hello! This is my first FMA fanfic! This was also posted on FF.NET incase any of you recognize it....

summary: Winry will set out on a mission! A mission to see why oh why Ed Elric always breaks her precious automail!

hope you enjoy!

How to spy on the Elrics

ChApTeR uNo!

Winry was on a train dressed in a fake brunette wig wearing a light yellow dress. She drew fake freckles on her cheeks as well. She sat a few seats behind the Elric brothers.

She was undercover.

She wanted to find out how Ed kept on breaking her automail, which she worked very hard on, night and day for him! She never minded until today, I guess she was tired of being left out. Or she just wanted an excuse to be away from home...whatever...

Well...let’s just turn back time! It all started when...

The morning light had shown brightly through the window of young Winry Rockbell’s room, filled with automail parts and all.

Winry had stayed up all night working on her latest automail. It was a lighter model but could withstand almost anything...she still didn’t finish but ended up sleeping at 5 in the morning.

Beep! Beep! Beep!

Winry lazily turned the alarm clock off and went back to bed. She heard footsteps coming up to her room but ignored it thinking it was her granny Pinako. The door creaked open and she didn’t bother to turn around and instead lazily mumbled... “Ughhh 10 more minutes please!” and pulled the comforter up over her head.

“Hmmm...to think you have become lazier over the last 3 months...” The voice said.

Winry was wide awake now. That voice...could it be...? She turned around abruptly to face no one other then her childhood friend
Edward Elric. At first, joy filled her eyes and then she remembered something...

“What the hell are you doing in my bedroom? Pervert!” Winry threw her alarm clock at Edward and hit him square in the face.

“Wh-What the hell was that for!” Ed got up and glared daggers at Winry.

“And when I came alllllllllllllll the way out here just to visit you...” Ed smirked.

“Tch...yeah right...you probably broke your automail AGAIN” Winry rolled her eyes.

“Heh heh...i-it...at least it wasn’t on purpose this time!” Ed said holding his hands up in defense...


“WHAT! When did I say that! I never said that! You made that up! Machine geek!” Ed pointed an accusing finger at Winry.

“Argh! get out of my room! Stupid alchemy freak!” Winry threw Ed out of the room in no time flat and slammed the door right in his face.

“ouch...jeez, what’s her problem?” Ed was downstairs rubbing his poor bloody nose.

“It’s you” Pinako said as she inhaled from her pipe.

“What was that mini-hag?” Ed glared at Pinako murderously.

“You heard me boy, or are you deaf? (sigh) being short is one thing but being deaf as well?” Pinako calmly said while fixing a customers automail.

Ed mumbled some profanities and decided to settle things with the old hag later.

“Nice to see you again Al!” Winry said with a big smile on.

And quickly changed her expression into a annoyed one turning her head to the right saying, “So, what did you do to your automail now Edward?” she came down the stairs while stretching her arms out.

“Why the sudden change of expression?” Ed glared at Winry.

“Ummmm, no reason...anyways....what did you do?” Winry walked over to Ed.

“Well I uhhh did the usual” Ed shrugged.

“That’s not gonna cut it shrimp. You see, you NEED me to fix your automail needs, so I suggest you tell me what’s going on or you could just let yourself out the door!” Winry patted Ed on the head and gave a little smirked.

“ouch, she’s got you there brother” Al said while playing with Den.

“Shut-up Al!” Ed said irritated.

“I can always go to some other place to get my automail fixed!” Ed smirked.

“Well are there any other places that offer MY prices?” Winry grinned.

“I have the money” Ed shrugged.

“...” Winry was at a lost of words...crap! this meant she would lose the battle!.

“W-Well, at least I’m not as SHORT as YOU” Winry pointed out.

nerd!” Ed snapped.


Al just sat quietly and watched the two have another verbal abuse war.

A few minutes later the two decided to call it quits and were now eating breakfast, noticing how starving they were.

“Honestly, Edward I can’t see how you always manage to break your automail every month! Have you been doing something
dangerous?” Winry asked angrily as she gulped down her orange juice.

“I do not break it every month! And no!” Ed countered while taking a bite out of his sausage links.

“Well, it sure feels like it! And I know you’re lying!” Winry said and wiped her mouth with a napkin.

“You’re just delusional!” Ed waved his hand off.

“Whatever...” Winry would ask about it later...

“Ok, I’ll go work on your ONCE AGAIN broken automail while you wash the dishes! And can you feed Den Al?” Winry asked as she
cleared the plates.

“sure thing” Al said and went to do his chore.

oooOOO later OOOooo

“Thanks for helping me go grocery shopping Al” Winry smiled as she went over to a stand with fruits.

“no problem, I know brother wouldn’t want to do these things” Al said while holding the groceries.

“hmm true....” Winry thought.

“ughh I hope Ed cleaned the house already” Winry sighed as she gave the merchant the money.

