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Full Version: A Christmas Party
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Saturn Stars

SUMMARY: Winry thinks Misletoe will bring people together, and hopes her Christmas party will be filled with happiness. When Edward arrives on her doorstep she is overyjoyed at the fact she can spend time with him and his brother. So overyjoyed, that the thought hadn't even crossed her mind, the thought that she could be the one helped out by the dangling decoration.

DISCLAIMER: I don't own Fma, ya mum does.

It may be old… but I decided to do my own Christmas fic! I will post the last chapter on Christmas day! And hopefully you guys will join in! By that I mean let me know what you would like to be added. Keep in mind I’m not really big on any couples apart form EdxWinry, but Roy Riza could be added in of course.

This story involves EdxWin post manga fluff and mistletoe of course. Someone asked me to do this long ago and I said I would at Christmas, because i never would have thought this crazy idea up? Lol! Well it is totally related to the manga, and all that lovey dovey stuff that was going on between EdxWin and I’m just hoping Ed survives the way the manga is going at the moment… So enjoy!

Warning: This isn’t meant to be a masterpiece… it’s meant to be fun and enjoyable and help us get festive! I love Christmas!

Chapter One:

“I have invited everyone granny… but no-one can give me a place to contact Ed…” Winry looked back down at her calendar on her desk. It was merely two days away till Christmas, and to celebrate her excellent achievements in Rush Valley, Pinako had suggested having a party. Winry knew the real reason why though, her Granny Pinako was glad to have her back after such a long period of time without her. Winry didn’t blame her at all; actually she felt more like a hypocrite, if anyone knew what it was like to wait alone… it was Winry.

“Winry…” Winry looked up as her granny stepped into the room, smoking on her pipe and looking at the newly messy room of Winry’s which had been untouched for months before. “He never makes Christmas… and he isn’t going to write either.”

“I know… I just… had this feeling that he would come to see me this year…”

Pinako raised her eyebrows as the blushing Winry tapped her fingers lightly on the desk.

“It’s nothing really! Just something he said to me before he left…” When she came to think about it, he really didn’t say anything about seeing her anytime soon. More like next time he saw her, he was going to make her happy. She giggled at the thought as flustered Edward had tried to get the words out; he had ended up shouting at her. It wasn’t very romantic, but it was Edward nevertheless. Winry really couldn’t think of anything that would make her happier than Edward just for once giving her a present on Christmas day, or Edward just for once receiving hers, the ones she usually had to post out… she didn’t even know if he had got them. He’d never said thankyou if he had.

When Winry looked up her grandmother was gone. How long had she been tapping her fingers on the desk? They hurt like hell! The faint sound of a knock was heard, and her Granny’s bellowing voice followed.

“Winry! Door!”

Winry sighed at the voice of her lazy Granny… why did she always make her get the door? Winry wasn’t in the mood for any clients… it was almost Christmas… wasn’t she supposed to have this week off? Well it hadn’t been a week off so far; her clients from Rush Valley had followed her here and had even invited themselves to the Christmas party.

She swung the door open and chanted the usual business welcome. “Hello, Rockbell Automail, how can I… Ed? Al?” Her heart almost stopped when she saw Edward, arms crossed and looking in the opposite direction. Why was he irritated? She was always the one who was angry!

“Don’t try and be all formal with me Winry!” Edward pointed his finger at her and took it back with a deep harsh breath. Al nodded his head vigorously in the background as Winry stood their perplexed. “Do you know what I had to do?”

Winry shook her head with confusion.

“Well! Ha!” He laughed loudly and took a step towards her. Whoa… when did he get so big? She actually felt scared. They both paused for the moment when they noticed the height difference but Edward tried to shrug off the happiness and continue with his rant. “I caught a freaking train down all the way to Rush Valley! Then I walked all the way to that Auto-mail place whatever… and about 10 men attacked me before they told me you weren’t there!”


Edward turned around swiftly, ready to shut down Al’s comment, and pointed at Al with a death glare. “You stay out! That train ride hurt my back!” Al backed away slightly as Edward continued.

“Oh and then I had to take the nice little eight hour train trip back to here.”

Winry gulped.

Edward sighed and crossed his arms over his chest. “Any reason why you didn’t let your client know about this hmm Winry?”

“Errr… I…” He looked pretty bad… like he hadn’t slept for days… or he had just gone through some terrible battle… she was so tempted to take a peek at his arm but every time her eyes wondered his angry glare snapped her eyes right back to his face. “How was I supposed to get in contact with you?”

“You could have called central!”

“I did!” She snapped back, by this time the two hadn’t even noticed Al walking around the house inquisitively.

“Why didn’t you wait till I came to Rush Valley to move!!” Edward spat back, hiding some box underneath his arm, his heated gaze worsened when Winry tried to get a peek at it.

“I have a life Edward! I can’t wait around for you all day you know!”

“Hey Winry,” Al cut in, causing the two fuming teenagers to turn and stare; they hated being interrupted “nice decorations! You put all this mistletoe up yourself?”

Winry smiled and poked her tongue out at Edward. Why couldn’t Ed just say hello, or, I really missed you Winry. Like Al always did!

“Granny helped! I’m having a party and it’s going to help a lot of people get together I think! My friend said she was united with this guy she had liked forever because she got stuck under it with him. It will bring many together I think.”

“Or embarrass them!” Edward shouted back. “Look at all that mistletoe Winry! There are like five in all the main places I like to be! The reading chair, the kitchen, the couch… I’m not dancing with anyone! You got that clear? I hate Christmas!” Edward brushed past Winry only to turn around as her and his brother giggled. “What?” He huffed angrily, keeping the box safe under his arm.

“You’d better steer clear of it brother… or you’re going to get a big shock.”

“What?” Edward asked with his nose in the air. “I have to dance with someone else or something… right? I can dodge the stuff; I’ll stay in my room.”

“Ed…” Winry said in between the giggles. “It’s a game at my party; whoever is under it has to kiss the other person for two minutes!” Winry and Al fell to the floor with laughter when the colour drained from Edward’s face. He was confident he could dodge it before… but now… he wasn’t so sure. The laughter wasn’t doing anything to help his confidence either.

