeral head quaters? A couple of months with military would sort her out," he replied. She sighed but nodded.
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