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Full Version: What Do You Do When You're Sick?
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I sleep or get on my computer smile.gif
The Sin Envy
sleep, suffer lol.
I...Work... Doing house chores.. huh.gif My mom ask me too.. She says it can make sweat came out of our body, so I can feel more energetic and my sickness will recover.. But since then, after doing the house chores... I was totally tired and sleep right away! (Well, actually.. I fainted..Sheesh!! tongue.gif ) So, now whenever I'm sick, I'll sure be even sicker and suffer... ph34r.gif And, after doing so many house works, I really did recover!! blink.gif Ain't that AMAZING!! laugh.gif Well, no regrets on doing the house work no more! *mom yelling to scrub the toilet floor (YES MOTHER!! COMING!!)
Ichigo no Aku
My family used to consume, stuff, and eat up medicine like candy....until my brother was born.

He had eczema (skin reacted to food with terrible rashes) and at first we applied the same medicine method... until we noticed it wasn't working... he was getting used to whatever we gave we switched from mild creams to herbal pills and then to jars and jars of steroids that left him camatose for days and unable to go to school....

Then my mom decided we needed to stop, so now no one takes medicine unless we're REALLY sick (fever, throwing up, etr.) Of course, that means until then, I still need to go to school and they need to go to work.

What I do when I'm sick:
1. go to school red and puffy, drippy, lost voice, sore throat, and coughing mucus
2. spread my virus/bacteria
3. faint in class/ fall asleep and get sent to the nurse because I really look sick
4. sleep past a period or two
5. go back to class
6. go home and drink lotsa herbal tea and soup, sleep a lot
7. go back to school all better or (very rarely)...
*8. faint again in class and get sent to the nurse
9. has a high fever and sleeps throughout all my periods in the nurse's office
10. goes home at the end of the day on the school bus (spread spread sickness)
11. collaspes at home and is given medicine
12. sleeps..... sleeeppppss..... hurts to eat dinner... I hallucinate
13. wakes up next morning and repeats or...
14. is better, does hw, watches tv, plays on computer and lounges around for the rest of the day
15. goes back to school the day after

Of course I know our school nurses well. happy.gif There are three of them--all female and very nice. Though they don't send kids home just for mucus like my middle school nurses did. Still they give cherry cough drops~♥
(Ichigo is on a posting splurge...)
i'm sick too. Right now. I hate it! i have to take these pills that make me all numb and make food taste funny. my old pills didn't do that.
usually when i'm "sick" i'm home alone so i watch tv till my head hurts, sleep, go on the comp. or by total coincidence my best friend happens to be sick with the same thing so i talk on the phone with her ....
not go to school so i can watch anime and use d computer more!XD
"The" danmit!"The" not "d"
When I'm ill I complain about gramma on the internet,laz about and play on my loyal pet Gamecube.Usually sleep alot aswell.
I sleep, eat, and sleep.
Grand Arcanum
while i'm sick at home i hire someone to shrink down, go inside my body and destroy the virus making me sick.
.............back to reality, anyway i pretty watch TV and go on the computer. i don't really sleep cause if i sleep during the day i can't fall asleep at night.
Venus Alchemist
What I'm doing now. Stay home, sleep, eat, play video games, get on the computer and skip swim practice. laugh.gif
Sharingan Serpent
Well When I'm sick I usually go down unto the computer and download stuff off the net...and watch anime...and get visits from my gran...and Sam...
Fayth Prophecy
If it's during the week, my mom makes me go to school and call her if I feel worse, which usually happens, at which I come home and sleep, to get up 3 hours later and play video games or something.
Cheesy, but I ALWAYS watch Beauty and the Beast when I'm sick. Otherwise, I read or sit there staring at the TV. And video games, if my mind is working.
Edward's grl 15
Wen i'm sick i just sleep all dat and drink japanesse green tea and eat ramen then i watch t.v/ play video games all night biggrin.gif
I take the time to read! And listen to music *constantly.* If i'm lucky, my parents will let me use the internet upstairs, but if not i find various monitors and CPUs in closets and set them up, while searching through stacks of floppies for ancient games that I rarely play... old windows are definitely a change from macs. Then, I often play with wiring in my room. It's quite amusing.

Last time I was sick, I edited CSakuraS's translations into chapter 58, and she got pissed at me...

I just have an urge to keep busy, I suppose.
I complain all day when I'm sick till I get better, because I hardly ever get sick and when I do get sick, well... it can make my life miserable. sad.gif
I eat soup until I'm about ready hurl it... and then I eat some more... I love soup...
Sharingan Serpent
QUOTE(Chibka @ May 1 2006, 07:47 AM) [snapback]388743[/snapback]

I eat soup until I'm about ready hurl it... and then I eat some more... I love soup...

I bet that's a messy job Chibka laugh.gif I usually get sick from eating Muchroom and cheese chicken pasta...eeeugh I couldn't see my family for new years that day... sad.gif
Stay home from school and watch movies, play video games, read sick... ^.^
QUOTE(Greeneyes Alchemist @ May 1 2006, 09:30 AM) [snapback]388774[/snapback]

QUOTE(Chibka @ May 1 2006, 07:47 AM) [snapback]388743[/snapback]

I eat soup until I'm about ready hurl it... and then I eat some more... I love soup...

