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Full Version: Utilization Of Tradition
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With all of these Christmas/mistletoe themed EdWin fics popping up... I just had to!!

After a full evening of unashamed belting of carols, unhealthy amounts of eggnog, a broken ornament or two, and the dizzying scent of pine everywhere, it was easy to explain why Winry was feeling in the spirit enough to have her attentions drawn to the ceremonious superstition of that little white twig hanging over the rafter between the living room and kitchen, in spite of her typical habit of dismissing such things by merit of their boring girliness. Tonight she was feeling far too cheerful and bold to ignore the prospect, and judging from a few select glances and tactful blushing turns she had caught on to over the course of the yearly Rockbell winter extravaganza, she knew she wasn't the only one who was interested. So it was mutually, if unspokenly decided that they had wound up in the offending spot together, not entirely by accident.

They had seperately established that no one present had yet taken witness of their little accident, but eager to fulfill technicality moreso than to make a spectacle of themselves, they slipped off, automail and flesh hand entwined, and discreetly made their way around the hallway, trying as hard as possible to mask their giddy demeanor and the shuffle of troublesome dress shoes and the distinct clump of a metal foot under heavy boots against the wood floors. By some miracle, they achieved the intended goal of the broom closet-- cramped, smelly, if not rather unromantic, but a getaway that would have to make do for this brief romantic escapade.
Winry tried to contain her heavy breathing, but not appearing nervous was so difficult in this situation. She had never done this before, and yet she felt so certain that was what she wanted.

"Sorry," She said, giving a lopsided smile, "I was almost scared that... well, I didn't think you felt the same way. I mean, we'd just been friends for so long and-"

"No, I feel exactly the same. It's kind of weird, really."

"I know... who would have thought...?"

A little more nervous shuffling and echo of their heavy breath sounded through the small space.

"So are we gonna... um... you know-"

"Kiss? Yeah. Let's." Winry tried to sound confident and take control of the situation, in spite of the fact that her knees were veritably turning to jelly.

It was a simple technical procedure; the meeting of two lips, just simple pressing of flesh; not as if their skin had open wires in it, or some sort of electrical current; so it confused Winry so greatly why even as she initiated the act, that it's reactions so perplexed her. She had to keep her mind focused on other things just to reassure that she wouldn't pass out from the excitement of the first kiss. It was a small miracle that she didn't fall over just from all the shaking; that feat mostly achieved by strong concentration, and holding for dear life to the strong automail which didn't dent, making her grateful and proud.

Just a few more seconds-- just a little more-- not too long-- don't wanna seem desperate-- hold on-- automail hand's okay-- don't kill the flesh hand!

They pulled back at what seemed like just the right time. Short for breath not from the act of the kiss, which had remained completely chaste, but from the high strung emotions, nervousness; it finally spooled out into relief, akward blushing and content smiles.

Which were quickly interupted by the fast plodding of boots on the other side of the door, and a muffled call of, 'Yeah, Al! Hold on, I'll get the broom!'

A click.

A squeak.

A very shocked Edward Elric.

"Winry, what the hell are you doing in the closet with Paninya?!"
Wow...awsome Toby-chan!
Saturn Stars
ed's secret agent
Hilarious!! XD
that was cool man u should be a writer or a comic developver
Water Achemist
...But...I thought...Nice story^^
Wow, I thought that.... well, you know....

Good story!
Tobu Ishi
Bloody hilarious, Toby. XD Not to mention smooth, clean prose, always a huge treat. Engagingly written /and/ funny fic is such a rare and awesome combination!

You absolute swine Toby, but then I should have known better then to have expected a straight Ed/Wiin. Very good, even if it is slightly out of season now laugh.gif
Aleesha Elric
OMG that as so funny!!!!!!
ed's secret agent
I thought Paninya just had automail legs, not a hand.. Hm.

And Toby-chan, your avatar.... what's up with it? o.o
QUOTE(ed's secret agent @ Mar 17 2006, 08:59 PM) [snapback]364881[/snapback]

I thought Paninya just had automail legs, not a hand.. Hm.

And Toby-chan, your avatar.... what's up with it? o.o

Paninya has an automail arm in the anime, not the manga tho. Therefore this is animeverse.

And the avatar is based on Chapter 56 of the manga, in which Edward taks a shower, and his 'special bits' are censored by Xiao Mei (The panda) standing at a deliberate spot so the angle blocks it. Lots of fangirls were upset. ("Grrrr. Stupid panda!")
Aleesha Elric
After that incident I have started hating pandas, considering I am a mad Edward fangirl, I went and killed a panda plushie I was that mad with em, grrrrr.... To keep on topic, when you gonna update the fic?
ed's secret agent
Being off topic.... I now hate pandas.
I also now think.... Hiromu Arakawa is either a pervert, or loves giving fanservice.

Thanks Toby-chan.
Aleesha Elric
But... But... Must be a time where there is no panda to block my view!!! -Triumphant fist-

Edit - We should just make a topic discussing how much we hate that panda. biggrin.gif
ed's secret agent
I agree. x3
~The Silver Blood Alchemist~
hahahaha! omg that was funy! you really had me fooled for a moment!
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