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Full Version: Wedding Day
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Sword Alchemist

Disclaimer: I don’t own FMA. I also don’t own the song One Hand, One Heart.

Wedding Day

Lieutenant Maria Ross smiled as she twirled around in her wedding gown.

The gown was absolutely beautiful. Tiny white beads were sewn together in the pattern of delicate flowers on the fitted strapless bodice. The skirt flared out in a traditional ball gown style. Maria’s absolute favorite part of the dress was a sash around the waistline that tied into a big elegant bow in the back.

“I cant believe my little baby girl is getting married today,” Mrs. Ross exclaimed as she looked at her daughter with teary eyes, “You look beautiful.”

“Do you think Denny will think so too Mama?” Maria asked, thinking about her soon to be husband.

“Honey, when he see’s you he’ll be absolutely speechless,” Mrs. Ross said with a grin.

Sounds of the bride’s entourage talking amongst themselves could be heard from the livingroom. “We should get out there,” Maria suggested, “I think we’ve kept the girls waiting long enough.”

Mrs. Ross put her hand up motioning for Maria to stay put. Maria nodded as her mother opened the bedroom door and stepped into the livingroom. “Attention everyone,” Mrs. Ross said, “I would like to present my beautiful daughter the future Mrs. Bloch.”

Maria entered the livingroom with a shy smile. The bridal party gasped as they looked at her with awe. Mrs. Ross took Maria’s hand and slowly paraded her around the room. Maria could only blush like the bashful bride she was.

“Maria, is that really you?” Maid of Honor Riza Hawkeye asked. She couldn’t believe how Maria managed to transform from her usual tomboyish self into the stunning bride that now stood before her, “I cant wait to see Bloch’s face when he see’s how amazing you look.”

“You look pretty amazing yourself Riza,” Maria told her friend as she looked her over.

Usually, Riza wore her hair clipped up but today it was tied into a very formal bun on the top of her head. Her pale pink chiffon bridesmaid gown showed off her curves very nicely and helped to bring out the beauty of her brown eyes.

Maria turned her attention to her other bridesmaids Winry and Sheska. Winry wore her hair in a style similar to Riza’s. Sheska’s hair on the other hand was just a little too short for a bun so instead she wore her’s in a french braid.

Maria smiled fondly as she recalled the day she had asked Sheska to be a bridesmaid. The young bookworm had been surprised but gladly accepted. Later, she confided in Maria that she didn’t even expect an invite to the wedding let alone getting asked to be part of the bridal party.

Maria was pulled out of her thoughts by a soft tug at the skirt of her gown. She looked down to see Elysia Hughes smiling at her. Her dress was pale pink like the bridesmaids gowns. On her head, she wore a ring of pink and white flowers.

“Thank you very much for letting me be the flower girl in your wedding,” Elysia said in a cheery voice.

Maria carefully knelt down next to the little girl and placed her hand on top of her head, “You’re very welcome Elysia. You look very pretty today.”

“Thank you,” Elysia said, beaming with delight. She then skipped over to model her dress in the full length mirror that Maria had brought out earlier.

“How I wish Maes could see her right now,” Gracia Hughes said as she watched her daughter. She then placed a warm hand on Maria’s shoulder, “I wish he could see you too. He’d be very proud of you Maria.”

Maria smiled sadly as she thought of the late Brigadier General Hughes. She also wished that Hughes could be at her wedding. Thankfully, Maria didn’t have much of a chance to get depressed because just then there was a loud knock at the door.

“Come in,” Maria called. A girl entered the house, “Hello Denvi. Well I guess all the bridesmaids are present and accounted for now”

Denvi was Denny’s younger sister. Those who didn’t know Denvi was born two years after Denny would think they were twins. Both of them had the same dark blonde hair with those thick locks falling in front of their ears. The only real difference was Denvi’s hair was longer and her jaw line was more curved than her brother’s.

“Hey there future sister in law,” Denvi said throwing her arms around Maria in a tight hug, “Mom will be in shortly.”

Denny’s mother Eliza was a hair and makeup artist. She had insisted that she style Maria’s hair and do her makeup free of charge on the big day.

“Sorry I’m late,” a boisterous woman with blonde curly hair came through the front door carrying a large bag, “Just as I was getting ready to leave the salon, one of my best customer’s came in and she wont let anyone touch her hair but me.”

“You aren’t praised as one of the best hairdresser’s in Central for nothing,” Maria said, “besides we have plenty of time.”