“Well… it’s not going to happen okay! I’m staying in my room!” Winry wiped a tear from her eye as she glanced over to Al, hearing Edward slam his bedroom door shut.

“It would be seriously funny if he got stuck under there with Mustang or something…” Winry took some deep breaths in to make up for the lack of air she had been breathing in due to laughing.

“You laugh now Winry, but I think it’d be kinda cute if Ed got stuck under there with a girl.”

Winry stopped, he wasn’t going to get stuck under there with any girl while she was around. “I think Ed is going to be avoiding the opposite sex and the same sex on the night. It won’t surprise me if I have to take his dinner into his room. He is so stupid like that.”

“Yeah… I guess…”

“So… why did you two come? I supposed it wasn’t just to see me for Christmas.”

“Brother’s arm and leg is in bad shape… and he has grown a lot too, I think you noticed when you were cowering before.”

Winry blushed. “I wasn’t cowering…”

“Brother was mad Winry… but I think it was mostly because he wanted to see you and you weren’t there the day he wanted to.”

Winry giggled. “Seriously Al, Edward would never think like that.” She patted him before standing.

“I guess I better go take a look at the damage.”

She sighed and headed down for Edward’s room, expecting another world war when she stepped inside.

~*~Saturn Stars~*~
Nice! Looking forward to seeing more from ya.

Of course its a bit cliche, Christmas story at Christmas time but it fits the bill.

Keep it up.
Yes please finish! Make it a X-myth gift if you will!
Wow! this is wonderful!!! I cant wait for you to continue, but I dont know if i can wait until christmas. lol. well anyway nice job especailly since this is manga based fic. once again, great job! smile.gif
SWEEEEET! Another great story, Saturn Stars! I can't wait to see what happens next!
Saturn Stars
QUOTE(Summerlover01 @ Dec 21 2005, 05:52 AM) [snapback]331822[/snapback]

Wow! this is wonderful!!! I cant wait for you to continue, but I dont know if i can wait until christmas. lol. well anyway nice job especailly since this is manga based fic. once again, great job! smile.gif

Whadda ya mean? I'm going to update a chapter a day till christmas! to Celebrate the week before Christmas!!!

This chapter is pretty un-eventful, I hope you all still like it!

Chapter Two: Christmas Week: Wednesday

Winry decided to knock; she did hear a lot of rustling happening in his room after all, and although she was use to barging in, she was going to try this new thing where she gave Ed some privacy. Maybe then they could get along a little better.

“What?” He yelled out in a frustrated tone of voice. What? He was pissed off at her again? Actually his attitude towards her was starting to get her frustrated. Why did he have to be such a jerk? Jerk, jerk, jerk!

“Well if you came to get your auto-mail fixed I’d better take a look at it. You want to be on your way ASAP right?”

Winry smiled to herself as she heard the door click unlocked. And soon she was greeted by Edward’s scowling face, and his scent. She was kind of glad. His scent lingered on for a few months; actually it was still on that coat he had leant her. She had better give it back to him. Winry closed the door behind her and gestured him towards the bed. She giggled slightly as she watched him limp towards the bed, she had been too angry to notice it before. It was kind of cute. She sat down next to him and took hold of his arm; she noticed that he had looked away as she began rolling up his sleeves. She knew it would be easier if he took his shirt off for her but she felt awkward asking him… she felt weird just being alone with him. And he certainly didn’t seem too comfortable either. Why was that? Was it because she had finally admitted to herself that she did love him, probably had for a long time?

Or maybe it was the distance… maybe she had to try and get closer to him in the next three days. What if they were growing apart? It used to be no problem getting his shirt off… and now… she was blushing just touching his metal arm. Not only her, but he was withdrawn too and that just made her feel like she wanted to mask herself under the covers… the atmosphere could have been one of the most awkward moments she’d even experienced. This was definitely a sign of growing apart! She was sure. Get over it Winry… You’re his mechanic.

“Edward…I really can’t get a good look at the top…” She gulped. “Would you mind…” It was done within a matter of seconds; his shirt was stripped and discarded on the floor before she had enough time to catch his gaze. She sighed… the damage definitely wasn’t a bunch of sweet smelling flowers, but she had seen worse in her time of being his mechanic. She really couldn’t get angry at him; he’d grown so she would have had to do a new auto-mail even if he didn’t break it.

“Well… I have to make a new one.” She sighed. “But I’m glad because I have tried out some new things I think will help you! I have been working hard on it so you won’t have to be disadvantaged, so don’t break it easily okay.” Edward didn’t reply… he nodded slightly. “And now for your…” Edward had begun stripping down to his boxers when Winry noticed a large scar across Edward’s chest. It didn’t look fresh… but it certainly hadn’t healed, along with many other little ones accompanying the bruises.


He looked up at her and instantly knew what she was gazing at from the expression in her eyes.

“It’s nothing; I knocked it today that’s why it’s reopened. I’m fine…”

He rolled his eyes as she fled the room. “Is it really that disgusting…?” But she reappeared within seconds with cotton wool, bandages and antiseptic.

“Lay down…” Edward did as he was told and closed his eyes as she crawled over him. “Ed… this is really bad, what if it gets infected!” Winry could see the wound went right down to his hip from his belly button and disappeared underneath his boxers. He was wearing boxers over his wound? Without a bandage?

“I’m okay really Winry!”

“Don’t even think about sitting up! You’re not going anywhere like this, I’d be worried to death.” She was worrying about him? That was kind of cute… and watching her sit on his thighs as she inspected his torso was kind of cute too… her expression was also kind of cute… He shut his eyes when Winry caught him staring up at her.

She placed her hands on Edward pants, pulling them down just enough to see the end of the scar. He squirmed slightly as her hands traced along beside the scar. He didn’t know if it hurt or felt nice, either way it was soothing. Soon the cool liquid was being dabbed onto his wound; the liquid was surprisingly chilly and Edward hissed in response.

