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Full Version: What Do You Do When You're Sick?
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QUOTE(Molecular Alchemist @ Mar 7 2007, 06:48 PM) [snapback]514735[/snapback]
I usually tell myself that im not sick and then go on with life as if im totally fine smile.gif I'm totally an advocate of mind over matter....

In the office world you're the person we all hate because we don't want to get sick from you tongue.gif
Depending how bad I feel, I usually stay home from school and sleep.
when im really sick and not faking it i either sleep,eat,play on computer or sleep that about sums it up
Beer tongue.gif

When I am sick..all I can think about is pillow and mattress...

Sleeping and bossing everyone around (in a nice innocent way). I like to take advantage of it wink.gif
Ratzenheich FMA Super fan
I stay in my room the whole day with the airconditioning on and play video games, occasionally having food brought to my room. XD It's kinda nice having a really high fever. biggrin.gif
i always sit on the computer so i don't feel that i stay sick when i stay sick. like, a few hours ago, i was feeling that i have fever......then now, i feel nothing about it! biggrin.gif
Read, draw and sleep. If I don't have headache I am also at computer, but usually when I'm sick I have headache.
when I'm sick I lay down at the couch in front of our TV and watch all day.If not then I'm reading something if not then I guess the PSP comes useful...
No matter how sick I am and what I have, the best cure for me is to get out my manga collection and read/ watch anime all day/ play video games/ draw/ SLEEP.
I play Tenchu and after that i prepare my super medicine Ginger-Lemon-Honey (I call it GiLeHo .....XD), then i sleep all the day you feel like new
Well...I'm sick right now. I basically sleep, eat, take cold medicine, read, and watch lame tv. On the bright side, I get a chance to read stuff that I've been wanting to and haven't gotten the chance to yet.

take a shower, drink meds, and cuddle up on the sofa and fall asleep...^^
Indignant Judgment
laugh.gif that would have to depend on how sick I would be, if I am not deathly sick, then I would probably sit in front of the tv and either watch tv or play videogames happy.gif but if I am really sick, I will stay in bed and just basically sleep all day biggrin.gif
I never can seem to watch tv when I'm sick...mellow.gif It makes me worse, somehow.
Elise Elric
Well, let's see. I'm sick right now so... I watch TV, eat some Miso Ramen(Lots of Soy Sauce!), I (Of course) go on my computer, and I drink a lot of Green Tea. That's about it.
I like to play video games and go on the internet while I'm sick. It makes me feel better!
eat popcicles
I pretty much bicker, moan and complain all day until I feel all better, not sick no more.

...and added to that, I wait until someone pampers me. Heehee. biggrin.gif
I watch TV or sometimes I sleep ALL the day sleep.gif
I stay home in my PJs and refrain from eating unhealthy foods. I drink a lot of tea and soup, and I sleep more. biggrin.gif

I also tend to watch a lot of TV. I find TV to be better during the morning/early afternoon when I would normally have school.
Amethyst Sunset
When I'm sick, my parents use it as an excuse to keep me away from the computer. XD Seriously.

Usually I just lie in bed, watching TV or reading a book. Then I sleep. And make sure I don't eat any of my usual comfort foods (like chocolate) if they'll make things worse. I take it easy when I'm sick, since I'm a pretty sickly person. ^^; I've got asthma and allergies, and if I don't eat on time, I get dizzy and if it's bad enough, I faint. o_o
- Watching tv or dvd
- Reading good book or manga
- Sleep

Night Shadow Alchemist
Play the xbox, go on the internet, watch anime or read some manga and sleep
i have the flu at the moment and what i do is go on the computer, read or watch tv for a few hours.
Umh.... I sleep for hours XD
Well only if I get sick on vacations or on a weekend....
When I have to go to school.... I sleep in veeeery boredom classes X.X
Later, I play in my computer or I play with my PS1
Little Washu
Sleep, read, sleep, watch TV, sleep, play DS, sleep, eat popsicles.
That One Dude
for colds:
- take a pill
- lie down and watch some tv
- take a nap
- when you wake up log on

for stomachaches:
- take a pill
- lie down and watch some tv
- take a nap
- when you wake up log on

for everything else:
- you ought to know my answer already. smile.gif

I just finished being sick and I hated every single second of it, although I really did deserve it...sleep.gif;;;