“Well then, have a seat and we’ll start,” Eliza said as she motioned for Maria to sit down. She wrapped a smock around Maria to keep from getting makeup and hair products on her gown. Eliza then got right to work on applying Maria’s makeup.

An hour later Maria was all set. Eliza had put some kind of serum in her hair that gave it a glossy shine and her makeup was flawless. All Maria needed now was her veil, which she wouldn’t put on until she got to the chapel.

“My son is so lucky to be marrying such a pretty, wonderful girl,” Eliza said as Maria looked at herself in the mirror. “I cant think of any other woman who would be better suited for my Denny but you.”

“Thank you so much Eliza,” Maria whispered as she hugged the older woman. She was so happy that her future mother in law approved of her.

“I think we should all start heading for the chapel now.” Mrs. Ross said as she looked at the clock, “Are you ready Maria?”

Maria nodded. She was already getting nervous.

“As ready as I’ll ever be.”

“What if she doesn’t show up,” Denny asked nervously in the makeshift dressing room at the chapel.

“I highly doubt Maria is the type of woman to leave you at the alter,” Mr. Bloch said as he straightened out the lapel on his son’s black tuxedo jacket.

“That’s right Sergeant,” Armstrong said in his usual over dramatic voice, “Lieutenant Ross loves you too much to abandon you.”

“Is there a reason your best man keeps taking his shirt off?” Mr. Bloch whispered. He was already having a hard time figuring out the pink sparkles.

“Just try your best to ignore it,” Denny whispered back.

“I thought you might like to know that the bride has arrived,” Maria’s father said as he entered the dressing room.

“Really,” Denny asked, his voice full of excitement. “How does she look, how is she feeling?”

Mr. Ross just laughed, “I only talked to Riza. She said Maria is a little nervous but she’s doing fine and that’s all I know right now.”

Denny sighed and sat down. For tradition’s sake, he had not been allowed to see Maria all day. Denny felt himself growing more anxious every minute.

After tonight, Maria would be his and he would be her’s forever. Denny had feared several times today that he would wake up to find that he had only been dreaming. He had even pinched himself to assure that this day was indeed real.

While Mr. Bloch and Mr. Ross got stuck listening to stories about the Armstrong family, Denny began to daydream about his future with Maria.

He could imagine them living in a big beautiful house. A deck swing on the porch where they would sit silently enjoying the balmy summer evenings. Maybe a fireplace in the livingroom where they would snuggle up together on winter nights.

He and Maria both knew that they definitely wanted children. He pictured him putting his hands on Maria’s tummy to feel their baby kick. Taking walks with Maria as she pushed a baby carriage. Everyone would talk about how cute the Bloch family was.

Denny’s thoughts were interrupted by a young man with a clipboard in hand. “Mr. Denny Bloch. The ceremony is going to begin shortly. You and your best man need to take your places now.”

“Yes, thank you,” Denny said calmly. That calmness didn’t last though. As soon as the man left the room, Denny’s nerves started to act up again. “I don’t know if I can do this.”

“Get yourself together Bloch,” Armstrong said as he gripped the young sergeant’s shoulders firmly and pulled him to his feet, “Have courage.”

“Right,” Denny whispered to himself as he closed his eyes and nodded, “courage.”

“Maria,” Mrs. Ross said as she handed her daughter a rectangular black velvet covered box. “I’ve been saving this for you.”

Maria raised a curious eyebrow as she took the box. She let out a small gasp as she opened it. In the box was a string of white pearls.

“Your grandmother wore those pearls on her wedding day and I wore them on mine,” Mrs. Ross told her, “Today you will wear them. That is, if you want to.”

“Of course I do,” Maria said, “thank you Mama.”

She held the box out for her Maid of Honor. Riza gently lifted the pearls out and placed them around Maria’s neck, clasping them in back.

“How lovely,” was all Mrs. Ross said.

“Ok, anyone who isn’t with the bridal party has to take their seats now,” came a man’s voice. Everyone turned to see Maria’s father. Smiling, he looked at his wife. “That means you too.”

Mrs. Ross grasped Maria’s hands. “I’ll see you soon. Good luck.”

She kissed Maria’s cheek before entering the sanctuary with Eliza. Gracia quickly gave Elysia some last minute instructions before joining them.

“My, my,” Mr. Ross said looking at Maria, “Little Maria. It seems like just yesterday you were a little girl. Now you’re a bride and a very beautiful one at that. Denny is one lucky man.”

“Thanks dad,” Maria said as she linked her arm with his.

Mr. Ross led his daughter over to the large double doors of the sanctuary, making sure they would be out of sight until it was time to make their appearance. Riza and the bridesmaids lined up in front of the doors.