“You don’t have to do this Winry…”

“Don’t be silly Ed, if I don’t take care of you, who will? You? That’s a laugh.” Winry chuckled to herself. Didn’t she find this embarrassing? Didn’t she find this… something like…

“I don’t pay you to look after my human parts…” He hadn’t even meant to say it. Actually he remembered once thinking that all she ever worried about was the auto-mail… maybe he’d been wrong. But at least her dealing with the metal instead of his flesh wasn’t so… She almost looked hurt for a moment.

“You don’t have to pay me for that, Ed…”

“I bet your other clients don’t get this kind of treatment.” He wasn’t meaning to be snappy, but having her tend to him like this was just… just… He didn’t want to tell her to stop, what if she argued with him?

“That’s right they don’t.” Winry replied, slight anger building up. “Because they didn’t grow up with me.”


Edward watched Winry sigh as she placed the bottle down on the floor. She was no longer straddling his hips and he found that he could start to breathe normally again.

He sat up once again and thanked her for her time before she inspected the leg. There were a few taps with the wrench which made him cringe, before Winry furrowed her eyebrows and made her little cute thoughtful sound.

“Just as I thought… You were straining the auto-mail again!” Winry stood up speedily and glared at Edward directly in the eye. Was he just thinking she was cute? Must have been another girl… “IT’S CHRISTMAS! And your out doing reckless stuff again?”

“Well technically it wasn’t Christmas…neither is it now…” Edward replied immaturely.

“What happened…?”

“It’s a long story, Winry.” He let out a grunt of annoyance and looked away as she placed her hands on her hips.

“Well isn’t it convenient that I have all night then?” Winry dusted her hands off and crossed her arms over her chest. Edward was about to reply when Auntie Pinako appeared in the door.

“No you don’t Winry… he’s here.”

Winry turned around with a sigh. She thought she knew who her Grandmother meant, but with that constant blank and wise expression on her Granny’s face it was hard to tell. Even when Ed and Al showed up on her doorstep her Grandmother didn’t pull one muscle in her face to indicate it was them to her. “Who?”

“That client of yours.” She eyed Edward for a moment before popping the pipe back into her mouth, she almost looked suspicious and Edward instantly grew smaller with fear. He remembered the days her Granny used to chase him with a wrench when he had been naughty, and so did Winry. And if she could tell anyone, it was the best way to get Edward to respond to anything. “You better go attend to him.” Pinako spoke, letting Winry regretfully fall from her train of childhood thoughts.

“Bloody hell! I never get a break!” Winry stormed out into the living room and almost paled a deathly white when she saw him. Rusty, one of the reasons she had left Rush Valley. The guy was in love with her. No try, obsessed, infatuated god damn crazy.

“Hi Rusty…” She smiled slightly; he was still her client at the end of the day. She noticed Edward emerge from the room with curiosity. He was dressed.

“Winry! I came to share Christmas with you!” He grabbed onto her hands forcefully and held them to his chest. “Oh how I have missed you!”

“I saw you three days ago Rusty…” Winry replied flatly, shaking her head slightly to herself. “You can see me at the Christmas party.”

“Winry, I have been thinking and I think it’s time to get married!” That was it, within a second Winry recognised a second presence beside her, Edward.

“Who’s this Winry?” His tone was bitter, almost like he was angry with her.

“A client, Ed.” She rolled her eyes at him.

“Listen about that wedding, how bout we just think on that for a while okay.” Winry giggled slightly at the light vanishing for Rusty’s eyes. She really did love him, and he was harmless. “Now if you didn’t come for a reason…”

“No! I wish to proclaim my love for you!” He got down on his knees and began to serenade. The disgust in Edward’s eyes only caused Winry to laugh harder.
“Okay get up! You have proclaimed your love many times, now go on home!” She patted him slightly before he stood up with desperation.

“I need my auto-mail looked at!”

“Rusty, I checked it three days ago!”

“I just want to make sure I look after your masterpieces.”

“Well that’s good, but this all costs you!” Winry sat him down in the chair and disappeared to find her toolbox. Edward gave the man one last utterly disgusted glare one could have noticed as a jealous one before turning to Al.

“Can you believe that guy?”

“Yep, it’s not hard to like Winry.” Al replied, looking up from his book.

“Are you kidding? It’s extremely hard!”

“Sure, brother. I think it’s extremely easy for you.” Even though Al was a hunk of metal and technically didn’t have and facial expressions, Edward knew when Al was teasing him. “What you shouted to her when you last saw her wasn’t exactly a very good way to portray your dislike.”

“I have already told you about that! I’m just sick of making her cry! If I made someone else cry all the time it would be the same thing!” Edward crossed his arms over his chest. Edward watched with a sulk as Rusty played with Winry’s hair while she worked on his auto-mail. He’d always have the urge to play with her hair… but he was always to shy to even look at her, where as this Rusty was playing with Winry’s hair without a care in the world. She didn’t seem to mind either, maybe he could try it some time… nothing else to do while he was getting his auto-mail.

“Brother’s in love! Brother’s in love!” Al whispered into his ear. Edward almost fell off his chair in surprise and blushed severely when Winry turned to acknowledge his fall.

“Shut up you idiot!!” Edward whispered desperately.

“Okay that’s enough now…” Winry said with a warning tone when Rusty’s hands started to wander.

“Leave her alone!” Edward yelled defensively. He was getting angry, almost ready to blow and he didn’t know why.

Edward tried to take in three different reactions as Al dug his head into his book with a giggle, almost like he was embarrassed for his older brother. Then there was Rusty who just looked shocked and hurt, like bothering Winry was one of the seven sins. And Winry… who looked terribly embarrassed and continued to work.

“Is that your boyfriend?” Rusty asked quietly. Edward moped as he watched Rusty return to playing with her hair.

“No…” Winry almost squeaked, her cheeks reddening further with each passing second. “But your auto-mail is really fine… I think you should go Rusty.” Rusty nodded slightly and stood up; he turned to Edward with a bow.

“Nice to meet you Edward Elric.”

Edward was left with a bewildered expression as Rusty left Winry’s house.

“He’s really not that bad Edward…”

Edward really couldn’t say anything, sure he seemed nice enough but this feeling of hatred still lingered for him. He didn’t even know the guy…

“So what do you guys plan on doing tonight?” Winry asked. Edward was glad his brother took the responsibility of answering, because he still couldn’t believe what he had just seen.