Anyhow, I was completely holed up at home, except for the time when I was rushed to the emergency. Gah. I couldn't eat. All I did was sleep or sit on the couch. And would you believe they wouldn't let me take a shower for three damned days?! It nearly drove me insane!
Sleep and soup. I might read, but if my head hurts, the words get a little out of order.
I get sick a lot, but not many people know, because I just stick it out. Mostly because of my parents. They often go, 'quit whining, unless you're on your deathbed, you're fine' or 'it's because your mind is too weak to take it. get stronger' or something like that dry.gif
One morning, I had a light fever, a headache, and threw up on top of that, but they still sent me to school. Hello. It's not good for the safety of other kids, either, you know.
And I went through electric(feels nice when the machine's on low, painful if turned up)and paraffin wax(which includes dipping your hands, etc. into a hot vat of wax, taking it out and dipping it again until you have a thick coat of wax. Then you take it off and dip the practically raw limb back into it. now they do something to make it less painful, I think)therapy, endured merciless poking by the newbie nurse(ouch. IV needle. she could NOT find my vein, and later had a veteran nurse do it)and almost losing fine mobility of my right hand(reason for therapy described above) when I was 6(surgery, which includes the IV needle episode mentioned above) and 9(the hand thing). I never showed any signs of pain even when I was that young, and my mind's too weak? Even if mind is weak, people don't usually get sick because their minds are too weak! Why does my parents, one of whom had years of education at college as a biology major of all things, think that??

So, my point: I stick it out. Except when I'm really sick. Then I either get sent to the hospital or lie in bed for days consuming nothing but water and medication until I get better.
I basically get a blanket, then just lie on the couch and watch whatever happens to be on TV, which, most of the time, isn't really a helluva lot. Reality show reruns and the like... But I often fall asleep watching them anyway. When I'm sick, I also tend to eat heaps... Which might not necessarily be such a good idea since it leads to throwing up, but whatever XD
lay in bed all day long...fold a bunch of paper cranes and other origami...drink plenty of dvds...text friends...listen to books...
Usually, I just sleep it off and drink tea. Oh! And I take my vitamins. Works like a charm! Well, usually, anyway...
this is weird. >>

when i'm sick, i still go to school.
when i get home, i quickly do my homework, take a shower, and then go to sleep. :D
oh, this is when i have a fever.

when i'm coughing, i do the same thing, except that when i get home, i'll use my computer while doing my homework and blah blah blah. even though i'm coughing, i still do what i usually do. ^^ hm...maybe i eat less at that time...
I usually sleep, read manga, watch anime, eat whatever I can stomach, go on the computer, and listen to music. I do basically anything available.
I'm still lay on a sofa while reading, video games or watched tv...i moan when I felt pain on my stomach while fell asleep...
Envy's Lady
Depends on how sick I am...sometimes I'll still go about my normal activities for the most part...just doing them being a bit more miserable than normal....but if I'm really sick obviously I won't be able to do much other than lay in bed.

I was HORRIBLY sick in June 2008. Horrible....I hardly slept for almost a month honestly and I had so many symptoms it was insane. Even the hospital didn't know what I had exactly.

I actually went through 26 full size boxes of kleenex....there was this green stuff coming out of my nose. It wasn't normal, it wasn't like when I have a cold. It was freaking GREEN I mean WTF.

My face also just seriously it felt like my face was breaking open. I had horrible headaches and pains everywhere too. My eyes hurt, my ears hurt....I just felt pain all over. I also had a fever, diarrhea and I would throw up.

I was so weak and sickly. It was so disturbing I hope I never have whatever that was ever again.
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