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Full Version: What's Your Favorite Holiday?
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Grand Arcanum
pretty much any holiday where i see my relatives...they rock.
christmas happy.gif love the season man... but there's is no snow here.. i wish to go to somewhere to see the snowflakes on christmas night... laugh.gif
slate alchemist
holoween you get candy!!
QUOTE(Quistis88 @ Dec 22 2005, 03:48 PM) [snapback]332539[/snapback]

I like Christmas the most, because something about it just makes me feel joyful. smile.gif As well, there is no school on that day.

smile.gif I also like christmas the most to, because get make happy around that year. smile.gif
ed's numbuh 1 fan
my favorite holidays~!

Christmas = no school, and presents X3
Halloween = cosplay mania! =D and candy! - the cavities tongue.gif
Easter = purdy colors and eggs laugh.gif
Halloween- I can be Edo again
Hannukah-Eight crazy days and nights of presents and fattening food
Christmas...what else.
Le Monkey
Probly Valentines, XD
probably Halloween becuz I love getting high off sugar
Christmas is nice. Thanksgiving has that get-together feeling to it.
I like Christmas best. The presents are nice and my relatives are funny. Especially when they gamble. laugh.gif
Gonna have to go with Christmas. Plenty of annoying things about it, but Free Stuff winry... err... wins.
creations alchemist
^ i would have to agree with him.
except i like it mostly for the spirt of it. Like just the general mood of it all
~Wolven Alchemist~
I have to say Christmas. Getting free stuff is just plain great! happy.gif Although I do like Halloween too.
I like christmas and Sunday(i consider it a holiday)...
creations alchemist
well it wouldent be today
cuz every thanksgiving i have to come to mississippi
Phex Elric
Definitely Halloween! laugh.gif
The festive season. Christmas, of course. Although sadly, we've yet to experience a white Christmas here. sad.gif
I like Arbor Day and Dia de los Muertos. biggrin.gif
Edward Elric_is_Love
Christmas, Halloween and Friday-Sunday. happy.gif
Envy's Lady
Even though it's not really a holiday....Halloween.
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