“Wanna take me shopping?” The question was obviously open to both, but Edward felt like it was directed at him.

Edward couldn’t even form the words, he was confused, embarrassed, worried that Al was going to start chanting that brother’s in love mantra, and utterly annoyed. “… err… huh?”

“Well, I need to make a new auto-mail, we can just walk down to the Resembool place, and they should have everything we need.”

What could he say? No? Why didn’t he just try for once. “Okay sure…” He mentally cursed himself and turned to Al. “Coming Al?” He begged with his eyes. Please don’t leave me alone with her Al!

“Actually… I think I’ll pass, is that okay Winry?”

Winry nodded and turned to grab her items. Damn that traitor! He’s doing this on purpose! He didn’t really want to go now, maybe he should just back out. He couldn’t go shopping with her alone… what was he supposed to talk about with her? There was going to be this silence, he liked silences but not weird ones where you know that you are both trying to strike up a conversation. “Actually Winry… I think I will stay-“ Before he had time to back out she had wrapped her arm around his and had began dragging him towards the door.

“This is going to be so fun Ed!”

Ed threw one last look of desperation towards Al before he was dragged out into the sunset.

~*~Saturn Stars~*~
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[quote post='331822' date='Dec 21 2005, 05:52 AM' name='Summerlover01']
Wow! this is wonderful!!! I cant wait for you to continue, but I dont know if i can wait until christmas. lol. well anyway nice job especailly since this is manga based fic. once again, great job! smile.gif

[color=#006600]Whadda ya mean? I'm going to update a chapter a day till christmas! to Celebrate the week before Christmas!!!

oh! I must of misread it! But im glad your gonna be updating it every day until christmas. Thats good to know. Um I have a question, are you taking requests on what your going to put in your story? By the way this was another great chapter as always. smile.gif Merry Christmas!
Saturn Stars
Shoot all your requests at me! It will be my form of saying merry christmas to write it for ya!@
Saturn Stars
Chapter Three: Wednesday Eve

“I had no idea the shops were open this late.” Edward whined as they turned yet again on the dusty road of Resembool. He wasn’t a fool, they had been walking for an hour now and there was still some time left to go.

“It’s Christmas.” Came Winry’s blunt reply. Ed had been complaining for the last hour and she had switched off to it that whole hour ago.

“But it’s not like these shops are anything grand…” Edward mumbled to himself. Nothing like central, if Winry had just asked, he would have taken her to central to shop himself. It was better than this place that they had to walk an hour to get to.

“Stop your complaining Edward; I’m doing this for you remember!” Winry glanced back over her shoulder momentarily to throw Edward an angered glare, which was wasted on his sighing form.

“That’s easy for you to say, your legs are both the same height!”

Winry exhaled abruptly and turned around to face him. “Would you like me to carry you then?”


“Exactly! Now stop your god damn whining you child!” Winry revelled in the sudden silence for a minute… before Ed had to open his big mouth and ruin it again.

“Why didn’t you come alone?”

“You wanted me to come out at night alone?”

“No…” Ed replied sulkily.

“Besides you’re paying for it.” Winry poked her tongue out at him before noticing the lights up ahead and gazing with awe. It may be a small country town but the community really got into the spirit of Christmas.

“What??!! I’m paying for my own parts and the service as well?” It was too late; Winry had already dashed towards the small clump of shops in the distance. Edward raised his hand in the air with sudden shock to try and halt her. “Oi!!!!!!! Wait up!!”

When Edward caught up to Winry with exhaustion she was already rummaging through the mountains of screws outside the auto-mail shop. Edward watched for fifteen minutes while she sorted different types of screws into containers, and flopped down on the chair inside.

“A glass of water would be nice…” He said to himself, almost falling asleep with weakness. Watching Winry run around the store was almost tiring. Where did she get her energy?


…oh no…

He tried to look attentive as Winry shoved a piece of metal in front of his face. Doesn’t it look the same as all the rest? “I had no idea I could get these here! Must have new Christmas stock in or something! Isn’t it magnificent?” Edward watched her eyes sparkle with mild intrigue.

“Umm, sure, but what exactly does it do…?” Edward inquired, blushing slightly when Winry placed her hands to her chest and sighed. Why was it only the metal that could do that to her?

“Well it will help give certain jolts to your nerve endings to maybe increase awareness of touch; I know they have had them for a while.” Winry stepped even closer with a soft smile as I froze. “So if I do this…” She placed her hand on his auto-mail hand. Edward couldn’t help but look down as her fingers gently glided up his arm. “It will send a message to your nerves, and a sort of tingly feeling will happen, maybe if it’s someone who you like it might feel even nicer.” Winry took her hand away with a thoughtful expression. “Well I hope that’s how you’d react anyway.”

Edward gulped

“Right…” He let out a breath of relief when Winry returned to the counter. She’d asked him for money and then said they could be on their way. That wasn’t too bad. Edward thought to himself, it was only half an hour and he had been stuck in shops with her for hours on end.

Edward was hauling her heavy bags and admiring the Christmas lights when he noticed Winry wasn’t behind him. “Winry…?”

She was hard to miss in the crowed. Her long blond pony tail caught his attention instantly, as did the fact she was gazing in awe at something he had never seen her gaze it. This was a different kind of expression on her face. Edward approached her cautiously. She usually screamed or jumped up and down when she wanted something. This time she was just staring…

Edward had to admit that the dress was beautiful, but it was simple nonetheless.

“Isn’t it nice Ed…?” Winry asked dreamily.

Edward looked at the price tag and almost fell into a violent coughing fit. Maybe she hadn’t changed, always chasing expensive things.

It was a simple black halter neck dress. White lace encircled the hem of the dress, and tiny diamonds where encrusted along the neckline. Something about it reminded him of Christmas, oh yeah, it was freaking expensive, just like Christmas.

Why did Winry look like she was in love with it? What was this? She never drooled over anything girly.

