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Full Version: Chapter 55 "Regular" Discussion Thread For First Time Readers (and Others)
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QUOTE(emtee @ Feb 6 2006, 10:08 PM) [snapback]347154[/snapback]

Er... Maybe Human Transmutation (what opens the gate) is making a human body which, theoretically, if done right would have a brain and then be able to host a mind and a soul.

I can see that. The gate is opened then by the creation/recreation of the "host" uh, thing, which has the ability to be human (now defining human: to house a soul. This is probably a better working defination in any case because what I'd previously posted on meant that Al wasn't human), the ability to be human being a body and mind. So the thing was the human transmutation and then the rebound was to open the gate...did Ed open the gat again then to get Al's soul? Because that'd make the soul transmutation also human transmutation, which would mess up the "host" transmutation as the gate opener unless they both open the gate which would work also and put the counts of human transmutation at two that night.

No, it is specifically called "Alchemy of the soul" throughout the series, so it is sth different. And either it opens the gates too (it was never said that HT was the only way to open them, was it?) or in this case Ed had to open the gates because the soul was there, after having been rejected by the "thing". Or whatever. Go figure.
QUOTE(emtee @ Feb 6 2006, 10:08 PM) [snapback]347154[/snapback]

Damn abstract concepts, hard to deal with...

smile.gif That's actually why I love FMA so much. I love getting hit from the left side by a new interpretation of something I'd accepted already as a concrete perception of an abstract concept. Hard to deal with, definatly, but fun to deal with too!

Yup but also easily to make mistakes and contradictions when thinking it or when explaining it. And I just think too much x_x
QUOTE(emtee @ Feb 6 2006, 10:08 PM) [snapback]347154[/snapback]

Anyway, the Elrics were trying to transmute a whole human with all of it so it was human transmutation. Failed, but still HT. No?

I can't even tell if we're still on differing pages or the same page or something entirely different already! sad.gif

huh.gif {huh?

You had just asked: Could the attempted transmutation have actually opened the gate even though it wasn't technically "human"? And I replied that yes, it was Human Transmutation, altho' failed, and thus it opened the Gates.
QUOTE(emtee @ Feb 6 2006, 10:08 PM) [snapback]347154[/snapback]

@armor-alchemist: but figuring things out ahead gives us something to do besides "ARG Wait = killing me" (which it is) xD

AA battery
The wait doesn't kill me since I have many other things to do (even tho the only new manga I read now are only FMA, Tsubasa, and Naruto)

Maybe it's just that I got too used to waiting for DN Angel that waiting for FMA feels like nothing as we all know that every month, there will be new FMA, yet we never know where a new chapter of DN Angel will come out.
QUOTE(armor-alchemist @ Feb 8 2006, 12:15 PM) [snapback]347755[/snapback]

The wait doesn't kill me since I have many other things to do

And you say you don't have a real life... T_T

QUOTE(armor-alchemist @ Feb 8 2006, 12:15 PM) [snapback]347755[/snapback]
(even tho the only new manga I read now are only FMA, Tsubasa, and Naruto)

Naruto, me too. Weekly dose, eases the pain happy.gifU

No, really, it's just that I am here, at work, having nothing better to do than posting at forums... so I might better discuss sth instead of posting random "OMG, 2 days, 12 hours and 19 minutes left!! The AGONY!!" -ehem- sleep.gif
oh...I canīt believe Iīm so late with FMA manga...there are already chapter 56 and 57 threads....*sits in a dark corner* dry.gif
Well, looking at Lin/Greed was quite cool, still, I think I waited for this so much, and it wasnīt what I thought it would be...
But it was fun to see Meiīs reaction when she saw Ed...poor girl!
Now...I must wait... laugh.gif (I better laugh about this than cry...)
First time FMA manga readers, please post your thoughts and discussions on chapter 55 here. smile.gif

Those who have already read further chapters are also welcome to join the discussions, but please do not post any future chapter content on this thread.

This thread is Spoiler Party thread for chapter 55 content, meaning, posters do not have to use Spoiler tags while posting about chapter 55 content on this thread. smile.gif

For the reading reference, please send a PM to A Pierrot's Aria and ask for "Reading Reference Assistance for week 50."
(For more detailed explanation on this, please read Tombow's post here.)

Thank you, A Pierrot's Aria, for all your help!! ^^
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