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Full Version: Mewie's Fanart
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aqua mew

Yep. Got a German shepherd named Envy and a dachsund named Edward. tongue.gif

Monster!Envy doesn't get enough love... he's so cute! *didn't draw the tumor people 'cause I don't like drawing a bunch of heads smooshed together like that* My friend Haruo and I call him the kawaii puppy. ^-^
This was where I discovered the smudge tool. ^-^

OMGOMG So cute! ^o^
...Yeah. Envy somehow ended up not only in a ridiculous Santa suit and an oversized, silly-looking bow, but also in front of the camera like that. He's not very happy about it XD
But he's sooooo cuuuuuuute! ^o^ *hugs and pets the kawaii pup*
Wow, your fanarts are awsome!!

I love the unique stuffed-animal-like designs, bold colors, the sweet expression on the faces, and the technique you are using!!
Great job!!
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