“Look at the necklace that comes with it…”

Oh yeah it was a pretty diamond necklace, which had another huge price tag whacked onto it.
“Yeah it’s nice but shouldn’t we…” Edward turned his head to find Winry gone. The end of her coat flared out behind her as she entered the store and Edward heard the little welcoming bell sound. He slapped his hand to his face and picked up the heavy bags at his side. What was he to her? Her pack mule? Just when he was happy it was all over she started again!

Edward entered the store after her to hear her talking about trying it on with the store clerk.

“Your size?”

“I’m about a 10 I think.” (10 in Australian sizes is probably equal to 5 in America, I’m not too sure on sizes)

The man smiled at her. “Yes you were made for this dress.” Edward rolled his eyes. Any woman who walked in here was made for the dress according to store clerks.

“Winry?” She turned at Edward’s call of her name.

“I’m just going to try it on okay?” She dashed into the changing room tent, beckoning Edward to follow her.

“Please hold the curtain, the store clerk is totally trying to take a peek at me!” Edward turned his head to see the drooling store clerk only for him to turn away quickly. Edward scowled and agreed. Two minutes… five minutes…

“Psst Ed…” Edward almost jumped when Winry’s only visible body part, her hand, grabbed his forcefully. “Come in here!” He paled instantly.

“W-what?” He glanced around nervously, all eyes in the shop were on him, as if they knew he was about to sneak in to a woman’s dressing room which would cause them all to think… He cringed, but before he could run he was yanked into the crowded dressing room with Winry who really wasn’t that decent. He closed his eyes as Winry tried to hold the dress up around her chest.

“I’m not used to this kind of thing Ed, could you zip the dress up and tie it up around my neck?” She treated it like it was so innocent. But when she turned around Edward almost fainted at the site of her whole back being exposed to him, he couldn’t tie this up, he would have to touch her. He couldn’t do it. He knew it was physically impossible.

“Why don’t you get the store clerk to do it?”

“Because he was totally a pervert!”

“Why not ask one of the women who now think we are up to no good in a dressing room!”

“Who cares what they think!”

“I do!”

“Just help me Ed! What’s the big deal, don’t you know how to zip or tie?”

“Don’t you!?”

“I can’t do it from behind you jerk!”

Edward gulped as she took a step backwards into him.

“Pleasee...” She begged and he could see her pleading eyes in the mirror. Those stupid eyes and pouty lips, he was so weak against them. “It would make me really happy.”

“You can’t even afford this anyway!” It was then that he was forced to look at the rest of her body in the mirror. She really did look beautiful, the dress accentuated her curves and made her skin look perfect milk white, her soft blond her fell down her delicate back and with her blue eyes gazing into his… Why did it suddenly feel so hot in this dressing room?

He pulled on his collar slightly and moved her hair out of the way.

“I just wanted to wear it to the Christmas party. It’s formal after all.”

“Don’t even think for one second that I’m buying it for you!”

She handed him the ties and sighed as she felt his gentle hands brush against her neck as he attempted to tie it up.

“Okay…” He exhaled heavily, thankful that the contact was over. But as if some god was out to punish him, she had turned around and hugged him tightly, for no apparent reason.

“Ed… I missed you.” Edward blushed as Winry wrapped her arms around his neck and rested her head on his shoulder. “It’s been four months… and I was so worried something had happened to you.”

Couldn’t she break down somewhere else? Why did if have to be in this crowded, hot, dressing room, when she looked like something an angel couldn’t even hope to be compared to.

“I was going to write… I was just busy.”

He kept his hands in the air as he felt her press herself closer to him, like she was desperately trying to steal some sort of comfort from him. Like she wanted to believe he was really there, in a dressing room with her. He had trouble deciding what to do with his hands. He hadn’t properly hugged Winry for… a long time… But soon without realising it, he was embracing her back, tightly.

“I missed you too, Winry.” But please just don’t cry.

She pulled away slightly, her hands running through his pony tail. “Ed… I… I… have something I need to tell you before you go away again… it’s just hard.” Edward waited for her to say it, and seconds went by without a word being said, but her face was steadily moving closer, and titling on the funny angle heads tilt when they want to capture someone’s lips. The funny thing was, he was anticipating it, and his eyes were even slowly closing in the wait…

“Time’s up you two!” The curtain was swung open and Edward and Winry quickly backed away from each other. “Opposite sexes are not aloud in our dressing rooms together, my my… don’t you look beautiful.” The man’s eyes ravaged Winry’s form, before Edward could step in front of her defensively.

“Do you mind?” Edward said dangerously.

“No do you mind? Try leaving your hormones for the bedroom!”

Edward’s fists tensed. “Why you little-“ A soft hand that gently grabbed onto Edward’s was enough to halt his attack..

“Don’t worry about it, Ed.”

The clerk smirked and turned to Winry. “So do you plan on purchasing this?”

Edward watched as her gaze dulled a little. “I’m sorry I can’t afford something like this.”

Edward was shocked. Why hadn’t she begged him for it? He would have given in.

“Winry…” It seemed like such a waste, now she was out in the light she looked even more beautiful. But… he and already spent so much… and… “She will be purchasing!”

“Ed!” Winry squealed lightly as he grabbed her hand.

“Go change Winry; I’ll take care of this!”

“But you said-“ He gave her a gentle push into the dressing room and pulled out his wallet with a sigh.

“Looks like you want to get someone into bed tonight.” The store clerk grinned. “Easiest way to a girl’s heart ay? Buy her one of the most expensive things she has ever laid eyes on.”

“Will you shut the f*!@ up? Not all of us have disgusting intentions, and Winry and I are just friends. And if you refer to her or even look at her in that way again, I will kill you.”

“Oh yeah, just friends.” Edward could tell sarcasm when he heard it.

“Listen! We got into a funny position, it was crowded.” Edward became flustered as he handed over the money. Were they just friends? What was going to happen now? Could he just ignore the fact he was certain she was about to kiss him? Could he really? What was up with her? With him? This was just weird… things were different.

After paying for the dress, Edward stood outside in the cold snow, pulling his coat up around him. Winry soon emerged with the dress held in one hand, a similar expression on her face. Edward couldn’t even look her in the eyes. Although he knew he acknowledged her somehow, because when he started to walk, she followed.