“I’m sure he did” Al assured his childhood friend.

“yeah, well, let’s just hope so” Winry said as the two walked back home.

To their disappointment the house was even DIRTIER then when they left it earlier.

“Ed! What the hell?!” Winry shouted. There were mud prints all over the floor and knocked down items as well.

“It was all Den’s fault!” Ed burst into the kitchen covered in mud.

“Liar! You’re the culprit!” Winry shouted pointing at his shoes.

“No! it was Den! Honest! I went to take him out for a walk AFTER I cleaned the house and Den went chasing after some squirrel, so I had to get him! Which then, led him to running through dirt, trees, mud and everything!” Ed tried to explain.

Then as if on cue Den came in all clean. He was the farthest thing from the word ‘messy’. Winry crossed her arms and glared at Ed.

“What? He went to clean himself when he knew you were coming home soon! He’s smart you know!” Ed panicked.

“Shut-up you liar! Now clean this mess up!” Winry said and walked out of the kitchen.

“Den is capable of that” Al petted the dog.

“Then why didn’t you tell Win?” Ed shot back.

“Because I wanted to see you clean up the house again!” Al laughed and went outside.

He could hear Ed shouting ‘EVIL!’ which caused Al to laugh.

A few hours later....the house was sparkling clean and a very exhausted Edward was lying on the floor sweat and all.

“Wow I’m impressed!” Winry came in.

“Yeah! Me too!” Al walked in behind her.

“I hate you both...” Ed managed to mumble. Winry stared at Ed for a second...

“Well I guess I’ll start making lunch!” Winry clapped her hands together and pulled out some ingredients from the fridge.

“Let’s have a picnic by the lake today!” Winry smiled and started on the sandwiches.

“Depends, if you don’t poison the food” Ed rolled his eyes.

“What was that?” Winry glared holding up the kitched knife.

“Are you trying to THREATEN me?” Ed smirked.

Al could feel another verbal abuse war coming on so he pulled Ed out and asked him to set up the picnic blanket.

When Winry finished she brought out the picnic basket and all the eating needs. Ed and Al were both sparring by the lakes shore. Winry watched the two with gentle eyes as she set up the picnic lunch. She set down two plates and then called the two boys over.

“Gomen ne Al, I’m sorry you can’t eat...” Winry frowned sadly.

“I-It’s alright!” Al insisted waving his metal hands in front of his face. Ed and Winry ate their sandwiches in peace as Al watched the scenery before him.

“We haven’t done this in a long time...” Winry smiled as she stared up at the cloudless blue sky.

“Yeah” Al stared at the lake.

“You know Ed” Winry gazed at Ed. And Ed gave her a questioning look, who was about to take another bite of his sandwich.

“You still never told me how you got your arm AND leg busted” Winry asked again.

“I was uhhh lifting up something heavy and so it fell on them” Ed lied.

Yes and Winry knew it was a lie, a lame one at that. For one, Ed would be in a cast for his human arm and leg. Two, the dents in his automail were not the outcome of something falling on it. And three, she’s been with him so long she could just tell.

“ok...” Winry decided to find out later.

Ed seemed to be relieved anyway.

It was quiet for awhile...Winry was thinking of a way to get Ed to tell her the truth, Ed was thinking of how lame his excuse was and was also thinking that Winry was planning something from how quiet she was. Al was just admiring the great outdoors and was also watching the two in deep thought.

‘Maybe it’ll be easier if I just force him to tell me the truth...’ Winry thought.

‘What if she tries to force me to tell her the truth?’ Ed was worried.

‘I never noticed that tree there’ Al was looking at a huge Weeping Willow tree.

Yes, everyone was pondering on something and even the authoress was pondering on what to write next...

Since I, the authoress doesn’t know what should be written next I will skip to the next day.

Yes I have the power to do so.

Pinako was seeing Ed and Al off at the train station, The night before, Winry had finished his new automail and had replaced them.

“Hey, where’s Winry?” Al asked Pinako from the window in the train.

“Oh, she had some automail to fix so she had to stay home” Pinako explained.

“that’s to bad...” Al replied to the news.

“Well hag, tell her we said ‘goodbye and good riddance!” Ed joked and boarded the train.

“Will do Edward” Pinako smirked and waved as the train began to leave the station. The train doors closed and the wheels began to move. Pinako waved to the two boys as the train went out of sight.

“hmmmm...something’s not right...” Ed confessed.

“huh?” Al asked confused.

“Pinako didn’t have a smartass comment like she would before...it was like...” Ed was deep in thought.

“Like she was hiding something...” Ed continued.

“hmmm...” Al pondered on what his brother said.

Yes...and that’s how Winry’s journey began, to find out what the Elric brothers actually do...hopefully they won’t notice her...but she was excited to go with them, well, not technically ‘with them’ but same thing! Right?

End of Chapter one! so what do you think? comments please?