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Full Version: Lost In Your Blood
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Haldir of Lorien
Disclaimer.I don't own any of the FMA characters.

Kay kay here is my first Ed/Win fic.
I hope you enjoy and please keep comments and critism polite.


Ed and Al were sitting in the library in central.Once again on the hunt for leads on the Philosophers stone.
"What have we got so far Al?"Edward Asked.
"Not much,but I have found out that there is actually a scientist studying the Philosophers Stone,he has a lab just out side the desert"
Ed jumped up from his spot.It had been a while since they had found a lead.And he was trembeling with excitment.
"What dessert Al?"
"the one that leads to Lior"
Ed froze. He hadn't heard that name in a long time.
Alphonse knew that he wouldn't go back to that city,for fear that this lead may be fake too.
"Don't worry brother,It's not in Lior,just a good 10 miles away from it"
Ed looked up at his brother again.
"Great job,as long as it's no where near the city,thenI'm fine."
"Why are you so afraid to go back there?"
"Well,if this is a lead,then is it were in Lior,then there might be a chance that it is a fake right?"
"I guess so"
The two of them began to clean up there spaces,which were littered with newspaper articals,books, and old military records secretly brought to them by Cheska.After the space was cleaned up,them quickly gathered their luggaged bag,and went down to the train staion to buy tickets.
"Hey Al where did you find this out,about this scientist by Lior?"
"It was in one of the files thatr Cheska brought to us."
Ed dove into deep thinking.He couldn't help but think that this may be a fake.He was still suffering from the dissappointment of the first Lior-Lead turning out to be a big lie set up by those......
His thinking was interrupted by the sharp tug of Al tapping on his shoulder.
"C'mon Ed let's get on the train Today"
Ed followed his brother onto the train.The car that they were sitting in,was half way full.Mostly some families with their children.
The sun was still high in the sky by the time they left the station.
Edward was rubbing his right shoulder continuesly.
"Is something wrong with your arm brother?" Al asked finally afte rit annoyed him long enough.
"No it's just that I keep getting this sharp stab of pain when I lif t it up like this."
He reached up as if he were standing on the tips of his toes, to ge the cookie jar off the top of the frige.
He quickly pull it back against his chest,fringing in the pain.
"Maybe we should call Winry"Al sugessted"She and Pinako are the only one's who can fix your arm,and what if something bad is wrong with it"
"It'll be fine Al"

Saturn Stars
I can't wait for more! But try making the chapters a little longer... it would be more fun to read!
Haldir of Lorien
Okay Dokey,Chapter TWO


Edward and Alphonse stepped off the train,Aplhonse was carring theier case.
"Are you still in pain Brother?"He asked.
"No not really,any way,where do you think we can find this scientist guy?"
"Lets find a cab for starters"
AL saw a horse carrage that had the words"cab"Imprinted in old english text.
"Brother look,ther's a cab lets go!"
Once the brothers were in the cab,they asked the driver if he knew the scientist they were looking for.
"Yeah,his name is Kyle,every one around here knows him,he's famous for his potions that help cure sickness and disease"
"Great"Ed thought"another docter,I hope the military doesn;t come crashing in"
He was remembering what had happened to docter Marcoh.No he was desparete that this wasn't a fake lead.
He and Al had arrived at a rather large wooden house,just ou tin the middle of the desert.
"Who would be a docter in the middle of the desert?"Al asked.
"I have no Idea,Lets just get this over with"
Ed wasn't feeling really comfortable,he just had a strange feeling in the bottom of his stomach.
Al knocked on the door,a deep voice answered
"Who is it?"
"Uh,Just some travelers,we'd like ask you for some advice."
"Alright then come in"
Ed opened the door,Inside,there was a dining table ,with six chairs,a fire was burning in the fireplace,a young man,with dark brown shaggy hair pulled back into a ponytail,was standing at the stove.
"Are you Kyle,the scientist who is researching the Philosophers stone" Edward asked?
The man nodded
"Yes,My name is Klye,I am one of the Doctres who helps treat the people in Lior"
Ed pulled ou this pocklet watch,so Kyle could see it.
"So,your the Fullmetal alchemist Edward Elric?PLeasure to meet you"
Kyle put down the dish he was washing
"I want to see your research on the Philosophers stone"Ed demanded"
"Well have a seat,Edward,and your companion can sit down as well."
It wasn't soon after that they were siitting at the dining table,and sipping tea,Ed and Kyle were at least.
"So why do you want to see my research,I have never met you,nor are you a reletive or a friend,or a patient none the less."
Ed smirked
"I am hunting the Philosohers ston,so I can recover my--"
Ed suddenly froze,he could have sworn he heard gunshots being fired not to far from here,apparently kyle had herd it too,because he stood up and grabbed a shot gun from the corner,
"What was that?!" Al ran outside
Standing outside,Were Lust and Envy.

"You!" Edward growled.
Envy smiled with delight at seeing Ed all hypered up
"Hey fullmetal pipsqueak long time no see, how short have you gotten since the last time We saw you?
Al was holding ed back, but it ws getting rather difficult.
Lust saw Kyle walk out of the house with a rifle in hand.
"Envy,there is the docter you know the instructions"
Ed an Al got in front of Kyle as to protect him.
"Who are you and what do yo want?" He asked rather Calmly
"C'mon doc, don't you think that some one was going to track you down for your research sooner or later"Envy spattered " What you think you could just live out here treating the sick and needy"
Ed clapped his hands and sent rock spikes flying towards the homunculi.They didn't bother to check if they hit or not,Ed and Al grabbed the Docter and ran for the cover of the back of the house,
"Docter Kyle look out!" Ed heard hi brother scream,and sure enough, his warning was of high alert for Gluttony was about to bite the poor man's head off when Edward got in the way in order to defend thier only lead.
He quickly pulled away ad looked at his automail with disgust,as the wrist,and upper arm were melted away.
"Crap, Winry's gonna kill me for this!"
Ed raised his left leg and kicked the Homunculs straight in the Jaw,

Al and Dr. Kyle kept a close eye out.Lust and Envy were no where to be seen, and with all the rising dust, it was almost impossible to see, Kyle saw a tall figure approach them and raise an arm. He was about to fire when the shoadow snapped it's fingres together and a massive explosion took place behind them where Ed was fighting.
"What the hay!" Ed jumped out of the way just in time.

" always relying on stregnthe and never instinct FullMetal"
The voice belonged to none other the the Colonel Roy Mustang.

"Yeah well I was just rousing him up anyway!" Edward Barked.

"Well in any case now we can reall y get him roused up!" Yelled another voice
"Great"thought Ed" Alphonse Take cover the Major IS here"


not too bad,but again try too make the chapters longer,noticed a few grammer errors though. Can't eait for the next Chapter. ^__^
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