The night was still young, and the walk back to Winry’s house was silent, and reflective.

~*~Saturn Stars~*~
Nice, keep it up.

BTW, it looks like you copied your last chapter twice onto the message post. Might wanna fix that wink.gif
I am really enjoying this. Can't wait to see what's next! biggrin.gif
FullMetalAlchemist01FAN need to keep this up. i love your story! its the BEST of the BEST of the BEST!! happy.gif....keep the edxwin fluff coming! thats my request (keep the edxwin fluff coming), lol
This chapter just blew me away! Especially the suspense toward the end, genious! Anyway you said you were taking requests so my only present requests are that edxwin end up under the mistletoe(although thats probably gonna happen anyway) and that we see more edxwin fluff like this chapter. o and may be a little more of al saying that ed likes winry. tongue.gif well anyway thats all i think for right now. smile.gif buh bye!
Normally I'm not fond of WinryxEd pairings, but this was great. I can't wait for more. happy.gif
Saturn Stars
Chapter Four: The Party, The drama, The confession, The accident

He hadn’t talked to me for a day…

I didn’t blame him…

I use to think that he was in love with me, that he thought I was the prettiest girl alive…

But that was before I realised I was the one who needed to grow up, not him…

There I was too busy thinking about his height, and there he was maturing in more ways that one, leaving me behind at an incredible speed…

I use to think he wanted to marry me…

It gave me confidence…

But now I knew what it was really like to fall in love with someone…

I would never ever dream of Ed feeling this way for me…

I sat on my bed, staring out the window. It was supposed to be the Christmas party today, Christmas Eve. I was usually sitting in my room at this time of the year, but for different reasons, the reasons generally being the lack of two of my friends during the festive seasons. But this Christmas I thought I would be out there… Happy, laughing with Ed and Al, watching others do the same and actually be happy for them. But here I was stuck in my room again, for stupid selfish reasons.

I watched as the snow fell down slowly. It was almost like every time it fell onto its already cold surface, my ears couldn’t bear to hear the sound. It sounded like how I was feeling, coming from a high up place only to fall low and melt like I was nothing important.

It was selfish…

It was stupid…

Leaning in to kiss him…

I thought he was blind to that sort of stuff, but I guess I had moved just close enough to let him realise what I was doing. Maybe I had wanted him to realise. Maybe I was sick of waiting for him to do something… Why not find out for myself? Maybe it would keep him here longer… I had thought stupidly, ignorantly, I didn’t know anything and trying to kiss him was selfish. That’s what he most likely thought… and I didn’t blame him.

I just felt so empty inside, like a little bit of hope I had been hanging on to had been torn from me. Edward had held me when I was crying, whispered gentle words of my hands bringing life, told me that he wanted to make me cry tears of happiness, saved my life… What was I supposed to do? Swallow and forget this feeling inside which was flamed by things a sixteen year old was starting to want to do with the person they desired.

Just when I decided I liked watching the delicate snow because it looked more miserable than me, I heard my door creak open. Turning around at a fast speed my hopeful face soon diminished when it wasn’t Ed who was standing there.

“Winry… Your guests are waiting for you to bring the entertainment you promised them all…”

I knew the prudent but caring voice all too well and sighed at my own foolishness, cooped up in my bedroom after spending two hours getting ready.

“You look beautiful, any reason why you are sulking in your room?” I didn’t have enough guts to answer Riza; instead I gulped and fidgeted with my extremely expensive dress… which Ed had bought me.

“Is…” I felt myself falter for a second as I took a deep breath to try and calm myself; returning to the scenery seemed like a better idea. “Is… Ed out there?”

“Yes, he is telling everyone who has gotten stuck under that wretched mistletoe of yours that it’s rules and they have to kiss for two minutes. He is getting quite a lot of enjoyment out of it really.”

“Really?” I mumbled to myself, resting my head back on my comforting warm knees. “I can’t see Ed doing that.”

“If don’t mind me asking… is something going on between you two?”

I could swear my pulse stopped, or that my temperature rose. Whenever something was mentioned about him and me in the same sentence it seemed to have this horrible effect on me. I couldn’t talk, couldn’t remember what we were talking about, or remember that I shouldn’t fiddle with delicate fabric.

“He looked apprehensive when he emerged from his room, but he relaxed as soon as someone told him you were in your room.”

This didn’t surprise me; I gave a snort of disappointed laughter and turned.

I hated Riza’s woman intuition. I hated the hand that lay on my shoulder gently as if she knew what I was going through. She didn’t know anything! She didn’t know what it was like to seem unimportant to one you cared about. She didn’t know what it was like to be in constant fear of his demise, to want to touch him and hold him but have him constantly push you away and then avoid any sort of contact with you for trying and make you feel less important than you already were. She didn’t know what it was like to never have him around… to have him journeying and constantly wonder in bed at night what exciting adventures he had discovered and accept the fact you will never measure up.

“We are waiting for those drinks of yours… and you would know how painful it can be to wait.”

Her hand was removed, there was a click of a door, the tone in her voice… and within seconds I realised that she did understand. Riza probably understood my pain more than anyone else… because it was her own.

About twenty minutes later I realised sulking wasn’t going to do anything… and left my cold room behind. It was much warmer here with Roy lighting things he had brought to give off warmth every now and then, and just the overall happiness seemed warmer than my lonely room. I spotted Edward somewhere in the distant corner talking with someone. His eyes seemed to notice me across the room, almost appeared interested in being within my presence before flicking back to the conversation he no longer seemed that interested in.

Don’t think about him… and go get some drinks…

I had them prepared in no time… just something simple, crushed up ice with some nice lime tasting alcohol and pretty decorations around the side. It was simple, but it looked festive anyway.

I basked in the glory as people surrounded me to take their glass, hoping I would see Edward somewhere in the crowd and shyly ask him to see if they were to his liking. Something about him liking anything I did for him made me feel a little… don’t think about this now.

“Not bad Winry…” Roy commented, he rarely gave out compliments and although it seemed reluctant I was glad. It was then I spotted Edward… it wasn’t hard to do now, he had certainly grown. We both froze, Edward looked like was about to turn away when Roy called him over.

