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Full Version: Crazy Things You've Done ^^
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Night's Angel
My mother and I went to shopping one day for my father's birthday gift and my mom decided that my father needed a new shirt. When my mom was looking for a shirt, I started to explore around, you know, poking through clothes, but it was men's section, so I didn't find anything. Suddenly I had to go to bathroom. When I saw no sign around me, I decided to check the trying cabinets, for I knew that a bathroom might be there. I found the cabinets, dashed in, and that second, a young man came out of a cabinet holding some pants and looked at me like I was a perv. I shot a fiery glance back. After he left, I looked around for a bathroom sign and I saw something else instead, a sign saying "Gentleman Trying Cabinets"...Imagine my embarrasment...
one time my sis dared me to go up to a guy and tel him my name was Psychopath and so I did and I felt so stupid but then he said. "Hi that's a cool name."
I don't think I've ever done anything REALLY crazy...

I shot a friend of mine out of a tree with an arrow (it was blunt tip though, so he only got a bruise lol) it was hillarious

also I once went around town pointing at people saying "target aquired...SNIPE!" it was funny to see their that I look back on it I'm glad that no one thought I was a terrorist or something XDD
i fought with my teacher at the back of the classroom in my freshman year in highschool. everyone was watching us.. and i cried... then my classmates backed me up... laugh.gif
Uchiha Kimimaro
i rode my bike all the way to highladsprings one time
well.... the craziest thing I have done was :
when I was playing GTA (grand theft auto) with my cousin we got totally hooked on it ! we were so hooked that during a trip to the mall when we were in a parking space i almost tried to take one of to motorcycles to steal it! blink.gif and the craziest thing i done when I was younger is when i took one of the number thingies you use so the guys in the restaurant can give you what you've ordered. I randomly took one of those and danced with it holding it up like a pick it sign! then I saw the guy looking at me angrily when i turned around.... tongue.gif
Would it count to say;

1. i walked up on the roof
3. I used an carpet as parachute (lol?)
4. I broke my leg x_x
Alltho, i was kinda young when i did that. lol.
The Angelic Alchemist
One of the crazy stuff i did...

Ok, one day i was just walking past a bully, i had an urge to do something, so i threw my soda on his head and hid, then i was beaten. But still, it was worth it when his mom beat him. Ahh...What a relief for me.
dry.gif Well, it's really not that crazy, but really stupid. I was rolling some yards one Halloween night, and we found this really huge yard, and we used all of the remaining rolls to get them (100-36=66, plus confetti and shaving cream. laugh.gif ) Anyway, the yard was trashed, and guess which IDIOTwhile running away left her cellphone on the front yard. blush.gif Yeah. I was the idiot. They found my home number in the phone mellow.gif , called my house dry.gif , I had to clean the entire place home mad.gif , and luckily they didn't call the cops sleep.gif ......but I still get their house every year now! tongue.gif
Craziest Thing I've Ever Done hmmm,that'd probably be when me being an idiot started running across the street randomly singing something and I tripped and broke my arm on the cement after karate practice when I was around 4th grade though thankfully nothing hit me mellow.gif
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