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Full Version: My Fanart...fma...onepiece...
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i think i hav tried my best.
i will stil "kambatei" (^.^) rolleyes.gif
Its nice. good job. Maybe you can practise drawing Ed's eyes so it will be nicer.
i think so coz his eyes r quite weird in my drawing...i just can draw his eyes properly.
howeva, thanks for ur comment.
Welcome to our board, foonghan.
I love the way you drew those shoes!!
Ed and Al are nice, too.
As FMAlover^ has mentioned, once you get the eyes right, this will be wonderful.
You're doing great, keep up!! smile.gif
Cheez_n_ Maeve
Its really good. Ed's eyes are definately hard to draw. They're weird shaped but cool. I really liked your Luffy! That one turned out awsome.
Hey, that's pretty good. The Luffy one rocks. cool.gif You got his eyes right.
The eyes can be trained... I mean when you draw more arts, meaning drawing more eyes, it will improve somehow like me. I used to draw weird looking eyes like you but it look something decent now. biggrin.gif
Wow, Al turned out really well, and he's a hard character to draw.
Good job, the luffy looks good (you got the details just right biggrin.gif ), and the FMA one was pretty good to (except for the eyes they looked pretty wierd but dont feel bad cause I have rough times with eyes to smile.gif),but overall good job
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