I felt embarrassed, I felt awkward just watching his panicked face glance around at the ceiling before making his way towards us.

“I have to go and get something…” Edward replied hastily as Roy was about to strike up some sort of conversation.

I guess what happened next was my fault… I was a little stupid, panicking like he was, memories of being with him in the dressing room flooding back to my memory. I also tried to move away, to bad I was in his way and we ended up colliding so hastily that the impact sent my flying back into the kitchen bench. I lost my balance quite easily with my weak knees and spilt the drinks all over me… not to mention it hurt.

The room had stopped…

Edward was busy rubbing his head as he had hit it on the floor, but I was in a slightly more dangerous situation being surrounded by glass and crap being spilt all over me.

Edward’s eyes had widened instantly, he had forgotten about everything else and scurried along the floor to my rescue. “Winry!”

I could feel him wipe me down slightly as I was coming out of my daze and tried to focus on him.

“Are you okay? I’m so sorry!” I heard him whisper frantically, but my attention soon focused on Roy who was laughing like a maniac. I didn’t find anything funny about this… I had just been flung twenty metres across the room, my dress was soaked, and my head kind of hurt. It was another few seconds before I noticed the reason for Roy’s laughter as I followed Edward’s eyes to the roof. OH…

Suddenly my want to bring people together seemed like such a bad idea. I didn’t want to end up on the floor like this with Edward, under some mistletoe… no way… I didn’t believe in it anymore, we didn’t have to kiss, it was a stupid mistake. Edward had paled a serious white and his eyes seemed to almost plead with Roy.

“Hah! You made me kiss people for two minutes and everyone else in the room and now you’re stuck under there! With the girl you actually like!”

“Shut up Roy! She’s just my mechanic!” Edward spat viciously, the hands he had placed on my shoulder tightening. Okay maybe Edward was taking this a little too far. He was acting like kissing me was deadly and it was hurting me deeply if I could describe the type of numb pain it caused.

I looked away to the ground, trying to mask my shame and hurt. But he wouldn’t have noticed anyway, he was too busy trying to convince the whole room, including his brother, why we didn’t have to kiss.

“We bumped into each other!”

“She is hurt!”


He tried them all, but the pressure for us to do the deed became even stronger. I wasn’t really listening, just finding myself more and more hurt. I was hurting so bad I didn’t even realise he was asking me a question.

“You think so too huh Winry?” Edward pleaded with me…

“What?” I asked apathetically, returning my eyes to the ground.

Edward really didn’t want to do this, then he didn’t have to, he didn’t have to bother coming back here either. It wasn’t the fact he didn’t like me in that way, but most boys wouldn’t find kissing one of their friends as life threatening as Ed was putting on. What the hell was wrong with me? I almost felt like crying, it was like he was saying he didn’t have any feelings for me at all, he didn’t even want to as a friend, he didn’t even want to full stop.

“It doesn’t matter what she thinks! She made the rules and she has to abide by it! And you made everyone else do it when they were in the same accident position as you are, so don’t be a hypocrite fullmetal.” I felt Edward’s grip on my tense even more as Roy smirked, drinking the leftover of my drink. I felt myself almost go limp in Edward’s grip as the pain on the outside momentarily made me forget my pain on the inside.

“Winry…” He turned to me, talking lowly, as if he was trying to scheme a way to get out of this. Like I would want to be involved when he knew that I had instigated that almost-kiss the other night. “If we just work together-“

“You’re hurting me Edward.” I replied softly.

“Oh.” He let go of me and watched me dull eyes with concern, he was waiting for my approval.

“Look if you don’t want to kiss me fine, do whatever you want. I wouldn’t want you to kiss some-one you hated.” Why did I have to open my mouth? Now I could feel the tears start to well in my eyes and I was closing them tightly.

“What are you talking about?”

“Oh yeah sure, like avoiding me for almost two days doesn’t give me enough of a hint Edward! I like you! Okay I like you!” I had shouted it, and the room full of people had tried to pretend they weren’t focusing on us, chatting slightly, but really they were all just as shocked as Edward and I were. “But you hate me! You can’t stand me! You haven’t even looked at me you jerk!” I was crying now… the tears were running down my face and I didn’t even dare look at him… jerk…

“What, Winry-“

“Just shut up! If I disgust you that much then just let me go you freaking jerk just let me-“

I gasped.

What was this feeling? It made me feel like I was melting? How much time had past? What was this feeling of softness my lips were slowly giving in to? Soft lips caressing mine urgently ceased only momentarily to breathe before they were upon mine as fast as they had been the first time. It wasn’t how I had imagined my first kiss, I thought it would be soft and gentle and happy and romantic. But here I was smelling like alcohol in a wet dress and aching head with Edward kissing me like I was about to disappear.

When had I allowed my eyes to shut?

When had his arms wrapped around my waste and pulled me closer?

When had my arms wrapped around his neck?

When we pulled away a second time for air, our foreheads rested against each others, our heavy lidded eyes taking in every detail of each others faces, it was slow and hesitant but our lips were once again drawn together for a different kind of kiss. This was the one I had dreamed about, the slow one where the guy slowly gets allowed entry into the girl’s mouth. And it felt wonderful; I could taste him like I had never tasted him before. I felt connected with him, I felt his silent apology, and I realised that although I was aching and being laid down by him onto the shattered glass, that this was so beautiful I could actually feel myself crying, letting everything out and allowing it to run down my cheek. Tears of happiness huh? He hadn’t exactly kept his promise but it was good enough.

I remembered to thank God and the mistletoe before waking up to reality.

Edward and I were in a room surrounded by people who had just witnessed my confession to him in blind hatred and our kiss that wasn’t at all unwanted and was definitely going for over five minutes.

There was some clearing of throats and no-one dared say anything, I actually felt more scared of what Edward was going to say or do and blushed slightly as he sat me up.

“Is your head okay?” He asked me. I nodded, if he thought I was feeling the pain now…

“Oh yeah…” I watched as he reached into his pocket and took a deep breath.