“Don’t forget this,” Elysia said softly as she handed Maria her bouquet. Maria smiled and mouthed a silent thank you to the little girl. Elysia smiled back then took her place in line.

Every minute that passed seemed like hours to Denny, who was now standing by the alter. He heard Armstrong sniffling and fought the urge to roll his eyes. The ceremony hadn’t even started yet and his best man was already crying. Somehow, Denny always suspected that Armstrong would be the type to cry at weddings.

To occupy his mind, Denny looked around at all the familiar faces in the sanctuary. It was a good thing the chapel was so big. Almost everyone from the Central Military Headquarters as well as other friends and family had attended.

It was very comical to see Roy Mustang and his crew squeezed in together. Denny had to chuckle lightly as he watched as Jean Havoc kept elbowing Kain Fury in a demand for more room. Soon Breda and Falman joined in the childish shoving match. Eventually, Mustang turned to them with a very annoyed look on his face and mumbled something. His subordinates settled down instantly because Mustang probably threatened to burn them all to a crisp.

Suddenly, two chapel attendants pulled the sanctuary doors open. The pianist began to play a beautiful melody.

The song was called One Hand, One Heart. Denny smiled to himself, knowing that Maria must have personally requested that song. Maria loved the song because Denny would sing it to her sometimes.

Riza began to lead the march down the isle followed by Denvi, Sheska and then Winry. Most of the women in the chapel started to whisper to one another about how beautiful Maria’s entourage looked as they moved elegantly down the isle.

Elysia came out next with a bright smile. She carried a small white basket full of pink and white flower pedals, which she scattered around the isle. She looked adorable just as she always did. Everyone knew that Maes Hughes would’ve loved this.

When Elysia reached the end of the isle, she looked up at Denny. Denny smiled and winked at her, letting her know she did a good job. Elysia’s cheeks turned pink as she went to stand with the bridesmaids.

The final notes of One Hand, One Heart were played. The next song would be the Wedding March. Any second, Maria would make her appearance. The pianist began to play as the audience got up from their seats, eager to see the bride. The moment everyone had been waiting for had arrived.

Finally, she appeared. Tears began to well up in Denny’s eyes as he watched his beloved Maria gracefully walk towards him. She was so beautiful. At that moment, Denny felt as if he was the most fortunate man in the country of Amestris.

At the end of the isle, Mr. Ross raised Maria’s veil off her face and kissed her cheek. He then turned to Denny and placed Maria’s hand in his.

“You take good care of her,” Mr. Ross whispered.

Denny smiled, “I will sir.”

With that, Mr. Ross nodded and went to take his seat.

“Dearly Beloved,” the priest began, “we are gathered here today to unite Maria Ross and Denny Bloch in marriage.”

Denny found it hard to focus on what the priest was saying. He couldn’t help but sneak glances at the woman by his side. Feeling his eyes on her, Maria would smile and squeeze his hand gently.

Everything still felt like a beautiful dream to Denny. The only thing reminding him that Maria was real was the warmth of her hand in his.

“Now the bride and groom will exchange their vows,” the priest said.

Since there was no ring bearer, the honor of holding the rings had been given to Riza and Armstrong. Riza took Maria’s bouquet and placed Denny’s ring in her palm. Maria turned to face her true love.

“Go ahead Maria,” The priest said kindly.

Maria took a deep breath before starting.

“My dearest Denny. Ever since the day we met, there has been an unbreakable bond between us. I knew that you would always be my best friend. I just took me a long time to realize that you were also the one I loved. There have been several failed relationships that left me bitter and hurt. Now I understand the reason they failed is because my love belonged to you Denny. With this ring, I promise to faithfully love you now, tomorrow and forever. I know that you will never give me a reason to regret it. I love you.”

Maria put the ring on Denny’s left ring finger. Denny felt his heart swell with all the love he felt for her.

The priest smiled then looked at Denny and nodded.

“I never thought it was possible to love someone so much that it hurt. True love only existed in fairytales. But then I met you Maria. Because of you, I know what a miracle love really is. It took me so long to confess my love to you. Sometimes, I feared that someday I would lose you to someone who wasn’t afraid to speak his love. One day, I found the courage to tell you.. Oh Maria, words cant describe the joy I felt when you told me that you loved me too. With this ring, I promise my love to you forever. No matter what, I always love you.”

With that, Denny slipped the ring on Maria’s finger. A tear slide down Maria’s cheek. Denny reached out and softly wiped it away with his thumb.

