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A/N: This was first shown on; I've decided to share this story here too. This draws inspiration from "Behind Red Eyes", a Scar drabble collection on written by Shiruba Neko, i.e. suggested reading for y'all. Basically, it will be the same concept as hers, but focusing on Greed, my #1 favorite FMA character. I plan for it to be very...widespread. Meaning, the drabbles will be in different genres, AUs, manga and anime, etc. Also, the drabbles may not always be set in Greed's POV, but in others' POVs thinking about him...or a mix of them both.

Disclaimer: Don't own Fullmetal Alchemist; if I did, Greed wouldn't have died so relatively soon, no matter how bittersweetly cool his original anime/manga deaths were.

Drabble 1: What Kind of Name is That?

"...Has to be a nickname."

"Well, duh; who the hell names their kid Greed?"

"Martel, Dorchet, shut up."



"Sorry, it's just--"


"It's fine; honestly, it's not that your noisy chattering's bothering me..." Both snake and dog chimeras had their grunts ignored by the largest chimera.

"...It's just that it seems vaguely like gossip."

Serpentine eyes narrowed.

"Gossip? The hell, what are we, high-school girls?"

"Gossip is defined as talking behind one's back."

"We're just curious about the guy," snapped Dorchet, fingers unconsciously tightening around his blade.

"What guy?" Roah whirled around so fast, he knocked both Martel and Dorchet's shocked faces backwards with a loud SMACK!

"Youch," muttered Greed sympathetically as he sat down with the chimera trio, having just arrived seconds ago; behind his glasses, he observed Roah helping Dorchet and Martel up, both currently awkward and pissed around each other. They'd been like that for a while, ever since their grand escape from 5th lab hell, and the homunculus chalked it up to pent-up energy finally being released. He found it amusing to watch, and yet kinda sad. Certainly he could empathize with them. Idiotic seal....

"So...who were you talking about?" Greed's suspicions were confirmed as the chimeras nervously waved him off.

" there anything in particular you want to know about me?"

"...We're that easy to read?"

"Don't feel bad," Greed began in a mocking arrogance. "Few can fool me." The homunculus found Martel's snickers pleasing.

"So really," he began again, flipping off the mocking arrogance and switching to normality. "What do ya want to know?" Honestly, he'd rather not give out his history, but Greed felt he'd be lying if he wouldn't be open with these three--

"Your name," they all said simultaneously. The man blinked his violet eyes rapidly in a manner that Roah, Dorchet, and Martel all found rather cute.

" name?"


"...That's all you wanted to know?"

"Oh, come on," the dog chimera began indignantly. "How many parents name their kid Greed?"

A flash of Dante before the glasses, followed by a blurry image of just the opposite, a dark, female face that made the homunculus all warm and longing and possessing of the greatest avarice.... Worse than thinking of his ex-master, an unbidden human memory had come to pass.

Greed would not share his discomfort. Not yet.

Thus, ever so calmly, he began telling his friends the bare truth.

It took the regrowth of his head after his self-decapitation to finally convince them that he was, indeed, a genuine homunculus, capable of all that joyfully agonizing regeneration. Greed never really found it pleasant, that feeling of flesh and bones snapping into form, and through this little experience, realized how difficult it was to decapitate yourself. (That, and that the chimeras were waaay overly anxious; growing your head back wasn't really anything to get freaked out over.... Although, the stinging slaps to his face told him otherwise, shield or no.)

A/N: Heh heh, gotta love Greed's chimeras! (Martel, Dorchet, Roah...come on, you know they're his, and willingly too....) Anyway, hope you enjoyed that, and please leave a review.
Haldir of Lorien
Fun,But I was just a Little confused,but I like it over all.
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