“I’m sorry…”

I froze. I wanted to say something like, what was that? But I didn’t, I just listened. It was hard enough for him to talk as it was.

“I never meant to act that way… It’s just how I deal with things okay. You were about to kiss me… I wanted you to… then I went through the whole denial process and… I don’t know why I am even telling you this I guess it’s because it’s Christmas Eve and I broke my promise and couldn’t stand to see you upset.”

I remained silent.

“I… guess that what I’m trying to say is I… kind of like you too…” I watched as he reached into his pocket. “I’m not good buying for girls or anything and I know your not really into that sort of stuff but when I saw it I thought of you.”

I opened the box gently and gazed in awe at the sapphire bracelet inside. No matter how un-girly he thought I was, every true girl was a sucker for things as beautifully crafted as this.

“But Ed you bought me the dress and the…” He just smiled at me, so I smiled back, before the both of us blushed and looked away.

“Well we said put your back into it but we really didn’t mean literally…” Roy smirked.

“Go the hell away Roy!” Edward found a nearby wrench on the floor and flung it at his head, satisfied with the blood spurting from his nose as he fell to the floor. I giggled and punched Ed lightly, offering him a drink I had some-how managed to save from the drama of two minutes ago.

~*~Saturn Stars~*~
blink.gif wow. I really wasnt expecting the kiss to happen like that. But as always you really impressed me. This was really good, anyway im looking foward to more of your fics. laugh.gif
hahaha ed can be such a jerk biggrin.gif i loved it saturn!!! really!! especially the last paragraph with roy with a wrench in his face XDDDDD no, really i loved the whole thing. your way of describing feelings and KISSES is brilliant!! i jus wonder whether it's the last chapter or not. either way, great work, as usual smile.gif

and i have to say it, i'm ultra happy you write fics based on manga. those are really great!! although i'd love to see continuation of taken away or 100 themes sad.gif
Saturn Stars
Don't worry! Taken away and 100 themes will be completed I just have a habbit of working on one fic at a time!

Heheh! I am glad you both enjoyed it, I was sorta impressed with the kiss scene, I just wanted to suprise people thats all. Ed and Winry would never be able to have that perfect romantic relationship they are both to clumsy and hot headed!

Yes there will be another chapter!
QUOTE(Saturn Stars @ Dec 25 2005, 07:55 PM) [snapback]333827[/snapback]

Don't worry! Taken away and 100 themes will be completed I just have a habbit of working on one fic at a time!

Heheh! I am glad you both enjoyed it, I was sorta impressed with the kiss scene, I just wanted to suprise people thats all. Ed and Winry would never be able to have that perfect romantic relationship they are both to clumsy and hot headed!

Yes there will be another chapter!

Alright another chapter! I cant wait Im also glad your going to finish those 2 fics. by the way i was wondering if you were planning on doing any other manga based edwin fics. The ones youve made so far are really good. anyway yea we'll be awaiting your next chapters!
Ooooh Saturn! That was so...Cute, IC, angsty! Lovely! You made me sad and almost made me cry, but don't worry, it isn't something bad, dear! I'm looking forward the next chapter! *happy.gif*
wow...i love it!...its just awesome! too awesome! itz WONDERFUL!! lol...i wish this could continue but it cant....darn it dry.gif ....well anyways, i will be looking forward to reading more of your fanfics soon
I hate EdxWhin... But THIS! THIS is a masterpiece! I loved it! I would love to make a doujinshi of it! PM me if I am allowed to!
Lauren Teh Pirate
That was THE cutest thing I have ever read. I was jumping up and down in joy the whole time. ^___^ Amazing work.
ed's secret agent
Saturn Stars, each of your fics is a masterpiece. ^^ Awesome stuff
Riza Hawkeye Fan
I like this story Alowt
Saturn Stars
I'm so glad you guys all liked it, I'm just having trouble finishing it off, you all like it so much so I don't want to finish it on a bad level, because the last chapter could be an end.

Does any one have any suggestions for the end? or are you happy with the last chapter being the ending?
you NEEEEEEED to continue to the next chapter, the last chapter CAN NOT BE THE END....i was thinking that since it hasnt made to christmas day yet maybe you could have the next chapter on christmas day, and it could be romantic with ed and winry again, happy.gif you can choose what they would do, that would be romantic tho. It could be a kiss, a PASSIONATE kiss, you know, whatever - etc. So thats my idea...hope you choose my idea! happy.gif
That's a good idea, I like it.
Wow~ u're fan fics r AWESOME, Saturn Stars-chan !! *--* i really really liked the story ! <333 i really liked Taken Away too,^^ (u better finish it or else...!! >.<) u're my no. 1 EdWin fan fic-writer at the moment !! ^____^ wee~ Keep u the gooD worK !! X3

About da ending...i'm not sure cuz this end is pwetty cute too~ (kinda satisfying..i guess) ^^;;

lastLy, EdxWin RuLeZz !! ^o^ X3
Saturn Stars
ahaha sure... so christmas day ay... mmm
I really would like you to continue this story. I mean the ending would be a fine ending, but for some reason it just seems like it was meant to continue. And like FullMetalAlchemist01FAN said I think that if you do continue you could probably talk about what happened on christmas. Well thats my 2 cents.
Frozen Ice Alchemist
I'm not EdxWin fan, but this fanfic is ..... I dunno, its just great~
P.S. On the first post, you said its was Royai where's all that gone???
Saturn Stars
i'm not finished yet! lol I just have to continue it somehow when inspiration comes
Riza Hawkeye Fan
rolleyes.gif you could make Roy and Riza kiss under the mistletoe laugh.gif and if you do... use lots of detail like whan Ed and Winry kissed!
saturn stars, if you take "riza hawkeye fan" 's idea....use her idea AFTER another EdxWinry romance moment, paalease! happy.gif
I hope you get some inspiration soon. happy.gif But I was wondering.... do you think that you could make another manga based fic? I mean this one was so good and all.... and I absolutely love manga based fics. But yea.... anway let me know if you will. If you would I would really appreciate it. Well anway Pm me or something. lol
yeah!...what summerlover said!...i agree happy.gif
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