“With the power invested within me by the church and the country of Amestris, I pronounce you husband and wife.” the priest announced, “you may kiss the bride.”

“Gladly,” Denny said before leaning in to kiss his wife. After their lips parted, they turned to face their friends and family as newlyweds.

As Denny and Maria Bloch made their way back down the isle, the audience got up from their seats to congratulate them.

Armstrong picked the couple up off the ground in a hug. “OH IM SO HAPPY FOR THE BOTH OF YOU. MAY YOUR MARRIAGE BE FILLED WITH JOY AND MANY CHILDREN.”

For once, Denny and Maria didn’t struggle to escape the Strong Arm Alchemist’s grasp.

Everyone had a wonderful time at the reception. Denny and Maria had gotten permission to have the festivities in Central H.Q.’s large banquet hall. It was the only place they could think of that would hold so many people.

Being two people who never cared for the fancier things in life, Denny and Maria chose to keep the party as casual as possible. Instead of hiring waiters, they opted for a self-serve dinner. The meal was a simple assortment of cold cuts, breads and cheeses. Large bowls of fruits and vegetables also sat on the buffet table.

The wedding cake almost looked too beautiful to eat. Each of the five layers were stacked on top of each other and were decorated with pink roses. To make sure everyone got a slice of cake, several sheet cakes had also been ordered.

The night’s entertainment was provided by Denvi. Her seemingly endless record collection consisted of music like swing, jazz, and plenty of romantic songs for slow dancing.

During the bouquet toss, Maria did something unexpected. Just as she looked like she was about to toss the bouquet over her head, she turned and meaningfully tossed it to Elysia. The little girl squealed with delight when she caught it.

And everyone was certain they would never forget the look on Kain Fury’s face when he caught Maria’s garter during the garter toss. The young sergeant major’s face had turned beet red.

Later that night, Denny wondered through the crowd looking for his wife. He spotted her dancing with his father.

Denny lightly tapped Mr. Bloch on the shoulder, “May I cut in?”

“Why certainly,” Mr. Bloch said as he stepped aside to allow his son to dance with Maria.

“I know you’re having a good time but we need to get going,” Denny told Maria softly after dancing for a couple of minutes, “It’s late and we should spend some of our wedding night alone.”

Maria blushed, knowing exactly what Denny was talking about.

They rounded up Riza, Winry and Sheska to inform them that they going to be leaving soon and to pass it on to the other guests. Denny and Maria then quietly snuck out of the banquet hall to change out of their wedding attire.

The newlyweds returned nearly 30 minutes later. The large room was now empty except for Riza and Armstrong.

“Everyone is waiting for you outside,” Riza told them.

The four of them walked through the maze of hallways to the front doors. As soon as they stepped outside, everyone began to clap for the couple. After the crowd quieted down, Maria spoke.

“We are so happy that all of you could join us today. Thank you so much for sharing this special day with us.”

Denny and Maria began to make their way through the crowd as everyone wished them good luck in their marriage. Their families were waiting by the car.

“We love you and we’ll see you when you get back,” Mrs. Ross said as she and Mr. Ross hugged Maria.

Denny and Maria had been given a week off. They were leaving in the morning for a honeymoon in the country.

“We are very proud of you honey,” Eliza said tearfully as she wrapped her arms around Denny’s neck, “just make sure you call every once in awhile.”

Denny smiled. His mother acted as if he and Maria were moving away from Central, “Sure mother. Maybe as soon as Maria and I get back, you guys and the Ross’s can all come over for dinner or something.”

The two families along with Denny and Maria then joined together in a group hug, earning several sweet smiles from the wedding guests. They stayed that way for a couple of minutes before parting.

Denny opened the car door for his wife before climbing into the drivers seat. Maria quickly rolled down the window and waved.

“Goodbye,” she called out. Everyone waved back and kept waving until the car was out of sight.

Denny and Maria had no doubt that they would be very happy. They knew there would be some hard times ahead but together, they would get through them. They had no idea what the future had in store for them but their love for each other was all they needed.

The End

I hope you liked it. The song One Hand, One Heart is from the musical Westside Story. I just borrowed it for this fic.
Dude, this fic rules! I freaking love it! Keep up the good work!
(MariaxDenny forever!)
Sword Alchemist
QUOTE(Edward @ Jan 3 2006, 12:35 PM) [snapback]336533[/snapback]

Dude, this fic rules! I freaking love it! Keep up the good work!
(MariaxDenny forever!)

Thank you. Im glad you like it.
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