I bet that's a messy job Chibka laugh.gif I usually get sick from eating Muchroom and cheese chicken pasta...eeeugh I couldn't see my family for new years that day... sad.gif

Eh, it's not bad. I actually haven't lost my lunch in years... I just feel like it sometimes... especially when I'm sick! biggrin.gif
slack around... i hate it to be sick... had fever yesterday, about 40'C... this sucks... sad.gif wish Roy was with e when im sick... then only i will LOVE to be sick... i would be willing to be sick all the time...
When I get sick there is only one thing I bother with...ANIME!
Just watch all of your DVDs over again, or read all of your mangas.
heck, even if you already defeated the video game, start over and try to beat it before the next day!
Or you can just sleep...
But when i can't sleep i just lie down and think of fanfics!!!
OR you can email ME!
that is always fun...
I stay miserably in bed. (Dont' flame me for reviving this post please)
phoenix dying
I down a good portion of a bottle of Nyquil and pass out for a good and a half
I suck it up and go to school. My teachers have actually scolded me a few times for coming to school when I should obviously be home resting.

The few times that I do stay home I basically look for any soup in the house and if there isn't any, I'll dress up warmly and make my way over to the convenience store nearby to buy some, because soup always seems to make me better. It warms you up, it tastes good, it's a liquid so it doesn't upset your stomach and helps keep you hydrated, and depending on the ingredients, has alot of vitamins that can help you regain your strength. I also drink up any hot liquid I can get my hands on, like tea. Hot liquids are esp. soothing since mostly the colds i get come along with sore throat.

I refuse to use cough syrup except as a last option. I prefer to get better through herbal remedies. I guess in that way I'm a stubborn idiot or something. I do take herbal pills to help my immune system. (Can't remember what the stuff's called, begins with an E...)

When I stay home I spend the whole day resting, watching cartoons and the View. =/ maybe draw to get my mind off it. Or better yet study. Since I always seem to get sick right before exams.
I'm sick right now.

I usually do something calm, such as go on the forums for a little while, write on, read my mangas, sleep a little bit, go outside and get some fresh air, and I cook some soup or something and infect the whole family.
Stay inside drink hot chocolate watch movies and eat popcorn play the legend of zelda smile.gif thats what I do to entertain myself

I'm pretty sickly for my age.
When I'm sick...

My bed and PS2 are my best friends, unless the PS2's taken away. *growls at Mom*

I like to drink lots of tea, take plenty of medicine, and sleep. Repeat.
For me it depends how sick I'm feeling.

If I have something like the flu, I tend to stay in bed and just rest.

If I have a really bad cold, I normally just drink a lot of tea ( yum ^^ ) , have a nice hot bath and just wrap up warm.

And sometimes I go on the computer or play on the PS2..that's normally during the stages when I'm starting to feel better though ^^;
Varies. I may hole up in my bed with book or my portable DVD player. (Lazing in bed watching Kill Bill = hevan), if i'm feeling a bit moreenergetic I'll laze abuot down stairs telling my DS that it cheats while I mess about on Advance Wars. Feeling any better than that and it's bussiness a usual.
I tend to use the sickness, no matter how slight it is, to stay in bed all day. The worst time that I was sick, though, I really had to stay in bed, and even threw up on my blanket six inches from my face. I was so out of it that I was just like, 'oh, well,' and didn't even move away from it. *sigh* And I wasn't even hung over, just really sick. I never get hung over the next day though. Even if I puked a lot before passing out. What's it like to feel hung-over?

Was the whole thing with the puke a little too much info? Sorry wink.gif
When I'm sick enough to have it stop me from just carring on as normal, I generally collapse on the nearest flat surface and lie there feeling like I'm going to die, getting up once every few minutes to drag myself somewhere I can throw up, and wishing people would bring me tea. And then people come in and yell at me because I'm lying on their bed and it's going to get them sick.
Demon x
i drink some tea gigerale and whatever good things and herbal fluids no cough syrup and those tablets that dissolve in water with a flavour thing so i wouid increase or strengthen my immune system because if it was strong enough i wouidnt be sick in the firs place so everyone depend on you immunity it is you best freind in these situations.
I have no choice when I'm sick. I have to stay in bed and drink some water diluted with the most foul tasting salts I have ever had the displeasure to come in contact with my mouth. Bleh.
If I could stand and go up to the computer, then I'd go. But it I'm extremely sick, then I stay in bed, and watch TV.
Demon x
i got sick soon after i posted here!!
well i had some herbal tea but i was really sick maybe it was a flu nobody checked anyway.
if my immunity system was high i wouidnt been sick in the first place so i have to go and have vitamin c to increase immunity.
Le Monkey
I crawl to the end of my bed, sit up and wrap up in my douvette and sit on msn and play games all day, and eat chocolate and drink LOTS of water*
I tend to drink either water, coke, ginger ale, or 7UP. I really just watch TV or go on the internet. Not much to do when your sick. sad.gif
hmmm ..... let me see :
- sleep the whole day
- read manga / watch anime
- play video game
- listening to music while sleeping
- surf in the net
Dark Butterfly Demi89
not much...when i'm sick enough to stay home from school i can't even get out of bed...i'm sick of being sick it sucks laugh.gif
Being sick is the only time I can watch the channels I want on TV laugh.gif

Parents go out to work, I sleep and take medication when needed. Simple.
Envy II
Seeing as I've been sick since November, I've adjusted to just have to deal with it... so I'm not really limited unless things get really bad.
when im sick i skip class and just stay in bed listening to backstreet boys, nsync, o town, 98 degrees, westlife, etc.

but you dont get well unless you sing along with it
^I'd get ill doing that
^ then just substitute in angsty male singers that you do like. for instance, will young and shayne ward always lift my spirits too.
Slipping further into pit of illness....angsty?
When I get sick, I am the most pathetic excuse for a human being. I'm lucky my wife doesn't just give up on me and toss me to the hospital every time I get a sniffle
Molecular Alchemist
I usually tell myself that im not sick and then go on with life as if im totally fine smile.gif I'm totally an advocate of mind over matter....
mei and Molec should get together when they're [not] sick and see who's [not] more sick. laugh.gif
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